How to Tie Shoelaces

Do you want to know how to How to Tie Shoelaces perfectly? You’re in the right place.

In this post, we are going to unveil 4 Amazing ways to tie shoelaces.

Most of us never thought about how we tie shoes since we were taught how to tie as schoolchildren.

But these are more dapper and more practical ways to tie your shoes. These knots will allow you to stand out in a crowd when you otherwise would not. Other people may not know you tied your shoes differently, but you will know, and that’s enough.

Tying your shoelace in a different, or unique manner, not only makes you look more sophisticated, but it can also give you a firmer knot.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

How To Tie Shoelaces.

An untied shoelace or bootlace can either spell real disaster on the trail or build an embarrassing minute in a formal event. Learning how to tie effective knots will eliminate this risk while you’re hiking and keep your feet and ankles protected. Here are Four of the best knots for tying shoelaces that will stay tied and at the same time looks Amazing.

The Berluti Knot

How to tie shoelaces

Do you ever hear about the Berluti shoelace knot?

You might NOT!

The quintessence of sophistication! It was designer Olga Berluti who introduced the knot in the 1970s.

The family heiress took inspiration from another heir, a royal one, a faithful client of the Maison. The Duke of Windsor was famous for his escapades, elegance and for having popularised the renowned Windsor knot for ties. To tie his shoes, his grandmother, Alexandra of Denmark, taught him a double-loop knot that prevented his shoelaces from coming untied during military parades and official ceremonies.

Since then, the Berluti knot has been passed on from faithful knotter to faithful knotter, only coming undone when its owner has decided it should, by pulling the two laces simultaneously.

Offer course! it’s a more difficult knot to tie, but if really learn how to tie Berluti knot – I think it’s a knot well worth learning for which you’ve to Hit The Play Button:

Berluti knot sits a little bit closer to the actual vamp, perfectly flat down, a little bit more symmetric than any other knot and it really looks smart.

If you want something that’s not gonna come down during the day (I’m sure you are tired of looking down and having your laces untied) – the Berluti knot is for you.

This perfect blend of Durability and Trendy-look sprinkle its magic on both formal shoe and casual shoe.

So with Berluti knot – your running shoe will never gonna loose down and your oxford will look amazingly elegant.

The Parisian Knot

How to tie shoelaces

Is there any easier alternative of Berluti Knot with the same level of effectiveness?

The Parisian Knot is a beautiful way to tie your shoes that’s a subtle differentiator and also is effectively a double knot so you never have to worry about your shoes coming untied during the day.

The knot is equally effective for your Expensive pair of Derby along with massively smashed Workout shoes.

So to tie your shoes using the Parisian Knot is really quite simple. First, untie your shoes. Then, wrap the shoelaces around each other twice to form a strong base. Then, with your left hand, form the first bunny ear. After that, with your right hand, wrap the shoelace around your finger twice and push the shoelace through the middle where your finger was to create the second bunny ear.

Once you have gotten the knot tied, you may need to play around with it to tighten the knot and get it perfect.

I know tieing the Parisian Knot not seems to be simple with this textual description, so why not try this amazing video guide to Parisian Knot:

The Surgeons Knot

One thing that really irks me when I’m on the trail is when I’m walking along and I noticed that my bootlaces have come undone. This can be a real pain in the neck especially when you’re carrying a pack and you’ve got gloves on.

How to tie shoelaces

Then I employed The Surgeons Knot. This type of knot is fairly similar to the most popular way of tying athletic shoes. Even so, thanks to the additional loop it became a much securer choice for long-distance or trail running.

Surgeons Knot kind of locks your heel into the shoe and will stop your foot from slipping. Not to think beyond Surgeons Knot for your CrossFit shoes.

To help you figure out Exactly How to tie Surgeons Knot properly, Weekend Wanderer has put together a quick video that will do the work done in no time at all.

Believe me, this knot will never gonna undone. Well worth learning for an underactive CrossFit season.

Of course, it goes well with your formal shoes but nothing better than Parisian or Berluti knot for your expensive Derby or Oxford.

The Bow Knot

How to tie shoelaces

A Bow Knot on the shoelaces! Isn’t it awkward?

Not at all. In fact, the Standard Shoelace Bow Knot is the most widely used method of tying up shoelaces.

It gets its name from resembling the outline of a bow tie, but it’s best known for its ability to help with shoelaces that are a bit too short.

But the Bow Knot tends to come undone. The loose ends can trip you up and a loose shoelace is certainly inconvenient – with the possible exceptions of bedtime or when removing your shoes for an airport security inspection.

That’s the only big reason, this knot is not for your sports shoes.

But a single change in the tying process not only enhances the beauty of Bow Knot but also makes it a hundred times more durable. Check out the video to know exactly how it goes:

Why You Should Try This Knots?

You might be thinking “why I should switch to these knots?”.

In the section of our guide on How to tie shoelaces, we’ll explain to you what’s wrong with the current scenario – why you should switch to these knots from your old school granny knot.

Magnify Looks

Shoes are the foundation of your outfit. Quality dress shoe can cost you hundred(s) of dollars. So why would you ruin the look by tying your shoelace knot improperly?

With the granny knot, Your hundred dollar oxford will be something like this:

How to tie shoelaces

Just because of this crooked knot, the granny knot is the incorrect way of tying formal dress shoes.

Whereas Berluti or Parisian Knot sit a little bit closer to the actual vamp, perfectly flat down, more symmetric than a granny knot (or Bunny ear method) and it really looks smart – just like this:

How to tie shoelaces

Just a small switch will result in a much nicer looking knot that’ll stay horizontal. Once you’ve made the change, you’ll notice the difference.

Untie When You Want.

If you find your shoelaces come undone every time you wear them, you’re not alone.

And this might be the main reason you’re reading this post.

The majority of people are taught to tie their laces incorrectly (The Granny Knot) which means they’re more likely to come undone, mechanical engineers have discovered.

Scientists tested types of knots for a study in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences. When hooked up to a pendulum simulating someone walking for 15 minutes, the bunny ears knot came loose every time—and faster than a different knot.

In another part of the experiment with real people walking on a treadmill, it only took several minutes for the shoelaces to start becoming undone. And once the knot loosened up, it got totally untied within two strides.

According to the research by the University of Berkeley in California, strong knots are far less likely to come undone than weak ones. 

Those bunny ears aren’t doing you any good. There’s a scientific reason you should rethink your usual bow.

All you need here is a strong knot just like The Surgeons Knot. And don’t worry, it doesn’t require any fancy knot skills.

Try New Things.

Whether you realize it or not, you spend the majority of your day doing things you’ve already done hundreds or thousands of times before.

So when was the last time you tried something new?

Try at least one new thing every single day for a month and see what happens. It’s a challenge we encourage you to take.

There are countless reasons to try new things in your life. Trying something new doesn’t mean that you have to risk life and limb. No, trying new things just means you need to experience something different.

Why don’t you start by tieing your shoe differently this morning?

Maybe a Parisian Knot or Bow knot!

When you try new things, you put your brain into unique situations that force it to really think. This stimulates creativity, which eventually rubs off in other areas of your life. As a result, you begin to think about everything in a new light.

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