Best Casual Shoe Brands In India | You’ll Do No Better Than These 10

Best casual shoes brands in India

Best Casual Shoes Brands are our regularly updated primer on the casual shoes brands we think should be on your radar right now. It’s obvious what a year under coronavirus taught us about the comfort of casual, In conclusion, there are few boundaries for casuals anymore!

These are the pair of shoes you’ll likely reach for more than any other in your closet, than why not take it as a pleasure of owning and wearing a beautiful piece. There are several casual shoes brands responsible for making it such a pleasure.

What’s more, introducing a little leisure to your life – via your casual – is a lot easier than you might think. It needn’t involve a complete overhaul, just one (maybe two) judiciously chosen labels that you can slot into your weekly rotation. Below, we’ve picked out 10. Plenty to choose from, then.

Casual Shoes Brands

What are the best casual shoes brands? The answer is kind of complicated. Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s only because there is so much to chose from, and so then it gets complicated. Though, it’s not an average hype list, so don’t simply expect a countdown of this month’s latest limited editions. 

As this newfound flexibility in our working lives brings greater choice in the way we dress – it’s pretty hard to get things wrong from here. “You wouldn’t always get your money’s worth!” is one of the few concerns. 

A team here in BestShoe99 studio is persistently refining our list of best casual shoes brands. Switch to any of ’em, and it’ll be much easier to decide which pair to spend your hard-earned rupee on next.

To keep the circle going, we surveyed hundreds of potential casual shoes brands, tested out the cream of the crop, and settled on these ten picks (With a few more here if you need only the Best Casual Shoes For Men.)

Best Casual Shoe Brands In India

  1. Neeman’s
  2. Nike
  3. Bridlen
  4. Converse
  5. Adidas
  6. Vans
  7. Skechers
  8. Puma
  9. Woodland
  10. Reebok


They’ll Get You Comfortably Past Any Casual Bash!

Best Casual shoes brands in India


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Sleek Silhouette 
  • Extremely Versatile


  • Durability

Kicking off while chiseling all the history and all the money that centuries-old brands put in to get where they are in the casual shoe space – crave a lot than being a label with compelling products that people snap up. 

Clean, classic, and with a centuries-old pedigree of Australian merino wool at its heart, it’s hard to fathom how Neeman manages such a low price point here, especially given the same build quality and comfort beats inside that can be found powering shoes three times the price.

It’s difficult to overstate the sheer cool of this particular cat, but it doesn’t mean that this is “The One For Everyone”. You can execute a Neeman’s purchase as a starting point and then when you find the values you have, and things you like – then you veer off into the alternatives… that you might pay more for! Here’s everything about this starting go-to: 

How It Delivers A Great Casual Experience?

After putting dozens of brands through the wringer and evaluating the data, Neeman’s represents a few ways to start your casual shoe journey. It’s not all about entry-level price points. If you are purchasing a “Proper Casual Shoe” for the first time, the value will likely be a consideration. 

A brand that serves as great introductory pieces for other reasons (than just the price) – they are alluring designs and materials that offer a lot of shoes for the money. Here’re two components that make Neeman’s – a promising label.


Materials Employed 

Facing several thriving well-established brands that’s been making strides with improved comfort, and better daily reliability – Neeman’s finding its way to our feet through the materials from which its shoes are made.

It seems like along with designers and shoemakers in their ateliers – there are scientists – tasked solely with finding innovative material.

You wouldn’t think that Australian Merino wool (through which we swaddle ourselves in response to the plummeting temperatures) and plastic bottles (remember your last night’s contribution to the plastic problem) for instance had anything to do with casual shoes.

Look closely – and you’ll notice such unusual materials while you’re donning a pair of Neeman’s. While their ReLive Knit line (That Uses Platic Bottles) is the buzz composer – it’s the Merino Wool that triggered the initial pump. 

According to – “nothing else feels like Merino wool, looks like Merino wool, or wears like Merino wool”. Australian woolgrowers produce one of the world’s finest wool from Merino sheep using sustainable farming practices.

Its natural fiber is prized for its soft nature, and the wool is extremely fine. While traditional wool is notorious for being itchy, merino wool is one of the softest forms of wool and doesn’t aggravate the skin.

This is because of the small diameter of the fine merino fibers, which makes it more flexible and pliable and therefore less itchy. 

Because of its breathable nature, merino is a great fiber for regulating body temperature making it a perfect base layer for outdoor activities. Much more details on that point through a great article from Masterclass

If your feet under the Merino wool alone shouldn’t be enough to convince you to buy Neemna’s, environmental awareness does help you to make the leap.

While the concept of Turning recycled plastic bottles into footwear is nailed by the big dogs – already – Neeman’s seems to want it that bad, and we’re glad they’ve made it!



You can have a brilliant designer (that’s able to envision a beautiful last) along with the most visually arresting materials to work with – but if it’s not made in a factory that’s able to respect those elements… You’ll never see it in the finished shoes.

Something we’ve seen startups doing very well is this flashy design. As they don’t have a hundred-year history of design heritage they have to respect.

Though it’s an open book for Neeman’s, they settle for sleek and elegant. It’s not exactly understated but also not too showy. They know what they’re saying which is not on your face.

It doesn’t seem they have faith in what has gone before, or they like to break with convention by any means. In fact, from a design perspective, for both the trendsetters and the traditionalists – it will do the job they’re asking of it. 

Dress ’em up with a collared shirt for a gentlemanly, bohemian look, or play with the Frenchness with a striped Breton top.

It kind of blends in with the minimalist sneakers of today, But that design does not hinder your capability to mix and match. You can style them in your own way. However, it does mean you’ll look dependably good at any time. 


Over 50 Years, Nike Is Still The One To Beat.


  • Alluring Mix Of Simplicity And Glamour
  • Exceptional Build Quality 
  • You’re Donning The Iconic “Swoosh”
  • Multi-functional 


  • Pulling Them Off Requires Conviction.
  • Price

While casual shoes are a part of the uniform for lounging around in, at this point in your cozy clothing game downtime should not come at the expense of your discerning sense of style, Right? 

If you are confident that they’re no longer just a casual weekend shoe and like a dash of rebellion in our casual wardrobes: Few labels get downtime quite as well as Nike. 

Best casual shoes brands in India

If you’re going to spend a fair amount on your casual footwear, at least make a statement! – and what better way to secure it with the iconic swoosh. 

The brand is responsible for some of the most iconic sneaker silhouettes in history and a lot of the industry’s most trailblazing new technology. If there’s one footwear brand to rule them all, Nike is it.

A Global Superpower Practically Synonymous With Casual – Nike nestles at that joyous juncture of comfort and style. Pair them with some high-end streetwear and everything suddenly falls into place.


Why Nike Is, Still, The Easiest To Recommend? 

Suffice to say Nike didn’t become the biggest, baddest name in the sneaker business by making an inferior product. Unquestionably, The reasons people buy shoes from the upper echelon, which especially applies to Nike, don’t really care about a whole lot – just the “Swoosh” is enough! 

The company’s got such an extensive backlog of beloved hits – making it the biggest trendsetter in sneakers and a reliable barometer for what’s around the corner. There’s no denying that you’re paying for both supreme casual comfort and the unmistakable Swoosh aesthetic when you lace up a pair of Nikes

But when you’ve got world-class athletes, drooling sneakerheads, and the general public alike all strutting around town wearing your casuals, you must be doing something right (beyond cash-in the hype)…


Constant Ability To Innovate

As of the last couple of years, Nike holds the title of “The World’s Leading Atheltic Footwear Manufacturer”; When you think about brands this huge – you would think the company was around longer than just over half a century! Though Nike was launched years after competing brands. 

But what comes with being the best in the business is the ever-present threat of losing that top spot. Generally, When businesses and brands are in crisis mode and perplexed about how to turn things around, they tend to look back to their Classics which made the brand great at that time

Nike – That the casualwear giant has maintained its relevancy is a massive credit to its constant ability to innovate and adapt to the times.

From day one – they manage to look at problems differently and come up with solutions others cannot, and they provide an endless stream of value to our pick for the best casual shoe brands in India. 

In addition to being one of the eight companies who are testing the world’s first 3D printer designed for large-scale manufacturing, Nike‘s patents have nearly doubled since 2009 and the company has the third-largest U.S. portfolio of design patents. 

Nike Adapt (laces electronically adjusts to the shape of your foot)Nike Air (pressurized air inside a tough yet flexible bag placed in the sole unit), Nike Flyknit (where loose weave allows the shoe to flex and the tight weave provides support) – it clearly indicates Nike’s focus on product innovation and technology to create a manufacturing edge for itself.


If Nothing Pleases You… Nike Will!

Worn by everyone from presidents to students, there’s no style of footwear quite as egalitarian as casual shoes. But with over 100 years of evolution, we’re now spoilt for choice! Such shoes have become an expression of ourselves and our interests – almost an object d’art.

Beyond the understated and unadulterated minimalism, if you believe, the best casual choice lies in extremity – Nike is for you! Incorporating such a statement into an everyday look may require a little more thought than one usually expects with footwear.

Indeed, the sneaker is probably the only field of casual shoes where complicating something, rather than simplifying, is permissible – encouraged, even. 

There’s no denying that the big fashion houses make serious statement shoes. You needn’t go to such extreme lengths in order to channel this trend, however. With Nike, it boils down to an alluring mix of simplicity and mystique. 

More than design, Nike knows how to create products that live up to their considerable hype.

Pairs that are durable enough to handle some serious pounding, stylish enough that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to at least answer the door—and maybe even leave the house—wearing them. 

Unlike other names in our list of best casual shoe brands in India – This casual shoemaker cares not for playing it safe.

Pushing boundaries, it feels, is part of their job. Nike, the brand that has done more than any other to popularise the concept of “maximalist”. 

If the bold design approach alone isn’t enough to convince you to buy Nike, the incentive is doubled if you’re on the “active” side of the spectrum! 

The modern world primed us all for fight or flight, making us poised, caffeine-powered tigers ever ready to spring into action. Further on than upgrading your soles to brighten up your look, a Nike casual be better for your performance, too.


Casuals For Gentlemen

Best formal shoe brands in India


  • Durable
  • Cork Footbed
  • Extremely Versatile 


  • Need Breaking In

As we mature, many of us become less concerned about the image we convey to the people around us – and this mellowness is better tossed in the trash can! The chunky, gawky high-top casual shoes you wore with any off-duty outfit in 2006 will not serve you well on the most relaxed occasions of today.

You should make the most of them while you can. But as we get older, our sense of style should mature with us. It doesn’t mean you have to look like a banker all the time. Instead, invest in Classic Casuals and few brands produce casualwear as Classic as Bridlen.

best casual shoes brands in India

Bridlen serves casual shoes to men with well-developed tastes, who value quality and timeless design over paying lip service to some passing fad. So there is a solid checklist of well-made shoes that need a few miles on the clock to be fully appreciated.

You aren’t donning Classics at the expense of comfort – In fact, these shoes speak of an easy life, and rather fit the profile of a successful older man at ease with himself and the world. So rest assured, the label isn’t twisting your arms to adjust your edition of “Casual” – it just ensures “cool dad” status.


What Makes It Different (Maybe Better!) Than Brands Out There? 

Casual shoes brands

The casual shoe is a Footwear code that, in the time before Covid-19, hid in the shadows of other Footwear segments. Now, however, thanks to the increasing casualization of our wardrobes at the hands of a year of home-based living, the casual shoe code has never been more important to master!

Given this range of possibilities, it’s not easy to feel like you’ve conquered the best casual shoe brands in India. But with Bridlen, we’ve already spent enough miles to hold an unwavering view that it’s a label where you’ll get the most of your bullet points checked.


Prioritization Of Physical Comfort 

Beyond Knotty designs, distinctive details, or the crème de la crème of materials – Comfort still remains the hottest concern in the casual world. The contemporary appetite for comfort-inspired designs has seen men wearing sweatpants with tailored jackets. 

Feet under comfortable skin and you’ll be the most confident guy in the room. Concerning initial thoughts over Bridlen’s hunks of tanned hides, it’s pretty obvious to wonder about the comfort aptitudes! But nothing has been done differently here. In fact, Bridlen relies on time-tested recipes to please your feet.

There is nothing wrong with regular EVA sole casual shoes… initially! Every time your foot hits the ground in that casual shoe, you’re compressing the midsole, which eventually – not gonna bounce back again.

Best formal shoes for men

Bridlen packs some pretty complex details into a small space right under your feet. They use a process called Bottom Filling, thanks to the Goodyear welting construction goes therein, where a few millimeters of granulated cork is used to fill the cavity created by the welt.

Cork is a natural material that is lightweight, insulating, molds to the shape of the foot – and, most importantly, breathe. It makes the shoe more forgiving.

As you wear the shoe, the insole soften-up and beds down into the cork filler, which takes an impression of your foot, and eventually, it senses like a custom footbed.

It might take a little longer to break-in, but once you’ve made it that far – the casual shoe feels like the extension for your skin!

This complex method ensures the most comfortable wear possible out of a pair in your entire casual shoe repertoire – comes from Bridlen!


Casuals For Grown-up

Best casual shoes brands in India

It’s easy to think that casual is a segment that, once mastered, is retained forever. But over time, you need to practice, revise and continually relearn. I know, it seems a whole lot for “just casuals”!

But we know you, you’re not from those less-enlightened men who might consider casual a shallow diversion, you know that casuals can speak volumes about your character, confidence, and presence of mind.

One of the greatest things about being a grown-up is being able to dress like one, and if you think you fit that description – just keep an eye on Indian brands such as Bridlen.

Best casual shoes for men

A brand that mastered the craft of classic shoemaking – any pair from ’em being both flattering to the figure and age-appropriate. Its catalog is comprised of pieces that have already stood the test of time and whose future sartorial credentials are assured.

Neither too flashy nor showy – such Classics let us relax into ourselves, becoming less concerned with seasonal trends and more aware of the finer things in life.

With its conservative attitude towards design, Bridlen is a brand for the traditionalist. Be mindful of the fact that there are few things in life finer than a pair of proper, grown-up shoes that separate you from the large cadre of amateurs.


Versatility And Value

Best casual shoes brands in India

The best casuals for grown-ups also fall into this category! We are of the opinion that getting dressed casual-ly should be the least stressful part of your day. Modern life is complicated enough without getting stuck on deciding what to wear.

Bridlen Classic Casuals does its best to simplify things for you. Think of Classic Casuals as the backbone of your casual wardrobe, around which you can construct any number of harmonious outfits.

Though we have picked some versatile options for our list of best casual shoe brands in India, they felt most strongly in casualwear.

Bridlen is a bold yet timeless investment. The simple form of its Casual lends itself to a loose, comfortable shape with your tailored outfits as it flatters your standard informal wardrobe.

But tread carefully: these will be among the more expensive items that you’ll buy, so it’s vital to make sure that you’re investing in things that will actually hold their value.

You’ve been forgiven for hesitating, after all, it’s a whole lot of money for casuals. But it all comes down to one thing: in style, as in the stock market, the smart money is on the long game.

Men who are taking their first step into the world of “proper” casual footwear should begin with a pair from Bridlen, and there are few names in the cobbler’s trade that speak more loudly of quality than Bridlen.

The mark of a truly beautiful thing is that it will be more appealing with age than it was when it was new. Casual shoes for Bridlen will look better for being regularly worn.

These Casual shoes become part of their owner’s biography, bearing the marks of a life well-lived and gaining character and memory as they age graciously.

These are casuals for the long haul and shoes that will accumulate memories as they literally become part of the frame of your life. As such, they speak eloquently to guys whose sartorial range is beyond the first horizon.


Over 50 Years, Nike Is Still The One To Beat.

Best casual shoes brands in india


  • Moderately Priced
  • High-tops That Won’t Raise Eyebrows 
  • Breathable Upper


  • Hard To Pull ’em Off In Your 40s

Even the much-hyped sneakers are debuted, sold out, and subsequently forgotten. Yet, based on resell value alone, hype sneakers are a sound investment. But it is, of course, not the only reality. Take our pick for the best casual shoe brands in India, for example. Been around for more than a century – Converse set the “Casual” stage.  

Best casual shoes brands in india

You’ve probably heard it said that you shouldn’t mess with a good thing? Converse proves again and again that there are limitless ways to put new, cool spins on their most iconic model.

The label holds a fair bit of cultural significance; worn by rockstars, basketball players, and skateboarders, its inclusive nature has seen the style stay relevant throughout the years.

Fashion changes – that’s its very reason to exist. If you don’t want to keep chasing trends or want to rise above them, wear Converse.

Presenting customers with a classic style that never stops being cool, Converse has become immune to the tumultuous tides of fashion trends.

Why Is It Worth Bankrolling A Pair From This Century-Old Brand? 

Despite being the oldest name (it is, in fact, 113 years old) in our list of best casual shoe brands in India and holding all the expertise and ability it takes to be in the sneaker wars – Converse stands above the sneaker fray. 

But it needs some stand-out features or something to give you a reason to buy Converse over the labels that are ruling Hyped Sneaker Frolic. When a label has endured for more than 100 years – it must be executing certain things correctly! Here are reasons Why Converse has ended up being one of the best casual shoe brands in India. 



Time-tested Designs

Best casual shoes brands in india

Sound suspicious, but One of the most loved and best-designed casual shoes were created a century ago. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star, Introduced as “Non-Skids” in 1917, the silhouette has a century-long history and a claim to fame as the first modern basketball sneaker, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But here’s the thing: You don’t need to give a damn about history to get your feet into a pair of Converse. In fact, at the core of this company is a design that, over the years, has proven too perfect to be seriously tampered with, meaning that the modern incarnations of these classic styles retain the charm and old-world elegance of the originals.

Gimmick-less, pristine, devoid of tricky geometric elements or difficult-to-match palettes, a classic pair from Converse does stand the test of time. Certainly, These are Casuals for the long haul. But while only a few (if not any) tweaks and twists have been required since – they aren’t standing still though…

Best casual shoes brands in india

Shoes that are loud without being noisy, most Converse shoes have the benefit of being both handsome and functional. With their water-resistant canvas and waterproof GORE-TEX, they’ll help keep your feet dry in any environment. And with their split-panel design, they’ll help keep your fit extremely crisp, too.

Are they any less compelling now than they were in the distant past? Not at all. The label is comprised of pieces that have already stood the test of time and whose future sartorial credentials are assured. 

Proving the worth (and longevity) of a good idea, the lasting appeal of such timeless styles makes each of their models a particularly safe bet for anyone looking to take a dive into the world of sneakers, but not entirely sure where to start.



Best casual shoes brands in india

Although we like to keep abreast of the styles that break new ground (Y-3, anyone?). But those hyped pieces, if not paired perfectly, take your future ability to look at old photos and not think, “what the heck was I wearing?”. Where some things in our wardrobes work harder than others. 

Say “hello” to the most versatile brand in your entire wardrobe. A pair of Converse that are de rigueur at the weekend and go with absolutely everything. These are investments that thwack the old cost-per-wear concept out of the park. 

Fit seamlessly into a working man’s functional wardrobe. The relaxed and cool shoe partners well with a number of outfits but looks best with your off-duty wardrobe. Most of their models didn’t ask for some serious pairing skills, so mix and match without fear.

Best casual shoes brands in india

But why is that so versatile? Because they’re so unassumingly stylish. The streamlined shape and simple cap toe are classic design cues now precisely because they’ve worked so well for more than a century.

Dress these things up or dress them down. Make the uppers from canvas or leather or (no joke) jaguar-printed pony hair. Cut the silhouette high or low. It doesn’t matter—it always works.

They’re exceptionally stylish not despite their low-key aesthetic but because of it. They go with everything from shredded jeans to a three-piece suit. Providing a slight edge to your style, these sneakers look great with casual, rough-around-the-edges outfits.

And thanks to the introduction of the Chuck 70 silhouette a few years back, which takes the base model and adds a bit more 1970s oomph and a lot more 2018 comfort, Converse has never been better.


Casual’s “Most Refined” Impression

adidas logo


  • Durability That Won’t Weigh You Down
  • A Huge Catalogue
  • Extremely Versatile


  • No Cons

To many people, the idea of trying to find the best casual shoe brands in India would’ve sounded ludicrous. Even those men for whom dressing suitably is part of their everyday vernacular – do not bother for casual shoes. If that seems like you, have no fear.

It was the thing you wore exclusively in your most lethargic moments—sniffly on the couch, hungover in a college lecture, picking your kids up from soccer practice without ever getting out of the car—never something for true public consumption.

Best casual shoes brands in india

But if you’re behind perfecting such lazy corners – Adidas enduring classics fall into this category, and you’ll never go wrong purchasing one, whether it is retro-leaning styles like the Samba to forward-looking silhouettes like the Ultraboost.

Founded by Adolf Dassler in a small town in Germany, Adidas has been making serious inroads in chipping away at Nike’s dominance. Throwback styles, high-profile celebrity collaborations, and boundary-pushing production techniques all play a part in the Three Stripes’ appeal.


Why Adidas Seems Damn Promising? 

Despite several new entrants into the space of best casual shoe brands in India in recent years, APL to name but one, the market is still dominated by a small number of heavyweights. Nike and Adidas have been slugging it out to be the world champion in casual shoes for a very long time. 

We could rattle off a list of the largest casual shoes brands by sales per square foot or some other arbitrary metric of commercial success, but Bigger Isn’t Always Better. Stretching beyond massive numbers, Here’re some reasons for a convenient and smooth switch to this old label! 


Forward-Thinking Approach

Best casual shoes brands in india

Adidas is a historic brand. Ever since 1950 – When Mr. Adi Dassler created the Adidas Samba – The label has captured popular imagination to such a degree that many of its designs have become style classics.

In fact, the highest-selling Adidas sneakers of all time (of which 40 million pairs had been sold – as reported in 2014) is its Classic “Stan Smith” which was launched in the early ’70s. In many ways, they’re influenced by the 72 years legacy – But Adidas is not bound by it! T

he German brand is the go-to for retro classics, terrace favorites, and hip-hop icons. In fact, it is tempting to lean on what made the brand great at that time — to use the same old bag of tricks. 

But what they’ve done goes much, much further than that. Its forward-thinking approach to design keeps the output fresh and interesting as opposed to just relying on the archives.

Adidas Ultraboost

Adidas understand the true DNA of what made the brand special then and make it innovative and relevant for today.

The label owes much of its recent success to a white foam sole called Boost, which set a new standard in comfort and cool in the casual shoe market.

Adidas 4DFWD Shoes

Instead of traditional EVA, this new cushioning material used thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) capsules developed by the German chemical company BASF. Apart from the performance specs, Boost style’s popularity in 2014 and 2015 as an everyday shoe signaled a turning point for Adidas’s business at Concepts.

Moving forward to future-leaning product designs that push boundaries in the casual sneaker world – Adidas’ current thriving partnership with Pharrell is the modern reinterpretation of what worked so well for them in the 80s — plus a lot more. 

Yet the classic styles like the Superstar and Stan Smith are big reasons for the Three Stripes’s success. But label keeps infusing fresh reasons to come into the store—and reason to shop Adidas.



Best casual shoes brands in india

A crisp, futuristic silhouette might be enough for you to slip the credit card. But with just design elements – Adidas felt they wouldn’t be where they want to be! It’s a brand with a legacy and there are many advantages of being a 100 years old company over the new boutique hovering around. 

They have massive manufacturing plants, can hire to get good under any segment (like German chemical company called Badische Anilin & Soda-Fabrik – which made Boost for ’em), they’re already pretty great at shoe design, fit, and finish.

It’s a label that is Leading, Not Following; so for them, the idea of innovation is “The Most” important mechanism to get right. Unlike a new brand – they have the staff to dedicate to making tech-loaded casual shoes.

Best casual shoes brands in india

It doesn’t mean Adidas is the only brand that is brewing innovation to get noticed, but the secret sauce lies in the way they blend those findings! Adidas seamlessly introduces gadgetry into those everyday silhouettes that you never knew you needed but now can’t live without.

The German sportswear manufacturing giant is the pioneer of 3D printing in the footwear industry. In partnership with Carbon, the label produces precision-tuned 3D printed midsoles whose squashing motion advances your foot compared with the position of the sole on the ground.

A range of 3D printed footwear lines like Futurecraft 4D, AlphaEdge 4D, 4D Run 1.0, etc., successfully launched over the past few years. Complementing the Adidas 3D printed midsole is a new PRIMEKNIT upper made from recycled polyester. Providing runners with a super-lightweight premium upper that encases the foot in a seamless sock-like fit.

There is a whole block beyond featherlight materials and mind-bending sole technology, as in recent years the brand’s R&D lab has become the sneaker world’s Q branch. Together it indicates that passing attention isn’t enough for our pick for the list of best casual shoe brands in India!


The Good old Three-Stripes

Best casual shoes for men

Adidas checks even the most peculiar selling points for a casual shoe at any price range – but a selling point is – it’s Adidas!

For others, they typically need some standout features or something to give you a reason to buy it over the other label. But when you splurge on this label, you have pair of casual shoes – that’s an Adidas – and for many people… that’s enough!

Best casual shoes brands in india

Like it or not, your clothes and presentation communicate volumes about you as a person. The question is not whether you care about fashion, it’s more about what you’re communicating intentionally or unconsciously through your choices – which includes stuff for the laid-back hours. 

The lure of Adidas is perfectly understandable. The extremely cushioned midsole, paper-thin upper, the rich quality, the obvious logo, proclaiming its expensive status without the owner having to do or say anything.

The memory, or feeling, of having bought genuine Adidas pair reinforces a sense of self in a way that isn’t possible elsewhere. Accept a pair from this century-old label in your closet and you’re wearing a phenomenal success story – It’s as simple as that!


What Is Better, More Versatile, And Stylish Than These?


  • Price/Quality Ratio
  • Classic Sleek Silhouette 
  • Huge Portfolio 


  • Aside From ComfyCush Range – Comfort Is A Concern 

Despite no upper boundary in terms of what one can spend on a casual shoe – Expensive, and hyped sneakers are the apple of shoes collectors’ eyes. But most dedicated sneakerheads are eschewing such expensive kicks for Vans’ minimalist silhouette.

Vans mix its affordable legacy with pieces straight from the Fashion Week catwalk. The logo and color scheme have become synonymous with anyone looking to inject a bit of casual sophistication and brand heritage into their look.

Best casual shoes brands in india

The point of these shoes from their collection: take almost 60 years of experience in casual shoe production and add to it a modern understanding of the needs of your average, shaking city-dweller.

Of course, the red, white, and blue of Vans have seen on fashion’s front rows and in the feet of the style cognoscenti in bars and restaurants – paired with chinos, jeans, and everything in between – for quite some time now.

Does Vans Have What It Takes To Be Under Your Feet? 

Best casual shoes brands in india

The sheer volume of stuff we’re exposed to these days means our world is a wider and more complex one, particularly where our off-duty kicks are concerned.

With a variety of casual shoes brands these days – Vans as one company, kind of, dominating the list of Best casual shoe brands in India. So we thought a lot about it, and here are some good reasons behind that dominance!




Timeless Designs…

With the frenetic pace of modern life, not to mention the boom in fast fashion in the past two decades, the rise of some of the best casual shoe brands in India that are taking things more slowly is a breath of fresh air.

Of course, the male wardrobe has expanded significantly in recent years, which means more opportunities to play around, but also more opportunities to get lost. Investing in good-quality, timeless casual shoes is as important as ever.

But not very often do we see a perfect mix of practicality and style that seems immune from trends or time. Take Vans casual shoes, it has stuck around for more than five decades of public and skating-culture exposure and now helps us to battle the season on our commute to work instead.

The key to Vans staying relevant is connecting with the generation by understanding their needs and aesthetics.

People know that they can keep coming back to Vans, and the label is changing and evolving their shoes and having fun with them but never leaves their foundation and their comfort zone. 

Even the new styles like the UltraRange that up the technology – keep the style cues of the classics. How a heritage trend is interpreted, however, depends on where you are. But the appeal of these Classic Vans Silhouettes isn’t place bounded. It’s this serious staying power that makes ’em one of the best casual shoe brands in India. 

Most of their models have stood the test of time. And, while we can enjoy the refined, contemporary fare offered by high-fashion brands today, there really is nothing quite like owning a piece of history from the likes of Vans.


…That Will See You Through Most Situations

Best casual shoes for men

Of all the considerations when shopping for a pair of sneakers, versatility is perhaps the most important. The adaptability of a shoe dictates the amount of action it will see and when it comes to your outfit, less tends to equal more.

With their sleek, elegant profile and ability to pair with casual and dressy looks, a Vans Sneaker is always going to trump trend-baiting beetle crushers in terms of bang-to-buck ratio.

Not to mention the effect on your long-term style credentials. Their simple, rugged composition belies their flexibility – they slot seamlessly into civilian wardrobes, too.

Perfect for the hardcore and punk-inspired styling of a band like Minor Threat (who also wore the shoes) – Vans effortlessly blend nostalgia and modern nuance, and this latest iteration of the design utilizes delicate combinations of textiles such as suede and canvas for a slightly more refined feel.

Whether you opt for box-fresh Authentic or Old Skool, the inherently fuss-free slickness of Vans shoes makes them work seamlessly with whatever else you’ve got on, whether it’s polos and chino shorts in summer or woolen trousers and chunky knitwear on cooler days. 

The label grants you a variety of ways to don their sleek masterpieces, but if that doesn’t seem simple to you – there is a detailed guide on How to style Vans by The Trend Spotter, and that’s exactly what we want you to look at!


The No-Frills Casual 


  • Price/Quality Ratio
  • Well-Cushioned Shoes
  • Lightweight


  • Versatality 

The idea of casual sneakers might sound awfully highfalutin, but it shouldn’t necessarily bring Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers (currently sold out) to mind. If you are even remotely into casual shoes, you will have one for every day and one for the best. And the former is really the broadest definition of Skechers.

Though the label is still a baby of a company (relative to others) and its influence on the running shoe market is even newer, But Skechers nails all the fundamentals of the best casual shoe brands in India. The company has made itself a contender in the race for casual shoe dominance.

Skechers launched in 1992 and leaped headfirst into the grunge era with, of course, a big black combat boot. Its popular line of Roadies sneakers, which were a simple, everyday wear-around shoe, helped the brand gain prominence in the mid-90s. Here’s everything we’ve learned from the number of remarkable kicks that have come from the label since.


How Skechers Could Be A Fail-Safe Purchase?  

If you’re choosing to own Skechers, you might not be choosing one of the best casual shoes for men – But you wouldn’t make a costly mistake… regardless of your selections! How closely you follow them is up to you, but the undermentioned reasons will lend enough assistance.


Simple Design

Skechers design simple casual shoes, following the logic that if one is dressing up casually, it is intending to go somewhere or stay relaxed where it would be rude to impose discordant colorways and uncouth to fiddle with your casual shoes’ functions.

Keeping few models in mind, it seems like they have taken this to extremes, arguing that a casual sneaker should display nothing more than comfortable, ease-off vibes.

Of course, those Bulky, textured, and spongy, with fat tongues and busy laces are leading the pack.

Best casual shoes brands in india

Quintessentially American, the High-top sneakers subculture is finding its way to India through the same inspirations as it did in the US: basketball and hip-hop. And we really want those “distinctive”, or better yet “maximalist” casual shoes to catch on – if that really is the future of how casual shoes could be!

But that hasn’t reached the point… Yet! So for now, it’s safe to say that such simple, minimal shoes would epitomize “casual” in our country and aren’t going anywhere sooner. Skechers cares for playing it safe and it’s their simple ethos that makes them one of the best casual shoe brands in India. 


But Not That Simple Technology

We just said about the simple ethos of the Skechers casual shoes, but the design is the only element kept simple! Unbeknown to many people, but Skechers pack some pretty complex technologies into a simple shell.

Skechers has been known primarily for its fashion and lifestyle shoes, it had the image of a fashion-setter, not a sweat-abettor. But in 2011, the company made its first venture into the athletic performance market, introducing models aimed at runners, walkers, and triathletes – the GOrun line.

The fact is that Skechers’s GOrun lineup has some of the buzziest performance shoe tech in the game—like the new HyperBurst foam—that continues to impress athletes.

That simple silhouette and same big “S” logo on the side doesn’t mean a regular EVA sole underneath your feet. Skechers cooked up the bouncy HyperBurst midsole by exposing EVA to liquified carbon dioxide until it forms irregular pockets, making the material springier, lighter, and more durable than regular EVA. 

Best casual shoes brands in india

For Runners, The company was no longer making athletic shoes that you could run in—it was making running-specific shoes designed for you to run in. That durability extends to Skechers’s outsoles as well, which use high-traction Goodyear rubber.

Skechers has also experimented with rocker soles on most of its latest models. The first iteration of this design is called M-Strike, and it uses a curved sole shape that promotes a midfoot landing and a quick transition to toe-off.

When Skechers looked to add a carbon plate to its fastest shoe, it did so intending to increase rigidity without adding weight. To do it, the company designed a “winglet” system using a carbon-fiber polymer that’s 40 percent lighter than a full-length plate. 

When clarity and minimalism are the brand’s words without compromising the functionality – your purchase could be an investment as Skechers has approached it with care and consideration!


The Safest Choice!

puma logo


  • A Bigger Portfolio 
  • Moderately Priced
  • Nice Build Quality 


  • Test Your Styling Skills

When it comes to casual shoes, most guys can be divided up into two camps. On the one hand, some like to break with convention. On the other, those who put their faith in what has gone before.

As the two camps stretch in ever-further directions in design terms, a label in our list of best casual shoe brands in India has made its own cult following of people who belong to the sliver demographics between the trendsetters and the traditionalists.

Puma, one of the few practical brands to find fashion favor within, generally didn’t use strange ways to make their functional models hype-worthy. And this is exactly the reason people turn to ’em and often end up being an ardent fans. So scroll on and find is this a camp for you?

Does Vans Have What It Takes To Be Under Your Feet? 

Puma – it is perhaps – the biggest name in footwear in the world. Sure, there are giants like Nike, ancestrally linked Adidas – but The Jumping Cat has an extremely strong pedigree including a World Cup marketing stunt featuring Pele. Today, the label is facing new challenges. 

Shoes made of recycled plastic are coming into the world (pushed by the eco-conscious policymakers), Nike has become an aspirational brand for younger consumers. So are there still some good reasons to buy a pair of Puma? Certainly, Yes! 




There’s Something Here For Everybody

The casual shoe market is increasingly diverse and caters to men of all stripes. Determining the best casual shoe (that serves us all) is a near-impossible task.

Every brand on Earth has its own “casual” definition, and every person on Earth has their own go-to version.

Adidas or Vans is a choice if the sleek, elegant profile of tennis shoes – is for you – epitomize a “casual” shoe.

Converse could serve the Classic High-Top enthusiasts and for modern running sneakers, Nike or New Balance is fail-safe.

One of the benefits of never venturing farther than Puma is that you don’t have to switch along with your footwear needs.

Puma covers all the possible bases and directly addresses most of our casual footwear requirements.

Embracing such a massive pool demands quality compromise while prioritizing a sliver portion of the portfolio to leverage the sheer capacity. Puma hardly ever made such smart sacrifices.

Snatch a pair of Puma, and it seems like they’re down to your feet straight from their flagship line-up, leaving you in chaos where it is easy to forget the brand also makes casual shoes in other flavors.

Best Shoe Brands In India

Casuals that never go out of style – Does Puma have something beyond the hype? Enter Puma’s Suede Classic Sneakers. The silhouette originally debuted in 1968 and over 50 years later the shoes continue to be a staple in closets everywhere.

Beyond being well-designed, Puma Suedes are a versatile sneaker that can easily be dressed up or down. For these reasons and more, the shoes have successfully stayed relevant after all these years. 

Best Shoe Brands In India

Can they manage a casual that is completely suitable for your morning 5k? A lot going on for this as well! For instance, the Hybrid Astro: a bulky shoe with a thick heel counter and NetFit mesh that webbed around the saddle.

Or the Speed Orbiter, which had a heel counter shaped like flames and a conspicuous midsole that resembled a funhouse ball pit.

Anything that Push the boundaries? Teaming up with Hong Kong artist Michael Lau, Puma come up with a whimsical collection entitled “Sample” featuring hand-drawn doodles and pops of pastel.

You name it – they’ve got it. And they usually don’t stick to the 50 years history of a design heritage that a normal mature brand would respect. 

So, Just scroll through their website could easily keep you occupied for few hours, some sections need a bit more time to explore fully and warrant a longer stay.


Relatively Inexpensive

Best casual shoes brands in india

Your budget isn’t yet ready for that beautiful Balenciaga triple s you’ve been eyeing up. Or, for you, it’s as much about value as price. The price tags on these artisanal pieces were not unlike what you’d find on a well-aged bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape: wallet-busting.

Thankfully, This label in our list of best casual shoe brands in India is perfect for every shape, style, and (more importantly) budget. Puma is one of few casual shoes brands with outstanding pedigrees that create beautiful, solidly built shoes that won’t require you to take out a second mortgage. 

Whether you procure one from the minimalist section, the bolder chunkier segment, or the sports-inspired athletic sneakers, you’ll find a level of craftsmanship and beauty that was previously unthinkable at this cost.

Best casual shoes brands in india

The reason behind the price conveniences they offer in such a competitive space – isn’t that complex. It’s because they’ve streamlined the manufacturing of those casual shoes for so long (so many years) that they can turn out their offerings at very low prices.

It might make us think that Puma may not be the only company that can pull off shoes that cheap? In fact, we’ve brands with similar manufacturing processes, but a massive chunk of the price composition is reserved for the name they’ve created since.

No matter how much ancestry you stock, it typically needs some stand-out features or something to give people a reason to buy a particular label over the competition, and Puma imposes a little less for title to make price a reason. There are expensive pieces, but Whatever that figure is, rest assured, you will always get your money’s worth.


An Outdoorsy Casual Expression  

Best casual shoes brands in India


  • Price/Quality Ratio
  • Well-Cushioned Shoes
  • Lightweight


  • Versatality 

Dressing casually, pretty much, intends being more relaxed, so too do the rules of attire that govern them. It counterbalances traditionally masculine suiting and shirting. But without being presentable – how ‘Manly’ can you go? 

Though we make a point of showcasing the more adventurous side of men’s casual in our edits, when we come across a brand such as this, we do have to concede that Woodland really is the best option.

Their boots heritage may lie in laboring, but the most up-to-date iterations can be a stylish option for smarter occasions (remember them?). With robust rubber soles in sturdy dark brown and black upper, explore the great outdoors or simply stay warm in the outside seating area of your local pub.


Why It’s A Irresistible Place For Some Specific Casual Demand?  

Best casual shoes brands in india

Every new design from Woodland shows the world how much they care about adventurous aesthetics.

To those not in the “Heavy Soled Boots” world, it is a source of mild amusement that shoemakers speak with such pride of their “Rugged functionality”.

But that wasn’t the only fascinating element about Woodland, there are still good reasons to wear them.


Durability That Won’t Weigh You Down

Woodland boots deliver on performance, of course: we’re talking outsoles with excellent grip, insoles with plenty of support, and outer shells engineered for water protection and breathability.

Making one of the most durable cemented pairs, You can’t actually kill those Woodlands by easy daily poundings. But durability might not be on top of your mind as Your out-of-office message is on.

Your summer reading is uploaded on the Kindle. Now you can breathe because casual is all about lightening the load. If you’re taking a weight off your mind, you might also want to do the same with your shoes.

But what’s really been the biggest sacrifice when creating durable footwear is – Weight. For instance, brands simply cut cushioning or switch construction methods to save ounces.

Durable boots, however, are less easy to shed – But Woodland trims a little bit of weight, leaving a protective feel without sacrificing cushioning.


The Men’s Casual 

Best casual shoes brands in india

If you’ve searched for casual shoes brands, chances are you understand that shoes do indeed make the man. We’re not saying it should come with a fancy label and a hefty price tag, but what you wear indicates what kind of man you are and what kind of man you hope to be.

Woodland is for robust, fulsomely soled, leather boots that represent that sartorial sweet point where form and function coalesce to produce something, well, enviable.

A chunky construction, thick laces, and, often, a set of rather striking D-ring eyelets – don’t you think it’s powerful and manly. It makes you look a bit more intrepid and outdoorsy while retains its benefits of warmth and durability. 

And if you enjoy watching men in heavy Woodlands running across a field, you will never look at another footwear the same way. If this all sounds rather appealing, Well, Woodland is your Casual Companion – Gentlemen!

Best casual shoes brands in india


If You Appreciate A Dash Of Performance

reebok logo


  • Best Value
  • Multi-Functional


  • Not For Everyone

Regardless of your prior relationship with the outdoor activities, the social distancing and “shelter in place” rules imposed by governments across the globe in response to the coronavirus pandemic have changed everything: you and the exercise regimens are a couple now and you spend most of your waking hours together.

So if it’s not feasible to be flippant or neglectful anymore, to exist on just comfortable casual shoes – a label in our list of best casual shoe brands in India has perfected the art of concealing performance traits in a casual vessel.

They do not negotiate with the footwear essentials for the laid-back hour; it’s just a slick alternative to avoid investing in a load of fancy new workout gear when you’re fresh off the couch. Whether it’s in the saddle, on the tennis court, or simply exploring your city on foot – Reebok got you covered.

What They Have Done So Well? 

Best casual shoes brands in india

For a brief period in the 1980s, Reebok was the biggest sneaker brand in the US. By 1987, Reebok had surpassed Nike in the US. But by 2005, when Adidas bought Reebok, the company was far from the force it used to be. Then How is Reebok winning the attention and rupees of the customers? Here’re the reasons that position Reebok as a clear choice.  




The Outdoorsy And Active Feel

Best casual shoes brands in india

Remember, everything we buy is a reflection of “Who We Are” and “Who We Think We Are”. So if your lifestyle leans a little bit (or a lot) towards the Active segment – Reebok will help you self-identify through their casual models. 

We loved the Casual design, high-performance combo when we first tested their shoes years ago. Switching from “just for comfort” casual shoes to Reebok will massively help your chances of sustaining positive change – even when you’re relaxing.

Out of all the names in our list of best casual shoe brands in India, if you are investing in Reebok – Expect to see casual shoes with performance capabilities way in excess of what any regular city-dwelling office worker would ever require in a pub near you very soon.

Of course, we’re not implying to sacrifice loosen up moments when comfort should be top on your list of priorities, but it’s likely that you’ll be more inclined to exercise if you’re wearing something aesthetically pleasing (as opposed to, say, a grubby old T-shirt and a pair of jersey shorts that you haven’t worn since college).

And seeing as the hardest part of an active lifestyle is convincing yourself to get up, get dressed and do it, any form of motivation is surely to be welcomed. Having goals, good intentions, and pair of Reebok will likely be enough to kick you off the comfort of your own sofa and into your local park.


Budget-Friendly Option

Beyond blending Performance in a casual silhouette – There’s a reason why “Reebok” never leaves the conversation—or your footwear cycle between January and December. 

It would be chaos to suggest few casual shoes that are as interesting as they are inexpensive – If names like Reebok are not in options for the best casual shoe brands in India.

The company that would later become Reebok began as teenage tinkering: In 1895, Joseph William Foster started making shoes in his bedroom in Bolton, England. Ever since they know what it takes a lower-priced casual shoe to do what a five-figure one cannot.

Best casual shoes brands in india

For instance, the Reebok Forever Floatride Energy line-up – There aren’t many “Proper Running Shoes” you can buy for just a hundred bucks (₹7,342.21), but the Forever Floatride Energy proves to be an amazing budget-friendly option.

Everything about range feels more luxurious than the shoe’s price tag would suggest. The unparalleled value and quality trait aren’t restricted to this line-up, Just a few thousand rupees will get you a decent pair of casual shoes, with all the support you’d expect from a shoe 10 times the price.

Still not convinced a Reebok Casual shoe is exactly your vibe? Take this banger for a test drive – It won’t cost you a lot!

Type of casual shoes

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