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Chelsea Boots For Men

Best Chelsea Boots In India or Chelsea Boots For Men, call them what you like, it would be remiss of us to ignore that they are tools for expressing our sense of style. Beyond being a wonderful thing to behold, to discuss, to analyze, and to pore over – wearing a Chelsea is about so much more than donning a boot.

It is a style that is unbeknown to many lesser informed individuals. Just the Google Search you’ve made—Chelsea Boots India, to be precise—is enough to raise you above the crowd. We firmly believe that you are about to make an unpredictable statement amid the noise of the inner city, for sure!

And to help you navigate this transition, BestShoe99’s regularly updated primer—on the Chelsea Boots India—we think should be on your radar right now. Further on, you’ll learn a thing or two along the way! Scroll down – Get some coffee, use the table of contents to navigate, and consider yourself fully up to date in the fine art of investing in The Best Chelsea Boots For Men.

Chelsea Boots India

Either you are willing to drop some serious dough on a truly perfect Chelsea, or does that seem outrageous for something so basic, just like with sneakers, the market is designed to accommodate a broad range of tastes. It’s a fact borne out by the sheer variety of Chelsea Boots available to buy right now. 

But it’s also for precisely those reasons that buying a Chelsea boot can feel harder than it’s ever been. So rather than overwhelm you with choice, today, we’re focusing on just the 10 stellar options. Our team did their darnedest to cover all the possible bases. Or, to be more accurate, in four brackets.

So whatever your personal preference – whether it’s rugged or dressy, bulky or slim, flamboyant or discreet – there is likely a Chelsea Boot out there to suit your style.

Chelsea Boots India:

  1. Pellé Santino Chelsea Boots
  2. Escaro Royale Goldbrow Chelsea
  3. The Royale Peacock Karev Chelsea
  4. Bridlen Goodyear-welted Chelsea 
  5. SeeAndWear Chelsea Boot
  6. Woodland Chelsea Boot
  7. Freacksters Chelsea Boots
  8. Red Tape Chelsea Boots
  9. Bridlen Dark Snuff Chelsea
  10. Escaro Royale Iceman Chelsea
  11. Bridlen Cloud Chelsea

Best Value

Of the fact that we still have brands that operate with a close to one ratio of functionality and price, there’s no need to clean out your bank account in the name of sartorial greatness.

Price does matter to a lot for people. But the Chelsea in this bracket aren’t super cheap – it’s still below ₹8k – But that’s an insane price for the amount of shoe you’re getting here. We firmly believe that, from this category, you’ll take away a Chelsea Boot that managed the best price to performance ratio.

Pelle Santino Chelsea Boots

pelle santino shoes


  • Price/Quality Ratio
  • 360° Goodyear-welt
  • Full-Grain Leather Upper
  • Cork Footbed


  • Last Definition

It’s not all about entry-level price points or having in prospect the most forward-thinking, boundary-pushing names. If you are purchasing a Proper Chelsea for the first time, it’s likely that value will be a consideration.

North-based shoemaker Pelle Santino is a company with a serious reputation to come up with the best value for their customers. These aren’t your typical low-profile, slim-fitting Chelsea boots, though. The premium touches, you could argue, maybe not that many people are actually gonna notice!

Chelsea Boots For Men

Expect the finest Full Grain Leather Upper, and leather outsole that is held together in the best way possible, it’s hard to fathom how Pelle Santino manages such a low price point here, especially given the same alignment that beats inside can be found powering Chelsea three times the price. You do get a lot of shoes for the money

The only difference between these and our top picks is the amount of burnishing involved, a detail that might not concern you if you’re the type of guy who likes his menswear as classic as it can be.

You’ll Barely Pick A Better Deal… Here’s Why!  

Who doesn’t love a bargain? But the product polluted world around us does a lot to dubiety our choices, especially when we make it to things that claim to bestow with Best Value. This one, here, is more to evoke a satisfying feel about getting your hands on an item for less than it’s worth.

Since they first kicked into action years ago – the Pelle Santino line-ups have been great in build quality, materials, overall value for money… and we had them (Chelsea Boots) long enough to evince the fact that they have continued that formula.

A lot is riding on this Chelsea doing well – but here are the key quirks that any well-shod man should know to make the decision a little clearer.




Build Quality

Chelsea Boots For Men

Whether sturdy and waterproof or sophisticated and flexible, Boots takes on desired qualities through the production method used. Time-honored tradition can be especially appreciated throughout the Making Department of Pelle Santino.

Pelle Santino Chelsea Boots are made using the traditional Goodyear Welted construction method to ensure the highest level of quality, finish, and longevity. Even after 150 years, shoemakers still consider the Goodyear Welt to be the finest method of shoe construction.

Most of the brands feature a three-quarter welt that goes all the way around the boot but ends at the base of the heel. It allows the heel to sit more neatly on the bottom at the cost of heel durability. Going even further, Pelle Santino Chelsea Boots Features a 360° Goodyear-welting ensures perfect adherence of the insole, sole, welt, and upper, giving the shoe robustness.


Chelsea boots India

Now, with the 360° Goodyear-welting, we see the welting doesn’t stop at the arch, it continues all the way around the back of the heel.

This is important because the uppers of such high-quality leather Chelsea are going to get better with age and outlast the wear of the leather outsole several times. You can easily re-sole these Chelsea Boots four (or five) times before the entire boot reaches the end of its lifetime.


Cork Filling

As these Chelsea Boots are Goodyear-welted, the addition of the welt creates a small cavity underneath the insoles. The Gap between the full leather outsole and the insole of the Pelle Santino Chelsea Boot is filled with granulated Cork (not rubber foam) which adds additional comfort, cushions your stride, and helps the shoe mold to the foot over time.

These Chelsea Boots features 100% genuine leather outsoles. In our opinion, a leather Chelsea is just more elegant with the leather outsole. Rubber soles don’t have a place in the office and diminish the elegance of quality Chelsea Boot. Of course, there are some good exceptions for those who spend a lot of time outside walking in the rain.

Cork foot bed

Leather is often thought of as a hard material that does not allow for cushion or comfort however when combined with cork, it can create a very soft and flexible footbed. The downside of leather is that if they’re not made properly, with the correct mixture of cork, they can be very rigid and not provide much comfort or support.

Pelle Santino knows how to get it exactly right. Such Chelsea Boots are constructed with a wooden shank that gives support between the heel through the arch to the ball of the foot. Along with higher comfort, the real stand-out feature of leather soles is the classic elegant silhouette, and it elevates the formality of these Chelsea Boots.


The Value

Chelsea Boots India

We are more conscious of the things we buy and the prices we pay. We all seek the most out of our spending. More consumers than ever are concerned with making their rupee stretch as far as possible.

We are moving towards a Value-Conscious nation. And if you’re more conscious and willing to search for the best prices and deals – Pelle Santino’s overall value proposition is very hard to beat!

Pelle Santino was built out of frustration. Clunky work boots or delicate fashion boots? Cheap shoes that fall apart after a few wears, or shoes that were incredibly overpriced? It didn’t seem right that we had to make these trade-offs. There had to be another option.

Pelle Santino is an alternative: ridiculously high-quality footwear at honest prices that could handle our busy lives in Mumbai City. We’re so used to the prices of Boots going up year after year, that when we do see a big jump down in price – it strikes. 

This Chelsea Boot is fundamentally “A Balancing Act”. It checks just the right set of elements and combines just the right set of features at a price that appeals to most of us. The smart sacrifice to significantly drop the price isn’t a compromise with the quality – it is in their business model. 

Pelle Santino manufacture, market, and distribute their shoes without middlemen (Yes, Pelle Santino is a Direct-to-consumer Brand) which enables them to reduce costs, interact directly with consumers, and provide a seamless start-to-finish buyer’s experience. 

It not only reduces costs but has the advantage of focusing solely on the consumers. To spice up the deal (a little more!) use our exclusive “BS99” code for 10% off your investment in a pair of Chelsea from Pelle Santino. 

Similar Handpicked Options 

Escaro Royale Goldbrow Chelsea

Best Chelsea Boots India

For Escaro – sky is the limit. When those footwear wizards turned their attention to the Chelsea boot, magic was bound to happen. Raising the standard for an “everyday” Boot, All the tiny details they just absolutely crush: the ankle-hugging elastic, the almond-toe silhouette, Argentinian White Crust Leather Upper, and an extremely practical rubber infused sole unit.

And it’s worked. Their take on Chelsea flies off the shelf and grants The Goldbrow the upper echelon as the label’s bestseller.

The Royale Peacock Karev Browinsh Tan Chelsea

Best Chelsea boots India

The smoothest Chelsea Boot in our list of Chelsea Boots India can pair exactly right with your finest tailored clothes. Perfect Sleek Silioutte that is enough of a boost to help you look striking, but not much more than any pair of dress shoes you already own. Even though the design of the Chelsea Boot is exceptionally simple, the sleek shape of The Roayle Peacock last still makes it stand out as a beautiful and elegant Chelsea.

Top Of The Class

Weighing up an investment purchase, Want to pass your big spendings down the generations (along with the estate) – Like holidays or property, that age-old adage applies to Chelsea of this caliber, too. These Chelsea ages, rather than wearing out, burnishes and beautifies.

We are looking at all the goods shoemakers can think to stuff inside the case of Chelsea. Invest in such timeless pieces that will last for years and never date. Though the fee is towering (for sure!), rest assured, you will always get your money’s worth.

Bridlen Goodyear-welted Chelsea 


  • Calfskin Upper (Rolls Royce Of Leather)
  • 360° Goodyear-welt
  • Tight Feather Edge
  • Extremely Durable
  • Cork Footbed


  • Price 
  • Break-In Period 

The Chelsea Boot is widely attributed to Queen Victoria’s bootmaker in the mid-1800s and the style has been going strong since then. Obviously, the best Chelsea boots in India have evolved quite a bit since then. There are plenty of designers out there mixing it up and silhouettes are getting even more experimental. But for “The Perfect Version” or a Chelsea boot in its purest, most on-the-nose form look no further than the artisanal-minded Bridlen.

With the precise construction, high stitch density with proximity to the edge, bespoke style pitched heels with brass nail embellishments, the narrow waist, Goodyear-welting, finished sole, incredible last definition, closely trimmed sole edges, invisible channel stitching, there is no aspect this Bridlen Chelsea Boots that has not been carefully considered. 

These Chelsea Boots epitomize Bridlen’s whole key of narrowing the gap between bespoke and ready-to-wear. No other shoemaker tries to incorporate so many levels of bespoke craftsmanship and finishing in their ready-to-wear offering of Chelsea boots. 

If Feels Expensive… Stay Tight For Its Capability

The Top Of The Class: above ₹20k, you’re venturing into “manufacture” status, meaning it’s a brand that craft most of its components in house, for construction and shoe designs exclusive to them, with exacting craftsmanship applied to the tiniest part as icing on the cake.

Anything except the shoemaking process is kept simple. A simple direct-to-consumer model leaves enough space (and money with the company) to blend details and ingredients into these Chelsea boots that are better been associated with Chelsea more than twice the price.

But we always try to stay neutral and measured around this label and will not jump right in to say, “This Is The Greatest Chelsea Boot in India Ever Made” because it is expensive, Retails at ₹23,500 ( clearly not for everybody). But as we believe it applies to you the most – here’s what you can expect in your precious possession…


Construction Method Applied

These Boots are the gold standards for a ready-to-wear Chelsea because of the effort Bridlen put into the construction of these boots. As with all Bridlen shoes, no effort is spared in the construction and finishing of this Chelsea. 

Goodyear Welt Construction is one of the first major upgrades separating This Chelsea Boots from disposable footwear. It is generally regarded as the best construction in terms of comfort and durability as well as ease in terms of reparation.

Though expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to master, Goodyear Welt Construction creates a tightly crafted Chelsea boot that is water-resistant and wearable for years to come. For shoe connoisseurs, a Goodyear welted shoe (in terms of construction) is what separates the men from the boys.  

The Goodyear method is defined by its extraordinary efficiency when linking the different parts of the shoe. First sewing joins the body of the shoe to the welt (a long strip of leather that acts as reinforcement for the footwear), while second external stitching fixes the sole to this piece. This gives superior strength.

Comfort is another understated advantage of Goodyear Welt Construction. This is because the addition of the welt creates a small cavity underneath the insoles. This is filled with a granulated cork. It creates a nice mold of your foot, after a good amount of wear, providing an almost custom-like footbed.

Today, Goodyear Welt Construction Boots are a luxury good, accounting for less than 1% of shoe production and this Chelsea Boot is from that echelon. Even the bottom of This Chelsea is impeccably finished. Almost so well finished – that you hate to even wear ’em. It’s those details that really combine to create a very refined finish. 

Chelsea Boots For men

The outsoles are finished with an Invisible Channel Stitch. Instead of simply creating the stitch and the channel at the same time, Bridlen first cut into the sole to create a little flap of leather. Once this is cut and lifted up, they then cut the channel and stitch the sole to the welt. After this, it is closed back down and glue is used to keep it down. 

The result is a perfectly clean outsole where you can’t see any of the outsole stitching; that you would find in all the Chelsea we’ve in our list of Best Chelsea Boots in India. It just shows Bridlen’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.  

Welts and edges are trimmed close to the Boot, they’re not protruding too far out – which helps increase the level of formality and dressiness of this Chelsea Boot. The heels of this Chelsea are built up layer by layer and then shaped to produce a beautiful narrowing silhouette. 


The Leather

Chelsea boots India

The most important factor in determining the durability and charm of a Chelsea Boot is the material used to make those Boots. High-quality footwear is professionally assembled from high-quality materials. Bridlen’s desire to bridge the gap between traditional ready-to-wear and bespoke is also seen in the choice of materials used to make these Chelsea boots. 

Only superior leathers such as French box calf are used, time-consuming processes – such as the hand-cutting of materials – are employed and every sole is vegetable-tanned to ensure unrivaled comfort. And this comes, naturally, at a price. We know this sounds technical, so let’s break this down. 

It’s a type of Chelsea one finds oneself admiring, without knowing precisely WHY? But we know it – it is the Calfskin Upper. It simply means that the leather came from a calf, as opposed to a full-grown cow (which in reality is the case for most of the leather used in the high-end shoe industry).

Best Chelsea Boots In India

Crème de la crème – Bridlen used Box Calf in their Chelsea Boots, as they never got so much into patina and making Green/Blue/Red shoes. Compared to any other type of leather, the finish or patina of Box Calf will evolve. The open pour structure will absorb pigments and polish. Rather than wearing out, it burnishes and beautifies, developing a much sought-after patina. 

Box Calf is a very rare and special material that is difficult to source, which is one of the reasons that these Chelsea Boots come at a premium over any other Chelsea in our list of Best Chelsea Boots In India. 

That’s not the only thing that elevates these smooth leathers, either. Even with A grade Calfskins, Bridlen only uses those parts of the hide that are free from growth marks, visible veins, or hair follicles that mark weak spots in the material.

Hand-clicking (or Hand-Cutting) allows the clicker to take into account the unique characteristics of every single calfskin, ensuring that only the best areas of that skin are being used for this Chelsea. 

Crafted with drum-dyed crust leather linings that mold to the shape of your feet, these are the definition of comfort. There is nothing better than Chelsea that fits like the cobbler is still sewing in the sole. Stylish, comfy, and hard-wearing; the dream combo.


The Shape And Definition

Chelsea Boots India

It is not just that its construction method and the leather used, but whenever you look at this Chelsea – you’ll really appreciate the elegance and sculpture of the AY2 last. These two things go hand-in-hand. You can have a brilliant designer that can envision a beautiful last shape, but if it’s not made in a factory that’s able to respect those elements – you’ll never see it in a finished Chelsea Boot. 

Bridlen is the only formal shoe brand in India that stands behind the Last shape, and they’re very transparent with that (dedicated “The Last” section on their official website). The key element to any Chelsea boot that evokes elegance – is the shape of the toe. This Chelsea Boot has something that’s neither severely pointy nor clown-shoe bulbous.

Chelsea boots india

Bridlen Chelsea Boot is available (stock) on the AY2 last, which is Bridlen’s classic Almond (soft smart round) toe. It is elegant yet modern at the same time, while the simple Wholecut construction without any medallion makes it a beautiful, sleek Chelsea.  

This last is made to have shape, quite rightly so being as the foot has a shape. It is not a block. And it curves in many places, not just the instep and the arch. The more that you show these natural curves, the more elegant the Boot will be.

It is easy to understand When looking and feeling this Chelsea Boot, why Bridlen has really risen to be considered one of the best makers of ready-to-wear Chelsea Boots available anywhere right now. 

Budget-Friendly Option

If you are learning either Chelsea worth to be in your essentials list and, for now, price is the only thing you be into – this segment gets the job done with no major glaring flaws.

Though it’s their low price separating ’em from the pack, Do not equate that insane affordability with the quality. But don’t set your expectations too high either – as they’ll last until you’re convinced enough to mark Chelsea as perennially stylish items!

SeeAndWear Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Boots India


  • Top Grain Leather Upper
  • No Breaking-In Required 


  • Last Definition
  • Durability 

We’ve sung the praises of SeeAndWear’s Buff Leather Derby so many times in the past year or so, you could probably write this blurb for us. They’ve got the perfect price to performance ratio we’ve been digging lately. 

As a man can’t live on raw denim alone, As it happens, SeeAndWear makes a budget version of that other most essential of men’s bottoms—Chelsea Boots. 

They’re made out of Top Grain Buff Leather, which means they’re tough enough to stand up to construction sites and sessions, and versatile enough to wear to the office or the bar. Oh, yeah, and they only cost ₹1k, which leaves plenty of room in your budget or simply stock up on extra pairs.

List Of Things Tested Better About This Chelsea 

When it comes to Chelsea, it’s tough to top Expensive’s pedigree. Fine shoemaking really is a case of getting what you pay for – and on this note – A Chelsea Boots India below ₹1k won’t be beyond the one or two wear, Right? Yes, they won’t. But there are some special cases, and SeeAndWear is from that sliver demographics! Here’s how…


The Leather

Our sartorial nerds get so animated when considering real leather, and it went past the severe level when it looks possible to secure something identical for less than a thousand rupees.

But that’s a piece that begins with a fabric base such as polyester which is then given an imitation leather finish and texture with wax, dye, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or polyurethane. It is designed to look like real leather (at least until the refund policy faint).

And what about leather? The shine and texture seem like it’s never been there before. We see it in hundreds of stores in belts, purses, wallets, and so many other goods – but that served as the prototype of Chelsea Below thousand bucks.

Though with SeeAndWear you aren’t paying the premium – your feet are still under gorgeous skin and that’s a big thing!
We aren’t claiming that with SeeAndWear Chelsea you are donning the best leather available.

After all, A thousand bucks won’t be enough to secure those epitomai (at least not a piece bigger enough to make a Chelsea boot). Top Grain Buff leather used here is not only durable but has a unique rustic look that can’t be mimicked.

Top Grain comes after the natural grain from the top surface is sanded away, which removes imperfections and blemishes and makes the leather thinner and more workable for the manufacturer.

Even with the removal of the natural grain, This Leather remains strong and durable. Overall, this Chelsea really brings a good amount of stuff from the high-end expensive experience down to a boot that’s lower in price.


That Uplifting Price 

Chelsea Boots India

Chelsea Boots are expensive things, there’s no way around it. Not only is the way a Stitched Chelsea is manufactured extraordinarily labor-intensive, demanding a level of craftsmanship, but a stretch will mean your Boots will serve forever, potentially accrue in value, even.

But dressing well doesn’t have to mean re-mortgaging your house. For a Gentleman who seeks “class” on a budget – It’s pretty hard to avoid that price with a bonus – that they won’t die too early and will definitely outlast your prediction!

Even people from Higher echelons, who recently got induced by Chelsea, would not wish to spend a fortune for their test attempt. Though, with the first Chelsea in mind, SeeAndWear Buff Leather Chelsea will do you just fine.

They frequently feature on our Budget options for good reason. So don’t forget, If you are in the market for a Chelsea Boot which is kind to your bank balance, look to SeeAndWear.

A Few Chelsea That’ll Keep Your Wallet Full 

Woodland Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Boots India

You knew it was coming. If Chelsea Boots India to you is all that baked-in “authenticity,” well, it doesn’t get much more authentic than Woodland. The first name in Field Boots still makes one of the most affordable Chelsea you’ll find anywhere: Nubuck upper, abrasion-resistant polyurethane outsole, and a square-toe silhouette. Add in a super reasonable price tag, and you’ve got yourself a wardrobe staple.

Freacksters Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots india

Another gentler-on-the-wallet option is from a label that lives and breathes Chelsea Boots. Instead of gluing, they have stitched the upper with the midsole (not the outsole) which turns out a lot more durable Chelsea. A Chelsea that just nails the fundamental and does nothing else – extra!

Red Tape Chelsea Boots

Best Chelsea boots in India

Another stellar (and affordable) substitute of the higher-end Chelsea Boots In India is from Red Tape. Instead of wrapping your feet with gorgeous skin, they pull a synthetic piece tight around a sleeker last. If you’re behind luxe flavor – it’s a similar-looking bang-up option!

Best Suede Chelsea

Just like you, we can’t be oblivious to Suede. A wonderfully versatile fabric over the softer, more casual, 1970s-inspired aesthetic of Chelsea is what you’re chasing – this category will see you through!

Naturally, this versatility means there are a huge number of ways to work it into your look. This is nothing but good news, as more brands embracing suede means a greater variety of options.

Bridlen Dark Snuff Chelsea

Chelsea boots india


  • Appeals Simply
  • Even Better In Comfort
  • Contemporary Last Shape 


  • Demand Frequent Caring

Bridlen’s Boots collection, with over 20 different choices is an obvious place to start when choosing your new pair of Chelsea Boots, but their Suede options within this category are second to none.

Though their leather sibling could be held as a solid foundational piece – The Suede one is more contemporary, and its elegant chisel toes and sweeping aesthetics lend it a modern, definitive profile.

This one here is not cheap, for sure, but if you want the Rolls Royce of suede Chelsea Boots, this Classic house should be your first port of call.

In fact, this Chelsea occupies a unique spot in My arsenal. It’s at once extremely useful – yet distinctive – easily a pretty solid luxe foundation on which to build and add in more interesting pieces. Scroll down, suede up, never look back.

Why Choose It Over Other Options? 

Best Chelsea Boots in India

Leather Chelsea doesn’t need to convince you to buy them, and they almost always improve your style by one billion percent. That’s especially true when the Chelsea is actually suede, leather’s less shiny side.

Though leather’s more tactile cousin enjoying a moment in the spotlight, It all too often takes second place when it comes to practical styling. But to people who are intending to get one – this portion might fuel you to smoothly execute the final payment proceedings.


The Luxe Suede

Best Chelsea Boots India

Cow’s leather can be up to an inch thick when it comes off the animal, so it is split into different pieces of varying quality. But the extremely soft and buttery to the touch, with a smooth, napped texture – is the underside of that inch-thick hide.

Suede just looks luxe, no matter what color it comes in and no matter what price you’re paying for it. Because it is thinner and more pliable than typical leather, suede is generally of higher quality, as the processes with which it is made require an already established level of malleability. 

But the most sought-after suede? One that Bridlen opts for is this Chelsea – Repello calf suede from Charles F. Stead (a century-old tannery). A top-quality suede that has a dense, healthy fiber structure. It maintains shape and strength over time – and makes for Boots that are comfortable and durable.

And when you are going for the bank-account-draining best Chelsea boots – it goes past the practicality issue as well! With plenty of techniques emerging to make your suede go that bit further, you needn’t have to step out in fear of scuffing them on first wear.  

Best Chelsea boots india

Bridlen’s Repello suede colors are waterproofed during the tanning process to ensure a high level of water and oil resistance – so long as you keep them clean. That great vibrancy and depth of color into suede couldn’t be infused on cheaper materials.

But how that expensive material has been executed is important (if not more important) than the material itself.
The joy of a shoe like Bridlen’s Chelsea is the balance it strikes between a distinctive silhouette and the sheer wearability of Suede.

The Chelsea owes this sleek silhouette to the Yama last, which was developed by Bridlen. Most frequently used lasts, Yama carries all of the aesthetics and fitting qualities of Chelsea Boot.

The luxe Suede is pulled over a more contemporary last that features a chiseled toe – an almond toe with a leading edge that is rather straight across the front. You’ll appreciate the elegance and sculpture of the last. 

Though their Leather Chelsea have lasted on the same last – one under the textured hide is what we’re feeling more than any other Boot. Tricks and techniques to keep suede looking its best – Click Here! 


Sole Unit

Best Chelsea boots india
Chelsea boots india

It won’t get any better than that – if you get those supple suede uppers gently placed over a solid sole unit – honestly, it won’t! You can have a brilliant designer, that’s able to envision a beautiful last shape, rounded up the most expensive Suede to work with – but if it is not made in a factory that’s able to respect those elements, you’ll never see it in the finished boot.

We started getting into Bridlen shoes a couple of years ago, mainly for the world-class material quality and design. But eventually, the complex arrangement (squeezed into a small space) underneath those shoes is what driving those on-display elements

Bridlen, in fact, has a tick-tock cycle where they switch or play around with materials, but what never changes is a solid sole unit. It’s pretty hard to settle with just a few pairs, but you get a very familiar sole construction, and that’s what overdeliver the value we are paying.

The Suede one here has received a Goodyear Welt sole treatment – for function over form. Wondering what it takes to infuse, in a Boot, the potential to last a lifetime? A highly-skilled workforce to carry out more than 200 separate operations during an 8 week period.

A Goodyear welted pair can be disassembled in the future for repair or replacement without compromising the integrity and fit of the aged upper. It is the sheer repairability that declares it as the gold standard in shoe construction.

It gets its strength, durability, and repair qualities by stitching the upper Suede, lining leather, and welt (a specially prepared piece of leather) to the ribbing that has already been bonded to the insole.

The welt is then stitched to the outsole. It is this final stitch, holding the sole in place, which we can cut through enabling complete removal of the sole without causing damaging the upper. The Closed Channel Stitching of the outsole is the cherry on the cake.

Speaking of The Suede Chelsea, It is available in no less than two different combinations of uppers and soles; Bridlen offers the classic Dark Snuff, with both leather (the more formal end of the spectrum) and nitrile rubber Soles.

Why invest in Credible Soles when the uppers aren’t strong enough to outrun the outsoles? Good question – thanks to suede’s fragile reputation…

The source of the vicious rumor that marks suede as “the most impractical form of outerwear” is still a mystery! Suede is actually incredibly resilient to wear and weather. I wear my suede shoes in the rain all the time — mostly to stress people out — but also to show how hard-wearing they are.



Chelsea Boots India

Leather Chelsea is classic and versatile. In fact, it can form the foundation of any wardrobe. But a Leather Chelsea Boot is a Leather Chelsea. Swap the Upper for brushed cowhide, and it becomes a low-key luxury piece.

Gentlemen invest in leather Chelsea boots to live through their sheer versatility (and that’s not an unanticipated fact anymore), but the great thing about a Suede Chelsea Boot is it has a way of lending even simple outfits an air of luxury but does so without raising eyebrows. 

It’s reserved and understated, yet refined and classy; the perfect way to sign a simple outfit off with a tactile flourish. With its pair-with-anything hue and classic silhouette, Bridlen Suede Chelsea will withstand seasonal shifts in taste. 

This Chelsea in the textured hide, as you’d expect from one of the leading purveyors of Suede, has a practical appeal that will suit the active man. To be clear, that doesn’t mean it will turn you into an iconic male model. But a suede Chelsea will make any outfit, even a white tee, and some basic trousers, look more put together.

Made from the finest Snuff Suede, It is a Chelsea for those wishing to add some personality to their summer wardrobe alongside unparalleled comfort and flexibility. Even at dinner, When those boots are hidden under the table, you’ll get an added dose of confidence just from knowing they were there.

Some Reliable Mentions – 2, To Be Exact

Escaro Royale Iceman Chelsea

Best Chelsea boots in India

It is not just the stacked angled heels that make these Argentinian Suede Chelsea boots stand tall with the classics of the genre. These timeless Boots From Escaro Royale, available in six colors, hit heights with traditional design details like elasticated sides and soft suede uppers. With leather outsoles, these are Budget Suede Chelsea Boots that should see you through this, and several more, terms.

Bridlen Cloud

Chelsea Boots In India

In the newest update of their Boots Collection, Bridlen gives us the best of both worlds: those Rubber injected outsoles will keep you firm and dry in a downpour, but the swanky nubuck leather they sit on top of is pure class. Its low-cut design, Probably, won’t pair exactly right with your finest tailored clothes – but it won’t test your pairing skills either!

Should You Really Invest In A Chelsea Boot?

Chelsea Boots For Men

There is a major shift in how brands are marketing and how we are buying footwear. Instead of purchasing to prove What I Have…  People are buying to show Who I Am!  Well, the world of fast fashion is even more complex than what it looks like from the outside. Fast Fashion has made us rethink our priorities and focus on Trendier Crap as opposed to Classic Mater-pieces. And with luxury brands at one end and the fast fashion brands at the other – the future is even more exciting and challenging for both buyers and sellers.

Coupled with the age of social media, where no one wants to repeat their shoes on Instagram – our credit card slips unnecessarily very often! With more and more brands out there to choose from and trends changing faster than ever – these days we end-up buying stuff and throwing it away like we’ve never done before. On that note – Why so much love for Chelsea Boots? or Is it even worth investing in a pair? Ensuring you’re spending that money wisely – Here are few things going in their favor. 

Slow Luxury, Not Fast Fashion

We often find some piece of menswear is chasing the fashion trend. So you end-up looking great for that season, but then after – you can’t really bring out that out of your wardrobe. Chelsea Boots are Investment Pieces. Chelsea Boots are not subject to the whims of fashion. 

It’s not another Fast Fashion brand that comes up with this silhouette to create a season-lasting trend. To pursue this style, we’ve to hark back to the 1850s, ankle boots (as they were simply known then) were invented by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, J. Sparkes-Hall, as an alternative to lace-up riding boots, which were almost impossible to remove unaided. 

Chelsea appearing in Crockett & Jones ‘Gentlemen of the East’ catalog from 1925’

The Victorians were suckers for practicality as well as prudishness so they added a handy elasticated ankle to the riding boot shape.

The name we use today to describe these stylish stompers unsurprisingly hails from London’s well-heeled Chelsea area, where they were the de facto king of footwear during the 1950s and 1960s on King’s Road, be it on the Sloane Rangers that lived there, or the Mod subculture riding through.

It’s little wonder that they went mainstream either, considering they’re one of the most versatile types of shoes a man can own. A well-made pair of Chelsea Boot is as Classic and as Timeless as you can get.

It is a shoe that’s never gonna go out of style. Chelsea looks as good today as it looked seventy-five years ago, and it’ll look just as good seventy-five years from today – as it does now!

Year-Round Appeal

The Code of boots is simple and upright. In freezing weather, we Forget sleek, narrow silhouettes, look past fine suede (that we wore all summer) and supple leather, and opt instead for something that summons adjectives like, “chunky”, “hefty”, “shit-kicking” etc. There are very few options that can pull a double-duty for the seasonal shift – and the Chelsea Boot is one of ’em. 

If you’re investing (rather than spending), the best thing to start with is a Classic Chelsea Boot. Because it is Seasonless and you can wear it whenever. Just go for chunkier soles in the winter and something sleeker and slimmer when things start to warm up. You don’t need to worry about the weather forecast before you slip them on. 

For summer, grab some comfortable worn-in denim. We would recommend something slimmer that just barely covers the ankle of the boot. Along with a nice tee, one that hugs your torso in all of the right places. Now, you’re all set with a hot look for an alike temperature. It’s a perfect piece to round out a casual summer look. 

Fit For Purpose

“Fashion rarely gets this functional” that’s for Chelsea Boots. If you’re a gentleman that is seeking out fashion that serves a function – don’t even think beyond Chelsea Boots. This style of boots performs as beautifully as they look. One of the reasons behind Chelsea become so successful is their form that follows the most important functions required of footwear.

Cover the foot effectively, Practicle sole-unit, Breathability, Fashionable – At all these points, Chelsea tends to do a great job. The sung fit and practice silhouette reduces the possibility of a wearer rejecting a Chelsea if he or she likes the fit of it. They have become increasingly popular among people of all ages. Its unisex appeal is yet another added bonus.

And They’re Extremely Versatile As Well!

Aside from their Slow Luxury, Stylish Looks, Practical Approach, the greatest thing about Chelsea boots is their versatility. This is footwear a man can wear at work, play, and everywhere else in between. 

Chelsea boots are more likely to be found underneath office desks or pub tables and worn with everything from slim-fit tailoring to smart, rolled-up denim. These ankle boots are stylish, yet easy to pair up with your everyday outfits, making them the perfect transitional piece for day to night looks. 

These elasticated leathery workhorses are as versatile as they are visually appealing – something that has earned them a well-deserved spot in the footwear hall of fame. If you’re after a versatile shoe for every occasion, Chelsea boots are the way to go. 

How Much To Spend On A Chelsea Boot?

Even with all of these Chelsea listed in our list of Best Chelsea Boots In India gives us a boost, there’s one analog decision men still find mystifying: Am I really about to drop this much cash on a first Chelsea? It is a question that we have asked quite often. It’s a concern loaded with possibilities, but also one that’s weighed down by social cues and powered by straight-up fear: What’s expected? How much is too much? Or too little?  

What you find is, as with any article of clothing or menswear – You Get What You Pay For! – We use to say that. Brands use such phrases to justify paying high prices. And the extra price you’re paying isn’t necessarily going towards the quality of Chelsea Boot. Now, Chelsea Boots are from a few of those styles of menswear which really worth saving for (whatever your budget). Don’t be afraid of laying down a few extra bucks.

And the best way to ensure you’re spending that money wisely? Know the playing field. It is not so much about the price of the Chelsea as much as it is the component that makes it worth the price tag. Regardless of a Hefty or affordable price tag, if a Chelsea Boot checks all these elements – you should invest in them. 

Boot Construction

Nothing we wear puts up with the level of abuse that our boots do. We want our Chelsea Boots rugged, that’ll able to withstand all the storms. 

A huge factor in how much a pair of Chelsea Boots will cost and how long they’ll last is based on their construction method. By construction, we mean the method through which the sole is attached to the upper of the shoe.

Seriously, what good is a pair of Chelsea Boots crafted from the finest, most expensive leather and the best artisans in India if you have to throw it in the trash because you cannot resole it? Then again, the best shoemakers would never make such a shoe, but the metaphor still stands. 

We’ll go through the best shoe construction methods in a brief yet concise manner, but also leave you with detailed descriptions so that you can invest in high-quality boots and not the marketing efforts of clueless salesmen.

Goodyear-Welt Construction

If you’re new to the world of quality footwear, Goodyear Welt Construction is one of the first major upgrades separating heritage boots from disposable footwear. This construction method is expensive, time-consuming, and requires highly skilled craftsmanship.

Chelsea Boots For Men

It is possible to tell if a Boot is Goodyear welted by noticing the visible stitching on the welt’s top and the shoe’s bottom.

Goodyear Welted construction gets its strength, durability, and repair qualities by stitching the upper leather, lining leather, and welt (a specially prepared piece of leather) to the ribbing that has already been bonded to the insole. 

The welt is then stitched to the leather or rubber sole. It is this final stitch, holding the sole in place, which we can cut through enabling complete removal of the sole without causing damaging the upper.

Comfort is another understated advantage of Goodyear Welt Construction. Since the leather rib is quite high, this creates a small cavity underneath the insoles.

This cavity is filled with a granulated cork that will cushion your stride (providing an almost custom-like foot-bed) and mold to your feet over time.

Blake Construction

The Blake construction method; preferred by Italian shoemakers, is a very regular process used in the manufacture of high-quality footwear that is ideal for those who are looking for comfort from de first day. 

Of course, it is the simplest version of the sewn construction methods, which like a completely glued shoe is flexible and neat but with a seam for extra strength and added possibility of resoling.

Best Chelsea Boots In India

This technique is characterized by carrying out an internal seam that fixes the Boot Upper to the insole and this to the sole, being detectable from the outside.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with Blake-construction Chelsea Boots. They are just more delicate and will not last as long as Goodyear-welted shoes.

The advantage of Blake construction is that the sole can be cut a lot closer to the upper, leaving less of a lip and making the Chelsea even sleeker. The width of a sole around the upper varies among Goodyear-welted Chelsea, but none are quite as thin as Blake models.

These two construction methods tend to be quite expensive, but these techniques play a huge role in making any Chelsea boot – an investment piece.

Anything other than these methods (therefore, the cemented construction), you’ll never gonna extract the sense of luxury and class that you’re expecting from a Chelsea boot. 

Material Used

Maybe you want to launch your shoe brand. Perhaps you’re thinking about buying a pair of Chelsea Boot for your next date. Whichever it is, it’s imperative that you pick the perfect material for your Chelsea Boot. The types of leather, Boot material that you choose will ultimately speak volumes about your footwear. 

Just admit the fact, You can’t go cheap with leather. You might not even get leather if you shrink here. It’s one of those elements that are worth splashing on. Just to save the integrity of the leather upper – you’ve already selected Goodyear-welt construction so that you can resole your Chelsea Boot without disturbing the leather upper. 

Shoemaker will offer you a choice of leather, textiles, foam, rubber, and even plastic (Yes, Plastic!). We’re looking for quality, durability, and timeless style, leather is often the best choice. Here’re two things you must check before the credit card slips – Grade of The Leather and The Animal It Comes From. Here’re the top picks for a perfect pair of Chelsea Boot. Remember to refill your coffee mug!

Grades Of Leather

As with most things in life leather has variations, or “grades”. A thick hide is made up of two distinct parts. The top surface, or the animal’s outer skin – here the fibers and surface of this part of the leather will be firm, smooth, tight, and dense. Further down, deeper into the hide the fibers will become softer and looser – known as split leather, suede, or split suede. These different layers also have an enormous impact on quality.

Full-Grain Leather 

Full-grain leather comes from the top layer (just below the hair) of the hide. Not buffed or sanded, this type of leather retains the inherent toughness, as well as the imperfections. 

It is the highest quality leather and the only one suitable for rugged Chelsea Boot. Thus, it is also the most expensive. Working with this leather material is challenging. However, its ability to absorb body oils means the leather ages well, adopting a worn-in patina that makes it unique to the wearer.

Top-Grain Leather

Essentially, Top Grain Leather is like a full-grain but with a twist. It undergoes light sanding to shave off a few millimeters from the top, removing any imperfections.

With more flexibility and smoothness, Pigmentation or staining gives the leather an attractive look. If you’re looking for a smooth, evenly finished Chelsea Boot with a little compromise on durability and patina – Top Grain leather is an option for you. 

Corrected Grain/Genuine Leather

These days, everybody brands leather as “Genuine” and tries to pass it as high-quality leather. Produced using the skin layers that remain after the top is split off. The surface is spray painted and embossed with a leather-like pattern to resemble a natural appearance. However, the processing alters the inherent breathability of the leather.

This is the worst leather type anyone would require their leather Chelsea Boots to be made of. Any type of Hide from different animals can produce a leather item and be advertised as “Genuine“. This makes it increasingly confusing since Full Grain Leather is also Genuine. But then again, they wouldn’t need to advertise that.

Types Of Leather

Different animals will produce different quality hides due to their genetics and environment. Hot climates tend to have insects that bite the animal and leave scars whereas cold climates don’t suffer from pests as much. Certain breeds might have more protective hair or thicker skins due to the weather. Here are the leathers that you should really watch for. 

Calf Skin

Calfskin is the most common material used to make high-quality men’s shoes. As its name implies, it comes from the skin of young calves which are usually older than 3 months (and usually between 6-12). Although the calf has a pliable feel, it is firm in-consistency.

Its grain side is embossed with an extraordinarily fine grain pattern that is beautiful to behold. Although calfskin is prone to scuffing and scratching, using the proper polish and buffing can cover these marks (if not too deep) and develop an excellent patina in the future.


Sheepskin leather is greatly preferred by people as it is soft, smooth, and very lightweight. It is also greatly desirable as it is stretchable and it adjusts to the shape of the body with use.

Smooth, supple, and feels like an old favorite from the first wear – One downside with sheepskin is that it is prone to damage if it gets in contact with sharp objects due to its softness; also its finishing deteriorates with time.

Buffalo Leather

Buffalo hide is a lot like cowhide but it can be stiffer and has a more pronounced leather pattern like deeper grooves and cuts. Chelsea boots from Buffalo leather are extremely durable and can last a lifetime. 

Unlike most cowhides, buffalo has a distinctive pebbled grain that lends a rugged beauty to any leather Chelsea Boot. Artisans choose buffalo leather both for its distinctive look and strength.

While making a final decision is up to you, the details provided in this section of our guide on Best Chelsea Boots In India have everything that will surely level up your knowledge to make the final decision. 

Last Definition And Silhouette 

Chelsea boots are laceless boots designed to slip on and off the foot. Probably, the simplest boot, but the most difficult to make for shoemakers. Rather than made of 5 or 6 smaller pieces of leather stitched together – Traditionally, Chelsea Boots are comprised of two parts; the vamp and the quarters, each constructed from a single piece of leather.

Simplest Boot Style, no cap-toe, no perforation. So when you have nothing to distract the eye – Everything is in the last. The last is the shape of the Boot. The shape, the last definition is the first thing that makes a Chelsea boot beautiful, and eventually, worth investing in. 

No matter how right you get everything else, if the shape is not right and the last if defined, the Chelsea is ugly. Now, this element is not as precise as the shoe construction methods. One cannot help but feel Attraction to what is nice and thus realize what is not. 

A nicely lasted Chelsea Boot doesn’t shout “look at me”. A sleek, subtle, minimalist Chelsea with beautiful lines is an empty word charm. The difference can be observed in the pictures here. Yes, without a nice last definition, a Chelsea Boot can be held as functional, but not attractive.

A nicely lasted Chelsea Boot is not a block – it curves in many places, not just the instep and the arch. The more that you show these natural curves, the more elegant the Chelsea will be. The less you show it and the more The Chelsea just looks like a blob the less likely it can be held as attractive.

It’s not an easy feat to do in all honesty and we commend brands, featured in our list of Best Chelsea Boots In India, for nailing it. It is easier to make a block like Chelsea that has no shape. The nicer the Chelsea Boot is, the more the last is going to be shaped and we suggest you invest in some of ’em. 

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