Top Shoe Brands In India | Top Quality | 2020 Edition

These Top Shoe Brands In India are the hallmark of Comfort, Quality and Luxury. And will help you build a Versatile and Sexy Wardrobe.

In this guide, we have a separate segment where we assist you to spot one brand that is perfect for you, for the right look and all in your fancied budget.

Eventually, to make sure that you invest in a Hundred Percent Authentic Branded Shoe, we’re gonna walk you through – How To Spot Fake Shoes – step-by-step.

So let’s kick things off with the list of Top 10 Shoe Brands In India…

Top Shoe Brands In India

In the search of best shoe brands in India, we stumble on some big brands who are making millions by selling some kind of Plastic Shoes at the price of Gold. So make sure your next pair of formal shoes must be from these formal shoe brands.

Anything else and you could ruin the sense of luxury you are trying to obtain or may overpay.

  1. Reebok
  2. Adidas
  3. Nike
  4. Puma
  5. Bata
  6. Woodland
  7. Vans
  8. Hush Puppies
  9. Fila
  10. Clarks


top shoe brand in India
  • Multifunction Shoes
  • Not too hot on the wallet
  • Shoes don’t require a break-in period.
  • Comfortable 
  • Durable 

  • Comparatively less arch support.
  • Narrow forefoot section

Reebok has been a global brand for decades. They’re one of the oldest athletic footwear and apparel companies. From track spikes to step aerobics to award-winning foam-based shoes, Reebok has a long history of innovation.

A Little History

The company that would later become Reebok began as teenage tinkering: In 1895, Joseph William Foster started making shoes in his bedroom in Bolton, England. He developed some of the first running spikes, and soon opened a factory called Olympic Works to meet growing demand from athletes for his renowned “running pumps.”

In the 1980s, it was neither Nike nor Adidas that controlled the plurality of the market. Rather, the sneaker world took cues from a sneaker company that few would—today—consider to be a “sneaker war” titan: Reebok.

In 2005, Reebok was acquired by Adidas, in a bid by the German company to mount a two-pronged challenge against Nike. The company currently bringing in 1.8 billion dollars in revenues each year.

Why Reebok?

Globally, the shoe and athletic apparel market are dominated by two major companies – Nike and Adidas. Then Why So Much Love For Reebok?

Come on, the question it begs an answer. So we went out there did the research and come with ONE SOLID reason why you should go up with REEBOK.

A lot of people include Reebok in their collection because it’s widely known as an All-Around Shoe.

For instance – Whether you’re looking for Reebok women’s running shoes or Reebok men’s running shoes, you will find a pair that best fits all your athletic needs (Running, CrossFit, Workout…).

A versatile shoe at a decent price point makes Reebok the unchallenged market leader in the Indian Sports Shoes Industry. In fact, Reebok holds a 46% market share in India. Here is how explain such a massive number:

Reebok has made its way into so many Indian households is because Reebok shoes are relatively more affordable than the other reputed brands. Indians, especially those in the middle class, are conscious about the price.

Quality is Expensive – we all know it. And a quality product holds a worldwide recognized label – then it’s even more expensive. But with Reebok, you’ll get a Quality shoe that carries an extremely popular logo and very decent price tag.

“Reebok is the 14th most popular clothing & footwear brand and the 10th most famous. Reebok is described by fans as: Good quality, Reliable, Good value for money, Well made and Cool.

The Best

If you’re looking for a good pair Reeboks but have no idea where to begin, we present you one shoe that clicks in when it’s about Reebok. Most of the fitness experts awarded it as the Best Cross Training Shoes EVER!

Reebok was one of the first and foremost names when it comes to CrossFit gear and shoes.
Top shoe brands in India

Reebok’s Nano series of shoes have been the CrossFit shoe of choice by many athletes for over nine years.

These pairs are not just everyday workout shoes, they are engineered to be used for CrossFit specifically, using special technologies that were created based on the physical demands of the workouts and the inputs of the CrossFit athletes and the close-knit community. 

It also won the loyalty of numerous purchasers with its comfortable fit, lightweight and flexible nature, durable materials, and ability to withstand all sorts of exercises involved in a CrossFit regimen.

Bottom Line

Reebok has been a trusted brand of athletes since the early 1950s. They innovate with new technologies, in order to keep pro-athletes in the best condition possible, with the specially engineered midsole and insole.


adidas logo
  • Boldest innovative shoes
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Decent responsiveness
  • Durable 
  • Value for money

  • Some models Can feel too tight
  • Difficult to tighten the toe box in the speed lace system

With its prominent presence in the fashion and sports scenes, it is no doubt that Adidas is one of the most iconic and highly sought-after footwear brands today.

Its signature Three Stripes may be as ubiquitous as other athletic footwear brands such as Nike, Reebok, Puma, or New Balance among many others, but it stands out for its rich history and influence in sports, music industry, sneaker culture, and its subcultures.

A Little History

It’s pretty well known that it all started as a family business when two brothers may choose in their mother’s kitchen in a small town in Germany after world war 1.

But the brothers Rudi and Adi Dazzlers got into an argument during an air raid in world war 2. And so the company split up. Rudi Dazzler went on to start the shoe company known today as PUMA.

Adi Dazzler named his company Adidas (from the first three letters of his name) and focused on technical innovations and sponsorships. Brand end up revolutionizing shoe designs for a variety of sports.

Over time their fame trickled down from professional sports into everyday life.

Currently, The company produces more than 900 million sports and lifestyle products with net sales amounted to about 21.92 billion euros. In 2018, about 409 million pairs of shoes were produced globally by the Adidas Group. In 2019 Adidas expects to make 11 million pairs of shoes with ocean plastic.

Why Adidas?

Let’s be honest – It’s not just people that wear Adidas shoes that make it a great brand. It’s the shoes themselves.

There are TONS of reason to elucidate that Adidas should be on your checklist.

Footwear Technologies: Adidas never comes last in terms of shoe technology. In fact, their innovations have garnered their models’ prestigious awards in the past. Old technologies are constantly developed and fused in their new models, from the upper to the outsole.

Upper technologies include the GeoFit technology, ClimaLite technology, Gore-Tex technology, HUG System and Ortholite technology. Midsole parts include the Phylon, Phylite, EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) and the Polyurethane material. These are further improved by cushioning technologies such as the Boost technology and Bounce technology.

Popularity: Adidas’ long-standing presence in the shoe industry and dedication to improving their performance line make them deserve the recognition.

Their staggering numbers alone are the testaments that Adidas is one of the top shoe brands in the world. Adidas is the 4th most popular clothing & footwear brand and the 2nd most famous.

Through the years, Adidas’ shoes were included in prestigious lists of shoes, such as Runner’s World’s “Best Running Shoes” and T3’s “Best Marathon Shoes.” Adidas continues to manufacture the best performance footwear, so expect to see their models in future lists of the best.

Pricing: Adidas shoes are considered to be some of the most reasonable footwear options on the market. Their performance line does not disappoint in keeping their customers happy, from the casual enthusiast for paring with a new outfit, to the professional athletes who hit the track a few times in a week.

The Best

Picking up one shoe from the Adidas’ gobs of shoe models was Really Really Hard. There quite a few solid drops over from Adidas in the past few years. So instead of “The Best” it’s ampler to call it “One Of The Best“.

When it comes to sneakers there are a TON of directions you can go. But when it comes to looking towards the future – Adidas might be the farthest ahead in the Game Right Now and everyone else is playing catch-up.

Top shoe brands in India

Adidas (once again) is working to get ahead of the curve with some of their new sneakers. Starting with PHARRELL WILLIAMS 4D SHOES.

There are so many exciting elements in this shoe but one that outstanding is its 4D midsole.

ADIDAS 4D is a high-performance midsole crafted with light and oxygen using Digital Light Synthesis™ technology. Made to support multi-directional movement during cross-training, the Pharrell Williams 4D silhouette features a flexible, yet supportive, Primeknit upper. Meanwhile, the ADIDAS 4D technology offers a snappy ride with more comfort, cushioning, and stability.

Bottom Line

With its prominent and well-established presence in streetwear shoes and the fusing of fashion with the sportswear scenes via its high profile celebrity collaboration, Adidas has established itself as one of the most iconic and influential shoe brands in India.


top shoe brands in india
  • Best Quality
  • Amazingly comfortable shoe
  • Style Icon
  • Versatile shoes 
  • Excellent support
  • Lightweight footwear

  • Expensive 
  • Highly counterfeited 

Chances are you have a pair of Nike sneakers sitting in your closet Right Now. Nike’s iconic Swoosh logo and JUST DO IT slogan is pretty much universally known, no matter what language you speak.

Nike has been at the top of the sportswear industry for decades – and practically Untouchable. Thanks to a couple of key business strategies – Controversial Advertising, The Air Jordan, and Exclusive Contract with some of the biggest sports leagues.

A Little History

In just over 50 years, one man’s dream of better shoes turned into a global corporation worth over $139.2 Billion.

Nike was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman (a track-and-field at the University of Oregon) and Phil Knight(Bill Bowerman’s former student). The company was renamed Nike, Inc., in 1978 and went public two years later. Nike has spread its product reach to most countries of the world and operates via headquarters based at Beaverton, Oregon, United States. 

It all started with the creation of the Waffle outsole. First seen on the 1974 Nike Waffle Trainer, it was heralded for its superior grip and traction. While we still see the Waffle Outsole on current Nike sneaker models, it has been updated in many ways.

While the brand started as an athletic footwear company known for its high-performance kicks, Nike soon gained a cult following. Nike sneakers, now desired not only by professional athletes but also by ordinary consumers, are seen as a must-have on every closet.

Why Nike?

Nike is known for having a user base that’s very loyal and enthusiastic about their products. But there is an equally enthusiastic hatred toward Nike from other people in the footwear community, who have trouble understanding why anyone would choose Nike over any other shoe brand.

Let’s face it – Nike shoes have never been cheap. They are definitely pricy. There are rather weighty reasons for how Nike convinces us to pay the hefty price.

Focus on User Experience: For years, Nike has put consumers in the spotlight. Meeting their needs and satisfying their demands are of utmost importance. With this said, it is but ordinary for the brand to ensure that their fans are pleased with their products as well as their online, mobile and in-store services.

25 Pair of Nike Shoes are sold Every – Fantastic user experience is the number one reason people are purchasing Nike shoes like there is no tomorrow.

Powerful Marketing Strategies: Nike uses psychographic segmentation variables to make its offerings more attractive to the target customers. This brand would not have achieved success without its compelling marketing campaigns. In the 1980s, Nike lost its shine to Reebok. It was then that they realized how essential “Demand Creation” strategies are in maintaining and improving their status.

Since then, they’ve invested time, effort and huge amounts of money on Memorable Slogan, Sports Sponsorship, Athlete Promoters, and Celebrity Endorsements.

Strong Brand Identity: For a consumer to recognize a brand instantly, the company has to be able to establish a clear-cut identity. Nike did this by sending a consistent message over the years. This was done, not just through their name and logo, but also through the performance of their products.

In the popular shoe brands list, Nike is the 7th most popular clothing & footwear brand and the most famous. In fact,75 percent of all Nike shoes and apparel now contain some recycled material.

The Best

Undoubtedly, there’re a lot of shoes to cover. But we’re going to limit it to one shoe that stands head and shoulders above them all and pictures ingredients for what Nike is known for.

Nike, on its quest to make footwear better, sleeker and fully optimized to meet the needs of any athlete, released its latest shoe innovation this year, the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit. Inside the shoe is where things get interesting.  

Admittedly the most noticeable (and marketed) feature of the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit is the midsole, or more like it is filled with beads that apparently distribute impact energy more evenly and provide sublime-cushioning for runners on all levels.

Nike tried 150 different materials to find the perfect beads. Where these shoes really start to shine is when you run. For most people, your foot strike changes when you pick up the pace — rather than heel striking, you land on the balls of your feet and bounce forward.

Joyride felt amazing at this pace — a great combination of bouncy and lightweight that made me feel like I was flying. The shoes had a noticeable springy feel at the ball of my foot that made it easier to get to the next step. 

Bottom Line

Nike has a long track record of world-beating performance footwear as well as technological innovation (Flyknit uppers and NikeID personalization in the last decade). More than that, Nike knows how to create products that live up to their considerable hype. It has more icons in its back catalog than any other sneaker brand.


  • Huge selection of shoes
  • A fusion of fashion and functionality 
  • Timeless look
  • Renders adequate comfort and support
  • Durable
  • Customizable lacing system

  • Break-in Period.
  • In some models – the mid-foot area was a bit narrow. 

Puma has known the world over for its high-performance sports shoes as well as their more lifestyle-oriented athletic footwear. PUMA has relentlessly pushed sport and culture forward by creating fast products for the fastest man on Earth – Usain Bolt.

Of course, Puma helps me run faster. They design spikes for that purpose.

Usain Bolt – World’s Fastest Man

The company has created a very large selection of shoes to choose from. Their shoe design allows the user to be more specific about the types of needs for each activity.

A Little History

The bothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler started their own shoe factory in their parent’s home in 1924 with the name beneath Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. During this time, the two brothers encountered some issues and problems that led to the deterioration of their relationship. Because of this, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler decided to separate ways in 1948. As a result of their separation, two entities were formed, Puma and Adidas. Both shoe companies are headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

In 1967, the first-ever version of the well-known Puma cat logo was introduced. Gerd Dassler, son of Rudolf, had a friend whose name is Lutz Backes. Lutz was a caricaturist who designed the logo. He was offered to be paid a cent for every product sold with his designed logo.

The launch of PUMA’s SUPER ATOM in 1952 creates a stir. Rudolf Dassler collaborates with experts, such as West Germany’s national coach Sepp Herberger to develop the world’s first boot with screw-in studs. For PUMA, besides a successful product launch, it marks the beginning of our football heritage.

PUMA athlete Usain “Lightning” Bolt breaks his own 100m world record with an amazing time of 9.58 seconds at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin. A record, that even 10 years later has not been beaten. 

Why Puma?

The founding mantra of the Dassler Brothers was: “Our strength lies in the specialization”.  And that did not mean picking out a few sports to specialize in. Quite the contrary: From 1948 onwards, PUMA made shoes for every sport you can think of.

PUMA produced, among others, bowling shoes, shoes for javelin thrower, high jumper, and wrestler. In 1976, parachutist shoes belonged to the company’s portfolio. And PUMA was the leading producer for ice skates and also sold surf shoes and roller-skates. In total, this resulted in about 30 different sports for which PUMA made shoes.

To be able to produce so many different specialized shoes, Rudolf Dassler included professional athletes and their first-hand experience in the design and production process. Not just footballers, like other factories, did as well, but experts for every type of sport.

It’s not only the enormous selection of shoes that differentiate Puma from a lot of other players in the market. The label’s NETFIT is a customizable lacing system with at least five lacing options you can choose from – wide foot, narrow foot, stability, standard, and heel support.

The NETFIT from Puma also lets users create a fit that is customized entirely to their foot, allowing them to be creative as well. The shoe’s upper is covered with a netting where every hole can be laced according to your preference, providing versatility in terms of style and comfort.

The Best

Puma is one of the world’s leading sports brands, and its innovative offerings can now be found in over 120 countries. The label and its stylish sneakers are sure to help you perform at your best while looking your best. 

A prime example of this is the brand’s take on the Puma Suede Classic Shoe. Classic by name and undoubtedly Classic by design, they don’t come much more iconic than then this seminal shoe from the label. Loved and Worn by the whole world though.

Best Shoe Brands In India

Owning a pair of Puma Classics is almost like a rite of passage, so it’s little wonder that they are considered by many to be one of the most recognizable and quintessential Puma shoes.

If you love your fashion and your sports in equal measure, then these are the perfect sports-style shoes for you.

Literally, wear them with anything, they’re so effortlessly cool and versatile. Still as fresh today as they were back in 1968 when they were first introduced onto the sneaker scene.

Bottom Line

Puma makes a great addition to your footwear collection, as they mix stylish fashion sense with the comfort of a sneaker, and can really be worn with nearly any kind of attire.

Their shoe designs allow the user to be more specific about the types of need for each activity. Once you can specify what the use for the shoe is, you’ll be able to find a match much easier than you would with other shoe brands.


Top shoe brands in India
  • Not counterfeited
  • Inspire to grab new styles 
  • Affordable

  • Longevity Issues
  • Variation In Online and In-Store experience

Bata is, Undoubtedly, the most loved brand for every urban Indian. For all those who still perceive Bata as a fuddy-duddy school shoe brand could be in for a surprise if they visit one of the new age Bata stores that are sprawling 6,000 sq.ft. with over 20,000 styles of footwear.

The stores not just offer facilities such as shoe laundry and certified foot care specialists who offer medical pedicures, but also 3-D scanners that can scan one’s feet and customize a sole as per one’s fit.

A Little History

Bata is a company that has succeeded over the centuries. In fact, Bata is the oldest brand highlighted in our guide on Top Shoe Brands In India. The story of Bata begins on 24 August 1894 in the Moravian town of Zlín, Austria-Hungary (today the Czech Republic) by Tomáš Baťa with 10 full-time employees.  

Just after a few years, Tomáš was facing financial problems that push him to use canvas instead of leather (Common shoemaking material at that time) and that was a giant turning point for Bata. Canvas shoes became very popular and helped the company GROW. And from there, it’s no looking back – By 1912, Bata was employing 600+ full-time workers, plus another several hundred who worked out of their homes in neighboring villages.

Today Bata India is the largest retailer and leading manufacturer of footwear in India. Its retail network of over 1375 stores gives it a reach that no other footwear brand can match.

Bata is available in 650 cities in the country and it has been focussing on the franchisee and multi-brand store route to deepen its penetration, especially in tier-II and tier-III markets.

Why Bata?

We all know that Bata was the go-to brand for school shoes in our country. But you could be in for a surprise if you visit one of the new age Bata stores that are sprawling 6,000 sq.ft. with over 20,000 styles of footwear.

The company worked hard to reconnect with the country’s millennial generation, makes it the first choice for those who’re willing to try new things at HECK more affordable price.

Bata as a shoe brand is always known for its Comfort. However, to ensure their stability in the Indian market, they started moving up the style quotient along with the latest shoe categories for men, women, and children. So, if you walk into a Bata store to buy shoes today, you will be surprised to see the number of styles, designs, and patterns in shoes are available today.

The Best

So if you’ve chosen Bata as your regular Shoe Brand – It’s time to check out the available options.

TONS of options – You love options but maybe not this many options because you’ve got all these different types of shoes in front of you.

In fact, this is the same stuff happened to us when we recently visited a Bata Store. But we saw a jaw-dropping a piece of art at an Unbelievable Price. Gentlemen, its a Boot.

There is nothing in a male wardrobe that screams like an Assertive Pair of Boots. Gentlemen, wear casual Boots, women absolutely love them. I’m supporting this with a 2016 study at GQ Magazine. They actually did in-depth interviews with over two hundred women asking them what they look for in a man when it comes to style and grooming?

76% of women said they wanted to see a man wear Boots on a first date. So Boots are definitely having a moment Right Now. Bata’s Black Leather Boot is a total pack with an Amazing Quality at an Unbelievable Price Tag.

Top shoe Brands In India

What makes this Boots SO special?

The thing that makes Bata Boot shoe special is the Shoe Construction Technique Used. They’re not simply throwing the sole on the upper by an adhesive. Here the sole is Blake Stitched with the upper.

Gentlemen pay a closer look on to the mid-sole of the Boots, you’ll find stitching all around the mid-sole of the Boot.

A Blake Stitched Boot can cost up to $190 to $1500 when you move up to some higher-end Brands out there. Gentlemen, it’s a mind-blowing deal worth your Attention.

Bottom Line

Bata is the best value for money. If you know key things to look for in order to spot a Quality Shoe – then at Bata you can find an Incredible Deal.

The label allows you to play with styles and try them for a short period without feeling guilty that you have wasted a ton of money on them.  That way, it’s a small investment to experiment with a new style.


  • Not counterfeited
  • Inspire to grab new styles 
  • Affordable

  • Longevity Issues
  • Variation In Online and In-Store experience

Woodland’s position as a work culture shoe brand has lasted almost as long as premium Woodland Boots last. The manufacturer of some of the most durable and sturdy shoes for men, Woodland has had a presence in India for close to 25 years.

The Boot that made the company so popular is its first model G-0092. But now there’s a lot of interesting models out there that worth checking out.

A Little History

Undoubtedly, Woodland is the most iconic Boot Brand in India. But it all started in 1992, after the breakup of the USSR into independent states, Aero Club which is the parent company of Woodland could not ship its products to Russia anymore. Hence it introduced outdoor shoes for Indian customers under the brand label, ‘Woodland’.

The first hand-stitched leather shoe was launched, which took the entire shoe market by storm. Woodland was launched in 3 small stores in New Delhi at South Extension-2 and Connaught Place.

It is still strange to know the fact that Woodland captured the men’s casual shoe market in India with its range of boots. It was not until the late 90’s when the brand started to originally manufacture casual shoes.

Why Woodland?

Why all the love for Woodland Boots?

Gentlemen, we have to accept that Woodland is not like your general shoe brand. It’s a more functional piece than anything else. It is the spirit of adventure that defines Woodland. The label’s focus is on creating truly functional solutions for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.

That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t look Good in a Woodland Boot. If you have a sound pairing acquaintance – Functional pieces can also be fashionable. There is a middle ground between Fashion and Functionality and that’s where the sweet spot is for Woodland Boots.

They say footwear is the foundation of men’s wardrobe. I tend to agree especially when it comes to boots. A great looking stylish pair of Boots can really level up your style. So if you appreciate Boots, Do Not think beyond the Iconic Tree Logo.

The Best

Woodland Shoes and Boots have set the bar for others to clear for more than 25 years. The label’s commitment to quality material, design, and craftsmanship set them apart from the competition who often seems like they’re on a race to the bottom.

Woodland offers an array of different models and trying to reduce their outstanding footwear line to a mere best was one of the most difficult tasks we’ve lately.

Brown casual chunky sole boots crafted out of nubuck with lace-up details that give it a very trendy look. This boot will build up your feet, it makes you look more masculine.

They are sleeker than any other option out there. Easy to style with Elegant Brown which stands out depending on what you’re wearing.

The difference is you can actually dress them up a little bit more, so they’re more versatile in our opinion, which makes it, even more, easier to pull off in terms of matching them to a bunch of different outfits that you currently own. In our opinion, this beast from Woodland Definitely worth your attention.

Bottom Line

While most of the pioneers of Boots like Timberland and Caterpillar built their brand with their strong link with adventure sports, Woodland was able to set itself apart. The label created its foundation with the demands of the outdoors in mind. The unique culture and vision of the company firmly reflect on its products up to this day.


  • Synonyms for versatility
  • Sleek and clean design
  • Breathable shoes
  • They come in so many colors and designs
  • Comfortable
  • Under the Indian definition of Sneakers

  • Durability 

Whether you’re into skating, surfing, or simply roaming the streets in style, you’ll be able to appreciate Vans sneakers and their signature aesthetics.

Simple, cool and unconditionally comfortable, Vans shoes are a classic for a reason. The brand has been producing fashionable and practical footwear since the ’60s and won’t be stopping anytime soon.

A Little History

The history of the world’s most famous skateboarding shoe company started in 1966. But before the rise of the popular Vans sneakers, the story started with Paul Van Doren quitting school at 14. The eighth-grader was adamant at going back to school and instead ended up as a cleaner and erstwhile shoemaker at Randy’s, a US footwear maker.

While Paul worked his way up the company, he eventually became its Executive Vice-President at 34 years old as the company grows as a major shoe manufacturer in America.

He wanted to make his brand of shoes with the Van Doren Rubber Company. On March 16, 1966, Paul and his brother James Van Doren and business partners Gordon Lee and Serge D’Elia opened the first Vans sneakers factory retail store at 704 East Broadway in Anaheim, California.

 It is interesting to note, however, that Paul Van Doren and Gordon Lee forgot to have enough cash for change that the customers were told to get their shoes and return the following day to pay for their shoes. All 12 customers were able to come back the next morning and paid for the first pairs of Vans Authentic ever released.

Why Vans?

Over the years, Vans has earned itself a deserved reputation as the shoe brand of choice for alternative lifestyles. Its appeal is due in no small part to the simple styling, timeless appearance, modest pricing and, of course, plentiful color options offered by its designs.

Since the majority of Vans sneakers are of canvas and leather material, they are low-maintenance, accessible to style, and guarantees more flexibility and freedom of movement.  

Vans sneakers are known for their exceptional quality and remarkable craftsmanship that is coupled with tried and tested footwear manufacturing practices.

Vans has always offered people a way to add a dash of color and charisma to an outfit without breaking the bank.

The Best

The most popular Vans shoes are the classic skate shoes and casual Vans shoes, but there are more styles of Vans shoes available than ever before in 2020, ensuring that there’s something out there for everyone. Picking the best was really tough.

Top Shoe brands In India

Developing from the ultimate skating shoe into a mainstream sneaker must-have, Vans Authentic is instantly recognizable around the world.

A staple for every gent’s wardrobe, these sneakers are versatile and can be worn in countless ways.

All in all, a stylish design that never goes out of trend.  

Featuring a colorful canvas upper of your choice (180+) and a reliable rubber sole, these shoes are great for everyday use and can be worn in countless ways.

So, no matter what your style is, this killer Vans Authentic look out there for you.

Bottom Line

The great thing about Vans is the fact they are comfortable to wear and look great with just about any type of wardrobe destined for social life. The classic canvas upper and grippy Vulc sole has been around and stayed consistent for decades.

The lightweight and breathable materials of one of Vans’ iconic and bestselling shoe designs also make this budget-friendly kick worth considering for the next purchase.  

Hush Puppies

Top Shoe brands in India
  • Moisture-Wicking Lining
  • Water-Repelling Leather
  • Memory Foam and EVA comfort 
  • Wide size option

  • Narrow fit
  • Needs Breaking In

Let’s admit that the first time we saw the brand’s logo we weren’t sure exactly what they deliver, that puppy was a bit confusing.

A Hush Puppies dress shoe may look like an average men’s formal shoe, but these shoes are way more.

The Hush Puppies brand is marketed by a company called Wolverine World Wide, American footwear incorporation.

Wolverine World Wide secured the global license for footwear from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

A Little History

Hush Puppies were introduced to the industry at the National Shoe Fair in Chicago in October 1957. The reaction was immediate and overwhelming. Retailers flocked to the booth, intrigued by the casual lifestyle positioning, innovative styling, brushed suede uppers, and lightweight crepe soles. By mid-1959 the company had produced its first million pairs and by 1963 one-in-ten adults in the United States owned a pair of Hush Puppies.

By 1990, Hush Puppies became so popular that Mikail Gorbachev invited the brand to become the first American company to manufacture and sell footwear in the Soviet Union.

From the beginning, the revolutionary use of Scotchgard® leather protector, added during the tanning process, made Hush Puppies leather scuff, stain, and water-resistant and changed suede footwear forever.

Why Hush Puppies?

With over 17 million pairs of shoes sold every year in 150 countries around the world, Hush Puppies is a global brand, a household name, and a cultural icon.

In our opinion, As a general rule of thumb, if you need something that’s formal, for work, weddings, or otherwise – consider Hush Puppies.

To judge whether something is worth the investment is to know whether it is worth the price point, and we believe that Hush Puppies shoes are definitely worth the price, in most cases. Most of the time – you’ll not be going to hit the Diminishing Marginal Return.

 The extra cost you’re paying for your shoes, isn’t necessarily going towards the quality of the shoe, but with Hush Puppies majority of the money goes into quality instead of the label’s logo.

The important thing is that they are worth the investment, but they are primarily worth considering if you are looking for a new pair of formal shoes.  

The Best

Now that you’re officially invested in the topic of Hush Puppies shoes, we can continue on so you can see yourself exactly what kind of quality and styles they have to offer.

Top shoe brands in India

With this Brown Beauty, we have Tons of Options – from work to a fashionable lunch out with your friends. This Bad Boy has so many more options because you can mix it with other different fabrics.

So you want something that’s already going to work with your existing wardrobe, in our opinion, this is where it’s at.

The smooth leather outer material along with Blake Stich’s construction keeps the shoes durable for long and insanely comfortable right out of the box.

Bottom Line

Hush Puppies has options for everyone: male or female, casual or more polished, work-friendly, and weekend appropriate. The label has evolved since it’s starting to now include some quite fashionable flats and boots! But no matter what the style you choose, you are sure to have a comfortable ride in these shoes.


Top Shoe brands In India
  • Compliments are almost a guarantee
  • EVA Midsole
  • Unique Design
  • Excellent Everyday go-to shoe brand
  • More like Designer shoes

  • Runs narrow
  • Fits a bit snug 
  • Needs to be broken-in

Consistency, Affordability, and Comfort are what offered in by the 100-years-old Brand and over the past few decades, they have done nothing but Improve.

Fila is the iconic Italian fashion brand that has made its name in the sportswear industry in the 1970s. Today, it is best known for its athletic designs, including a variety of chunky sneakers and slides which are, again, at the height of their popularity.

A Little History

Fila was founded in 1911 in Biella, Italy located in the foothills of the Italian Alps. The Fila brothers’ business started with textile & knitwear.

In 1942, the company merged with the Fratelli Fila company. By 1972 had sales of over one billion lire (the basic monetary unit of Italy till 2002) and a total workforce of more than 250 people.

In 2001, Fila and Ferrari enter into a licensing and sponsorship agreement of the Ferrari Formula 1 team along with Michael Schumacher.

Why Fila?

FILA made somewhat of a reverse transition in the story of their history. Starting off just making footwear for the people of the Alps and the Mediterranean coast, it wasn’t until they moved into sportswear and the ‘illustrious lawns of Wimbledon’ that they reached global recognition for their work.

They see themselves as one of sports only designer men’s shoe brands, and as a result, try particularly hard to create and produce shoes that people can be confident investing in.

Consider this, if you’re a brand, and trying to portray yourself in a particular way, you would not risk jeopardizing that by launching a pair of shoes that are of poor quality, poor durability, or low levels of comfort. Instead, you would be pushing for your shoes to be better and better each year, and we believe that is the approach that FILA takes.

Even though they are more focused around sport, they haven’t forgotten their roots, and it is possible to go to FILA for shoes that are different from the ordinary.

Affordability isn’t the only reason for Fila, they click Perfectly within the current fashion trend Bulky shoes and it honestly kind of looks like a more expensive designer shoe like a Balenciaga.

The Best

Fila’s retro releases are always interesting, and the comeback of the Mindblower is just proving that the brand’s OG silhouettes can still rock in the modern sneaker world.

The Black/White/Red iteration of the Mindblower focuses on the branding, with the warped Fila logo on the side panels instantly hooks attention with its huge size and interesting design.

More brandings can be spotted on the rubber outsole, the heel, and the tongue, adding hints of hues to the otherwise plain silhouette.

  We love that this shoe comes in a clean and classic look, which makes it versatile for different styles.

Not only is the sneaker splashed with a loud style, but it also delivers all-day comfort for the everyday stride. It promises durability as well, with its upper made from high-density PU and action leather that will stand the test of time.

Bottom Line

If you’ve decided to invest in a stylish pair of lifestyle sneakers, or are just looking for quality footwear at affordable prices, you can rest assured that models made by Fila are a solid choice. The label is famous for its sporty designs that never really go out of style.


  • Breathable 
  • Insanely Versatile 
  • A Style Icon
  • Durable 
  • Comfortable
  • Most of its shoes Never Go Out Of Style

  • Quality differs with Place of production 

Clarks is a monumentally successful shoe brand that was founded in England in 1825. It has been one of the most popular shoe brands among men and women alike thanks to their quality craftsmanship and contemporary technologies.

As time goes on they are constantly upgrading and innovating their brand to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion.

A little History

Founded in 1825 by two brothers – Cyrus and James Clark – in Somerset, England, the company started out by creating rugs out of sheepskins. In 1828, James began using offcuts from the rugs to produce slippers; the first Clarks shoes.

After years of developing trade and award-winning designs, Clarks went one step further in 1910, it became a must-have brand among the style-conscious in London, with new premium and fashion-forward designs developed for discerning customers.

Clarks’ biggest ‘fashion’ moment was to come in 1950 when Nathan Clark designed the Desert boot. Inspired by boots from the bazaars in Cairo worn by British army officers, the simple suede ankle boots almost instantly took off. Desert boots became adopted by subcultures around the world.

Today, the brand continues with the innovative stance it’s always taken, creating styles inspired by its rich archives, timeless classics, and new contemporary designs.

Why Clarks?

The Brand comes up with a more casual Boot alternative that had been unseen at this point in time. The purist’s choice – some of the best boots made anywhere by anyone.

The affordable label designs a variety of silhouettes, fabrications, and neutral colors to meet workplace, smart-casual and formal dress codes. From oxfords to hybrid casual-dress shoes, Clarks is proof that comfortable shoes can be stylish.

In fact, we’d go as far as saying that in 2020, you should be able to trust them with your own. They have really grown leaps and bounds recently, and many of their styles and customer reviews are reflective of that.

Not only have they grown as a brand, but they have tried to produce shoes that we can trust. By building customer trust and relations, they have etched their way into the ‘should invest’ category.

Whether you’re in need of some everyday shoes or something a little more on the “fancy” side, you’ll find the most popular and most loved pair with Clarks. You’ll fall in love with the creativity of this iconic brand that wants nothing more than to provide the shoes you’ve always dreamed of.

The Best

You’ll never be going to run out of options when it comes to Clarks, there is a Massive line of Fantastic shoes. But that being said, Clarks Desert Boot is still by far the Most Iconic and Best Selling Shoe in the whole Clarks lineup.

Gentlemen NO fall footwear option has taken the world men’s style and your feet by Storm Like the Clarks Chukka Boots.

These sexy Boots are Insanely versatile and I would say they are worth it if your wardrobe, in general, leans towards the casual end.

In Chukka Boots you’ll gonna have a few options – you can do a smooth leather but something that’s Incredibly popular and super suitable for Indian weather condition is light Suede.

In the summers when temperatures become absolutely sweltering just the thought of having to wear your work shoes can make you cringe. Because of the OrthoLite technology, this iconic shoe won’t hold heat and cause an uncomfortable workday and it is more than enough reason to grab a pair.

Who makes the greatest Chukka Boot out there?

There are a lot of different top shoe brands in India making Chukka Boots, each got their version of the Chukka Boot. But Clarks is The purist’s choice, some of the best Chukka Boots made anywhere by anyone.

Still have questions on whether you should get Clarks Chukka Boot – Check out this Amazing Video:

Bottom Line

Clarks means a Higher Quality Shoe at a Ridiculous Price. Gentlemen if you haven’t checked out the label either you’re in there iconic Chakka Boots or Chelsea’s or Gallon other amazing shoes that they offer in Tons of different designs (they’re always adding new ones) you’re missing out a great deal.

As we have gone through all the 10 best shoe brands in India, we have discussed all sorts of the Pros and Cons of each one. Now its time to help you decide which Shoe Brand is Perfect for You. So without further ado…

Let’s dive right in.

Which Shoe Brand Is Right for You?

If you’re preparing to purchase a new pair of shoes, you might be wondering, How Much Should I Spend on a Shoe and On Which Shoe Brand?

In this section of our guide on Top Shoe Brands in India, We’ll gonna make it even more difficult for you to go wrong (or overpay). So, let’s dive right in to find out EXACTLY which shoe brand is Right for You and How Much You Should Spend on Shoe.

Type of Shoe

It’s normal to find oxford and athleisure sneakers with the same logo. Too many entrepreneurs want to chase every opportunity and appeal to as broad a market as possible. You can find all styles of footwear under the same name.

But each shoe brand has its signature style. It is a symbol of brand identity and is the mark that represents the brand to the world.

Undoubtedly, it’s always worth investing in a brand that holds a historical base for the type of shoe you’re willing to buy. So let’s figure out which shoe brand is perfect for your style of shoe.


It’s impossible to deny that sneakers are the most popular shoes of the moment and it’s no secret anymore. While this means that shoppers are buying boatloads of sneakers, it also means that brands are swarming the market to sell you their products.

Now there are TWO brands that have a long track record of world-beating performance sneakers as well as technological innovation. In fact, these brands have more icons in their back catalog than any other sneaker brand. Nike and Adidas.

NIKE: Dominated the sneaker industry for many years, Known for high-quality and innovative sneakers for men and women of all ages and abilities.

Whether you’re looking for the best sneakers for your athletic endeavors or simply want a stylish pair for streetwear, Nike will always have what you need.

Adidas: The label stands out for its rich history and influence in sports, music industry, sneaker culture, and its subcultures. With featherlight materials and mind-bending sole technology, it could be easily argued that good old three stripes are maneuvering for an overtake.

Consistently producing its own stylish shoes, the brand continuously teams up with the coolest partners to create killer collaborations. Don’t take your eyes off them for a second.  

But according to India’s definition of sneakers, there’s a 100-Year-Old Design Icon which furnishes EXACTLY what Indian sneaker culture demands. Gentlemen we’re talking about Converse.

Top shoes brands in India

The words ‘Converse’ and ‘sneakers’ go hand in hand. The legendary brand has been taking its iconic basketball shoes from the court to the street since the early 1900s.

Now a subsidiary of the giant footwear brand, Nike. Converse continues to produce lifestyle sneakers as well as skateboarding silhouettes that have made the cut as the favorites by many, especially among the Indian youth.


When it comes to must-have footwear for men (exceptionally for Indian men), Boots are at the top of the list. Not only are these shoes are most practical and comfortable, but its a versatile item of footwear that can add an extra bit of oomph to an outfit.

Not only does your new Boot need to look good, but they also need to fit well, feel comfortable, and be durable. As such, buying from a reputable brand, which consistently ticks all of these boxes, is a smart decision. Trusted labels Clarks and Woodland create some of the best boots for men and will never let you down.

Top shoes brands in India

Fearless and fierce, Woodland isn’t for the faint of heart. Made for the working man, the brand has continued to stay on top of the boot-making industry since 1992 when the label entered the Indian market with the launch of first hand-stitched leather shoes.

With a heavy-duty design and purpose for endurance, Woodland’s boots offer longlasting excellence unlike no other. Wear them down the demanding Indian streets or up a mountain; the rugged style and superior quality are unmatched to this day.

But if you prefer a more clean, sharp-looking or casual and neat alternative – Clarks offers some durable designs and is most famous for the distinctive desert boot, that’s both functional and stylish.

Best shoes brands in India

Clarks has been producing high-quality footwear since 1852. The desert boot has a rugged history, but Clarks managed to give their version a streamlined silhouette. That clean shape, long toe, and abbreviated laces mean they are fair game to wear to the office. Unquestionably, you always look your best every time you put them on.

Oxford and Derby

Whether you dress up for work every day or just need something new for all the spring and summer weddings you’ve been invited to, shopping for Oxford or Derby doesn’t have to be stressful. There are a lot of options out there, and a lot look very similar to each other, so we’ve done a little bit of leg work for you and narrowed things down.

Top shoes brands in India

Hush Puppies – Do Hush Puppies submits the best dress shoe money can buy?

Heck NO, but they provide an awesome value that you won’t find otherwise in this price category. This brand’s men dogs do not offer a very wide cord of styles, but there is no misgiving in the comfort layer of their shoes.

Hush Puppies not only humility a very high level of convenience but also manage to provide them at a very reasonable cost so that the group can buy them easily.

If you just don’t wear dress shoes very often and the durability of 12 to 18 months is good enough for you, this label is worthy of being worn on your feet.

But if you’re a professional who does not settle for anything less than the Best – check out our Guide where we’ve reviewed 10 Best Formal shoe Brands In India and there side-by-side comparative test with best dress shoe brands in the world and a lot more…

Sports Shoes

Whether you are a CrossFit athlete, Zumba enthusiast, or just maintain a versatile active lifestyle – Sports demand a lot. Of your body, sure, but also of your shoes. Your shoes need to provide cushion, stability, and durability—and a whole lot of each.

In hunt of the best sports shoe brand for you, we encounter brands that are simply connecting the sole with the upper using an adhesive resulting in a shoe that’ll not gonna favor any sports activity. Gentlemen, if you’re really serious about your fitness plans – Any of these brands will let the job done for you…

Top shoes brands in India

NIKE: Holding the number one spot is way difficult as to reaching the number one spot. But Nike EXACTLY knows how it’s been done.

The label has been on the top of the sportswear industry for Decades. No doubt, Nike costs extra thousand(s) as the label spends millions on R&D to ensure that your feet are treated in the best way especially when you’re in action.

Guys, Nike is our number one pick when it comes to sports shoe, but there’re options for each price range and for each sports segments – check out our guide where we’ve reviewed Best Sports Shoe Brands In India after analyzing the interview of over 400 athletes120 sports shoe specialists70 coaches50+ sports bloggers, and innumerable customer reviews.


Loafers have practically taken the shoe industry by storm in recent times because men all over the world appreciate the convenience and incredible comfort they offer.

top shoes brands in India

Personally, I’ve six pair of Loafers in my closet and belive me they stand out of all. They’re probably the ones that get the most compliments and I love having that fun, bringing that bit of spice into my wardrobe.

Coming to the point – which shoe brands in India worth investing in, for a perfect pair of loafer, let’s find out…

Driving Mocs

Driving Mocs are a type of Loafers (Not Exactly Loafer) created for driving. Designed to provide comfort and extra grip on the pedal, these classic shoes have a moccasin construction and feature rubber-pad soles that extend up to the back of the heel. They can also easily be slipped on and off thanks to their laceless design and boast a snug and comfortable fit.

A great choice for any moderately dressed up occasion, The driving shoe is an incredibly useful addition to your summer wardrobe. And thankfully, there is a reliable shoe brand in India if you’re up for Driving Mocs.

United Colors of Benetton (UCB), a very good name if you want to step inside the world of casual Loafers. The label offers a Fantastic or Extensive rage of loafers for an incredible price.

The brand is more baring and It’s more creative, so if you like to be a little bit more creative in your outfit – UCB can be an excellent choice for you.

Are those the best casual loafers that money can buy? Heck NO. But they provide an awesome value that you won’t find otherwise in this price category.

Dress Loafers

If there is one pair of shoes that I absolutely fall in love with – Undoubtedly, its Dress Loafer. This is something that when people see it they’re like WOW those are great shoes. In fact, it’s the right footwear that telegraphs to those around you that you’re serious—about style, about your job, about, well, everything.

A Dress Loafer is a piece of footwear that straddles the two worlds of casual and formal style, making it quite a unique piece in that respect. Selecting a brand is a decisive factor when you’re up for this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. One faulty pick and you could ruin the sense of luxury you are trying to obtain or may overpay.

Surprisingly, we won’t recommend any shoe brand in India you should invest in, for a Dress Loafer. They’re HUGELY OVERPRICED and if you’re one who considers price as the best indicator of Quality – we’re pretty sure you’ll gonna overpay. Bottom line: Cheaply made loafers that are trying to keep that in a high fashion edge.

Gentlemen, we think you could be better served with the brands outside India. Unquestionably, it’s not going to be an inexpensive deal, but this brand worth every single penny – Meermin.

best shoe brands in India

If you want to step in to inside the world of Quality Dress Shoes – Meermin – An excellent introduction in the world of luxury shoes.

Many consider them to be a more affordable, and sleeker alternative to Allen Edmonds. They offer well made, quality Goodyear Welted shoes at a price which is Incredible.

For $195 (₹14k) you can have REAL Goodyear Welted Dress Loafer. This means that the shoe can easily be restored and resoled for years and years of wear to come. If you really don’t know what Goodyear Welt is, It might sound expensive.

With the finest materials sourced directly from the tanneries, these Handcraft Loafers are directly distributed to customers to eliminate any extra layers of cost.

There is not a single doubt in our mind: Spending ₹14k for a pair of shoes from Meermin is almost an infinitely better investment than spending any amount on a pair of Loafers from any shoe brands in India.

When You’re Trying Something Different

I’m sure you’ve seen a trend or 2 going around that you want to try but just can’t seem to pull the trigger. You maybe wanna try Black and White Sneaker look, but you’re not sure that whether your friends will tell you yay or nay when they see you show up in something new (or Different!).

Gentlemens, their’s nothing wrong in moving outside your comfort zone and trying something trendy or different. In fact, this is a great starting point to reinvent yourself physically.

But remember one thing, when you’re trying a specific shoe style or color for the first time, Do Not Even Think About High-End Shoe Brands.

When it comes to trends, go for inexpensive Low-End Brands initially.

It’s Indisputable that shoes from High-end Brands fit well, look great, made to last and they’re consistent. But at the billing counter – they HIT your bank account three to five times harder than any other Lower-end alternative.

In fact, we’re willing to pay more for closet staples, but when it comes to new-to-me styles or trendy items, we should make sure to choose less expensive/lower-end options.  New styles or trends are things we’re experimenting with. 

Plus, trends are fleeting.  Inexpensive options allow us to play with styles and try them for a short period without feeling guilty that we have wasted a ton of money on them.  That way, it’s a small investment to experiment with a new style.

Thanks to some of the best fast fashion shoe brands in India such as Bata, Fila, and lotto that does make trying new things HECK more affordable.

Look At The House Style.

Finding the perfect shoe brand means you really need to know yourself.

Why? It boils down to the fact that shoes represent who you are (whether you like it or not).

You should pick a brand that reflects Your Lifestyle, Your Profession, Your Status – as well as your personal wants or needs.

The brand’s house style has to match your image. Example: an “Adidas” vs. a “Woodland” type of guy.

Different shoe brands let different things come to mind. It’s not only based on their shoes – but also on their accessories or other goods.

So naturally – the house styles of Adidas, Lee Cooper, Fila, Woodland, and Hush Puppies are not the same. Each brand has its own aesthetic that influences the design of their products.

So ideally, you’ll be able to find a brand that speaks to you, that speaks to lifestyle. Look at your Professional Needs – Look at your Personal Wants, make sure that the shoe brand aligns with you.

Fit Is King

Fit is King. I’ve talked about this numerous times on my website. If the shoe doesn’t fit you – DO NOT BUY. It doesn’t matter what brand it’s from and if it’s 99% Off.

Poor-fitting shoes are painful and can cause problems like blisters and bad pain.

Sizing and widths vary across different shoe brands. The reason is that each shoe brand has its own Shoe Last.

A Shoe Last is a wooden (or plastic) mold, which the shoe is formed around. As each brand has its unique shape, it’s unique last to their shoes, you’re gonna find variation across shoe brands.

So to find an ideal brand that works for your foot the way it is, Just try on those shoe brands. But what to look for when you’re trying on your shoes?

How to Spot Fake Shoe?

A decent and sturdy Shoe can be purchased for ₹1k, But you’re stretching your budget to buy a brand name. And that’s for a few good reasons, as all the branded shoes fit well, look great, made to last and they’re consistent.

All in all, branded shoes will never gonna disappoint you unless they’re from the backroom of counterfeiters. The rise of e-commerce sites has essentially helped created millions of such stores online—a seemingly infinite number of doors to knock on to check for fakes. Shut down one storefront for selling counterfeits, and the seller can just create a new account and open a new store.

Fake shoes are better substituted with High-Quality Replica as easily accessible and much affordable technology along with practices like Backdoors – results in counterfeit very close to the original. That’s why Spotting a fake shoe is much, much more difficult now.

Let’s admit that unfortunately many people have wasted money on a fake shoe that pretended to be a real brand. We’re concerned about your hard-earned money and will make it difficult to go wrong.

In this section of our guide on Top Shoes Brands in India, we’ll answer How To Spot Fake Shoes?. In fact, these are EXACTLY the same spots Sean Conway (Sneaker Expert @ TheRealReal, LA) judge for authenticity.

#1. Know Who’s Selling Shoe

Knowing who’s the seller or from whom you’re buying shoes is easy-peasy if you prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores. The problem arises when you’re up for the luxury of choosing to shoes online where counterfeiters are waiting for you to hit that BUY button.

Remember, just because you’re on a legitimate website doesn’t mean the product will be authentic. Your click-through takes you to an online marketplace, anyone could be selling on there.

There are some that are busy conning people off their hard-earned money, and there are others that are doing legitimate business. Here’re a few points that’ll help to separate the wheat from the chaff.

When you visit an online shopping website, you might assume that you’re buying directly from that company or the brand itself, which is the best way to avoid ending up with a counterfeit. But on some online shopping sites, you can be steered to a third-party vendor, which raises the risk of being sold a fake.

Of course, many third-party vendors selling on online marketplaces are legitimate, and some may even be authorized retailers. But before you click Buy, make sure you know who the seller really is—and if it’s a third-party vendor, check out the company information.

Amazon customers can spot third-party vendors by looking at the box that has the “Add to Cart” as well as the box “Other Sellers on Amazon“—the seller’s name will be listed next to the words “Ships from and sold by.”

You can click on the vendor’s name to view its profile, where you can see feedback from other buyers, as well as contact information and return policies. Try out the customer service by asking questions about shoes. If there’s no physical address or working phone number, beware.

#2. The Price Is Too Good to be true.

Quality is Expensive, and that’s a brutal fact. But it doesn’t mean – Price is a great indicator of Quality or Authenticity. I’m not talking about Gucci and other designers which automatically charge more because they have a name but even lower-end or less known shoe brands oftentimes have a huge difference in prices for the same quality of the shoe.

If a price on a Branded Shoe is too good to be true, then chances are it’s a fake.

You may need to do some additional research here and go online to see whether or not the company is having a sale on that particular item.

Most brands will not heavily discount their products, so if you see one at nearly 60% off the original price, be wary.

If a third-party seller is selling a new shoe for less than the established price, that could be an indication that it’s a fake. Even a small discount may be a red flag since more counterfeiters are charging almost as much as the real shoe in an effort to trick customers, says Julie Zerbo, founder at “The Fashion Law,” an online business and legal source covering the fashion industry.

#3. Packaging.

If you’ve done all the above and decided – that shoes should reach your doorsteps, your inspection shouldn’t stop there.

The unboxing part has become a critical part of the customer experience. It has been highlighted in recent years as more and more people start to film the process. For many brands, the box is the first physical interaction customers have with them and their products. The unboxing experience has become so meaningful; there are YouTube channels dedicated to it

Top Shoe Brands take a lot of care on how their shoes are presented to the customers and spend a lot of money on packaging. They don’t simply fling those shoes in a box, Instead, use packaging as a way to further build the brand.

So if you receive shoes that don’t fit perfectly inside the casing or with suspicious packaging, or wrapped in what appears to be cheap plastic or flimsy materials then it could be a red flag.

If the box has been opened, is missing a certification or guarantee stamp, if there are no instructions included, there’s a chance it’s a counterfeit. The external perfection shows how much they care about their customers, as well as their own good reputation.

#4. Know The Real.

There’s no school you can go to for Luxury authentication. In fact, it’s a simple Rule of Thumb, MORE You Know – LESS you Faux. That is to say – More you’ve seen the genius thing, the more you held it, Felt it or inspected it – Easier is to distinguish that between Real and Counterfeit.

So the best way to identify Fake shoes is by getting familiar with the Original shoe’s appearance, including the brand markings and any unique details.

Make sure you scrutinize over every detail of your Branded Shoes before you try to determine authenticity.

Top Shoes Brands In India will put their logo in specific places, like hardware detailing on a heel or on a tag inside the shoes. That way, if a counterfeit arrives on your doorstep, you might be able to spot it more quickly.

#5. Inspect Build Quality.

The number one difference between a Fake shoe and a Real shoe is Build Quality. Branded Quality shoes are built to last. Over time it actually develops Character.

Whereas Counterfeits are often produced using cheaper and poor quality materials such as fake leather, low-quality rubber, inferior cloth materials, and metal parts. You’ll gonna see an upper that is not made to last – will start to peel despite taking care of it.

Top shoes brands in India

If you’re looking for a counterfeit, you must look for any Excessive Glue Stains around the midsole.

Top Shoe Brands use an adhesive to connect the upper with the outsole of a shoe. These’re specifically designed Glue, to be able to deal with the heat and fraction.

But in counterfeits, they apply the inferior adhesive that ends up glue stains around the mid-sole.

Best Shoes Brands In India

You can also look inside the shoe for authentication, so if there are any inconsistencies, messy stitching or something like excessively Glued – the Red flag is up.

We’ll say it before and we’ll say it again when it comes to checking if a potential Branded purchase is legitimate always check the Stitching.

When a shoe is authentic, the stitching will appear much cleaner than is duped counterparts. The stitching on authentic shoes will be straight and contain more stitches per square inch.

Fake shoes will have less stitching (more materials = more cost) and the lines won’t be nearly as straight.

Without decent stitching, the soles start delaminating from the upper, then it could be a warning sign.

While making a final decision is up to you, the details provided in this guide on Top Shoe Brands In India has everything that will surely level up your knowledge to make the final decision.

Shoe Industry In India

Shoemaking has been around for centuries. It’s one of the oldest industries in human civilization. Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and Mesopotamians had developed several different construction methods centuries before industrialization.

This Infographic will serve you well on some amazing facts about our footwear industry. 

Top shoe brands in India

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