Best Sports Shoe Brands In India That Athletes Look Up To

The quest for a perfect footwork is a little more accessible to you

By Nikhil Choudhary

November 25, 2023


Best sports shoe brands in India

Best sports shoe brands in India, by most accounts, have refined and perfected, over decades, what it takes to trigger an athlete’s full Sporting potential. They have fine-tuned sports shoes that not only earned many accolades but enlarged our notions of how meaningful a sports shoe can be.

Of course, the defining lines between athletic shoes, loungewear, and relaxed after-hours shoes are blurring to soft smudges, but epitomizing the benchmarks of the best sports shoe brands is still a Sports-y affair.

When you strip the best sports shoe makers to their essence, it is still a craft of engineering sports shoes that makes one courageous and efficient enough to set and attain a more demanding challenge every time―rather than being in charge of one’s sporting destiny.

Best Sports Shoe Brands in India

❝The Best❞ Depends on ❝The Sport❞ in Consideration

Every sport engages a different set of muscle groups. The degree of engagement depends on the intensity of the workout. I mean, it may seem obvious, but there is a big difference between a ten-mile run and a cross-training session; thus, your shoes must reflect this difference… and so the brands crafting ’em.

The greatness of sports shoe brands is defined by their ability to meet the needs of a particular sport. The needs of the sport dictate the sorts of shoes we choose, and how those shoes and their makers meet and contribute to the sport is a measure of greatness.

By most objective standards, running authorities would rate New Balance as a better brand with far greater potential than Reebok. But for a tense CrossFit season, perhaps in front of the television, the Reebok’s Nano may better fit the occasion.

The best products often come from brands that nurture and focus on specific demographics rather than those trying to appeal to everyone. That notion is nowhere more meaningful and evident than within the myriad sports shoe confines.

Not every niche-oriented sports shoe brand is going to be good. However, to increase your odds, we’re sending you to the best sports shoe brands in India. You’ll probably see us at the next counter because we can’t stop going back.


Have all that it takes to Just Do It!


  • Innovations That Redefine What is Achievable 
  • Faint But Effective Recast
  • Provoke Sporting Spirit


  • Pretty Generous With Prices

Having written year-end pieces on sports shoe brands annually for seven years―it’s been my experience that greatness is classically associated with sports shoemakers who confine their endeavors to just two or three sorts of performance footwear. 

Nike, fortunately, thought otherwise. Not through ❝Shallow Involvement❞ in every corner of the field, but by powerful sports shoes that touched the emotions, inspired contemplation, and provoked discussion.

The nostalgic Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike’s earlier title, has expanded far beyond its humble Oregon origins to the soul of professional athletes from everywhere and every sport that isn’t just wearing Nike but has become a part of Nike itself.

Ronaldo’s CR7 Mercurial cleats, Kobe Bryant’s Zoom Kobe 1s, and of course, Michael Jordan’s, well, Jordans are a few of the many credentials of Nike’s sporting soul. But if we peel it down to the very essence, Nike doesn’t feel anything like a just-for-professionals kind of thing.

Nike’s massive arsenal of simple sports shoes is what actually shapes and forges our relationship with this brand. No matter what sport you are in or your level of aptitude in that, Nike is waiting to give you the aura of distinction you’re looking for.

What is So Great about Nike?

How did Nike manage to be, and remain,
the best sports shoe brand in the World?

I am glad Nike exists. Actually, nearly every sportsman is glad that Nike exists! But Why So? I mean, one doesn’t have to believe in or buy from someone because everybody does or has a deep fan base. 

We need excuses, some strong and practical ones, to honor the extra fees we pay for that iconic swoosh. 

However, it’s hard to put a finger on What Exactly, because, thankfully, there are many ways to quantify the credentials of Nike. 

Apart from the most anticipated ones―the innovations, accolades, honors, and rage,― we present you with some nuances that one might not notice but would help to see some sense in Nike as one of the best sports shoe brands in India. 


Their Innovations

Often Truns As The Most Meaningful Once

best sports shoe brands in India

The recipe for crafting a perfect dress shoe, in general, and Goodyear Welted, in particular, has barely changed over centuries. The recipe for perfect sneakers is either fine-tuning a classic silhouette or an epitome, largely imitations, of a trend born on the runway.

Performance shoes, however, are the vein of footwear that has seen, and is still hoarding, a fair bit of innovation and refinements. And so far, it seems like no sports shoe brands are producing more out of their research and development teams quite like Nike. 

If you can excuse techs like Power laces, Nike’s quest to innovate and refine the tech underneath our sporting soul seems most function-oriented and profound. Sometimes, Profound enough to raise controversies and, well, prohibitions! 

From several innovative iterations of how air is utilized for function and performance, Nike Zoom Air, for instance, is the most meaningful and ultra-responsive solution for athletes.

Strategically embedded in either specific portions or the entire length of the midsole, Nike Zoom Air is a line of cushioning that makes the shoe flexible for all-terrain, from road and track to court and field. 

The most advanced version, Nike Air Zoom LWP (Lightweight Performance), promoted toe propulsion while maintaining the more traditional Air function at the heel for shock absorption.

You might find, their most recent models atop a single layer of extra-thick “React” foam, which, according to Ernest Kim, Director of Advanced Footwear at Nike Running, is “Nike’s most complete foam ever.” 

From the fabrics of the uppers to the pattern of lugs over the outsoles, Nike never disappoints in presenting and promising something new, wiser, and efficient when we think of sports shoes. 


The Finest Refiner

Carefully Perfecting Innovations. Be It Theirs Or Others!

Illustrating such a massive inventory of sports shoe innovations and technologies is probably a book-worthy affair. However, if there is an area of excellence, where Nike sticks out but is not extensively documented, it would probably be their understanding and refining abilities. 

I mean, if they did not necessarily invent groundbreaking apparatus like carbon-plated midsole or foam beads compacted together with steam, they demonstrated their potential and perfected best practices.

The first carbon-plated shoefor instance, was released by Reebok in the 1990s but was too stiff to gather any serious attention. Nike, however, believed and illustrated the potential of Carbon plates in performance shoes at the 2016 Rio Olympics through their Vapor Fly

This excellent synergy of innovation and gradual refinements is one of the reasons why many of the longest-running line of performance shoes are from Nike. And, quite frankly, it is a reason why not many sports shoe brands have jewels like Pegasus or Jordans.


They Power Emotions

Nike Performance Soles, By Fair Means, Touches The Soul.

best sports shoe brands in India

Greatness has classically been associated with Nike Sports shoes, as their components never veer off from showing complexity and nuances that age and evolve gorgeously with every rework.  

However, we’ve come to believe that Nike’s greatness is not limited to only these on-paper essences. Rather, the greatness of sports shoes with that iconic swoosh is elucidated more by psychological vicinities than physical ones.

Along with their innovative esteems, Nike, over decades, has forged conceptual sporting pathways, through outstanding advertisements and sponsorings, that affiliate the brand, and eventually their buyer, with sports and performance. 

Apart from all the technological and palpable reasons to have sports shoes from Nike, it is this emotional association with sports that even the most rational consumers are willing to pay more for exactly the same thing if it comes with that Swoosh.  

Watch this video if you have any doubts about how associating with a brand shapes the way we behave. After all, nowhere does such psychological triggers matter more than in sports.

In fact, a recent study suggests that when it comes to sports, our minds might be just as important as anything we do with our bodies. We naturally connect to the brands and experiences that make us “feel” something, and Nike makes us feel like an athlete… even if we aren’t! 

What Nike is Best At?

I mean, The Sports That Nike Has Excelled and Loves To Design Shoes For.

There is hardly any sporting or training kind that Nike hasn’t designed a shoe for. In fact, for almost every type of sport, there are dozens upon dozens of options that all seem as worthy as the next one, but that doesn’t mean that everything is a sure bet.

Although you’ll find great sports shoes at The World’s Largest Sports equipment maker and seller, not every product is worth your money. Their Cricket shoes, for example, might fall apart sooner than one would expect, and some running shoes might not be as good as they suggest.

However, there is more to love and admire at Nike than to despise and excuse. These are the genres of sports where Nike takes great pleasure and pride in innovating and designing shoes that dilate our notions of how good and effective a sports shoe could be. 

Running Shoes

A Thing That Brings, and, to some extent, Propels, Nike Into Motions

best sports shoe brands in India

If you go to any major race and look at everyone’s running shoes, you will spot the Nike swoosh marking the feet of elite runners all around the world.

Though it’s now a dominant presence in the world of sports, Nike comes from humble beginnings rooted in running, which, if you wish to know more about: Click here

“Since its inception,” according to, “Nike’s backbone has been its running division.” 

From introducing runners to EVA cushioning to placing air-filled cells in its shoes, Nike has created some landmark innovations over the years, and it continues to push the boundaries of running shoe design today.

“Throughout Nike’s history,” according to, “they have shown an ongoing commitment to creating shoes that help runners go faster, farther, and more comfortably, and today Nike produces some of the best running shoes you can buy.”

If “Just Do It” is your mantra, too, We can also point you to the best Nike running shoes for a variety of running needs and disciplines, including racing shoes and trail shoes.

Basketball Shoes

One with that iconic swoosh isn’t necessarily bought to hook hoops.
Even though, they are The Best in doing so!

Basketball shoes receive more dinero every year than any other kind of performance shoes. And apart from performing best on the court, it shouldn’t matter if your choice bears a Nike swoosh or any logo. So why does it? Well, there is a movie, named “Air,” dictating Why it does

Not many people are new to what happened when a rookie named Michael Jordan let Nike put his name and likeness on its shoes. 

Since 1984, Nike’s basketball shoes, in general, and the iconic Jordan line-up, in particular, epitomize how significant the right sponsorship and branding are to gather the engagement a groundbreaking shoe deserves. 

The label never lingers to embed its latest findings through its basketball shoe line, and nowhere does that “emotional phenomenon” operate more than it does with a Jordan shoe. 

❝People aren’t simply buying footwear,❞ says Peter Debruge, Chief Film Critic for ❝They’re investing in the fantasy of walking in someone else’s shoes, be it a sports star or a personal idol, and the promise that switching one’s kicks has a direct impact on your potential for greatness.❞

Football Cleats

If they are good enough for both Ronaldos,
you certainly should not be complaining.

best sports shoe brands in India

Designed for the 1970 Football World Cup in Mexico and their warmer conditions: “The Nike” is actually the first-ever soccer cleats with swoosh. 

The Nike, however, didn’t hold up well in cold and wet weather and soon fell by the wayside as Nike focused on running tennis and basketball footwear. But it was a start.

The label smelled the authority they are so familiar with in the 1994 World Cup through their Tiempo Premier boots, and since then Nike has redefined the look of football boots again and again.

From Thierry Henry to Cristiano Ronaldo, and with the changing technologies available, Nike’s Mercurial line-up has been beautifully refining over the years, forcing critics to rethink what’s possible for a football shoe. 

Nike, according to The Economic Times, has long been at the forefront of producing top-of-the-line football shoes that strike the perfect balance between innovation, performance, and style.

Tennis Shoes

Shoes buffed to the same perfection as with
the footwork needed to play the game.

Footwork might not be the first thing in a player’s game we spectators pay close attention to. However “Everything comes from a player’s feet,” said Maria Kirilenko, a former Top 10 player. 

Long lunges, quick pivots, and back-and-forth movements all add to the footwork needed to play the game well, and without the proper support, injuries can occur. 

Not many sports shoe brands in India could support and enhance a tennis player’s gifted movement and reaction on a court quite like Nike. 

Officially entered the tennis scene in 1973 with Ilie Nastase donning the brand’s tennis shoes in competition, Nike, to adhere faster and longer tennis matches, created the Air Trainer 1 in the late-1980’s.

The Air Trainer was supposed to be a sneaker earlier but evolved wildly popular as a tennis shoe―thanks to great lateral support, foot-securing technology that helped control ankle sprains, and McEnroe’s influence.

Roger FedererRafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and many― who redefine the way the beautiful game of tennis is played―feel their sheer brilliance secure in the hands of Nike; I mean, feet with Nike! 

CrossFit Shoes

Nike’s New Found Love.

best sports shoe brands in India

Crosstraining, dear readers, has an intense reputation. And so the shoes associated with such sport. Combining high-intensity intervals, strength training, Olympic power-style weight-lifting, gymnastics, and endurance exercise…

…the perfect footwear, to switch between these exercises in a single session, ought to supply cushion, stability, and durability—and a whole lot of each. 

A shoe where prefixing the phrase “Sports” is most meaningful. CrossFit shoes are designed to run, jump, lift, row, ride, climb, carry, and rage in. 

Nike has become adept at creating shoes that are tailored to specific exercises and is most likely capable of producing footwear that caters to all.

The brand, in the past decade, has leveraged its whole technical and material resources to design a line of CrossFit Shoes that one finds cocooned in, no matter what training or exercise they perform. 

Out of every popular cross-training shoe, few models compare to the consistency that the Nike Metcon line has frequently delivered.


adidas logo


  • Boldest Innovations
  • Most Breathable Models
  • Durable 
  • Versatile Shoes
  • Worth The Price Tag
  • Huge Range


  • Some Models Required A Break-In Period

Adidas shoes (rumoured to stand for “All Day I Dream About Sports”) were first introduced to the world by German national Adi Dassler in 1949 (his brother Rudolph founded Puma a few years later) and seven decades on it has more iconic trainers in its catalogue than you can shake a shell toe at.

As one of the biggest and oldest athletic brands in the world, Adidas is among the go-to companies for fitness enthusiasts in search of the Best Sports Shoe Brands In India. When it comes to unlimited sports potential, Adidas sports shoes will make sure that you remain on top of your game.

What makes Adidas footwear stand out today is the fact that it’s a brand that stays true to the principle of German-engineering which are precision, performance, and an unbeatable drive to be better than anyone else.

Here Is Adidas’ Fascinating Story

The story starts in the early 1920s, in quiet Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adidas was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler who made sports shoes in his mother’s scullery or a laundry room. In July 1924, his older brother Rudolf joined the business, which became Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory (Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik).

The brothers split up in 1947 after relations between them had broken down, with Rudolf forming a new firm that he called Ruda – from Rudolf Dassler, later rebranded Puma, and Dassler forming a company formally registered as Adidas AG from Adi Dassler on 18 August 1949.

Once the 3-Stripes became official in 1949, the ‘50s became a boom of technology, with innovations to equipment for world-class athletes. adidas’ first decade delivered the Samba, which soccer players still use today for agility and speed on the indoor soccer field.

The ’80s was a decade for innovation. Adidas made strides, bringing new technologies to shoes for athletes of all kinds. The Micropacer brought digital fitness tracking to running with a screen on the tongue of the shoe that measured distance, average speed, and calorie consumption.

1983 introduced the Adidas Copa Mundial, which became the bestselling soccer cleat and an icon on the field that’s still worn by players today.

Today, Adidas produces more than 900 million sports and lifestyle products with net sales amounted to about 21.92 billion euros. In 2018, about 409 million pairs of shoes were produced globally by the Adidas Group. In 2019 Adidas expects to make 11 million pairs of shoes with ocean plastic.  

Why Adidas Should Be Your Go-To Brand?

Let’s be honest – It’s not just people that wear Adidas shoes that make it a great brand. It’s the shoes themselves. Adidas is more than just a sports-centric brand you’ll only find on the pitch.

Sure, it introduced the Telstar, the World Cup’s first official football, and it has been instrumental in developing the technology behind running trainers, but it goes further than that. Here’re a few reasons for Adidas being one of the best sports shoe brands in India.

 1. Footwear Technologies: Adidas never comes last in terms of shoe technology. In fact, their innovations have garnered their models’ prestigious awards in the past. Old technologies are constantly developed and fused in their new models, from the upper to the outsole.

More recently, Adidas rocked the running world with the release of its Boost foam in 2013. Instead of traditional EVA, this new cushioning material used thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) capsules developed by the German chemical company BASF. The resulting foam delivered responsive support that was more durable and provided greater energy return than earlier cushioning systems

Tailored Fiber Placement debuted in 2018 with the Solar Boost, and this new design technique, which involves individually placing each fiber of the upper, creates an extra snug fit around your feet.

Another Adidas hallmark is the Adidas Torsion System, which first debuted in 1988. It’s lightweight plastic arch support that allowing independent movement of the heel and forefoot.  When sports meets silicon valley is what makes Adidas one of the best sports shoe brands in India.

2. Pricing: Adidas shoes are considered to be some of the most reasonable footwear options on the market. The brand doesn’t allocate significant marketing spend on this segment, so these shoes have lower visibility as compared to higher-priced product lines.

Their performance line does not disappoint in keeping their customers happy, from the casual enthusiast for paring with a new outfit, to the professional athletes who hit the track a few times in a week. With Adidas, you didn’t have to break the bank; they are still offering heat for any budget.

The Best

New shoes are dropping every week so there’s no shortage of releases to keep your rotation fresh. But to make the selection a little easy, we’ve narrowed it down to TWO shoes. Starting up with Adidas Lite Racer 2.0 – One of the most affordably amazing sports shoes by the label. Wrapping off with a pair that meets the criteria of a premium Adidas sports shoe.

Adidas Lite Racer 2.0

A Perfect Blend Of Quality And Affordability

Best sports shoe brands in India


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Lower Durability 

We get it. Everyone loves to say, “All you need to do is just step out the door and start running.” But, you at least need a good pair of shoes. And some models can be expensive, costing upwards of ₹20,000—helloNike VaporFly Next%. Even though a quality running shoe is a worthy investment, you don’t need to shell out a big chunk of change when you’re just getting started. 

Adidas Lite Racer 2.0 is an exactly typical model for easy-going, leisure sports activities. A budget-friendly option to the Adidas line up of trainers.

The Lite Racer 2.0 is a neutral shoe that replaces more premium materials in the sole unit such as Boost foam and Continental rubber. 

The step down from a Continental rubber outsole to the EVA seen on the Lite Racer 2.0 does not negatively impact the shoe in a way that should discourage a runner from buying the shoe. 

Best sports shoe brands in India

Along with a wider toe box (which houses your toes and allows them to send force forward), we get seamless upper designs made up of breathable mesh fabric. Overall, Adidas Lite Racer 2.0 is a great pick, if you are on a budget. 


“While there are complaints about this shoe’s durability, still gave this sneaker nod for its comfort and versatility with a price tag that is very easy on the pocket.

Adidas Ultraboost 20

The Coolest Performance Shoe (So Far)


  • The Super Plush Feel
  • Quick Turnover
  • Heel Lock
  • Durability
  • Great Grip


  • Price
  • Heavy

Taking you from the gym to the streets, the Ultra Boost squad highlight just how versatile these Primeknit sneakers are. The Adidas Ultra Boost is without a doubt one of the most versatile performance shoes on the market right now. From a comfort standpoint, not many shoes can compare; the ultra boost is amazingly comfy for casual wear and athletics.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it has a beautiful silhouette, a shape that can be worn with practically any outfit. The Adidas Ultraboost 20 is a tribute to a partnership between Adidas and the International Space Station (ISS) National Laboratory, as this edition of the shoe prepares to embark to space, 250 miles above the earth.

Best sports shoe brands in India

Adidas’ goal is to test the Boost in microgravity and unlock its full potential (Best sports Shoes Brands In India – ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

Anyway, back to the shoes, the iconic Ultraboost shoe might look like streetwear, but there’s plenty of performance technology behind this fashion-forward model. 

The midfoot wrap utilizes a flexible mesh to move with your foot, the Primeknit upper (never got overheated) is constructed with Tailored Fiber Placement that is a data-driven tailored fiber placement technology that lays down fibers to the millimeter, to create an upper that delivers calibrated support and flexible fit for each runner. 

The loops of the Primeknit on the toe provide the shoe a little more durability. Embedded inside the Boost foam a torsion plate that keeps your foot from going too crazy from side to side but it also adds a little bit of rigidity. It also plays a key role in an enhanced transition and a noticeable push forward. 

Adidas Ultra Boost 20 is a sports shoe with the minimum fuss that still deliver the Wow Factor. Along with a generous wedge of Boost foam in the midsole creates a springy, well-cushioned ride.

You could especially feel the responsiveness as you sped up. That’ll pick-you-up throughout the runs was a standout feature of the shoe. 

Ultra Boost 20 offers plenty of protection for everything from long runs to recovery days. The shoe has a plush feel underfoot without being bulky or losing a connection with the ground.

The outsole is the traditional Continental Stretchweb (offer incredible durability) that Adidas uses on the Ultra Boosts. This outsole offers a larger contact area which translates to superior grip. It’s the key element for the shoe kicking a perfect balance of flexibility and stability.

Best sports shoe brands in India

You get a nice and sturdy heel cup (“3D Heel Frame” according to Adidas) that does a good job of locking your heel in and you can feel the reinforcements. 

Adidas’ Ultra Boost line is known for its plush and responsive cushion tech and, for that reason and more, is a favorite among runners. The Ultra Boost 20 takes it a step further by introducing additional tech.

With its stylish design and comfortable ride, the Ultra Boost 20 continues to be a great daily training option for those who want one shoe for both workouts and urban wear.

“Awesome grip, fabulous cushioning: the Ultraboost remains on form. The feel of putting the shoe on was variously described as ‘luxuriant’, ‘sensual’ and ‘giving you that “aaah” feeling’.

Bottom Line

Adidas is known over the world for their exceptional athletic shoes. From the soccer field to the trail, Adidas has brought quality and comfort to any sport. Delivering superior support and comfort is Adidas’ goal, and as they continue to develop newer and more enhanced features it is clear that they will be in the Sports Shoe game for a long time to come and be Best Sports Shoe Brand In India.



  • Multifunction Shoes
  • Not too hot on the wallet
  • Shoes don’t require a break-in period.
  • Comfortable 
  • Durable


  • Comparatively less arch support.
  • Narrow forefoot section 

Reebok is one of the largest global distributors and manufacturers of men’s sports shoes, time-tested and builds to last. There’s a reason we keep gravitating towards this brand; they put the time and effort into the dish out what we need, and nothing else.

With breakthrough technology in traction, comfort, and durability, the brand delivers excellent performance and consumer satisfaction. From specially designed CrossFit shoes to shoes engineered for all-day comfort, they have something for any and every need. Here is everything you need to know about one of the best sports shoe brands in India – Reebok.

Here Is Reebok’s Fascinating Story

The company that would later become Reebok began as teenage tinkering: In 1895, Joseph William Foster started making shoes in his bedroom in Bolton, England. He developed some of the first running spikes, and soon opened a factory called Olympic Works to meet growing demand from athletes for his renowned “running pumps.”

In 1958, Joseph William Foster’s two grandsons founded Reebok (named after an Afrikaans word for a type of antelope) and continued to release innovative shoes. The company’s Aztek shoe nabbed a five-star rating from Runner’s World back in 1979, and its women’s aerobics shoes, which debuted in the mid-80s, became wildly popular during the step aerobics craze.

In the early 2000s, Reebok received high marks for its Premier line of running shoes, including the Trinity KFS (for Kinetic Fit System). The Kinetic Fit System in this shoes’ upper was designed to flex with the foot as it changed shape during a runner’s stride, which resulted in a better fit and a more stable ride.

Why Reebok Should Be Your Go-To Brand?

Globally, the shoe and athletic apparel market is dominated by two major companies – Nike and Adidas. Then Why So Much Love For Reebok?

So if you’re still not sure if you should buy one pair of Reebok: we’ve listed the reasons why you definitely should!

1. Versatility: For instance – Whether you’re looking for Reebok women’s running shoes or Reebok men’s running shoes, you will find a pair that best fits all your athletic needs (Running, CrossFit, Workout…). According to –


A lot of people include Reebok in their collection because it’s widely known as an All-Around Shoe.

If you’re looking for just one pair of shoes for all your sporty calls (which we won’t recommend here in our guide on Best sports shoe brands in India); Reebok ticks many boxes for the price.

2. Price/Quality Ratio: A versatile shoe at a decent price point makes Reebok the unchallenged market leader in the Indian Sports Shoes Industry. In fact, Reebok holds a 46% market share in India.


In many parts of the world, a standard Reebok trainer can cost anything between $50 (£32) and $100 (£64). But in India, they could soon be on sale for as little as $1.

Quality is Expensive – we all know it. And a quality product holds a worldwide recognized label – then it’s even more expensive. But with Reebok, you’ll get a Quality shoe that carries an extremely popular logo and very decent price tag.

“Reebok is the 14th most popular clothing & footwear brand and the 10th most famous. Reebok is described by fans as Good quality, Reliable, Good value for money, Well made, and Cool.

The Best

The footwear industry is seeing a jump start in technology. Nike’s Hyperadapt made self-lacing shoes a reality. Adidas’ Pharrell Williams 4D Shoes introduced 3D printing with comfort. From its humble origins to the cutting edge of the foam wars, Reebok is now producing some of the best sports shoes in India. Here’re two pairs from the label – we think worth your attention.

Reebok Revolution Tr

Sprinter Looking For Affordable Workhorse – This Is It!

Best sports shoe brands in India


  • Affordable
  • Responsive Ride
  • Lightweight


  • Durability

When choosing a car, some people prefer soft luxury isolating them from every bump. Others prefer pared-down speed and a firm connection with the road, giving them complete control. Applied to athletes, Reebok Revolution Tr is for the latter type.

If you’re looking for something to help you rock all those WODs (that’s Workout of the Day for you CrossFit newbies) without hitting too hard on your pocket – Reebok Revolution Tr is for you.

We have reviewed so many sports shoes from Reebok before and Reebok Revolution Tr is more like a cost-efficient predecessor of all those models.

The shoe offers a responsive ride, secure touch-downs, and powerful push-offs. With a responsive, close-to-the-ground feel, used as a racer by many. And work pretty good as a stiff cross-trainer designed for gym work and maybe a lap or two of the track.

It’s a low-cut shoe and designed for mobility. For those who want to use them for gym work, the platform is wide and stable. The full sole—spare a few flex grooves—is covered with court-gripping rubber. And the upper has a supportive, flexible cage around the instep to assist during lateral movements.

In the midsole, we get a soft EVA layer that first provides some stability and also some comfort, so repetitive foot strikes don’t beat the heck out of your foot. Overall, it’s a value pack from one of the best sports shoe brands in India.

Reebok Forever Floatride Energy

Have You Ever Seen “The Perfect” Sports Shoe? Here It Is

Best sports shoe brands In India


  • Incredibly Responsive Midsole
  • Value For Money
  • Durability
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight, Springy Ride


  • Tongue Shifting

Athletes, if you ask us to pick one shoe from our guide on Best Sports Shoe Brands In India – it would be Reebok Forever Floatride Energy. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better sports shoe for ₹5k.

The company launched its Pebax-based Floatride Foam in the spring of 2017, which delivers optimal energy return with much less weight than EVA or TPU-based foams. 

Best sports shoe brands in India

This foam helps the Floatride Run Fast deliver excellent cushioning without bulking up the weight, making for a remarkable speed shoe that was worthy of Runner’s World 2018 Gear of the Year award. 

The Floatride Energy is an Updated (and even better) version that debuted on the Forever Floatride Energy shoe in 2019.

And it is this Foam in the midsole that makes this shoe outperform its price. According to Sports shoe Experts – “It is a kind of material you’d normally find on shoes double its price.

A simple, engineered mesh upper that provides just enough support and a lot more pliable than comparable models, which not only improves the overall comfort and versatility, but it makes them better for cross-training because you won’t snap your ankle if you have a sudden change of velocity (speed or direction). 

The only real internal stability structure it has is the heel counter, which improves adherence to the foot and keeps the upper responsive. 

The midsole scored exceptionally well in the energy return category, Though not extremely soft. Those who enjoy a more responsive feel will love the Forever Floatride Energy for anything from uptempo workouts to longer runs.

The full-rubber outsole on the Forever Floatride Energy provides a good amount of traction on wet and dry paved roads and light gravel. Reebok brought back the waffle pattern so the shape of the sole doesn’t force your landing style. 

The flex grooves enhance the flexibility at the forefoot and aid in a smooth transition through the stride. And as far as durability is concerned, there is very little that can break down in these. The upper is a utilitarian mesh that should last a good while. They have a tough carbon rubber outsole that should also make it a while. 

The only thing that might limit the life is the super light Floatride Energy Foam midsole that might start to lose its pop after a few years of hard, frequent runs. Overall, Reebok Forever Floatride Energy is an affordable sports shoe that will furnish you with all the perks of an ₹10-15k premium sports shoe. 

The Forever Floatride Energy is a bit above average compared to the other models in our review, there’s a lot of value in being a humble workhorse.

It’s no wonder that our testers are calling the Reebok Forever Floatride Energy one of the best $100 shoes of the year. This affordable shoe packs a ton of performance in a simple package.

“The Reebok Forever Floatride Energy might be the best shoe you can buy for $100—a shoe that outperforms its price with the help of a full Floatride Energy foam midsole.

Bottom Line

Reebok has been a trusted brand of athletes and sports ninja since the early 1950s. But for awhile, Reebok was overshadowed in the athletic world by some other best sports shoe brands in India like Nike, but it has recently poured more resources into its athletic tech, resulting in some truly impressive shoes. Browse through Reebok’s current lineup, and you’ll find plenty of notable technology and new innovations.



  • Flexible Shoes
  • High Energy-Return
  • Too Many Options
  • Affordable
  • Simple And Sleek Design  


  • Feel Heavier

It may not make as much noise as some of its contemporaries, but while they’re all battling it out trying to come up with the next big thing, Puma is quietly working away in the background, perfecting the classics. And inventing a few new ones, too.

“Of course, Puma helps me run faster. They design spikes for that purpose.

Usain Bolt World’s Fastest Man

Puma is one of the world’s leading sports brands, and its innovative offerings can now be found in over 120 countries. PUMA has relentlessly pushed sport and culture forward by creating fast products for the world’s fastest athletes, the label and its stylish sports shoe are sure to help you perform at your best while looking your best.

Here Is Puma’s Fascinating Story

Where do we start when it comes to the illustrious brand history of the world-renowned performance sportswear brand that is Puma?

The bothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler started their own shoe factory in their parent’s home in 1924 with the name beneath Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. During this time, the two brothers encountered some issues and problems that led to the deterioration of their relationship. Because of this, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler decided to separate ways in 1948. As a result of their separation, two entities were formed, Puma and Adidas. Both shoe companies are headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

In 1967, the first-ever version of the well-known Puma cat logo was introduced. Gerd Dassler, son of Rudolf, had a friend whose name is Lutz Backes. Lutz was a caricaturist who designed the logo. He was offered to be paid a cent for every product sold with his designed logo.

The launch of PUMA’s SUPER ATOM in 1952 creates a stir. Rudolf Dassler collaborates with experts, such as West Germany’s national coach Sepp Herberger to develop the world’s first boot with screw-in studs. For PUMA, besides a successful product launch, it marks the beginning of our football heritage.

PUMA athlete Usain “Lightning” Bolt breaks his own 100m world record with an amazing time of 9.58 seconds at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin. A record, that even 10 years later has not been beaten.

Why Puma Should Be Your Go-To Brand?

Puma might not seem like it can hold a candle to the sporting connections of Nike and Adidas (Yes they’ve been the uniform for some of the greatest sporting moments in history). But there are some solid reasons for raising hands for Puma over any other brand in our guide to best sports shoe brands in India.

1. Price/Quality Ratio: The pros want an Edge and so do you. Sports shoe brands spend a lot of cash trying to convince you that their More Expensive Shoes are Worth It. With catchy claims like “Extra Bounce On Court”, “Premium Locked-Down Feel” or “Speed Plates”.

But before anything – question for you. Do you think if you bought a cheaper shoe that would do the same for you on the field performance-wise?

For most of us – it’s a clear YES. So as brands like Puma are appended to our list of Best Sports Shoe Brands In India. We have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with Puma as the quality, construction, comfort, support at the fraction of the price that they should be. The brand serves you in a totally different tone – A World-Class sports shoe at an Unbelievable Price Point.

“We think that we play in a different lane than those brands,” Puma’s North American president Bob Philion explained.

All-in-all, When it comes to pricing, Puma is undoubtedly a bang for the buck. Their rates are relatively affordable in comparison to the more prominent brands while their overall features are at par with them.

2. Versatility: We all want a good sports shoe that takes us off the track, road, or trail – plyo circuits, powerlifting sessions, Bootcamp-style workout classes, or even cycling. We usually extract a lot out of our shoes.

So unless your footwear budget exceeds Carrie Bradshaw’s, you’ll want to sink the cash you have into the most solid options possible. Puma workout shoes give you the stability, bounce, and support you need.

The founding mantra of the Dassler Brothers was: “Our strength lies in the specialization”.  And that did not mean picking out a few sports to specialize in. Quite the contrary: From 1948 onwards, PUMA made shoes for every sport you can think of.

To be able to produce so many different specialized shoes, Rudolf Dassler included professional athletes and their first-hand experience in the design and production process. Not just footballers, like other factories, did as well, but experts for every type of sport.

If the above factors haven’t convinced you of the pedigree of Puma, then their attitude towards sustainability and the environment might just do so. The label is dedicated to creating a sustainable future and working intelligently and harmoniously with industry to preserve the world.

The Best

Today, Puma counts Rihanna, Selena Gomez, BTS, and Borussia Dortmund as some of its biggest partners and has had some big collabs with the likes of Virat Kohli, Ader Error, Kith, Solange Knowles, Alexander McQueen, and Rhude. And while you might not have been able to get your feet into any of the stellar collabs, there are still plenty of Puma kicks you can buy right now; and here’s one of them.

Puma Hybrid Astro

Too Hot On The Court, Not On Your Wallet

Best Sports shoe brands in India


  • High Rebound
  • Value For Money
  • Durability
  • Stable and Flexible Heel Counter


  • Heavier

React, Hovr, Ignite, Fresh Foam, and plenty of sneaker companies have embraced a new approach to cushioning your shoe experience – So does Puma. 

We think you guys would really get into Puma’s approach for cushioning. The so-called “Puma Hybrid” is a dual midsole that functions to propel the wearer faster while also providing a comfortable ride.

Best sports shoe brands in India

It’s a combination of Puma’s TWO best technologies: IGNITE foam and NRGY beads. Here is how Forbes describes the IGNITE form

The introduction of Ignite foam in 2015 offers a polyurethane blend meant to have “superior energy return and immediate step-in comfort.”

The on-contact cushioning of Ignite models features direct-inject molding and additional automobile-grade foam in the heels of the shoes for more durability, a different manufacturing process than other PU-based cushioning systems.

NRGY Beads first put (in 2017) into effect on the freshly released PUMA Jamming silhouette, the whole look of the shoe itself already sticks out. 

A completely see-through midsole reveals the free-floating beads which provide a new level of responsive shock absorption and support. 

Puma Hybrid Astro is comprised of two foams for cushioning and energy return, hence the “hybrid” in the shoes’ moniker. Two of Puma’s best technologies for just over ₹5k—without reading any further, Just Grab One For You.

The trippy, bumpy texture on the exterior of the Hybrid Runner is Puma’s NRGY midsole, composed of beads for cushion and comfort. Ignite foam also assists with propulsion and responsiveness. However, the drawback is that it makes the shoe heavier.

For lacing, Puma used the NETFIT lacing system (A woven net TPU unit on the side of the shoe, that you use as lace holes to create a lacing system—however you want) is to lock down your foot. 

A split outsole design adds to the flexibility and also allows for a rather elaborate tread pattern that really helps with the grip all through. Overall, it is a shoe that epitomizes the ethos of the best sports shoe brands in India at a surprisingly affordable price that (unquestionably) worth your attention.


The overall reception for the Puma Hybrid Astro was highly positive. The aesthetics of the shoe was highly appreciated by the purchasers.

The Hybrid Astro has a whimsical midsole, indicative of the Hybrid Foam Puma engineered to provide lasting cushioning and high rebound.

Bottom Line

Puma has created multiple shoe lines for a variety of sports, including training, football, soccer, golf, and Motorsport. Each activity works the body and feet in different ways; they understand that it’s important to create quality features that enhance the user’s abilities in each type of activity. Puma heavily invests in high-end features that are bio-mechanically proven to perform and provide comfort. All-in-all, Puma is a complete package and all in your fancied budget. Undoubtedly, No list of Best Sports Shoe Brands In India is concluded without Puma’s mention.



  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Brings Support and Stability
  • Versatile 
  • Responsive


  • Some Model Runs A Bit Larger

A multi-billion-dollar, award-winning global brand, Skechers designs and develops lifestyle and performance sports shoes known for style, innovation, quality, and comfort. Skechers have a great relationship with memory Foam and the products they deliver in their performance line is second to none.

One of the first things that first-time Skechers users noticed was the trademark cushioning and custom feel their feet felt when they laced up their shoes. Whatever the reason, we wanted to set the record straight and let you know that Skechers sports shoes can go toe to toe in terms of performance with the Nikes, Adidas’, and ASICS, and do so without breaking the bank.

Here Is Skechers’ Fascinating Story

Skechers is still a baby of a company (relative to others) and its influence on the running shoe market is even newer, the company has made itself into a contender in the race for running shoe dominance. The company started out in 1992 in a California beach house with only about a dozen employees headed by Robert Greenberg who was also the company’s founder. Before Greenberg began his own shoewear company, he had been part of the team that founded LA Gear.

After a few notably successful years, however, LA Gear saw a huge market share loss in 1992 and forced both Greenberg and his son Michael out of the company. Seeing that there were no industry giants controlling both men’s and women’s streetwear, Greenberg started Skechers with that particular niche in mind.

The year 1995 turned out to be a landmark time for the brand as it released the Roadies sneaker. Two years later, kids-specific shoes were brought to the market. And in 1998, the Skechers USA and Skechers Sports divisions were unleashed, widening the scope of product choice through the full integration of casual and athletic rosters.

The 2010s was a period that further ignited the brand’s capacity to provide comfortable underfoot experiences. The GOrun series was established (2011), followed by the GOwalk (2012). These performance-centric shoes solidified Skechers as a highly versatile shop that doles out the products to satisfy consumer choice and utilization.

Why Skechers Should Be Your Go-To Brand?

Let’s be honest, everyone’s initial impression of Skechers is a little bit confusing. We all are sounded by a question – With a relatively new brand, Does it really worth your hard-earned bankrolls?

Gentlemen, Skechers Defiantly Worth it and here are three Solid Reasons – Why.

1. Technologies That Grace Skechers Sports Shoes: Skechers is known for creating their own set of tech for their sports shoes. The parts and components that are placed in each shoe have been engineered to enable a natural yet speedy performance.  The label’s memory foam technology typifies their tec executions.

Originally developed by NASA (it’s true!), memory foam is a material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature. This allows it to mold to shape, providing increased comfort. Skechers introduced a layer of memory foam to the sole of its shoes which provided extra cushioning, making them exceptionally comfortable.

The key advancement in the latest generation of Skechers GO RUN footwear is the new innovative Hyper Burst™ midsole, which is made using a “super critical™” foaming process to create spherically-shaped cells in tight format. It is the lightest and most resilient midsole foam that Skechers Performance has offered to date. 

2. Reasonable prices: Scrolling down on price when looking for sports shoes; those options may lack the extra features of their pricier counterparts. But this isn’t the case with Skechers.

Shoes that still provide a smooth and comfortable ride with all the basics you’ll need to put your best foot forward. This aspect of Skechers sports shoes helps the company provide keen and tough competition for the major athletic brands. With an average price tag of ₹4k, these affordable trainers come to be well-made, comfortable, and long-lasting.

 3. Width options: When it comes to finding your perfect pair of Skechers, the great news is you can choose from a variety of different fitting options.  Skechers understand that every foot is different, so they provide different fitting options too.

While all Skechers sports shoes come in the Medium D and B profiles for men and women, respectively, a large number of trainers are also available in wide options. Some shoes are offered in a Relaxed Fit which has a standard width in the midfoot but gives more room in the toe box for a comfortable toe-splay. A large number of models can also be purchased in Wide and Extra Wide (same width in the heel as their classic fit but they have extra room around the toes) profiles in both men’s and women’s versions.

The Best

The company’s innovations for runners have come more recently; Skechers created its GOrun line of running shoes in 2011, and a number of remarkable kicks have come from the line since. The 2021 Skechers assortment feels fresh with plenty of options for all classes of athletes. Here are TWO strong options worth your attention.

Skechers Relaxed Fit Equalizer 3.0

A ₹100k Mattress – Just Under Your Feet!

Best sports shoe brands In India


  • Very Comfortable
  • Athletic Style
  • Breathable Upper
  • Versatile


  • Stability Issue

When it is on sports shoes – Comfort is king. In fact, some research even shows that when you choose a shoe simply because it’s comfortable, you’re less likely to get injured. For a comfortable sports shoe and a sleek sporty package turned to Skechers Relaxed Fit Equalizer 3.0.

Skechers Relaxed Fit Equalizer 3.0 offers a “made-for-me” sensation. It not only checks your sports requirement if you’re walking or standing for any length of time – it covers you.

Thanks to the roomy, relaxed fit, and air-cool memory foam cushioning. In lots of ways, buyers seem to believe the tagline that the company uses – they’re like pillows for your feet. 

Best Sports shoe brands In India

Skechers Memory Foam technology is one of the company’s most impressive innovations to date.

Memory Foam was developed Under a NASA contract in the 1970s that set out to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for airline pilots and passengers, looking for ways to keep test pilots cushioned during flights.

The label sees their Memory Foam as something that everyone can benefit from, so they try to make it accessible to all buyers.

It’s Flex sole technology provides you with excellent shock absorption while its memory foam insoles perfectly contour to the shape of your foot, providing constant support and comfort.

Finally, the athletic-looking design of the equalizer is made from a single Knit Mesh Upper. Overall, For all the benefits of a sports shoe with an athletic look – check out Skechers Relaxed Fit Equalizer 3.0. 


The Skechers Relaxed Fit: Equalizer 3.0 had many qualities that consumers praised such as the breathable upper and the cushiony sole unit. the Skechers Relaxed Fit: Equalizer 3.0 came highly recommended by its owners because of the comfort it brings as well as its style.

Skechers GoRun 600 – Refine

Your Wallet And Feet Will Thank You

Best sports shoe brands in India


  • Responsive
  • Value For Money
  • No Break-In Required
  • Lightweight


  • Sole Durability

Skechers doesn’t have the traditional, 100-year-old running roots of some of its East Coast competitors. Although Skechers is still a baby of a company (relative to others) and its influence on the running shoe market is even newer, the company has made itself into a contender in the race for running shoe dominance.

Best sports shoe brands in India

Like a lot of athletes out there we have been skeptical that Skechers could produce a performance running shoe. However, the company has come a long way in a brief time proving that they are no joke.

Skechers GoRun 600 is a lightweight, neutral trainer suitable for daily workouts, speed work, distances, and even evolve into a race day.

The extensive 5-Gen mid-sole cushion system provides good comfort and response. The foam material extends the full length of the shoe for extra pop. The shoe has extra cushioned padding under the heel and around the collar which delivers extra comfort during local jogs.

The durable construction of the added rubber sole helps elongate the life of the shoe. The upper of these shoes are made with 3-D sandwich mesh material for ultimate breathability. It helps the foot with consistent breathing while running.

The sandwich mesh is very similar to regular Knit mesh, except that there are multiple 3-D layers both inside and out of the upper, which significantly increases the durability of the upper. And it does so without sacrificing the much-need airflow to your feet. 

In addition to the materials that make these shoes, they offer a padded tongue and collar along with a traditional lacing system to keep the shoes from moving around while you’re running and maintain comfort. Overall, Skechers GoRun 600 – Refine is a value pack from one of the best sports shoe brands in India.


People emphasize this product’s highly accommodating build, the appealing looks, the comfortable midsole, and the wallet-friendly price. The overall response towards the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine has been mostly positive.

If you are looking for something to run in that is not going to be too harsh on your wallet without sacrificing quality, then these are the shoes that you are looking for. The shoes are super comfortable and will help you out even on the longest run.

Bottom Line

If you’ve decided to go with Skechers running shoes for your next pair, you’ve definitely made the right decision. Not only are their models made with great tech, but they also prioritize fit, comfort, and affordability. Compare to leading running shoe brands, you might be paying twice or even three times less for similar feel and performance. More and more runners are finding that Skechers is a serious player in the running shoe market.

New Balance

Top Sports Shoe Brands In India


  • Great Stability And Support
  • Great Cushion To Weight Ratio
  • Options For Wide Feet
  • Soft And Breathable Upper
  • Glove Like Fit


  • Might Be Too Firm For Some Athletes 

The hybrid between athletic and casual, the brands that brought running attire into the mainstream: New Balance has been around for ages, but with all that time, their allure hasn’t faded. New balance has the general reputation of being budget-friendly, durable beyond compare and stylish with an athletic vibe.

New Balance Athletics Inc. or merely called New Balance (NB), with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is one of the oldest sports footwear companies in the global market. This brand has mastered athletic shoe construction for over a century now and takes pride in having the majority of its top-of-the-line New Balance shoes mass-produced from its factories in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Here Is New Balance’s Fascinating Story

New Balance traces its origins back to 1906 when William Riley founded New Balance Arch Company in Boston and began selling arch supports for shoes. The company’s first pair of sneakers came much later, in 1938, but before long New Balance was producing shoes that earned a reputation for high quality.

Its first breakthrough came with the release of the Trackster running shoe in 1960, which was designed to fit feet of different widths—a novel idea at the time. In 1976, New Balance’s 320 running sneaker became the number one shoe on the market and cemented the company’s status as a global leader in running.

 The 990, first introduced in 1982, became a groundbreaking model for New Balance with its revolutionary ENCAP technology. In this shoe, EVA foam in the midsole was encapsulated by a polyurethane shell, which helped the foam keep its shape and bounce over time. The result was a springy, highly durable running shoe that athletes loved.

New Balance continues to innovate today, and there are multiple technologies to look for in the company’s lineup of sports shoes. Like other shoemakers, New Balance has entered the foam wars by engineering its own proprietary foam—Fresh Foam—that’s used in the sole of many of its top-selling sports shoes.

Why New Balance Should Be Your Go-To Brand?

New Balance is known for having a user base that’s very loyal and enthusiastic about their products. But the question still unsettled…

…Why are athletes across the sports spectrum flocking to New Balance Now?

Athletes, here’re 4 Top Reasons Why New Balance Sports Shoes are Worth Buying.

1. Quality Of Materials: Vintage-inspired New Balance sports shoes are crafted with components capable of bending easily, offering a plush covering for the feet. It is one of the brands that consistently produces premium-grade, breathable materials that ensure a non-irritating in-shoe environment.

Common upper materials of New Balance sneakers are mesh fabric, leather or synthetics, Knit Upper and breathable mesh. New Balance always hits all the marks for the material it’s breathable, feels good on foot, keeps your foot support it, and feels a tad lighter.

2. Comfort: Comfort is king. In fact, some research even shows that when you choose a sports shoe simply because it’s comfortable, you’re less likely to get injured. New Balance highlighted the models that offer a “made-for-me” sensation.

Different cushioning system is used on a variety of New Balance sports shoes. It’s meant to mitigate the impact force that’s generated by the foot-strike while enabling the foot to transition responsibly towards the toe-off with ease.

Usual midsole features of New Balance sports shoes are Abzorb® , Acteva™, Fresh Foam, and N2 Cushioning.

3.Construction: New Balance has a strong reputation for producing well-constructed sports shoes. It takes pride in its attention to detail, a tradition long been practiced in New Balance factories.

The shoes are made with a neatly assembled upper from the stitching of the overlays to the attachment of the sole. Consumers rarely expressed issues regarding scored upper, undone stitching, blotches of paint and stains on New Balance shoes.

Notable construction features of New Balance shoes are a well-stitched upper and neat assembly of shoe parts.

4. Durability: Shoes are athletes’ most valuable possession. With the right pair, you can test your limits, improve your performance, and above all — enjoy the game.

But for those who think in terms of value, a shoe’s ability to last for a decent length of time is everything. Generally, no one prefers to open the wallet again and again.

New Balance utilize innovative materials on their sports shoe that do not disintegrate easily. It’s shoes are made using the mix of brand-exclusive foam, and DuPont™ Engage® isoprene rubber to make it durable and less prone to wear-and-tear.

The Best

Over the years, New Balance developed top-of-the-line running shoes and continues to innovate today, and there are multiple technologies and shoes to look for in the company’s lineup of shoes. The Label is committed to manufacturing some of them in the United States (and also the U.K., where it has long maintained a strong presence) therefore some of their amazing shoes are not available in India or (if imported) can be grabbed at a significantly boosted price. Here are the TWO best New Balance sports shoes that are available without passing the price frontiers.

New Balance 880v9

A Premium Sports Shoe, Without A Premium Price Tag

Best sports shoe brands in India


  • Smooth and Supportive
  • Value For Money
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Bulky

Not so long ago, stability in a running shoe meant a maximalist construction that corrected an overpronator’s stride and often unnaturally muscled around the runner’s form. 

New Balance 880 V9 takes a less aggressive approach, thanks to some fine-tuning, new technology, and evolving biomechanical research. 

Best sports shoe brands in India

Over that time, the 880’s premium build quality, comfortable fit, and standout performance made it the shoe of choice for many runners—and the New Balance 880v9 doesn’t break with tradition.

The seamless upper is made of a woven knit mesh that provides just enough structure to keep your feet in place but still has enough flexibility for comfort.

The toe box has plenty of room to let your foot splay, and it has enough volume to give your toes some wiggle room.

Instead of a Fresh Foam midsole that New Balance uses on a handful of its performance running shoes, the 880v9 contains Trufuse, a two-layer EVA-based midsole(two of New Balance’s best foam compounds: Abzorb and Acteva). 

In this ultra Responsive midsole with moderate cushioning, you won’t experience that mushy, sinking feeling during push-off.

The blown rubber outsole on the forefoot gripped the ground well, even around tight turns on wet sidewalks and greenways paved with asphalt. 

The durable rubber coupled with a full-ground-contact sole makes the 880 a stellar everyday training shoe. Overall, the New Balance 880 V9 epitomizes the ethos of one of the best sports shoe brands in India that worth investing in.

” It’s still an outstanding running shoe for most runners. The newest 880 stays true to its heritage as a consistent, comfortable training shoe. Its accommodating fit and easy ride make it a shoe we want to run in over and over again.

The New Balance 880 v9 is a reliable everyday running shoe with a balance of cushioning and responsiveness. Built to handle any distance, the New Balance 880 v9 offers essential cushioning for your daily training efforts.  

The 880v9 is very comfy and a good training shoe. Great for runners who want a reliable, supportive shoe that provides ventilation for sweaty runs. Our testers agreed and were satisfied with the overall feel of the 880.

New Balance Zante Pursuit

An Absolute Must-Have For Fans Of Lightweight Cushioned Shoes.

Best sports shoes brands in India


  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding Upper
  • Fresh Foam Cushioning


  • None

In a sea of road shoes that are made with stiff, laser-cut materials in varying shades of neon, the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit immediately stands out with its knitted upper and subtle, can-be-worn-outside-of-running coloring.

Best sports shoes brands in India

If you are familiar with the Zante V4, It is almost as if New Balance threw the Zante V4 into an isolation chamber for a month and fed it nothing but fortified water.

The Zante pursuit features a redesigned Hypoknit Upper, a fresh foam laser-etched one-piece midsole, and an outsole made of translucent (crystal) rubber. 

The upper of the Zante Pursuit is made with New Balance’s soft Hyperknit (designed to provide specific areas of stretch and support) material, which stretches to fit snugly and has a tighter weave towards the heel counter.

Best sports shoes brands in India

It hugs your heel and midfoot like a perfectly tight sock and it opens up just enough in the toe area.

New Balance has done a nice job of designing it to provide stretch and support where you need it.

The zante pursuit uses a laser-etched fresh foam midsole material that is created from a single piece of foam. It is highly responsive but provides just the right amount of cushion at the same time.

The shoe has a feather-light and smooth ride with great energy return.

There’s another reason for the midsole give, and this applies to the forefoot. It is visible when seen from the outsole; the forefoot midsole has laser-cut holes through its stack. 

This scooped out section makes the foam easier to compress, all while making the shoe lighter and more responsive. The reason why you don’t really need a racer is that the Pursuit (aptly named, by the way) is fast enough. 

Apart from the thin midsole doing its part, the new outsole is a factor too. The bottom is covered with a single piece of translucent rubber – which is the new industry trend, by the way. 

There are no grooves splitting the outsole into different sections; an entire surface is just a dense group of raised lugs. Slightly raised ridges and grooves that provide a surprising amount of traction for their minimal appearance. Overall, If you have a wallet for a dedicated running shoe and only the best will – Grab your New Balance Zante Pursuit HERE

” Top to bottom the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is a different shoe. New Balance created a fork in the road to open up new possibilities.

The Zante Pursuit perfectly balances weight, cushion, and comfort. It is an absolute must-have for fans of lightweight cushioned shoes. 

It’s hard to find a shoe that’s fast while still being soft on your feet, but New Balance comes very close to striking that balance with the Zante Pursuit..

Bottom Line

If a pair of running shoe that is both dependable and reasonably priced is what you are looking for then look no further New Balance. With such a wide selection of features available in their designs, you might feel that selecting a pair of New Balance Sports Shoes is complicated. But, thanks to high quality make that the brand offers, you can rest assured that you will be more than happy with your purchase.

Under Armour


  • Perfect Fit  
  • Cushioned And Responsive
  • Warm, But Breathable 
  • Most Of Model Has Heel Counter For Support
  • Durable 


  • Firm Heel Cushioning 

Under Armour is one of the youngest major athletic brands, but it has gained a following over the years because of its quality products. The brand first obtained prominence in the sporting world thanks to its moisture-wicking shirts. This careful consideration of what athletes need on and off the sports field has translated to all of its merchandise, including its footwear.

Currently, Under Armour makes a wide variety of shoes designed for different sports, and believe us, the performance will definitely surprise you and there were sneakily good shoes for both compound and dynamic movements. Here is everything you need to know about one of the best sports shoe brands in India – Under Armour.

Here Is Under Armour’s Fascinating Story

Because Under Armour is a fairly established brand name in its own right, many are surprised to learn that the company is a relatively young one compared to other sports apparel manufacturers. Founded in 1996, Under Armour was the brainchild of the then 23-year old Kevin Plank, a football team captain from the University of Maryland.

During that time, Kevin wanted to find an alternative, better sportswear that would not react similarly to cotton shirts when drenched with sweat, prompting him to establish the Under Armour.

Word quickly got out, and soon, athletes were running over to Kevin and purchasing his breakthrough invention. By 1998, Under Armour has already made its mark in the sports retail industry, and Kevin Plank was already able to build the company its own headquarters and warehouse.

The next few years saw Under Armour going no other way but up – numerous partnerships and sponsorship deals with athletes, sports teams and leagues, and other celebrity-related recognitions were all-around. Thus, expansion was inevitable. In 2003, Under Armour released their line for women, which was promptly followed by another line for young people.

Such success has led Under Armour to tread around public trading, which was rightfully evidenced by its revenue amounting to more than a quarter of a billion dollars. What makes this special is that Under Armour has attained this feat in less than 10 years in the industry.

Now, having recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, Under Armour continues to deliver high-quality, high-performing products while simultaneously pushing tech revolution boundaries. With the brand’s strong presence in a variety of athletic-wear categories, it is safe to say that they are more relevant than ever.

Why Under Armour Should Be Your Go-To Brand?

There is a good reason why the popularity of Under Armour footwear has boosted so rapidly in a matter of years. Its dedication to quality and performance has been acknowledged by numerous consumers across the globe. Here are FOUR solid reasons why Under Armour is one of the best sports shoe brands in India.

1. Build Quality: Having released their first shoe line only ten years ago, Under Armour may be a relative newcomer to the shoe world, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t already turned heads.

In fact, shoes are currently the fastest-growing part of Under Armour’s product line. This is especially true in terms of their basketball shoes and running shoes line. Part of the reason why Under Armour has been so popular is because of its Build Quality.

The materials in these trainers are also ready to endure the wear-and-tear of both indoor or outdoor exercises. It is well-known for its “speedform” shoe that features no in-sole and very little stitching, with the result being an incredibly lightweight shoe that feels like an extension of the wearer’s body.

2. Fit And Sizing: Whether your workout involves running, walking, sports or gym equipment, – how well a shoe matches the length, width, and shape of your feet may actually matter as much as, if not more than, the cushioning that goes underneath them, says Geoffrey Gray, D.P.T., founder, and director of research at Heeluxe.

On average, Under Armour shoes are far closer to the actual sizing listed online. A big issue with their competitors, such as Nike or Adidas, is that they’re primarily outsourced to other countries where they don’t have as strict of a size quality check.

Under Armour was founded in America, and even though they began by also putting HQ offices in other countries, they kept true to knowing that American shoppers are sick and tired of having to be so cautioned when shopping online. They’ve done an excellent job of keeping quality control on accurate sizing.

3. Price: A five thousand rupees doesn’t buy what it used to, especially when it comes to sports shoes. This price is no longer the top-of-the-line models from many brands, and their performance is often noticeably inferior to pricier alternatives. This is not the case with the Uner Armour – sports shoes that outperforms its price.

Under Armour sports shoes cost between ₹5k to ₹21k depending on the technologies implemented in the footwear. For those who are just starting with their fitness journey and are still in the stage of trying out what regimens will stick, purchasing a lower-priced footgear would probably be the practical move.

The Best

Although the Under Armour brand is relatively new, they are still able to bring a reliable but massive collection of sports shoes. It was extremely difficult to narrow it down because there’s just so much to love. Even when you take a look at the cons on some of their shoes, you’ll think, “Really? That’s it?” as we’re dealing with the best sports shoe brand.

Under Armour Hovr Infinite

Workhorse: Meet 2019 Runner’s World “Recommended” Award Winner

Best sports shoe brands in India


  • Extremely Durable
  • Price/Quality Ratio
  • UA’s Record Sensor™ technology
  • Fit Snugly


  • Break-In Required

Under Armour has embraced software more than most other shoemakers and has become a leader in connected kicks. The label has worked to meet increasing demands for performance and connectivity. 

Best sports shoe brands in India

For athletes, the company’s move into software has led Hovr Infinite to seamlessly integrate with tracker apps, which means easier access to stats and more feedback on your performance.

Where this shoe deviates from the Cadillac-type trainers mentioned earlier is in the upper construction. The Nimbus and Glycerin, in particular, utilize insanely plush materials—memory foam collars are extra cozy, and satiny linings feel soft against the skin. 

This shoe has a more standard, workhorse-like build. The ankle lining is a little scratchy, the heel counters a bit hard against the back of your heel. But the tongue is exceptionally padded to reduce any pressure on top of the foot, which is comfortably cradled by a two-layer engineered mesh upper. 

In 2018, Under Armour launched a proprietary cushioning platform called Hovr, which has now replaced the company’s older EVA-based Charged foam in many of its models. 

To make it, UA worked with Dow Chemical to create a new foam formula using olefin wax. The result was a more durable foam that hits the sweet spot between a cushioned ride, low weight, and a firm feeling at toe-off.

With a midsole thicker than early shoes that used Hovr, Infinite stands taller(6mm taller) but isn’t necessarily softer. It is cushy enough to let you comfortably run anything from short distances to 10 miles. The midsole is bouncing back and makes you run smoothly mile after mile. 

best sports shoe brands in India

A sensor is embedded (the shoe comes with it whether you use it or not) in the midsole—don’t sweat, you won’t feel it at all—and tracks your run data like speed, distance, cadence, and stride length, sharing that data with Under Armour’s online platform Map My Run.

The Infinite follows suit, with a slew of thick rectangular pods underfoot. They’re connected laterally (side to side) for structure and support, but have deep grooves running across the shoe to help the forefoot remain flexible. All that added rubber can make a shoe heavy. 

The reason is you’re putting a lot of force and abuse into the shoe over long runs, so the sole should stand up to heavy use such as a marathon training cycle. Overall, Under Armour HOVR Infinite is a workhorse that can be in your training line-up for a more prolonged time. 

There are no grooves splitting the outsole into different sections; an entire surface is just a dense group of raised lugs. Slightly raised ridges and grooves that provide a surprising amount of traction for their minimal appearance. Overall, If you have a wallet for a dedicated running shoe and only the best will – Grab your New Balance Zante Pursuit HERE


“The Under Armour HOVR Infinite was favorably accepted by the majority of its users. Positive reviews surround the shoe, mostly regarding its functionality and construction.

The Under Armour HOVR Infinite is a comfortable, everyday shoe that can handle short to medium distances. It offers good energy return with a solid, secure fit.

Run Long in Under Armour’s New Plush Trainer, the Hovr Infinite Using more Hovr foam than before, this high-mileage shoe is built for marathon training.

Bottom Line

From their innovative and attractive designs to their quality materials and patented features, Under Armour works hard to create shoes that are truly made for athletes. They use only the strongest materials to create durability and a strong, yet lightweight feel. Under Armour truly wants your feet to feel comfortable and protected no matter where or how you play.


Best sports shoe brands in India


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Durable
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Technology Therein
  • No Break-In Required


  • No Cons 

Big names, over the years, built a reputation for the quality and design of their sports shoes. So such brand loyalty translates into a premium that they’re able to extract from the customers who are unwilling to switch out their ecosystem.

Consumers are scared off by shoes of relatively new or lesser-known brands because its price is relatively affordable. After all, doesn’t a cheap price equate to cheap quality? Well, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. 

Luckily with Xtep – it doesn’t. Xtep sports shoe lineup reveals a few (pleasant) surprises; some of these budget shoes use tech and components found in more expensive models.

Xtep is a fairly popular shoe brand and it’s reviewed often in the sportswear space. For the construction, we think that they are generally pretty solid. If you are more in the market for that kind of budget-friendly good-quality sports shoes, they may be an option for you. 

Here Is Xtep’s Fascinating Story

Founded by the 49-year-old Ding Shui Po, who is also the chairman and chief executive officer of Xtep, the company was first established in 1999, as an original equipment manufacturer for international sports manufacturers. It then started its sportswear brand in 2002. The company was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 3 June 2008.

Mr. Ding has over 30 years of experience in the sportswear industry and is primarily responsible for the overall corporate strategies, planning, and business development of the Group.

 In 2019, Xtep has further diversified its brand portfolio which now includes four international brands, namely K-Swiss, Palladium, and Merrell. 

In the same year, Xtep entered into a joint venture agreement with Wolverine World Wide Inc. Partnership involve growing Merrell and Saucony products in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

That agreement adds Saucony (the top four most sought-after running shoe brands in the world) to the Xtep brand portfolio. 

Today, Xtep is a leading professional sportswear brand with an extensive distribution network of over 6,100 stores covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the PRC and overseas.

Why Xtep Should Be Your Go-To Brand?

Trust is critical to any relationship. Of course, trust is essential between you and the label in which you’re about to invest. So why you should splash your hard-earned dinero on a relatively newer name – Xtep. Here are some solid reasons that favor our claims. 

1. Price/Quality Ratio: When looking for the best sports shoes to buy online, you often try to stick to a particular budget. Overall, most people tend to aim for a budget of around ₹2k to ₹3k as it offers a relatively decent mid-range selection.

But what if you’ll find some premium features in this price range. Stating that a sub-₹2k to ₹3k sports shoe offers premium quality may sound like a bold claim. However, Xtep has achieved just that. A label that won’t compromise performance and quality for the price.

2. Technology: Generally, moving affordable can drag you away from the perks of Higher-end sports shoes, primarily technological aspects. Innovative step-down is a telltale sign of their low price. Innovations in athletic footwear have been regular occurrences since the 1970s, and Xtep is no exception. Xtep uses several(+21) different technologies to maximize comfort and durability. 

Xtep has begun to release their own special foam/carbon fiber plated marathon racers. At the end of 2019, they released a marathon racing shoe called the 160X. A mesh version was originally present, a pair of the new knit version, which seems to be following the trajectory of the Nike Vaporfly series.

The Best

Now across history, produced some really dope sports shoes when it comes to the Xtep brand, and we’ve narrowed it down to Just Two. And trust us when we say – it was not easy At All. Enough of the delaying, let’s get right to it. 

Xtep Dynamic Foam Flex Sports Shoe

Holds Every Ingredient Of High-End Sports Shoe; Except Price!

Best sports shoe brands in India


  • Price
  • Versatility
  • Responsive 
  • Durability
  • Snug Fit 


  • Break-In Required

While some of the best sports shoe brands in India may lack the extra features of their pricier counterparts, Xtep Dynamic Flex-Foam sports shoes still provide a smooth and comfortable ride with all the basics you’ll need to put your best foot forward.

This shoe sits comfortably and proudly in the role of their lower-priced, younger cousin. Xtep Dynamic Foam gives athletes an affordable, trusted, specialist sports shoe with high cushioning for long runs and daily training.

On the foot, the shoe feels much more padded, structured, and supportive, both in the sole and the upper. The insole wraps up around the foot to cushion and protect in all directions and was comfortable straight away.

Best sports shoe brands in India

Xtep uses an ultra-soft rebounding formulation on the insole, so-called – The Dynamic Foam, to deliver extensive cushioning and responsiveness. For those athletes who prefer secure touch-downs and powerful push-offs – this one is for you.  

Its structure—a single layer of thin rubber arranged in a honeycomb pattern—makes it incredibly strong. This pattern maximizes the number of edges and surface area for outstanding slip resistance.

The molded heel has a deep pocket and wraps comfortably up the back of your foot to eliminate any unwanted movement. One-piece jacquard weave makes it soft and lightweight. 

According to pressure distribution, The Mesh Upper, with a three-dimensional double-layer knitting technology and different sizes of holes, is employed to release heat. TPU surround 270 degrees to ensure stable landing. 

On the other hand, the shoe felt premium. Materials were of good quality and seemed durable but light considering the excess of foam and rubber. Given its exceptional comfort and plush feel, testers were also shocked the Dynamic Foam FLex had a price tag of ₹2.5k. 

Bottom Line

Some athletes care a lot about Price. But scrolling down to cheaper sports shoes may take you away from perks of their pricier counterparts, Xtep still provide a smooth and comfortable ride with all the basics you’ll need to put your best foot forward. If you’re on a budget, but still looking for some heat in your next pair of sports shoe – raise your hands for Xtep.


Best Sports Shoe Brands In India


  • Affordable 
  • Good Energy Return
  • Comfortable
  • Well Cushioned


  • Runs Narrow 

Asics is one of the leading Japanese players in the athletic footwear industry today. The company offers a wide range of shoes and has surged popularity over the years. Asics training shoes have been lauded by numerous fitness aficionados because they provide stability and cushioning for various types of workout regiments.

The label is one of the most world-renowned brands for athletes, and you rarely ever see marketing, commercials or advertisement for them; they’re a stalwart landmark of quality that need no introduction.

Here Is Asics’ Fascinating Story

In 1948, Kihachiro Onitsuka started his journey into the world of footwear inside his living room, where he was first manufacturing sneakers for schoolchildren. A year later, he expanded into producing basketball shoes, and has decided to start his own shoemaking company – the Onitsuka Co., Ltd. Back then, Onitsuka only had four employees and roughly 1000 dollars as capital.

As far as products are concerned, Onitsuka chose to craft basketball shoes because these were the most difficult to manufacture back in those days. His first pair of basketball shoes was released in 1950.

The first basketball shoes were followed by the release of their first volleyball shoes, and then tennis shoes, both of which happened in 1952. The remainder of the 1950s saw an influx of releases of various other athletic shoes, including ones for golf, gymnastics, dancing, wrestling, and skiing. Tiger Mark running shoes, in particular, made its way into the scene in 1957.

His business grew, and in 1977 he merged it with two other companies and began selling footwear in the United States. He also changed the company’s name to Asics, an acronym for the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” (a sound mind in a sound body).  

Today, with its motto intact, Asics Corporation anchors its mission to it, which is to develop to be the number one brand for the sports enthusiast. Asics strives to achieve this by ensuring that every product, concept, or idea will result in the best outcome – bringing harmony to the body and soul.

Why Asics Should Be Your Go-To Brand?

Does Asics deserve to be in your training line-up? First, ask yourself what you’re looking for in a sports shoe. Boil it down in any way – Asics hits home on all key factors that make it one of the Best Sports Shoe Brands In India.

1. Fit: There are a lot of different things that go into determining a good fit. Getting a new pair of a sports shoe with a Wrong Fit – Sucks. It’s literally one of the worst things that can happen when you get a new pair of shoes.

An Ultimate Fit Experience from Asics is Guaranteed. Usually, but not always, partnered with the FluidRide midsole tech is the FluidFit upper. This unique technology gives the mesh upper of the Asics running shoe improved responsiveness to the movements of the foot while retaining a comfortable fit.

The brand’s Heel Clutching System is a technique that gives Asics sports shoes an improved fit, especially at the heel area, by restricting displacement.

Asics take the Fit game one step further with its Custom-made running shoe facility. You can design your own Asics running shoes online according to your training plan. With Asics, you can perceive the Ultimate Fit Experience with shoes tailored for your own pair of feet.

2. Technologies: Some people would be surprised by the amount of technology that goes on inside an Asics Sport shoe. Asics in particular counts with a huge variety of technologies oriented to sports performance. They’re constantly on the hunt for new technologies, lighter and more compressible materials, greater absorption, and so on.

Each running shoe technology has the intention of making the user’s experience pleasant, efficient, and satisfying. We’ll give you some insight into specific technologies developed and used by Asics in their best sports shoes – Just gives an idea of what to look for.

#1.Gel Technology: The Gel is perhaps the most prominent technology created by the brand. Almost all of Asics sports shoes consist of Gel technology as one of the features. The Gel is a soft material inserted into the midsole of the running shoe, and it intends to absorb shock and protect the foot.

#2 Impact Guidance System: The Impact Guidance System, or the IGS for short, is a design philosophy that allows the Asics sports shoe to have dynamic and adaptive stability. Using the structure of the midsole, IGS enhances the foot’s gait cycle into a more natural one.

#3. Dynamic DuoMax: Seen mainly in Asics running shoes for overpronators, the Dynamic DuoMax is a wedge unit that works in reducing overpronation. This feature is partnered with a special, dual-density midsole foam – typically the FluidRIde – that maintains the stability of the runner. The combination results in a seamless heel-to-toe transition.

3. Material: While the technologies used in Asics running shoes are excellent in themselves, these features work their best when coupled with equally amazing elements that build fantastic, efficient sports footwear.

#1. AHAR: An acronym for Asics High Abrasion Rubber, the AHAR is an outsole material that gives the Asics sports shoe exceptional strength. Made of sturdy carbon rubber, the AHAR is usually strategically positioned in the high-wear areas of the shoe, such as the heel and forefoot, to make it durable and to protect it from wear and damage.

#2. Solyte: Another midsole component that is present in Asics sports shoes is the Solyte foam. This feature is made from resin, which is known for its shock-absorbent quality. Resin also possesses a strong foaming ability but not as heavy as the regular EVA sponge. Asics sports shoes that utilize the Solyte are guaranteed to be lightweight, and they also intend to absorb 20% more impact compared to other shoes with regular foams.

#3.Flytefoam: What makes Flytefoam unique is its adaptability – it caters to many types of athletes, as evidenced by its usage in a variety of Asics sports shoe models. Though some shoes have different features and structures than others, the Flytefoam benefits them all in one way or another: it could provide optimal comfort, a responsive ride, a stable platform, or a customized fit.

4. Affordability: When it comes to shoes, the price tag will always be a primary consideration for many people. This is because individuals want to get what they’re paying for, just like any other product. 

If it sounds like you, Asics would be your absolute Go-To place for affordable sports shoes. With Asics, you get Amazing and World Class sports shoes at a mind-blowing price range. They value your hard-earned Denaro.

The reason for that is simple and ASICS is very transparent about that – those shoes crafted in Asian countries. Asics has been training artisans out there to craft the shoe according to the real technique.

The Best

Asics got its start nearly 70 years ago, that’s enough to design shoe models that can literally blow anyone’s mind. With Tons of complex technologies, Tons of unique materials, and a huge range of options – Asics is the toughest one to pick from.

Asics Gel Cumulus 20

If You’re Looking For A Time-Tested Sports Shoe

Best sports shoe brands in india


  • Extremely Breathable
  • Premium Tech At A Standard Price
  • Durable


  • Break-In Required

When it comes to Asics, there are a lot of things that we liked quite a bit. But there is one range, in particular, that surprise us a little bit and that’s the Asics Gel-Cumulus range. This range checks a set of boxes that no other range (from any best sports shoe brands in India) we’ve ever tested – can claim to check.

In its 22 years of life, it has undergone major technology shifts and we’ll dig for the 20th iteration. After two decades as a go-to trainer for neutral-footed runners, the Cumulus 20 proves it can still surprise—while maintaining the quality that Asics enthusiasts expect.

The Cumulus 20 gets a dual-layered Flytefoam midsole over the Cumulus 19’s EVA foam stack. This foam is lighter and absorbs more shock when compared to standard EVA foam, due to “organic super fibers” that Asics says they put in the foam.

The Cumulus sports a layer of Gel cushioning in its midsole, absorbing shock better than foam alone. Asics concentrates the gel in both the heel and forefoot for smoother transitions and better protection through the entire gait cycle.

Now the Cumulus relies primarily on a vertical sole groove that guides the foot through the gait cycle and still offers more than enough support to the neutral runners.

Best sports shoe brands in India

The outsole of the shoe is a pretty standard layout of rubber outlining the heel leaving exposed form beneath the heel to reduce weight, and more arced patches of rubber beneath the forefoot for durability and traction.

Asics also employs the use of high carbon rubber in high wear areas of the shoe to improve the life of the shoe. The 20 gets a modified last which creates increased splay room for the toes, along with a comfortable forefoot fit.

Asics overhauled the upper with a stretchier jacquard mesh that breathes better than previous versions. The material also replaces several of the heavier plastic overlays that adorned the 19, in favor of a fit that adapts better to the foot. Overall, the Asics Gel-Cumulus 20 epitomizes the ethos of one of the best sports shoe brands in India.


“The various structural elements of the shoe have proven their efficiency, while the features have stayed functional. The Gel Cumulus 20 has proven its unwavering reliability.

Hobbyist to serious runners with neutral to underpronation seeking a stable show with proven technology would do well with these shoes.

Asics broke all the rules in its roaring 20th update to the Cumulus—and we couldn’t be happier about the improvements.

Bottom Line

If you’re a serious athlete or just someone who’s looking at taking up sports as a hobby, you will defiantly find a pair of Asics shoes to your liking. Whether you’re up for a running shoe or more of cross-training shoes, Asics has it all. And the best part is, this is a company that is dedicated to developing new technologies to make your game more comfortable and less stressful. No matter which of the Asics sports shoe you select to be in your training line-up – you are Bound To Be Satisfied. In the end, we are proud to have ASCIS in our list of Best Sports Shoe Brands In India.



  • Top Running Shoe Maker
  • Perfect Fit 
  • Super Breathable 3D Printed Upper
  • Flex Grooves For Natural Running Feel


  • Less Versatile 

What would happen if a brand did nothing else but design the entire product line around performance running (and walking) in mind?

Brooks is a 100-year-old company that has been making running shoes since 1977. In fact, it’s one of the few companies that produces only running shoes, which allows it to compete with much larger brands and pioneer key technologies.

The Seattle-based company’s sole focus on running helps create some of the best running shoes on the market today. From laid back everyday trainers to marathon shoes competing for podium spots, there’s a perfect pair of Brooks running shoes for every runner.

Here Is Brooks’ Fascinating Story

In the year 1914, John Brooks Goldenberg created Brooks Shoe Manufacturing Co., Inc. after he had purchased the Quaker Shoe Company. His brother, Michael, joined in a partnership, and for years they created footwear for specific activities, namely bathing and ballet.

In 1938, the company crafted the Pedicraft, an orthopedic shoe that was explicitly modeled for children. Moreover, the quick stop, the rubber stopping mechanism of rollerblades, was generated and patented by Brooks in the year 1944.

 The 1950s and ‘60s became years of restructuring and brainstorming as the Brooks Company desired to put its mark on the running category of sports. By the ‘70s, collaboration with expert running enthusiasts was in full swing. The first running shoe to utilize the now-standardized EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam, the Villanova, came out in 1975.

Brooks found its current home in Berkshire Hathaway in 2006. This transition gave rise to inventions that would significantly impact the efficacy and sustainability of the products within the brand’s banner.

Why Brooks Should Be Your Go-To Brand?

Brooks is a next level dedication to the running enthusiasts or the runners reading our article on best sports shoe brands in India. Unquestionably, the label wouldn’t be that appealing to the other corner people.

But for all the runners, here is why Brooks have a high possibility of finding their way into the consumer’s shoe-rack.

1. Produces Only Running Shoes: What would happen if a brand did nothing else but design the entire product line around performance running in mind? Adopting the said strategy would result in a brand such as Brooks.

It’s one of the few companies that produces only running shoes

Their large group of team members is always doing heavy-duty, in-depth biomechanical research to bring forth the most innovative features on the market. When it comes to running shoes – every small detail is important to the brand; any edge, curve or line you see on the design was created for a specific function, no matter how small it is.

2. Proprietary Technologies: Brooks is one of the leading innovators when it comes to technologies that grace running shoes. The label has pioneered a number of key technologies over the years. Its initial running model, the Villanova, was introduced in 1974 and was the first running shoe to use EVA foam— revolutionary technology at the time because it was both lighter and softer than other cushioning options.

Recently Brooks launched its GuideRails system, which is a new support feature designed to replace the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. GuideRails are raised strips around the inner and outer edges of the footbed that help keep your foot centered as you run.

The support feature is now found on several of the company’s shoes. All-in-all, it’s Brooks Proprietary technologies that go within its amazing shoes, makes it one of the Best sports shoe brands in India.

3. Quality Material: When it comes to a durable and high-quality running shoe, almost nothing is more important than the material. Not only will high-quality materials comfort and protect your feet, but they will also hold up to rough terrain, help your feet to breathe, and flex and conform to the shape of your feet.

And for Quality Material – Brooks gets the job done. The brand creates its footwear with a DNA midsole that adapts to the shape of your feet and the type of training you do. Also located in the midsole area, their footwear is equipped with a Guide Rail construction that allows the athlete to move freely in the joints and knees.

On the outside, the brand uses 3D fit print, a high-tech revolutionary process that adds structure to the uppers, using screen-print technology. Not only does it enhance the overall structure of the footwear, but it also adds flexibility and a lightweight feel.

On the outsole, TrailTack sticky rubber offers a better grip in both wet and dry conditions, and the shoe comes with a redesigned mudguard that blocks debris while also draining water. 

The Best

Wondering exactly which one is the best brooks sports shoe? While there are many things around the world that we could argue about, there is one thing that the vast majority of the world agrees on: “The Best” shoe from a brand that is making shoes in a specific niche for the last 100 years. Here is a shoe that we think worth your hard-earned dinero. 

Brooks Ghost 13

This Is All You Need To Step-Out The Door And Start Running – Daily

Best sports shoe brands in India


  • Luxurious Upper
  • No Break-in Required
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Softer Underfoot Feel 


  • Fast-Wearing Outsole Rubber

With the launch of The Brooks Ghost 13 – The battle of the daily trainers is now more fierce than ever before. A daily trainer is arguably the most important shoe in a runner’s shoe rotation because the bulk of their running is done in them.

It delivers everything you’ve come to expect from one of the best selling Brooks running shoes year after year. The Ghost is Brooks’s most popular everyday running shoe for a reason.

Best sports shoe brands in India

Although it is not the fastest or most cushioned model on the market, it’s the shoe that almost anyone can put on and feel comfortable running in, and thanks to an updated design, the new Brooks Ghost 13 is more comfortable than ever before.

And from the price point, The Ghost feels like it could cost at least ₹1.5k more than its sticker price because of the materials that Brooks uses and even though the Ghost is not Brooks’ most expensive neutral trainer.

To increase the softness in the forefoot, Brooks extended the plush DNA Loft foam throughout the full length of the shoe. It offers an easier ride than ever before, but it maintains the same do-anything attitude and accommodating fit that made it a stalwart in your stable of training shoes.

But if we dig a little deeper, The midsole of the Ghost 13 is a dual foam setup of DNA Loft on the lateral side and BioMogo on the medial side. The two foams are very similar in density so the ride is still very balanced and stable. And you wouldn’t feel any seam in between thanks to the co-molding process.

The 12mm heel-to-toe offset of the Ghost is more than the other daily trainers and is the perfect shoe for beginner runners who tend to strike on their rearfoot.

On the outsole of the Ghost 13 are two different rubbers: harder wearing rubber in the heel and softer blown rubber in the forefoot.

Even with the generous amount of rubber, it is not stiff because of the number of flex grooves providing flexibility in the perfect areas to match your natural foot motion.

Best sports shoe brands in India
Best sports shoe brands in India

Designers draped the Ghost 13 in an engineered mesh upper (which they are calling Air Mesh). The one-piece mesh wraps around the entire shoe seamlessly, which helps mitigate any hot spots or irritation that might develop.

It is smooth and pliable with some printed overlays throughout the midfoot, and it has a touch of stretch to help accommodate different foot shapes. The stiff internal heel counter does a good job of locking the heel in place.

Overall, it is a shoe that wouldn’t offer any aggressive supprises but is the most particle running shoe in the mold of daily-trainers. You will be proud of your purchasing skills with Ghost 13 as a masterpiece from one of the best sports shoe brands in India.

“If you want a comfortable, stylish, no-nonsense shoe for anything from marathon training, to gym workouts, to casual wear, the Brooks Ghost 13 is sure to please.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned marathon runner looking for a dependable trainer to eat up training miles, the Brooks Ghost 13 is a reliable option.

With a light feel and smooth ride, the Brooks Ghost 13 remains one of the best Brooks running shoes (and one of the best running shoes for beginners) you can find.

Bottom Line

Brooks has been the leader in athletic footwear for over 100 years for a reason – they get the needs of runners. The company consistently uses feedback from their customers to ensure they’re updating and upgrading their styles as per their customers’ wishes.

The brand has a number of unique specialized high-tech features only available in their shoes. All of their footwear is designed and built with their smart technology to offer athletes the right fit and function on every one of their runs.

Which Sports Shoe Brand Is Perfect For You?

Even after crawling over the Best Sports Shoe Brands In India, you still have TEN options to choose from.

You’ve got Nike, Adidas, New Balance and you’re trying to figure out Which one is the right brand for you.

Chaser, the purpose of this segment in our guide to Best Sports Shoe Brands In India is to Break-Out these brands and to explain to you the differences, so that you can figure out Which Sports Shoe Brand is Perfect For You.

The Athlete Skill Level

Undoubtedly, an athletes’ ability and experience range from brand new to professional. But you aren’t going to enjoy sports without a solid shoe, beginner or advance.

When you switch from beginner to an advance level athlete, you start developing your own playing style as well as start being more precise for your sports gear.

The more experienced you become, the more you may look for a specifically required characteristic within a shoe.

So if you’re just getting into it – it is better to rely on More General options than an Extremely Characterised one. Start with a Versatile Sport Shoe, let your body settle down with the physical activity. Once you get to know more about your playing technique- Boot to a more specific option according to the demand of your feet.

On the basis of overall shoe performance, Reebok is a great way to start things up. While there are so many Versatile Sports shoes on the market, only one brand is allowed to use CrossFit branding. Reebok CrossFit shoes are the official footwear of this world-renowned high-intensity fitness regimen and competitive sport, as well as its annual athletic competition.

Reebok’s Nano series has been a go-to for a while now. They’ll keep you firmly planted for weightlifting, give you enough responsiveness for short runs, and take enough of a beating that you can keep throwing them on for all your WODs.

 Reebok has made a step in the right direction with the long-awaited Nano 9. The wearers consider it an excellent evolution of the Nano 8. The brand takes the already successful model and brings its comfort, stability, and versatility to a new level. Both experts and enthusiasts applaud the balance between stability and cushioning which the Reebok Nano 9 offers.

The Shoe Fit

If you only consider one factor when selecting a Sports Shoe Brand, it should be how it fits. A Sport shoe that doesn’t fit right will not only make your playing experience painful, it could also lead to potential injury.

Proper fit is “The” most important determinant of the brand of whose Sports shoes you should be wearing on your feet.

Each brand has its own proprietary foot model, or “last,” so you’ll have better fit success if your foot is close to a particular brand’s last.

Every Brand can fit slightly different. The reason is that each brand has its own shoe last (A Plastic Mold which the shoe is formed around). Each Brand has its unique shape to the last, you’ll gonna find fit variations across the brands.

Experience different Brands to hit the perfect fit as it’s very important to maximize Comfort and Performance, avoid any irritations and excessive friction that can affect the durability of your sports shoes.

Size Of Your Wallet

Of course, we worry about your hard-earned Dinero. Your wallet gonna call out certain Brands for being overpriced or better being it super strong with some affordable options. In short, put your mouth – where your money is.

When it comes to Sports Shoes, a higher price tag usually correlates with more technology and comfort features, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive shoes in order to enjoy your game.

Which Sports Shoe Brand Is Right For You, you really have to start for with the Price Point because let’s be honest, that’s where we all begin.

Prices of the shoe deviate from Brand to Brand. Labels like Reebok, Fila or Puma play on a bit more affordable side while Brands like Nike, New Balance or Skechers can convince us to pay the hefty price.

So How Much You’re Willing to Pay For A Sports Shoe – Will definitely let you know On which brands you should put your hands on. We know you might just be using price as your only indicator of Quality…

… Just because you’re buying the most expensive shoe doesn’t mean it’s going to excel at all the mechanical properties.

What you value in that particular sports shoe brand is going to be different for different people, and you might be prepared to pay for certain things that other people might not.

But the price is not going to dictate the total functional characteristics of a particular shoe. Maybe not the cheapest shoe is always the worst. Sometimes you don’t have to pay that much to get the same Performance.

The truth is that the word Expensive is totally Subjective. What I think is expensive – you might not think is so Bad. But we all favor paying less. So when it comes to Sports Shoes, there are three different ways by which you can get the best bang for your buck.

#1. Look For Previous Iteration Of The Model: Picking Cost-efficient older models that are often on sales where you can find a good deal is the best way to put your hands on quality without hitting your bank account.

#2. Look Around For Different Color Schemes: Oftentimes color schemes that are not doing that well in the market are placed in a lower price segment.

#3. Look At Different Outlets: Explore multiple sources like e-commerce websites, retail outlets becasue a lot of different souces have different sales at different times and its always worth exploring before pulling the trigger on any one model.

Let Your Sport Choose.

When it comes to Best Sports Shoe Brands In India, we never run out of the options out there. In fact, there are tons of Amazing Brands serving day and night to guard your feet when you’re in Action.

But for picking One Brand for you seems Extremely Simple when you switch to Sports Specification. The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society recommends that the type of shoe you choose should depend on the sport you are most active in.

If you perform a certain type of exercise three times a week or more, choose a corresponding sports shoe.

One Simple Hack helps you narrow down your decision, as there are Brands that dominates in a particular type of sport.

Best Sports Shoe Brands In India

For instance, You’re looking for an amazing pair of Cricket Shoes, but surprisingly, the above-mentioned Brands are Not Super Amazing For Cricket.

But when we dig a little bit deeper, Kookaburra and Callaway are Brands that are going Great Guns in Cricket.

It’s an indisputable fact that choosing a Shoe Brand becomes Ten Times easier when you run for a particular sport, as not every sports shoe brand is a specialist in designing shoes for every game.

Unquestionably, Each Brand Desing shoes for too many sports. But in one or two sports, a label has its own set of innovative technologies that drag it out of the crowd. So to get the right shoe – Be Sports Precise.

Signs Of Quality Sports Shoe

So you’re buying a pair of sports shoes and believe me – you are going to Invest a Little Bit Money if you’re willing to get Quality Sport shoe, so you need to know What To Look For.

If you don’t know what to look for, chances are you’re probably just gonna be using PRICE as an indicator and if that’s all you’re looking at chances are you’re gonna Overpay.

If you know what you’re looking for or How to spot Quality – you can find some incredible deals. You can also spot shoes that are totally overpriced.

Upper Of The Shoe

To get things started, it’s helpful to understand the purpose of each element of a sports shoe and how even the slightest differentiation may affect your experience.

Upper is the top part of the shoe that holds the foot in place. It sets the breathability, protection, and stability of the shoe.

Best Sport Shoe Brands In India

Traditionally made with layers of fabrics and mesh sewn and glued together, modern models increasingly use knitting and printing to create one-piece uppers that stretch or support at appropriate places.

Another important part of the shoe upper is the toe box, which houses your toes and allows them to send force forward. If the toe box feels tight and you often end up with blisters around your toenails, you would likely benefit from wide-fit shoes that offer a wider toe box.

The Upper will be reinforced by a Rubber TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and Brands will use it in different areas to serve different purposes. Which eventually grants a little sort of extra support and will Block your feet in.

The materials and areas where TPU is used – play a large part in determining the lifespan of your sports shoe.

Undoubtedly, we are moving towards somewhat modern Uppers like Knit. Knit Upper has a Sock-Like feel to them so they are Extremely Comfortable right out of the box, they do not require any break-in.

The switch is a relatively small one, but it makes a big difference. It makes the shoe feel more comfortable on your foot, and it adds a laid-back element to an already low-key shoe.

What to look for: There isn’t any one-size-fits-all when it comes to what’s Best. What is Best is going to be based on your needs and what you’re looking for in a shoe.

Breathability and Durability can not live Hand-In-Hand. You’re gonna sacrifice a little bit of breathability for durability and simply due to thicker material that’s often gonna come with more durable shoes compare to more lighter and maneuverable material of more breathable shoes.

An upper that is shaped like your foot and smooth wherever it touches, not binding or chafing anywhere. Make sure to give your toes enough wiggle room and have enough space to swell on warm days.


This is where all the magic happens, the midsole is the part of the shoe where the cushioning technologies are located. A panel of foam between the upper and the outsole.

The material in the midsole is usually a type of foam, typically EVA or polyurethane, that helps absorb the impacts as your feet strike the ground.

Boost. Air. Gel. All mainstays in the sports shoe cushioning world. Add in React, Hovr, Ignite, Fresh Foam and plenty of shoe companies have embraced a new approach to cushioning your playing experience.

From maximally cushioned midsoles to ones with no cushion, how thick or firm the midsoles below your feet is a matter of personal preference.

All in all – Nike has the most versatile lineup of cushioning options on the market. Nike trying something different for the millionth time.

Admittedly the most noticeable (and marketed) feature of Recent Nike Joyride Run Flyknit is the midsole, or more like it is filled with beads that apparently distribute impact energy more evenly and provide sublime-cushioning for runners on all levels.

What to look for: Midsole is an Incredibly Important part for the Sports Shoe because it’s a Make-or-Break between stability and functionality and that’s going to be based on your need.

When you want Stability, look for more High-density foam (Less Compressible), TPU layers and rubber that kind of wraps up from the outsole.

And then for more Functionality, Casual Workout or Day-To-Day comfort – look for more foam-based midsole.

Heel Support

A semi-rigid cup layered inside the rearfoot that cradles and supports your heel. Some shoes have an external heel wrap that serves a similar function while minimalist shoes have eliminated the heel counter to allow full freedom of movement.

Heel support is huge for many athletes in need of a stable shoe to provide support under heavy lifts and jumps. Similar to a shoe’s outsole and midsole, each type of heel will contain different traits to indicate if a shoe is better for stability or comfort.  

What to look for: We gonna give you a couple of ideas of what to look for if you want stability versus comfort.

If your goal is for finding stability in a heel look for things with a more integrated heel cup or heel clips within it, which provide a little bit more support around the ankle and under the malleolus.

It can be Plastic heel clips or heel cups these are often good indicators that the heel is gonna be stable.

And if your goal is comfort – look for shoes with more of a bootie design or more thicker heel. These going to fit more like a sock and be a little more comfortable but definitely will not provide the same level of stability.

Whatever the case is either you prefer stability or comfort – make sure heel allows a comfortable ankle motion.


Traction is essential and is massively depends on the Outsole of the shoe. The outsole provides traction and contributes to how soft or firm the shoe “rides” as well as its torsional rigidity and flexibility.

best Sports Shoe brands in India

Midsole or Upper are major selling points and points of competition between sports shoe brands in India. But such terminology can only take a shoe so far, and how these materials perform out on a run is, quite literally, depends where the shoe meets the surface – Outsole.

What to look for: The outsole is important for sports shoes for Two main reasons – Stability and Gripping Multiple Surfaces or providing more of a reactive step.

If your goal is stability and performance, then look for sports shoes with rubber outsoles. Typically, the more stable sports shoes will also have the word “TPU” somewhere in their construction specifications, too. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU itself will probably not be on the bottom of the shoe, it’ll come more in a type of layer close to the outsole. That’s a good indicator that shoes will very stable under heavy movements.

But for functionality and comfort, its something with more foam-based outsole. These shoes will typically have the most cushion and give to them, which makes them great for lighter workouts and comfort.

If you do not have any particular intention, then look for Materials that provide adequate traction and durability without adding excess weight or stiffness, and for a footprint shape that matches yours and gives you the desired level of stability underfoot.

Get A Good Shoe Fit

The outsole, midsole, carbon fiber plates, minimalist or maximalist – we love to discuss and debate the latest sports shoe types and features. But how well a shoe matches the length, width, and shape of your feet may actually matter as much as, if not more than, the cushioning that goes underneath them.

Proper fit is ‘The’ most important determinant of Quality of Sports Shoes. Choosing the right size is very important in order to maximize comfort and performance. Those who engage in a variety of training activities understand the importance of shoes that fit properly.

Nothing beats trying on shoes in person to get a feel for how they fit. However, to fully understand the elements that make a shoe fit like a glove is an entirely different matter. The fit does depend on a few universally accepted factors.

Best Sports Shoe brands in India

What to look for: As for the heel and the upper, they need to feel snug and comfortably tight (but not too tight). The shoe mustn’t slip as you walk or feel oddly discomforting in certain places. There are some tests that you can perform on the spot to check the fit.

Walk around in the shoes and jog in place to determine the comfort and rigidity. It might look odd, but it doesn’t hurt to mimic some of the motions you’d do in the gym to see how the shoes handle them. If possible, try walking on different surfaces – tiles, carpet, etc.

It should also have a roomy toe box to let the toes spread out during jumps and heavy weightlifting. Proper lacing is another key element that influences the way sports shoes fit. When laced up, the lace holes should be about an inch apart, or it’ll be difficult to adjust the laces. In addition, each shoe needs to be able to bend easily without any apparent rubbing or tightness.

If you are buying online, make sure to only buy from a store that has a liberal return policy, so you wouldn’t have to worry if you need to send them back for refund or exchange.

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