Loafers in India are More Significant Than Ever

The epitome of convenient footwear, nowadays, reaches with a proper sense of purpose.

By Nikhil Choudhary

December 06, 2023


The bursting vogue of Loafers in India epitomizes how we got used to life being easy. When everything is one click, touch, or call away, How can one cheerily endure the hassle of ❝Lacing❞ footwear? 

It’s not like Loafers in India are the only style of footwear that fosters such super convenience, but they do so without tying one with the stigma of laziness. 

I mean, loafers are an effortless way to look like you’ve gone to the trouble of thoughtfully accessorizing without, well, the effort and trouble. 

However, suggesting that laziness is the lone factor driving people to wear loafers in India is an insult to the unmatched combination of comfort, style, and versatility that Loafers deliver.

Whatever your reason for the occurrence or feeding the need for loafers, our picks manage the neat trick of offering all the versatility, durability, energy, and heritage that aficionados sought out while giving ordinary loafers-lovers what they crave.

Best Loafers In India

Slip into something great.

Best loafers in India

The ubiquitous loafer takes on many forms and names: penny, dinner slipper, driver, and Venetian are just a few. But the recipe and credentials that make a pair great have barely changed for decades.

Through any pair, one can initially build the loafer look of his dreams but probably exhaust themselves trying to make them work subsequently. Conventional making, after all, confirms they continue to beat with life.

And, dear readers, it’s not an inexpensive affair for footwear to vest that firm and suitable clutch without the service of laces. India, thankfully, is brimming with shoemakers crafting loafers made to last but equally beautiful in every way.

Bridlen Unlined Noma

Best Loafers In India


  • Extremely Lightweight And Breezy
  • That Undeniable Lavish Appeal 
  • Perfect Price/Quality Ratio


  • Demands A Little Care

When the mercury rises, male sartorial standards can easily fall. Shoes are, generally speaking, pretty unpleasant things to wear in the heat, Right? But not all shoes are created equal. With the right materials and construction…

…loafers actually rank among the most comfortable and practical shoes in your entire warm-weather wardrobe. And if that sounds like a preposterous claim, please hear Bridlen. They’ve assembled various smart and summer-appropriate to change your mind.

And with that in mind, we’ve channeled our inner summer-style stars with their Loden, which is built around Charles F. Stead Janus Calf suede – unlined – set on the Soft Italian (Tuscany, Italy) leather sole. It’s legitimacy in becoming a member of a community that has nailed summer sartorial-ly without breaking a sweat.

Slip Into A Pair, And These Benefits Begin

At BestShoe99, we’ve never met a shoe from Bridlen we didn’t like, and seeing as they’re the perfect compromise between a smart and a casual, this Blake stitched unlined iteration feels like the perfect pairing.

But that’s beside the point. We aren’t spilling our enthusiasm over your wardrobes. The point is: wouldn’t you invest in it? Or at least be tempted? So if Bridlen’s slimline loafers in the finest suede and breezy leather sole don’t have you reaching for the club, then perhaps the insights from the following shoe experts will.


Go Hand In Hand With Warmer Climes  

loafers in India

Knowing how to dress well in hot weather can be a tricky skill for a man to master. Though any pair of loafer makes choosing what to wear that little bit more straightforward, the Bridlen’s Unlined Noma will have you more than ready for all your fun reemergence summer plans—travel, celebrations, and nights out.

The unlined construction of these Bridlen’s suede loafers makes them feel light and laid-back. The Calf suede gives a lovely balance of weight, breathability, and elegance – that age up beautifully.

The chestnut pit tanned soft Italian leather outsole, by its nature, allow more air to flow through the outsole than the traditional double leather or rubber-infused outsole and thus keep you cooler and more comfortable in the heat.

Once you’ve felt that nourishment around your feet, nothing else will do in the segment where anything is hardly ideal when the mercury has risen to the scientific barometer of bloody hot. So get out there with these loafers and bring the heat.


Incredibly Simple But Not Lacking Personality  

loafers in India

The best way to ease your anxiety about being out in public with personality? Dress to impress. Nither a little more effort than usual nor stepping out of your wardrobe comfort zone… 

… the brand providing a softer, squishier take on summer’s staple loafers aren’t trade-offs on anything you need to beat the heat in righteous, outrageous style. Slip-in to keep things smart in the heat which, after all, commands respect.

When you’re battling the heat in such light and elegant loafers, it’s the little things that help to turn your looks into looks. This unlined loden showcases the brand at its best. 

Utterly relaxed, it’s rather more suited to a summer city break than it is to an air-conditioned office, but it still offers a level of refinement that you simply don’t get anywhere else.

When worn with matching trousers, it makes a compelling claim to be the new go-to loafer for summer weddings – although we should stress that it’s more versatile than that. 

Pellé Santino Tassel Loafers


  • The Price/ Quality Ratio
  • Sleek Silhouette
  • Full-Grain Leather Upper


  • A Little Stiff

For proof that the monetary boundaries that once defined the world of men’s shoemaking are beginning to blur, look to Pelle Santino. Founded in 2016 by Mr. Mikhil Mehra, this young, Haryana-based brand offers a thrifty-priced take on classic shoemaking. 

Our editors love Pelle Santino’s Tassel Loafer for its deceptively comfortable leather sole, tassels, sleek Blake Construction (where the upper is sewn directly to the sole from the inside of the shoe), and the RIGHT price. Affordable stunting: You love to see it.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a pair of loafers in India that’ll complement a pair of dark indigo jeans more effectively, or more instantly elevate a creamy pair of linen trousers to the realm of “gracefully aging Indian gentleman.”

Why Did WE (And YOU Should!) Opt For The PS’s Tassel?

loafers in India

Splurging on our chosen pair of loafers in India with barely any signs of its credentials can be a little difficult, especially since so many brands and retailers have so much to offer! Like…

…you could completely glamorize your look with a pair of Gucci Horsebit Loafers. Or keep things elegant and sophisticated with a timeless pair of Bridlen’s Floded Penny Loafer. Then what inspires to embrace PS’s Tassel? Here’s What 


It’s A Tassel… That’s Crafted Without Compromise!  

best loafers in India

While the penny loafer is a bit of an understated classic, the tassel boasts a similar pedigree but with a bit more of an attitude. It’s a perfect combo of a very traditional style and a bit of visual interest.

It’s perfect kind of loafer to don when you need your feet to speak volumes while you look your best at any event, interview, meeting, or date that requires a smart shoe.

While any tassel loafer would be a fashion-forward alternative to the usual penny suspects… 

 …if made of Full-grain leather, which is set on Blake stitched leather outsoles, turns your regular tassel into a practical piece that’ll see you soundly through autumn, winter, and beyond in considerable style. In fact, this is the basic template for creating a tassel at Pelle Santino.

Since functionality is always the focus of each Pelle Santino collection, we won’t be surprised to see these tassel loafers in your closet years after that ahhh sensation of your first step in ’em. So while a normal tassel will hold up aesthetically after several years, this one will hold physically as well!


The Value  

loafers in India

Pelle Santino’s take on this silhouette, entitled Loafers & Slip-ons, a handcrafted collection of Full Grain Blake Stitched Loafers, belies that great myth: Quality Loafers can’t be affordable.

Even if you understand that quality materials and manufacturing come at a premium, you don’t have to spend the earth for these. It seems they were looking to introduce their brand of classic opulence to an Indian audience and don’t want the price to be a barrier.

In fact, there aren’t many barriers in the supply chain, e-commerce has fully replaced brick-and-mortar for Pelle Santino. So they didn’t have any extra expense to pass it to you, Gentleman!

Mr. Mikhil Mehra has removed the label from the system entirely: unlocking the freedom to own every decision about what they create, how much is produced, how it’s shipped, when it’s delivered, and, most importantly, what it should cost to you.

PLNK Loafers 

loafers in India


  • Full-Grain Leather Upper 
  • Well Priced 
  • Sleek Blake Construction 


  • No Cons

Gentleman, you might already be familiar with fashion-forward contemporary brands Chanel, Prada, and Ganni – but a new class of minimal, neutral palette-loving labels has emerged. Brands that perfectly emulate a chic, aspirational lifestyle with an equally classic appeal throughout. Impossible, you might think.

Welcome, gentleman, to PLNK: an up-and-coming label (with established artisan behind ’em), finding success within the more approachable and price-conscious space they occupy in the traditional category of the formal shoe segment.

To shop PLNK is to acquire foundations for the ultimate minimal, modern uniform. Their Full-Grain loafers (set on Blake Stitched Leather Outsole) are obedient to style-conscious individuals who don’t want to compromise on quality, prefer slow to fast fashion, and gravitate toward minimalism.

Why Should You Bring These Loafers To Your Closet?

loafers in India

When luxury loafers in India can cost well over ₹17k apiece – the demand, indeed, cliffs for such elevated essential at a less jaw-dropping price. For many, it’s the good timing that PLNK is making sport in, almost, every “Best Loafer In India” report.

Chirag Chadda hasn’t structured his brand PLNK around this single principle. Once you come across a line of loafers with as much stature and style as PLNK’s, you’ll soon see that something so seemingly out of reach has been made possible. Here’s what…


The Quality Prevail  

best loafers in India

Since the mid-2000s, a distinct corner of the footwear world has lived by the motto “buy better, buy less.” This set of conscious shoppers has been investing in well-made, durable Footwear. The challenge is knowing which brands are actually crafting investment pieces and which are just using the term to jump on a trend.

But you can still do some good by buying loafers in India from PLNK. Made in the brand’s Agra factory using one of the most trusted manufacturing processes of all time, the brand makes footwear that will outlast anything else you own, by a long way. 

The biggest factor is the quality of the leather. PLNK loafers are made from leather that is full-grain, meaning that it doesn’t have a covering over the top to hide blemishes. As the pores are open you can feed the leather with cream or polish, thus keeping it supple and stopping it from cracking.

That upper is blake stitched to the leather outsoles, where a single stitch attaches everything together. Closely trimmed outsoles, sleek silhouette, and Sharpe feather line – If you’re unsure if what PLNK says on their about page is credible, slip in a pair of their loafers! 


The Quality Prevail  

loafers in India

After years of being called a trend, it’s clear that loafers in India are simply how we dress now. But, like with all other styles of shoes, there are a lot of things — whether fashion-y Horsebit or Penny designed for Classic Appeal— that doesn’t come cheap.

In fact, when we asked our editors about their favorite loafers in India earlier this year, many of the recommended pairs cost over ₹10k. Sure, treating yourself to something luxurious is nice, but nothing beats the thrill of PLNK’s high-quality, affordable loafers.

You can probably get away with inexpensive loafers, like this one from PLNK that comes recommended by two fashion pros. The label is committed to designing affordable loafers that look — feel — and last — like the high-end stuff.

The Full-grain, Blake Stitched loafers with the sleek silhouette is elegant and flattering and looks far more expensive than the loafers’ ₹5k price tag. And we’d hate for them to sell out!

Bridlen Folded Penny Loafer 

loafers in India


  • Hard Countering For Structure
  • Goodyear Welted Soles
  • Calfskin Uppers  


  • Price

Loafers In India are the sort of things that fulfill that mythic “timeless” criterion. They may not, indeed, be the most new-fangled of menswear inventions; but have since become a national symbol of the well-heeled man at leisure. And it is Bridlen where “The Best” examples are found today.

The brand is one of the most sought-after and well-respected Classic brands in the shoemaking world and makes – quite literally – the Best Loafers In India. So it probably won’t be a surprise that we’ve included a couple of Bridlen’s Loafers in this selection.

Bridlen’s Floded Penny Loafer riff on classic equestrian design Goodyear-welted for easy resoling and done up in a rich Annonay Vegano box calf. Set on a slight heel, they’ve been expertly made in Chennai on the brand’s signature almond-toe Rufer last. Slip ‘em on without a second thought…

Why These Are Loafers You Need To Get Your Hands On? 

best loafers in India

Everything about this loafer, in our opinion, is perfect. It’s timeless, chic, effortless, subtle and edgy (in the best way) all at the same time. As might be expected, this perfectionist attitude places such pairs from Bridlen comfortably at the upper end of the affordability spectrum.

If you’re of the “buy less, buy better” mentality, it isn’t hard to justify the higher price. However, if you count on carefully considering the pieces that you’re going to invest in before you jump the gun – Here’s Why Bridlen Floded Loafers are special!


Made Of The Most Sumptuous Materials 

loafers in India

The relationship you have with your loafers is a lasting one, Right? And, if the pair in question happens to be made of leather, it might even be for a long time. Then there’s Calfskin…

…or Annonay Vegano box calf or Repello calf suede by Charles F. Stead: perfect for Bridlen’s special pairs, this sort of luxury loafers guarantees an exquisitely silky, smooth feel every time you slip into this pair. The texture of the Full grain leather on these loafers is a sensual touch. Tactility is often overlooked (especially online) and it shouldn’t be.

Although the box calf has a pliable feel, it is firm in consistency. Its grain side is embossed with an extraordinarily fine grain pattern that is beautiful to behold. Their skillful ‘Clickers’ ensure you slide in the best portion of the hide.

The more you wear these loafers, the richer and handsomer that raw cowhide upper will get – developing a much sought-after patina that thwacks the old cost-per-wear concept out of the park.


Build As You’ve Never Worn It Before  

loafers in India

Over the years, even the best loafer brands in India have had to find novel ways to distinguish their wares. For Bridlen, it seems, the hours of painstaking work that went into crafting a pair is enough to place them comfortably in the upper echelon. 

Nothing, in these loafers, is employed merely for visual effect. Most of the small additions, alterations, trims, and tweaks originated to satisfy a practical need. The neck binding, for instance, along the hard countering, is what ensures a snug fit that does not open or bows outward while walking. 

Loafers, in fact, lose their shape quicker than other types of shoes. But Bridlen pride itself in making loafers that hold shape, quite rightly so being as the foot has shape. Beautifull classic proportions with traditional design technically crafted for modern life are more desirable.  

The uppers are hand-lasted and detailed with a sharp feather line and a Goodyear-welted sole means they can be resoled when you inevitably wear them down. It’s robust, but at the same time beautiful and elegant.

Indeed, it is expensive, to begin with; but it’s better, for both the environment _and _our wallets, to invest in a single pair of Goodyear Welted Loafers that have been cobbled to perfection than fork out for some new mass-produced ones every six months.

Clarks Loafers 

loafers in India


  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Sleek & Simple Silhouette  


  • Cemented Pairs

Plenty of whimsical options, so far, but still nothing feels exactly like your budget? Then maybe the Oliver Penny is more your speed. That shoe is a more under-the-radar style from Clarks: the fine name behind some of the trustiest footwear you can have in your closet.

Okay – it’s not quite as off-kilter as the Bridlen, nor as well-known as Gucci, but still packs some serious personality. Our editors do have a knack for picking lesser-known styles from well-grounded brand archives for our readers, and the Oliver loafer seems the perfect choice to get “The Best Budget” treatment.

Of course, there’s no need to splurge on a buzzy designer to nail that on-trend loafer look. Don’t be fooled by the company’s old-timey heritage (Clarks has been making shoes since 1825): They know how to make in-demand loafers in India like the best of ’em. 

Why These Are Loafers You Need To Get Your Hands On? 

loafers in India

As well as being home to some of the world’s most influential gentlemen, Britain has produced some of the greatest – and most well-known – brands in the world. Since 1825, British shoemaking institution Clarks has been creating some of the best casual shoes in the world -which all began with a sheepskin slipper!

No company can survive on heritage alone, though. So along with a heritage-heavy great story behind it, Clarks is also one of the best in the game for functional and beautiful loafers. But what, actually, had made Clarks irresistible to the loafer patrons… is a little surprising! 


The Simplicity Abound 

The first thing most folks notice when they look at the Clarks Loafer—the first thing you probably looked at, especially if you’re just getting acquainted with these loafers In India—is that understated, simple appearance.

Through this simple approach, the label is hoisting the luxuriously updated versions from one of the big names in contemporary fashion. Staying and surviving “simply” in a sea of blink-and-you-missed-them trends, where we witnessed a vibrant new wave of more-is-more… every day – you must be doing something right.

Not just Clarks’ loafers, each of their pairs evokes a classic vibe with their simple, streamlined shape and off-shade. The only detail that suggests something a little more sartorial is the brushed-leather finish, a textural element that makes this pair more luxurious.

Theorizing, specifically, these loafers: The minimalist tan palette punctuated with the style’s contrast ‘penny’ on vamp proves that simple can be very effective… If your loafers in India are from Clarks!


Comfort Is King  

So Clarks’ loafers collection is a world’s apart from the fast-fashion offerings currently lurking on your shelves, Right? Exactly. Clarks guarantee that their loafers will help you look more productive and positive as well… But Do they feel like that underneath your feet?

One thing that always gets us about Instagram ads for shoes that claim to “bridge the gap between dress shoes and sneakers” or some such is that those shoes already exist. Clarks has been making ’em for years.

And while they may not include any hyper-futuristic tech, that’s okay, because those rubber soles—those bouncy, supportive, long-wearing soles—do the job just fine. Better than fine, in fact.

The label, for example, has opted for a super-soft and lightweight Suede for some of their timeless loafers styles, meaning it feels like an old friend from the first wear.

Some of the best loafers in India from Clarks were comfortable enough for those lockdowns and cool enough to wear when that is all over…

Gucci Horsebit Loafers

loafers in India


  • A Comfortable, Classic Loafer
  • A Statement Piece
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Hold Value Well  


  • Price
  • Thin Outsole

We’re excited to theorize a special find our editors, who are not living in an age obsessed with newness, welcomed into their lives— The Gucci Horsebit Loafer. Nothing is less compelling now than they were 70 years back! Not at all. 

The iconic Horsebit shoe we know today: is a simple leather loafer embellished with a metal horse bit. It is this design, which is, in fact, the core of this piece, that over the years, has proven too perfect to be seriously tampered with.

Think of it as the art piece you’ll place on your shelf with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. Something that you’ll look to with supreme pride. The lasting appeal of such a timeless piece makes it a particularly safe bet for anyone looking to take a dive into the world of luxury loafers.

How A Loafer Can Be This Good? 

loafers in India

If, like us, you value a good iconic leather loafer, Gucci Horsebit Loafer should only be the piece on your radar. Gucci Horsebit loafers get a lot of love, and we couldn’t agree more. But why all of this attention surrounding these loafers?

Every element of this loafer is done so perfectly, thus we’re simply picking apart each of those… as there is not much to critique (if we forget how much we’ve paid for ’em!). Read on, gentlemen.


Its Ownership Is About Status 

loafers in India

Gucci’s Horsebit loafers, a shoe whose status is well-established, are one of the iconic trademarks that have helped Gucci penetrate mainstream culture like no other label in history. Though the idea we retain decades on, this silhouette tells more than just an idling shoe.

Let’s be honest, it’s also about satisfying one’s ego and impressing those around you. When you slip in a Gucci Horsebit Loafers, you are, actually, slipping in a heritage, innovation, and tradition that is widely possessed by some of the greatest (and countless!) musicians, politicians, designers, artists, and everyday gentlemen. If it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for you.

The monied aesthetic is no accident, as Gucci historically outfitted the upper classes. Whether it’s expressing financial power, affiliation with hero figures, association with some horological nobility, or finding some kind of legitimacy in becoming a member of a community, Gucci ownership is about status.


Craft That Goes Into Making Them

Gucci Horsebit’s capability to display a degree of status gets an honorable mention, but let’s not go just for the obvious. It rarely is your first thought how or where the Horsebit was made. Careful craftsmanship is the bedrock of these loafers.

Inconsistent stitch density screams that’s a hand-sewn upper which is blake stitched to the outsole, through close channels with brass nail embellishment. The edges are closely trimmed and waxed. You get a quality hide on Gucci loafers (Don’t probe their website… there’s isn’t a lot to verify).

Aside from the painstaking craftsmanship, another element that sets the Gucci Horsebit Loafers apart from standard fare is, in fact, the Horsebit. It’s the piece over the face which lends it all the appeal and is an instantly recognizable icon of luxury.


The Wearability

A painstakingly crafted loafer that announces you’re important people – if that isn’t enough, then surely their functionality and wearability will prove to you the incredible longevity of the Gucci Horsebit Loafer. 

Gucci first designed a loafer intended to complete quite literally everything a gentleman could have in his wardrobe in the 1950s – and so the iconic Gucci Horsebit Loafer started as a functional piece long before it was a sartorial staple.

It’s a vintage accessory that goes with everything, an investment you’ll indulge in for years, or even a new addition to your collection that’s just so well-crafted it deserves immediate icon status, there’s no denying with Gucci’s Horsebit… you slip on a really great piece of design!

Pelle Santino Ultra Flex


  • No Breaking-In Required
  • Price/ Quality Ratio
  • Tightly Lasted  


  • Losses Structure

We love high-quality Goodyear Welted loafers as much as the next guy that appreciates a decent shoe, but one thing about ones with the sewn detail is that they’re not the easiest to break in out of the box. Anyone who has ever spent a full day in a fresh pair could tell you…

…stiff new leather foreign to the outer elements will introduce entirely new points of friction to your gait that can cause painful blisters. Pelle Santino knows a thing or two about craftsmanship, is saving your soles some time by offering their new flexible welted collection. 

In a lineup of a few classic penny loafers made lighter and more pliable than traditional styles, What could go wrong? And when it comes to said wearing, anything goes, really – dress them up for work and down on the weekend.

Why These Loafers Are Sparking Interest? 

loafers in India

The loafer has come a long way since it slipped off the feet of the Norwegian farmers who invented it over 100 years ago, thus, there is no shortage of beautiful loafers to shop. More doors and stores and webshops and IG accounts where you can buy your next slip-in companion.

But it’s also for precisely those reasons that trusting a label and investing in its pieces can feel harder than it’s ever been. So How we’re supposed to choose Pelle Santino Ultra Flex loafers from the bundle? Here’s why we’ve got our sights firmly and fanatically set on it.


They Feel Pleasing… Right From The Beginning!  

loafers in India

Of course, there are many Goodyear Welted loafers, which would certainly do the trick if you have executed the process of Breaking-In Statement Loafers Slowly! But if you’ve become accustomed to comfort and actual material flexibility of the kind that is often associated with athletic gear…

…Our editors have found this in Pelle Santino’s Ultra-Flex Loafers. Though they knew that no collection would be complete without penny loafers, they didn’t feel the need to tamper with the basic template in creating their own. Instead, The Haryana-based shoemakers remind us of periods when every element works with the body rather than create armor for it. 

It’s a bold claim — but the label has not mastered the art of teasing with “Bold Claims”. Instead, the team focused on getting the fit and construction spot on. Their Ultra Flex pairs – which come in Unlined Full Grain leather as well as espresso suede – are Blake stitched so the soles feel flexible but still durable enough for daily wear. 


Getting Dressed Is A Bit More Straightforward

loafers in India

We’re always been into Unlined Loafers, something that doesn’t feel too precious, that you can sling over your feet in the morning and not think too much about for the rest of the day. We love the ones that Pelle Santino is making in particular.

By listening to their client’s concerns as well as employing a little of their expertise, Pelle Santino set out to design a collection of loafers that was straightforward, trend-enduring, and easy to wear – hopefully many agree that they’ve done a rather handsome job.

Meets the highest versatility standards, quite possibly the most versatile footwear you can have hanging in your wardrobe, masterfully walking the line between smart and casual. No matter what you’re wearing, Finish everything off with this minimal pair of Unlined Suede loafers, or some Full Grain Leather one.

Luxoro Formello Loafers

loafers in India


  • Calfskin Uppers 
  • Stitched Leather Outsole 
  • Best Value 


  • Need Breaking In

Lately, though, Spain’s been kicking up her heels fashion-wise. We think of Spain, that sophisticated country, a structured nation, a bastion of heritage, hospitable, and a bit formal. But how can we export this carefree, nonchalant style to our shores? Slip into the beauty and quality of Spanish craft with Luxoro Formello.

Luxoro Formello’s approach to such everyday silhouette in a way that feels both unique and universal, reflects the wearer’s personality – a kind of thing you can dip your toe without worrying whether it looks good (because it always does).

Their collection was also supremely sartorial. Few pairs are as loaded with symbolism as black loafers. Not unsurprisingly, Luxoro has imbued their sartorial pairs with a touch of romance. A woven strap across the upper held by metal trims calls attention to it, as does a beautiful patent leather loafer.

Would You Spend Real Money On Their Loafers? 

best loafers in India

There’s been a boom in online shoe rental companies lately. And not all products from any given brand are created equal. Anyone who has shopped a loafer brand knows it can be hard to figure out who is really worth the dinero. 

Many brands just do some things better than they do other things. Luxoro Formello, with more than twenty styles of loafers alone, is one of those brands. Here’s why they’re the right people to ask for the Best Loafers In India!


The Balancing Act  

loafers in India

As a Loafer aficionado, with limited free space for new pair in my closet, if I am going to make space for a new pair, I want it to look striking. Indeed, it takes a lot to interrupt a mindless Instagram scroll, but a photo of the Luxoro Formello loafer stopped me in my tracks.

One of the best businesses putting their own unique spin on classic cuisine, Luxoro Formello lend loafers that are just as practical and easy to style as they’re eye-catching. It’s not as aggressively fizzy that you grab attention for the wrong reasons.

Here, the humble loafer has undergone just a slight reimagining. On some pairs, it’s that neat metal buckle that quietly seizes attention. While, on some, it’s that elegant toe stitching that brings a sense of the pomp to otherwise simple loafers in India.

Find the pair of loafers, from their massive catalog, that feels right to you, slip ‘em on without a second thought, and ascend to verified style god status. It really is that simple.


Through The Traditional Approach

loafers In India

Luxoro Formello’s loafers are far and away the most attractive of the five loafer makers we tested, the one we’d be most excited to slip our feet in and show off. Part of that is because of self-expression as well as its own artisanal craftsmanship.

Each pair of Luxoro Formello’s loafers is a handcrafted riff on a classic silhouette you (and we) know and love—all at a price point that belies the level of labor involved. Construction-wise, they’re similar to most loafers featured in our list alongside developing their distinctive design style.

The loafer base is either an impeccable blend of a chunky black rubber sole with a grill-like midsole design or a single leather sole stitched in a groove, trimmed on the last, hand-stained, and wax polished.

And on top of this sits a sleek, traditional loafer shape, hand-lasted, holding a smooth Calfskin. Contains the strongest fibers in the hide that develops a much sought-after patina, this leather sketches out the formal features of the loafer.

Bridlen Y-Tip Penny Loafer

loafers In India


  • Cleated Rubber Outsole
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Holds Sleeker Silhouette 


  • No Cons

Indeed, we can enjoy the refined, contemporary fare offered by high-fashion brands today, but there really is nothing quite like owning a pair of functional loafers. In fact, you don’t call yourself ‘The Best Loafers in India’ without being multifunctional.

The official Best Formal Shoe Brand in India, Bridlen, responded with the recipe embracing a severe platform—thick enough for splashing around in rain puddles— complete with a Goodyear Welt, which until worn, cannot be truly appreciated.

With that juiced-up, embellished naturally milled Calfskin with expanded proportions, your staid loafers are soft-shoeing out of their stuffy sartorial comfort zone and into the cleated-loafer territory.

Why This Is One For Your Beautifull Personality?  

loafers in India

Iterations of the pumped-up rubber sole in a slip-on silhouette didn’t appear in the presentation of even the best loafer brands in India. Thus, it’s not exiguity that our editors find themselves turning to these loafers season after season…

… there are enough reasons to be amped about Bridlen’s Y-Tip Penny Loafers. Of all the beautiful loafers we could wax poetic about, Here’s why these clunky, chunky platform loafers are capturing our (and worth your) attention right now!


They Are Practical…  

loafers in India

Like a Goodyear-welted match made in hard-wearing heaven, Commando soles and well-built shoes are the bread-and-butter of the rugged footwear world. Bridlen styled the story and, in doing so…

…created a silhouette in which we can joyfully combine the comfy slip-ons we’ve gotten used to wearing—with something more rugged and lavish—capable cleated treads. It all suggests that you can glide in ’em for years to come.

best loafers in India

A pair that Welted-ly attaches Rubo Prene lugged EVA (cemented to a Rapid stitched leather midsole) onto the quality Soft naturally milled leather uppers can take a huge amount of punishment—you might be seriously surprised—as they’re worn day-to-day, open to the elements.

Plus, the addition of high treaded soles means that the loafers offer quite a bit more shock absorption than their more delicate predecessors — upping the support factor just in time for cold-weather walkabouts.


…And A Versatile Fashion Statement Too!

A thing that is developed to tackle terrains can really turn heads in equal rubber-ridged measure? Indeed, you can draw discreet, covert connotations from its military name, the ‘Cleated’ sole is a statement design. 

Since garnering the attention of models and influencers, such as Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, the coveted style of the cleated loafers has fashionably forged its way into the 21st century and has since been embraced by many.

That literal elevated update isn’t fading the loafer’s versatile appeal! In fact, you don’t have to be a fashion insider to style ’em, no matter which sartorial direction you choose to go in terms of styling them, the common denominator is that they look great.

The cleated platform isn’t pretty intense—may have immediate appeal—but it’s a good way of adding a bit of excitement to any outfit built on essentials, even in muted colors. If those aren’t enough reasons to splurge on these pairs, well, keep reading – there are many Loafers In India! 

Neeman’s Wool Loafers

loafers In India


  • Comfortable 
  • No Breaking-In Required 
  • Best Value  


  • Slightly Less Versatile
  • Durability

If a leather loafer isn’t your territory, fear not. You can comfortability bid goodbye to the heavier fabrics and hardwearing footwear, welcoming more sumptuous and lightweight materials in their place. Neeman’s has something that weaves in nicely with what our editors want as a leather alternative!

It was exactly five years ago that Amar Preet Singh discovered a vacancy in the sustainable footwear segment, where his brand Neeman’s still stands today. Business boomed as he was able to provide sustainable products during a period where the fashion industry is finally being held accountable for the footprint that it’s leaving on the earth.

Neeman’s Wool loafers are all about buttery, supple, and oh-so-soft, with its alluring impracticality (avoid drizzle at all costs!) and undeniable sensual appeal. Not only is it crafted with the finest Merino Wool, but it also comes in a color that every gentleman can pull off.

How Are These Loafers Ascending To The Utmost Heights?  

Founded in 2018, Neeman’s quickly became synonymous with exceptional Woolen shoes — and has been ever since. Cornering the premium wool market in late 2019’s, founders set their sights on plastic bottles to pluck out fiber for their shoes and loafers.

Developing a loyal customer portfolio, cementing the reputation as the go-to supplier of woolen shoes – when your brand saw real success this quickly… you must be doing something right! Here’s what goes right with their woolen loafers.


The Woolen Uppers

loafers In India

Personally, In one of the more surprising twists in my taste, I’m feeling Woolen loafers from Neeman’s. As a lifelong leather devotee, this is shocking—especially to me! But if anything could convince me to change my druther, it’s the seriously crafted loafers from Neeman’s.

Wrapping our feet in wool is one of the great joys of winter, this one here is cut from luxuriously soft merino wool. In fact, you’ll be slipping your feet in soft like cashmere and silk, but in a Wool that also boasts many amazing performance qualities, like cooling and moisture-wicking abilities.

Prized for their odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and breathable nature, these are the loafers you’ll wait all year to wear in crisp temperatures, though, yes; they’re entirely acceptable year-round if you’re a die-hard.


The Sole Unit

loafers In India

Continuing the same wool vein, that leads us to these loafers in India, for the first instance, feels like these loafers don’t lean much on protecting us from moisture or adverse conditions. Instead, the brightest wool is also the best practical gift.

Underneath the soft wool, these loafers pack some pretty complex rubber lugs to indulge the informal nature of the working world. That latter addition is a particularly clever touch and makes this an ideal piece to take you between seasons.

The rubber sole makes these loafers ones that stand up to the wear of Mumbai’s unforgiving streets and which are most in sync with your personal style. Slip under lightweight Wool loafers equipped with a rubber sole for grip, perfect then for bridging the gap between the seasons!

Escaro Royale Tomas

loafers In India


  • Contemporary Silhouette 
  • Traditional Build
  • Full Grain Leather Upper


  • Demands Regular Care

Most men have a pair of loafers in their wardrobe. But there are loafers and then there are LOAFERS. And these loafers by Escaro Royale are undoubtedly LOAFERS. The real deal. What do we like about their loafers? They add a bit of whimsy to a piece of leather that would otherwise be so serious — but they still feel timeless. 

Our editors say that Escaro Royale, the maker of some of our favorite Chelsea Boots and Monk, is also where we go to get our loafers in India. That’s not just ’cause they satisfy our “fashion-forward” loafers cravings, but it’s that Argentinian Full-Grain Crust Leather upper with French Sheepskin Lining that’s set on blake stitched leather outsoles…

…which’s encouraging our editors to embrace their loafers. The label has gone a long way in expanding its loafers category over the last few years, inspiring some more established companies to revamp their own loafers offerings in return. Here’s why you should slip into one of ’em!

What Is It That Makes Such Pieces Truly Worth It?  

Best Loafers In India

Nobody needs a quality fancy loafer. Loafers have one job (to exalt whatever they’re paired with), and most will do that job. Spending ₹1k on a fancy cemented pair of loafers is not, therefore, something we endorse — unless you repurpose it into something much more valuable.

It can be hard to differentiate from loafer brands that ingrain fashion elements in a way that’s practically better for the buyer and brands that are just greenwashing. Let me explain why these loafers are from the former group…


Employing Quality Ingredients…

Embracing a suitable material is arguably the easiest part of this entire process of picking the best loafers in India — but still, modern men seem hell-bent on experimenting and flaunting fashions that simply don’t work.

The relationship you have with your loafers is a lasting one, and that immediately rules out most materials: bonded, synthetic, plastic-y materials are a few of those. The answer from Escaro Royale, of course, is simple…

… a reliable Full-Grain Leather upper with any stitched link with the leather/rubber outsole. The most sought-after style from Escaro Royale’s massive loafers offering is crafted from such materials, and they’ve been supplying their loafers to savvy buyers for years now.

And even the best materials won’t do if they’re not executed in a factory that’s able to respect those elements. So we come to craftmanship: Designed with the benefit of their Italian team’s extensive experience and made with the help of a selection of India’s most admired artisans – What else do you need to slip in?


…With Just-Right Contemporary Touch

Who says we have to conform to another person’s idea of what is socially acceptable? Yet, our editors around the country can’t stop talking about – fashion – no matter what we’re looking for. It might be often cast as fashion’s fickle, transient side, but it’s also about looking to the future…

…and Escaro Royale lends it just right! When you invest in a pair from ’em, you’re actually voting with your money for one of the best-known names in the contemporary segment. Away from the bold statement pieces: Their loafers take the synergy between the trendsetters and the traditionalists.

You won’t find loafer brands in India with enough courage to tamper with the basic template – while many didn’t feel the need to. What really attracts us, about Escaro Royale Loafers, is the force that comes out from breaking certain rules or establishing ideas.

If that perfect balance between drama, fierceness, discipline, and structure appeals to your loafers’ cravings – Slip into a pair of Escaro Royale Loafers as it’s the only Class-est way to wade into the trend.

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