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The Royale Peacock shoes

Some people turn heads the moment they enter a room. So do some shoes. To many of you, The Royale Peacock will be a familiar name in the shoe world. And you aren’t, take it as a label that brings us such head-turners. They have mastered the art of crafting tightly packed collections of world-class material that wasn’t obvious back in 2011.

A lot has happened since then, but The Royale Peacock remains creative around the period and makes it to a collection of elegant designs that is totally true to the brand’s strong DNA. Here we’ve dedicated an article to a Chelsea that showcases the best that the collection, it represents, has to offer.

There’s something about this leather Chelsea: as soon as you slip one on, you instantly become a more rebellious, alive version of yourself, with the swagger to match. We’re donning this masculine and effortlessly stylish wardrobe staple for a year and here’s what we hold about ’em.

Make Everyone Jealous At The Airport

royale peacock shoes


  • Snug Fit
  • Perfect Toe Shape
  • No Break-In Required
  • Extremely Comfortable


  • Stiff
  • A Wide Elastic Side Panel

Escaro Royale, of course, is the white-hot Indian label that turned super-traditional black oxford into office- and wedding-grade attire. The label is so well known and appreciated amongst shoe enthusiasts for its modern aesthetics without compromising the most revered traditional shoemaking techniques, and there Goldbrow Chelsea Boots are no exception.

While the original formulas are left untouched, it is the perfect execution of the design that grants The Goldbrow the upper echelon of the company’s bestseller. 

These Chelsea from The Royale Peacock can add an extra bit of oomph to an outfit. The super sleek silhouette and minimalist design of these Chelsea boots allow them to easily assimilate into your current sartorial rotation, with their versatile nature lending them to a variety of looks from casual wear to semi-formal occasions. 

One of the sleekest Chelsea Boot in our list of best Chelsea Boots In India. Perfect Sleek Silioutte that is enough of a boost to help you look striking, but not much more than any pair of dress shoes you already own. Even though the design of the Chelsea Boot is exceptionally simple, the sleek shape of The Roayle Peacock last still makes it stand out as a beautiful and elegant Chelsea.

A comparatively bigger elastic sides help this Chelsea mold to your foot. Furthermore, the higher back on the boot helps prevent any type of irritation to your heels. Karev Brownish is a favorite among those who travel and walk a lot. And for this reason, these Chelsea Boots have a dedicated and loyal following.

Why You Should Invest In These Chelsea Boots?

Royale Peacock Shoes

Now we all know that just like with suiting, there is a huge range of quality and craftsmanship out there available for us when we’re up for the Best Chelsea Boots In India. In this list, we have covered a ₹7k Chelsea from Pelle Santino and a ₹24k Chelsea from Bridlen. One of the incredible things about today’s marketplace is that there are so many choices of great ready-to-wear Chelsea Boots for a reasonable price. 

So like with all things in this fascinating sartorial world – there is a journey. I started with Pelle Santino and then I moved to Bridlen. And that is what we love about menswear. Karev Browinsh certainly has some elements in their favor. There are some quality points that we have revealed below. 


Overall Make

royale peacock shoes

The Karev Browinsh Chelsea is a favorite among those for whom comfort is the king or who don’t like to fuss with traditional Chelsea Boots – those clunky ones! Build on the company’s one of the sleekest and narrowest lasts – The Karev Browinsh Chelsea features a Goodyear-welted Sole Unit, Leather Outsole for a classic look, and Full-Grain three-piece pattern upper. 

Alike most of the label’s shoes, The Karev Chelsea boots are completely Goodyear-welted, which is the ‘de rigueur’ of high-quality factory-made Chelsea Boots. Specializing in this construction type has enabled the company to hone its skills and know-how.

This method allows for the soles to be removed for repair without affecting the uppers. This is a particularly big advantage in a time when we’re placing higher importance on sustainable living.

After the soles have been attached the shoes undergo a process called ‘Bottom Levelling’, which rounds the soles to the shape of the last.

The Karev Chelsea boots come with leather outsoles. The real stand-out feature of leather soles is the classic elegant silhouette, hence they are usually the material of choice when making formal shoes and are traditionally considered to be a quality shoe.


Sleek Silhouette

royale peacock shoes

Chelsea boots with pointy toes, broguing, high-shine patent leather, or colored soles – brands have reinvented to suit current fashion trends. The More Design Frills Your Boots Have, The Harder They Are To Style. Usually, simplicity is the best bet. These Chelsea Boots are characterized by their streamlined simplicity

The Karev Browinsh is a close-fitting Chelsea boot as the beauty of the Chelsea boot lies in its sleek, close-fitting design. Build on a sleeker last, you can see the beautiful elongated shape that balances quite perfectly with Chisel toe. 

royale peacock shoes

It’s a square toe but not too chiseled and too square to make it unapproachable. The toe that slight loft as it pitches forward. There is a nice vertical dimensionality to this toe shape. It is the result of the additional work required to pull the upper over the last and all the elements of design and sculpture that you expect when paying ₹11k for pair of Chelsea. 

Of course, The shoemaking process can affect fit. How long the shoe was left on the last will affect how “hugging” (aka tight) the shoe will be. This Chelsea Boot is blocked on a wooden last (for weeks) for that fascinating shape. 

Hand-lasting helps to add shape and elegance to the uppers and prevents the shoe from appearing too square. The Boot features a nice square waist which offers good support and is appropriate for a boot like this. 

Sleek, Versatile, and Durable that dream combo! The Karev Chelsea proves the idea that when spending a bit more you get something that actually saves you money in the long run.

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