Shoes With Heels

Pumps, sandals, boots, booties… Sometimes it is very difficult to not get lost in the variety of women’s shoes out there.

But When it comes to Shoes With Heels, we have a special place in our hearts. Shoes With Heels or High Heels Shoes are an obvious choice for evening or dress wear. The right kind of Heel Shoe can boost your confidence, transform your look and make heads turn as soon as you enter the room. 

High Heels Shoe styles are well known for being desirable and beautiful as well as being functional. The wide array of women’s heel styles can sometimes leave us a little confused as to what’s what, and when certain women’s heel types should be worn. If that sounds like you, Best Shoe99 came up with the idea of creating a guide on High Heel Shoe with some clever tips. 

History of Shoes With Heels

This section of the guide aims to give you some historical reference on high heel shoe and we know, women love to know what is behind everything. 

History of Heel Shoe

It’s enlightenment philosophy’s fault that women wear high heels instead of men. In a time when stilettos and platforms are often associated with female style and female sexuality, that fact might come as a surprise — but it shouldn’t. In fact, for decades high heels found their place on the feet of male soldiers, aristocrats and even royals in differing parts of the globe for very specific reasons. And when it comes to the surprising history of heeled shoes, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Semmelhack traced the heel to 10th-century Persian men, soldiers who wore them while riding on horseback; heels helped them stay in their stirrups. Men in England and Holland would have become acquainted with this look by the mid-16th century when they traded textiles in what by then had become the Iranian empire and would have encountered the empire’s large mountain military. By the 17th century, aristocrat European men were also wearing heels. 

There was a fashion trend at the time for some women, those willing to take sartorial risks, to borrow from the male wardrobe.

Elizabeth Semmelhack – Curator – Bata Shoe Museum

The pedestal-like chopine of the late 15th to the early 17th centuries transformed the upper-class European woman into a towering figure. Especially popular in Venice, the shoes were so high – sometimes up to 54 cm – that maids were used as crutches. Chopines were completely covered under skirts. The higher the footwear, the more cloth was required for the dress, another indication of status.

Some of the key ideas separating men from women were explicit in enlightenment philosophy; Semmelhack notes that Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the 18th-century Swiss-French enlightenment philosopher, wrote extensively on sentimentality in motherhood, and believed women’s principal focus should be on the family. This sort of sexism was further enforced by the public interpretation of enlightenment ideas. In sermons at the time, Semmelhack says, there were constant comments about the illogical frivolous nature of women.

High heel shoes – less practical than flat-heeled shoes for anyone not on horseback – soon incorporated with supposedly female traits of frivolity and irrationality. By the 19th century, in Europe, the heel was “unassailably feminine,” notes Semmelhack. Then European imperialism spread this idea around the world. “Once European men abandoned the heel in the early 18th century, the meaning becomes so hyper feminized that as imperialism goes global, those are the meanings that are brought with the high heel.”

Types Of Shoes With Heels

Regardless of what Marilyn Monroe said; heels are a woman’s best friend! 

The only question is: which ones are best for you?

Here’s a helpful guide to the different types of heel shoes. Some of these have gone out of style but with the cyclical fashion industry, we won’t be surprised if they make a comeback soon. Different heel styles can change your look while still adding some extra inches on to your height! Whether you’re after easy to walk in heels or something with a high heel height to give you a boost, here’s how to choose.

Block Heel 

Shoes With Heels

Block heels don’t just look super stylish, but a solid heel also tends to distribute your body’s weight differently, compared to thinner heels. Thus, they take a little pressure off the front of your foot, which results in a more comfortable stand. The trend looks here to stay as it offers a more practical heel for everyday wear.

Tip – Since the heels are usually thick and funky, keep your outfit simple, letting the heels pop.

Kitten Heel

Shoes With Heels

A vintage-looking heel, which was first preceded in the 1950s for teenagers and ‘young’ ladies to wear because it was thought higher heels were too ‘grown-up’. Such heels are great if you’re uncomfortable walking in higher heels, or if you’re on the taller side but don’t want to abstain from wearing pretty heels because of it. This type of heel is typically thin and always below three inches.

Tip – These look great with well-fitted denim, trousers, and one-piece dresses.


Shoes with Heels

Also known as simply high heels shoes, Pumps are another classic, and every girl should own at least one pair. These high heel shoes are very similar to stilettos but not as high as they are. Typically low cut around the front.

Tip – From everyday essentials to party wear dresses and work, you can wear them with any outfit, and it looks great.


Shoes With Heels

The mother of all heels and a pair of classic every girl needs to own. It doesn’t get much sexier in the shoe department than a stiletto heel. But, How tall are stilettos? It can be up to a sky-scraping 7 or 8 inches. While these heights can cause problems walking for many, it’s a worthy skill for the lengthening effect they have on one’s legs. These babies are not for inexperienced walkers, but once you walk in them – there’s no going back.

Tip – Just a pair of black or nude stilettos are enough to cover you for office, party or anything casual. It also goes with any random outfit from your wardrobe. Highly versatile. These also look great with formal dresses and occasions.

Ankle Strap Heels 

A favorite of the Clickless team, ankle strap heels are very much in style right now. Like the name already hints, ankle strap heels are connected via a strap around the ankle, which is often, but not always, coupled with a slingback strap for added security.

Tip – Wear them with jeans, trousers, and formal dresses.

Wedge Heel

We’ll admit that the words comfort and heels usually don’t go very well together, but as far as tall shoes go, wedge heels are champions in that category. A shoe with a wedge instead of a separated heel. Wedges are heels for girls who refuse to walk in those six-inch stilettos because they are not comfortable; it is also for girls who like heels but cannot walk in them. With weight evenly distributed, wedge offers a pleasant walking experience along with a fashionable look.

Tip – You can wear them with just about any kind of dress.

Platform Heels 

Platforms are heels that are thick and chunky at the front of the shoe, making it comfortable to walk around and also a few more inches to the height of your heel.

Tip – Platform heels are best worn for nights-out and other off-the-clock occasions.

Cone Heel Shoe

The cone heel is defined by a thick, sturdy base for a secure stand and a narrow, delicate tip. Just picture an ice cream cone on the bottom of your shoe. A cone can even be slightly curved to give the shoe a quirkier appearance. Like with the block heel, this type of heel gives extra support making them more suitable to be worn all day.

Tip – These look great with skirts or dresses that have a flowing hemline.

Cut Out Heel 

Getting more on the funky, cool side of high heel types, Cutout heel is becoming popular and considered incredibly stylish if you can pull them off. Such High Heel shoe feature creative patterns along with the shoe, which pretty much turns your foot into a fashionable piece of art.

Tip – For a last-minute party plan where your feet are not manicured and need to be covered, these Heel Shoe can come in handy.


At one time, all Oxford-style shoes looked like shoes you’d wear to classes at a fancy university and were very thin and flat. Nowadays, Oxfords are high heels, except these are closed and look like elevated shoes. These sharp-looking shoes are the perfect addition to casual and smart dressing. Because of its victorian finish, these were quite famous back in the day.

Tip – Wear it with boyfriend/mom jeans or trousers that are less defined at the hemline. It is also an interesting idea to match them with monochrome outfits.

Spool Heel

Spool heels are a real blessing for anyone new to heels and still figuring out a way to walk gracefully. This decorative type of heel originates from Europe during the Baroque and Rococo periods. The heel is thicker at the sole, narrow in the middle, and then comes back out at the base, which makes it easier to create a balance.

 Tip – These heels are a daily essential, look great with formal/office outfits, and do not hurt your feet.

Peep Toe Heels

Peep-toes are one of sexiest kind of heels. These shoes come in hundreds of designs, shapes, and colors, and they are often called open-toe shoes. All they need is for a pop of your colorful toenails to show to be a peep toe! 

Tip – Wear them with ankle-length trousers, short dresses or anything fitted and figure-hugging. Paint your nails some bold and dramatic color to make them pop and add drama.

Slingback Heel 

If you are uncomfortable with stilettos or pumps as they not sit properly at the back of your feet? Slingback is your answer. Unlike ankle strap heels, Slingbacks are defined by a thin strap around the Achilles heel, which secures the foot on the shoe.

Tip – Wear them with just about any outfit because they are versatile, but these look great with dresses that show your ankles.

French Heel

Also known as Louis Heels or Pompador Heels, French heel is a variation of the spool heel. French heels are some of the fanciest heels you will ever see, lending a little ambiance to your next pair of shoes.

Tip – Go for these French Heels If you are looking to add a vintage touch to your long flowing dresses.

Comma Heels

Shoes with Heels

Think of the comma – Yes, we’re referring to the punctuation mark – Now line that up with the heel of a shoe, and you have a comma heel! We might not find these everywhere, and it’s strange that heels like these even exist, but it is incredibly eye-catching and quite a hot favorite at the runway and on red carpets. 

 Tip – Bring out your inner fashionista and wear this to a Christmas or New Year party.

Espadrille Heels

shoes with Heels

Somewhat new on the fashion scene, Espadrille heels originate from the traditional Spanish sandal. The heels are generally flat and give the shoe a very casual and comfortable look. The base of this shoe made with natural fibers, while the upper part is made of cloth, leather, etc.

Tip – They go with western outfits and are quite comfortable. Be it long days at work or a night out at the bar, these are your go-to.

Cork High Heels

shoes with Heels

These heels come in all sizes and thicknesses, but as the name implies, they are made out of cork material for a softer, more cushioned step. Such Heel shoe is a solution for those who cannot deal with heels and have sensitive feet.

Tip – Depending on the kind of design, wear it with any of your western outfits.

High Heel Boots

shoes with heels

There’s nothing sexier than a woman walking in these high heeled beauties in winter. A good pair of heeled boots will keep you fashionably warm and dry on colder days. Boots with high heels are stylish and attractive, and best of all, these types of boots come in a wide variety of lengths, colors, designs, and materials, so they are both beautiful and comfortable. 

Styling tip: a smaller heel will dress your outfit down, while a tall heel will achieve the opposite effect.

Tip – Wear them with fleeced leggings or skinny jeans.

Ankle Booties

shoes with heels

A cool pair of ankle boots belong in the wardrobe staple of every woman who loves boots but doesn’t like the feel of the boot all over their legs. To add a little style to your winter outfits, go with ankle-length heel boots that are stylish, yet do the job for you.

Tip – Black ankle-length booties are a must while camel colored ones set you apart and make you effortlessly stylish.


shoes with heels

If you prefer to slip in an out of your shoes rather easily, mules will be your thing. Mules are open at the heel of the foot, making it easier to put on or take off the shoe. The 90s trend has recently been making a big comeback and looks especially fabulous in velvety textiles like suede.

Tip – These look great with a leather jacket, denim, and anything a little casual yet chic.

Corset Heels

shoes with heels

These heels look-alike mule or bootie, but the main difference is that the two sides of the heel are tied together and therefore, they look like a traditional corset. The heels are fashionable, eye-catching, and a bit unique, so if you’re into fashion, this is the heel for you.

Tip – Wear it with trousers that are well-fitted and dresses that are defined.

Fantasy/Decorative Heel

You need heels like these in your shoe closet If Katy Perry or Lady Gaga are your style icons. It’s amazing what happens when shoe designers let their imagination run wild. A true apostate, the heel comes in many different shapes and designs, including heels with ribbon shapes, a swirled look, and those made of a material that looks like glass, making the wearer feel like a real-life Cinderella.

Tip – You can go all out and wear a dress that matches your fantasy heels or keep it simple and let the shoes do the talking.

Chunky Heels

Chunky heels generally refer to any heel that has a square, wide base. If you are a heel connoisseur and tried every type of heels, chunky heels are something that might interest you. They’re usually on the short to medium side and provide more stability than traditional high heels or stilettos. 

Tip – Since the heels are usually thick and funky, keep your outfit simple, letting the heels pop.

High Heel Sandals

With varying heights, a high heel sandal is anything that has any of the heel types listed here (high, stiletto, kitten), but with a sandal upper. To keep your feet nicely wrapped and aerated during the warmer months of the year, we’d like to introduce you to the whole variety of sandals at your disposal.

Tip – Nothing complements a summer outfit like a cute pair of heeled sandals. 

There’s a different kind of shoes with heels for every event and preference. At least now you know what your options are! I’m still trying to figure out a way to pleasantly walk in my stilettos, but will continue to hoard them no matter what! What are your go-to heels?

Heel Height Guide

High heels have long been criticized for a range of health problems from bunions to back pain. But we are not frightened of scary stories like that! We are sure that girls can and should wear shoes with heels. “The most important thing is to find a heel height that works for you,” the doctors say.

We’re here to help If you’re wondering ‘what size heel should I wear?’. The best thing to do when choosing heel height is to make sure you’re comfortable.

2 Inch Heels

A heel short enough not to leave the balls of your feet aching if you’re on your feet all day. Cute kitten heels look best with a vintage-inspired outfit, try wearing with an A-Line skirt! A slingback or pointed-toe style will add interest to your outfit.

3 Inch Heels

The most classic height of heel height. Elegant and comfortable enough to wear to the office and to wear all day. Any higher and you’re risking your shoes being uncomfortable after a few hours of walking around in them.

4 Inch Heels

The typical height for most shoes that are more ‘party’ or ‘evening wear’. If you’re a ‘beginner’, you might want to break shoes with this heel height in a day or two before you wear them. Wear them around the house to practice walking in them or risk looking like Bambi at the next party you’re at!

4 Inch + Heels

Shoes with a 4-inch heel or more usually have a platform at the front. While this does make the shoe slightly easier to walk in, again, you might want to break them in before you wear them out.

We at BestShoe99 will show you 3 effective ways to choose the right heel height that you can comfortably wear all day long.

1. The safe heel height for everyday wear

This method will help you determine the healthiest heel height to wear for work. Some doctors say that heels should be no more than 4 cm high if you wear them on a daily basis. Let’s see if this recommendation works for you.

2. Perfect Heel Height For YOu

The essence of this formula is that the perfect heels should be high enough to create an ideal ratio of leg length to height (1.61).

3. The maximum heel height to wear into the night

This method will help you determine the maximum height of your party pumps heels:

  1. Sit in a chair with your leg extended straight out.
  2. Relax your foot, and do not point your toes.
  3. Measure the distance from your heel to the ball of your foot (as shown in the picture).
  4. This measurement indicates your foot’s natural incline and the ideal height of your night-out pumps.

For most women, the maximum height of shoes to wear for a party is from 7 to 9 cm.

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