How to Find the Perfect Pair of Sneaker

Are you a shopaholic? Love to grab the latest trend out in the market and looking forward to buying a pair of sneaker to complement your outfit? If that is it, we ensure you that you have landed in the right place. After considering 13+ outfit expert’s tips and recommendations, our team has created this step by step process which will drop you straight to the perfect pair of sneakers like they were made just to be part of whatever outfit they’re worn with.

Finding your perfect Sneaker with this smart buying guide will be easier with this Infographic. So before discussing each element in detail, check out this Infographic.

How to Find Perfect Sneaker (Infographic)

How to pick perfect sneaker

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What are Sneakers?

How to find perfect sneaker

Sneakers are shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but which are now also widely used for everyday wear. Generally, Sneaker’s upper part made of leather, synthetic substitutes or cloth with a flexible sole of rubber or synthetic material.

“Sneaker” in  Northeastern United States, South Florida, North Carolina, parts of Canada and New Zealand

“Kicks” in the urban areas of US

“Trainers” in Britain

“Gym boots or joggers”  in Geordie English in the UK and Australian English

“Running shoes or Gutties” in Canada, Australia, and Scotland

“Daps” in Wales

“Tennis shoes”  in North American and Australia 

“Canvas shoes in Nigeria.

All these names are pointing towards the same type of shoe – “Sneakers”.

Sneakers are known to be the most casual and elegant kind of shoes. Everyone loves sneakers in all forms and styles as they are comfortable, fashionable, and in most cases, affordable as well. If take a look around the streets, the majority of shoes you’ll see will be sneakers.


How to find perfect  sneaker

The perfect pair of sneakers will look like they were made just to be part of whatever outfit they’re worn with. However, since you probably can’t have a closet full of sneakers, consider these three golden rule to design your sneaker themed outfit:

Rule Number 1:  Never wear eye-catchy sneaker.

How to find perfect sneaker
You should avoid those big, bulky and eye-catchy sneaker. Such sneaker ruins the charm of even the perfect outfit.

Rule Number 2: Casual Dressing

How to pick perfect pair of sneaker
Remember Sneaker is a very casual piece of dressing, so one part of your outfit should be casual. Such casual element maybe jeans, some kind of short, t-shirt or polo.

Rule Number 3: Match your Colored Sneaker

How to find perfect sneaker
If you wear black or white sneaker it’ll look well with any outfit, but if you are wearing colored sneaker then try matching sneaker with some part of your outfit. The color doesn’t have to match exactly, for instance, you can wear dark blue sneaker with a light blue t-shirt. 

Sneaker Colors

When you look in the mirror, does one element of your outfit stand out more than the others? And if that one odd element is your sneaker then you need to think about the color of your sneaker.

Recommending one or two perfect colors for the sneaker is a complicated task even for the experts, as there are enormous color options when it comes to sneakers.

The best sneaker is one that complements your clothing, rather than ones that compete with your outfit. It can be tricky to find shoes that complement your clothing, without putting yourself in confusion zone, but the reality is, it’s a simple balancing act.

You should own a black pair of sneaker primarily, not only for sneaker; the black color goes well along with the majority of shoes. A Black Sneaker is highly versatile, demand less keeping and can be paired with any outfit.

The second color you should give priority to is very trendy WHITE. It can easily be matched with any outfit.

And we mean, any outfit. The versatility of white sneakers is unmatched. But they need to little extra keeping, the only reason, white sneaker is second in color priority list. 

Once you have got your black and white sneakers or already have this color sneaker, it’s time to consider navy blue and grey color. Again, too versatile color and especially applies to those guys who have a lot of blue or grey outfits in their wardrobe, as already mentioned, only buy those sneakers which complement your clothes.

The fourth layer is very elegant BROWN. Primarily useful to those guys who love to wear a color like brown or green. We highly recommend brown sneakers because just like black they are very versatile.

Different Cuts in Sneakers

Rather than talking about trends that come and go, we will study trends that are here to stay forever. Yes, we are going to discuss different sneaker’s cut. It’s the most important element, worth attention if you desire a pair of sneaker that unites a charming and cool touch to your looks. There are mainly three types of Sneakers based on cuts. 

Low-Top Sneakers

Low top Sneakers are those that end just under your ankle. These are the most basic form of sneakers. Skate shoe and commonly known PT shoe in India are also a kind of low top sneakers. Keeping style and elegance in mind, If you are below six feet, want to keep your looks simple or don’t want to stand out, then unquestionably go up for low top sneaker.

Mid-Top Sneaker

Mid-cut sneakers are in-between high-tops and low-tops. Sneakers that aren’t too high at the ankle, but aren’t too low either. Mid tops rise just up to the ankle level, offering less restriction and ample ankle mobility. If you above six feet and want to push your style level above normal, there is not to look beyond Mid-top sneakers.

High-Top Sneakers

The high-top sneaker is a shoe that extends slightly over the wearer’s ankle. High top sneakers are too bulky too flashy and draw too much attention to our feet. Most of us are under six feet but if it’s not your case, then go for High-top sneaker or if you feel like you can pull off High-top sneaker no matter what’s your height, then it’s over to you.


If you only consider one factor when selecting any kind of shoe (not only sneaker), it should be how it fits. An ill-fitting shoe will not only make your footwear experience painful, but it may also cause you to change your stride.

One common mistake – You buy a shoe that’s slightly too tight with the thinking that it will stretch out over time. But that typically doesn’t work. Make sure the shoe fits you well in the store.

Another mistake is letting another person tell you what shoes are best for you, especially in the case of locating the perfect fit.

Finding the perfect sneaker with a perfect fit is not that difficult. You should try shoes on, step around the store, and continue trying on new pairs until you find something that feels good for you.

Money Factor

Most of the people do not care about how expensive your footwear. Yes, I know it’s not correct for countries like the USA. So instead of purchasing too expensive sneakers, go for cheaper, more particle option that goes well with your outfit. Experts believe that sneaker only compliments the rest of your outfit.

Two golden and most practical rules when you are buying a sneaker:

1. Do not spend too high on Sneaker as It’s not always true that an expensive shoe will last longer and is the best shoe out there in the market.

2. Do not spend too less on Sneakers as if you go for very inexpensive sneaker then you may have compromised with its durability and quality, and definitely, such shoe will force you to plan up for new pair of sneaker very soon.

That said, some studies indicate that the highest-priced shoes are really no better than the less expensive options offered by the same brands.

So it’s advised to shop in a normal price range, you neither need to move too up nor too down in price to find your perfect pair of sneaker.


If you’ve got a particular brand in mind, then you would be better off going to that brand’s web site as there you will find a huge number of options either considering the color or the type of sneaker. Converse’s Website even let you design your shoe. However, if you don’t have a brand in mind, you’re better off going to a store.

It doesn’t matter if you love Nike or Adidas more than any other shoe brand in the world – it might not offer the right shoe for your foot, your fit, or your desired color. When shopping for Sneaker, commit to trying on several different brands. You might be surprised to learn that the shoe that fits you best is actually from a brand you’ve never tried before.

Sneaker Care Tips

I’m confident that selecting sneaker is much easier for you now.  But the work doesn’t end here, to ensure that your sneaker holds the same shine and shape when they are bought for a long time, you must consider the following tips:


Most of us completely neglect the importance of cleaning sneaker after every outdoor use. Make a habit of wiping your sneaker just with a slightly wet cloth whenever you come home or at least the white part of the shoe. If you let that dust and dirt remain on the sneaker for a while, it might become a permanent mark.

Avoid Outdoors

If you have white sneakers or sneakers with white trim or any bright color sneaker, avoid wearing such sneaker outside in dusty areas. Wear boots instead of sneakers, if you need to walk around such type of areas. Such types of sneakers are meant for indoor location or college.

Loafer Socks

Never wear your loafer or sneaker without Loafer socks. Such types of socks are specially designed for low-top sneaker and loafer which end up just below your shoe. Using sneaker without socks will spoil the whole shoe. High-quality socks can help manage all of that sweat and help keep the feet dry along with that socks provide a bit of cushioning so that our feet don’t rub directly against the lining of the shoe.

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