Best Running Shoes For Men In India| For A Fitter (Better) 2022

Best running shoes for men in india

Best Running Shoes For Men In India – Is Suddenly Hotter Than Ever. Maybe ’cause coronavirus, last year, puts many other types of exercise on hold; running, then, was the best option to keep physically active.

After all, for a sport that demands nothing, except for perhaps appropriate shoes – Why not opt for the best one! Maybe the best running shoes for men in India? And to those who feel best running shoes for men in India must be a myth, this piece is built to prove ’em wrong.

Perhaps one of the more personal items to shop for, a discreet pick from our regularly updated primer on best running shoes in India will emulate that I-could-run-forever feeling. If you still fail to run this weekend, it won’t be for a lack of proper running shoes.

Best Running Shoes For Men In India

How do you find the best running shoes India? It might seem like a simple question, but tracking one down that checks all the boxes—from fit to comfort—is quite a feat. After all, it really depends on what your foot does while you run. 

Placing the weight on the inside vs. the outside of your feet, cushioning level preferences, even the terrain you’re rapt to run on is a concern to pick a pair you will run in. Finally, however, the search is over, and won’t be that complicated to nail the best running shoes in India. 

We did our darnedest to cover all the possible bases with the 10 stellar options. All you have to do is to scroll down, enjoy, and feel free to pick a side when something feels bold enough to be laced over and over again.  

Best Running Shoes For Men In India

  1. Nike Winflo 8 
  2. Brooks Ghost 14
  3. Reebok Floatride Energy 3
  4. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38
  5. Saucony Kinvara 12
  6. Puma Deviate Nitro
  7. Asics Gel-Contend 7
  8. New Balance Beacon v3
  9. Skechers GOrun Ride 9
  10. Salomon Sense Ride 4

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 8

Best Bargain Workhorse

Best running shoes in India


  • Great Value & Versatility 
  • Two Zoom Bags Offers A Even Ride
  • Exposed Rubber Outsole For Firm Grip


  • A Less Responsive Midsole

Type: Neutral/Road Men: 283g Women: 250g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 10mm

We respect your commitment to building a flexible running schedule. It’s a simple routine where you throw on a short-sleeved T-shirt and leggings or shorts to get outside for your miles. But a wise addition to all that versatility—and one every man should make—is the Nike Winflo. While its eighth edition will work extra-hard.

With silhouette taps into visual inspiration from the Vaporfly – It’s a no-frills shoe that won’t turn a lot of heads—it doesn’t have a carbon-fiber plate or paper-thin upper like pricier models. Instead, you’ll find two Air units (a larger one for the forefoot) sandwiched inside a thick layer of Nike’s tried-and-true Cushlon form.

The Flywire cables integrated into the lacing help secure a snugger fit to better support the arch and midfoot. An outsole doesn’t skimp on rubber. That’s it. Inevitably, it was this simple, straightforward approach that made the difference. You’ll find plenty of small and big deets from our testers, below.

What Makes “The Winflo” So Good? 

There’s no denying that you’re paying for both running performance and the unmistakable Swoosh aesthetic when you lace up a pair of Nikes. You have been forgiven for hesitating as the price Winflo demands is too little that it seems more for the name than the game.

But just the name isn’t enough to make it to the eighth version enduring the massive sub-₹7k offering… and we’re pretty well acquainted with what they got beyond just a big name! Here’s why the Winflo 8 wins a spot as the best running shoe for men in India. 


Embrace Just Right Set Of Elements

The Winflo 8 doesn’t use Nike’s more premium, bouncy React or ZoomX midsole foams. In fact, it’s a running shoe that is built over pieces that have already stood the test of time and whose performance credentials are assured. 

Although the setup feels a bit dated in 2022 (Much like older versions of the Pegasus), runners love the Cushlon foam midsole paired with a forefoot Air Zoom units (yes… Units) along with the security and comfort of the heel and ankle.

Best running shoes India

Not as durable as other foams – Cushlon foam makes for a soft, responsive ride and provides that bit of extra springiness to carry runners across long distances – which is what makes Cushlon better than the traditional Phylon. 

The model delivers ample cushioning with two Nike Air units. The new Flywire technology (that straddles both the midfoot and the upper) and the stability DNA of the shoe blend with this winning combo. 

Upper uses translucent mesh made with thin engineered fabric and features perforations at the forefoot for a constant flow of fresh air on even the warmest of summer runs. Lots of thick, durable rubber spread in a full-contact layout – we’re talking about Winflo’s exposed rubber outsole. 

The standard deep groove (that allows the heel crash pad to operate independently from the outsole) isn’t skipped here. Overall, it’s a total package that’s ready to take on any speed, terrain, or condition you can throw at it.


Value and Versatility
Best running shoes for men in india

Thanks to the aforementioned features, The Nike Winflo 8 fits seamlessly into any running regime. Despite the minimal design, the shoe is ready to pound the pavement at any pace, ground, or condition you can throw at it.

But if you are purchasing the best running shoes in India, the value will likely be a consideration. Nike Winflo 8 has a spec sheet better associated with running shoes more than twice the price. Like the Zoom Span, the Nike Winflo 8 will provide a reliable ride for speed work and long runs—not a characteristic often had for ₹5k.

Make Sure It Works For You! 

Best running shoes for men in india

Indeed Nike Winflo 8 is one of the best running shoes for men in India. But “The Best” is a variable as no two men (or runners) are the same – nor should they be – and neither their needs.

Though the Winflo 8 is designed to be a straightforward choice for most runners, just make sure you aren’t in that sliver demographics that the Winflo wouldn’t appeal to.


Long Distance Running Shoe
Best running shoes for men in india

For the beginner, that alluring price tag is enough to be sold. While the experienced runners, with more time on feet, will be pleased with Winflo’s accelerating abilities on the longer runs.

The Winflo 8 is a strong option for tackling regular, long-distance runs and keeps feet locked in, secure, and supported during any ride. Your foot benefits from a wider toe box and a more expansive upper in case of swelling.

The hidden ZoomAir pod in the forefoot and heel give cushioning where the foot strikes the ground and the Winflo 8 delivered a great ride on longer, road, and treadmill runs. It absorbs shock from the road well thanks to its padding—another reason it’s a prime option for longer rides.


Daily Training
Best running shoes for men in india

We might have standout running pieces we call on for a certain occasion, there really is nothing quite like owning a piece we return to time and again for our daily running program. Thanks to the reliable set of elements that consistently please us.

Perhaps it’s a classic album you put on at a party when you’re done trying to impress your friends, a favorite bottle of red that’s for drinking rather than discussing, or a novel you’ve read more times than you’d care to mention.

These running shoes are ultimately crafted with everyday athletes in mind. For those who can’t seem to stay off the roads (or the treadmills), Nike Winflo 8 is very suitable for daily training and tempo runs alike.

Here’s How The Pundit Describe The Winflo 8! 

Through the team we have here in BestShoe99 studio, We had such an extensive experience with Winflo’s eighth iteration that we couldn’t help but tell everyone about it (in fact, that’s our job!)

But if our conclusions aren’t enough for you to make the leap, the experts’ experience with the Winflo 8 and their thoughts may help you have a breakthrough.

Brooks Ghost 14

Best Daily Trainer

Best running shoes for men in India


  • Full-Lenght DNA Loft 
  • Durable Outsole 
  • Versatile


  • Warm Upper 

Type: Road/Neutral Men: 280g Women: 255g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 12mm

Without a doubt, Brooks has played an influential role in running shoe evolution—Didn’t know who they are? A group of practitioners doing things their way, with an alternative mindset and a commitment to just running. Drafting shoes that aren’t complex, only fine-tuning each piece until it’s perfect.

Equipped with the requisite expertise passed down over the generations – The Seattle-based running company knows which knobs to turn and buttons to press to make sure it belies the price tag. And what’s a better elucidator than the award-winning Ghost line.

It’s from those few names in our list of best running shoes for me in India that come off as one of the best-selling running shoes year after year. Here are our verdicts over the most trusted product in the market.

Why So Many Are Running Behind The Ghost 14? 

Best running shoes India

Hundreds (if not thousands!) of running shoes (in India) are set in motion each year, but only a select few make it onto the bestseller lists. Sometimes, it’s easy to see why – the on-paper specs along with honors they seal are just enough!

On the surface, The Brooks Ghost 14 has a lot in common – but we’re not working theories here! So have a look at what’s under the hood, or what makes ’em one of the best running shoes in India.


100% DNA Loft Foam Midsole
Best running shoes in India

Just like Brooks’ softest shoe – The Glycerin. So, the 14th iteration of Brooks Ghost has undergone a climate-conscious makeover. Their first carbon-neutral shoe is their best-selling Ghost. 

But that isn’t the only “Exciting” element triggered by that makeover. Brooks removed the BioMoGo DNA portion of the midsole, so the Ghost 14 has the DNA Loft foam throughout the full length of the midsole, just like its plusher counterpart – the Glycerin.

DNA Loft, the brand’s plushest midsole foam, disperses impact without sacrificing rebound. While this may seem like a big update on paper, the ride experience is strikingly similar to the Ghost 13. The shoe still has plenty of responsive kick for a bouncy, springy run.

Best running shoes India

It was hard to push aside and not appreciate how fresh legs felt as we ran high mileage on hard surfaces. Due to the medium-soft midsole, which is not excessively plush, weight transfers feel efficient. It is really easy to pick up the pace in the Ghost 14.

The balanced feel of the Ghost 14 continues with the perfect blend of flexibility and stability in the outsole as well. A blown rubber outsole offers plenty of traction on slick roads.

The outsole also lands flat against the pavement, adding stability to each landing and take-off… and along with the Segmented Crash Pad in the forefoot – adds the flexibility you need for propulsive toe-offs and smooth transitions.


Ooh… That Upper! 
Best running shoes in India

The Ghost 14 keeps those good vibes going up top with a super-smooth engineered mesh upper. It is simpler and streamlined with a more dialed-in fit.

The shoe endures a unique 3D Fit Print technology to provide a combination of structure and stretch to the mesh – hence it stretches but doesn’t feel sloppy inside.

The 3D Fit Print structure works with the new flat lacing system to let you dial in the midfoot feel easily. Replacing the oval laces, the flat one distributes pressure more evenly and makes the entire lacing area flatter and more performance-oriented.

Feels thinner, more breathable, and gives the Ghost 14 a more streamlined feel – the biggest update is still the change of mesh. The new version comes with an improved fit throughout the heel collar for a secure feeling.

Things To Know (And Check!)… Before Buying ’em 

Best running shoes in India

Even though picking a running trainer is ultimately a personal choice, The Ghost is a longtime favorite of runners of all abilities that it earns them the bestseller’s stamp. And by now, we’ve gathered lot more credentials than what it takes to proceed with that credit card. 

However, it’s better to know What they are made for? or How the world uses them? And then decide either you should be behind the Ghost, or it is better be left for others!


An Every Day, Every Run Workhorse.
Best running shoes for men in India

Even though we haven’t been around… nither had a chance to know your unique needs – the Ghost 14 might be the easiest to recommend on our list of best running shoes in India.

If you’re just looking for an upgrade from your previous daily running shoes (Which are not “The Ghost 14”) – it is extremely likely this running shoe will work better than the shoes you have.

The long-running line is well established as a cushioned daily training option that is versatile enough to tackle some faster running but leans more towards comfort over pure speed.

Best running shoes India

If anything, the Ghost 14 has tilted further towards comfort. That leaves it in an awkward (or a perfect) spot, since Brooks’s Glycerin 19 is more comfortable if you are after that cushioned feel, while many other brands’ shoes offer more versatility.

Continuing its legacy as a comfortably reliable daily trainer, the Brooks Ghost 14 provides soft, mid-level cushioning, a new streamlined upper, and moderate flex for all-around solid performance.

We Aren’t Alone Saying You Should Buy It! 

Best running shoes in India

It’s 2022, and it is hard to argue that the Ghost line-up is still at the apex of daily training running shoes! And the 14th version is the best, newest, highest-end Ghost that Brooks makes. Indeed, Experts have a lot to say about them…

Reebok Floatride Energy 3

Best Deal

Best running shoes for men in india


  • Improved Mesh Upper
  • An Incredibly Responsive Midsole


  • Less Stability

Type: Neutral/Varied Terrain Shoe Men: 275g Women: 232g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 9mm

Though the label that has developed some of the first running spikes, in 1895 – The company’s status as a performance shoemaker was cemented at the 1924 Olympics. No love lost there. Fast forward to 2022, they make shoes that deliver long-run cushioning and tempo-run responsiveness. 

In fact, Who doesn’t love a bargain? Truth is, there’s something innately satisfying about getting your hands on an item for less than it’s worth. Reebok’s Floatride line is a bona fide value proposition in the truest sense of the phrase. 

It’s hard to fathom how Reebok manages such a low price point here especially given the same lighter and more lively feel that can be found powering shoes three times the price. If you’re among the runners for whom the value will be a consideration, this pick deserves some serious attention.

What Makes It Onto “The Best” Lists? 

The term “Best Deal” gets a lot of attention in any industry. In the running community, it’s usually used to refer to items that stand out at their price. And, to a great extent, that’s true for Reebok Floatride Energy 3.

This Best running shoe in India has a spec sheet better associated with shoes more than twice the price. And here is what those sheets have…


That Dependable Old Midsole

React, Hovr, Ignite, Fresh Foam, and plenty of running shoe brands have embraced a new approach to cushioning your running experience.

Though it’s not easy to hit that sweet spot – where we have the most lively, bouncy, and lightweight foam that still proves durable for high mileage.

Some bouncy midsoles (Adidas’s Boost) are heavy; Pebax-based foam (Nike’s ZoomX) isn’t durable. But the TPE compound you find in this value trainer strikes a balance.

Launched by the brand 2017, it’s a foam that delivers optimal energy return with much less weight than EVA or TPU-based foams.

Even though the newest version of Reebok’s impressive entry-level shoe has dropped the “Forever” from its name, it maintains the best part of both the original Floatride Energy and its sequel—the midsole.

Floatride Energy is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) beads that are steam-molded together to create the insole which is 30 percent lighter than EVA.

It delivers better than average cushioning, especially from the very soft forefoot. But, the shoe doesn’t feel mushy when you pick up the pace, which we learned when we hit the road.

You don’t get the same responsive sensation as the Floatride Run Fast, but it feels lighter and more lively than most similarly priced shoes, which typically use less-energetic EVA.


The New Mesh Upper 

So for the midsole of the third iteration of their best value line – Reebok used the “If It Ain’t Break, Don’t Fix It” approach. And like update to the most “doing well” models…

…the Forever Floatride 3.0 is a minor update that essentially just addresses the shoe’s upper. But don’t worry, that all make it a better running shoe. That may seem like a small deal, but it’s significant when shopping for a shoe.

A new engineered mesh sits closer to your foot and feels more premium, plus the heel fit has been improved by adding high-density foam to cradle your foot and lock it in place.

The lining is a little softer and more satiny. And with a lot of ventilation holes built into the vamp – It’s a more comfortable upper that breathes better than that of its predecessor.

And updated materials atop a durable and grippy full rubber outsole give the shoe a surprisingly premium feel at a very approachable price point.

So Whom – They’re Designed For? 

Best running shoes for men in india

Best Running Shoes For Men In India: we know how difficult they are to spot! But what you’re really thinking is you just want to get it right… something made just for you!

So if the Floatride Energy 3 is what you’re wearing… this is how you’re going to (and should) wear it. Any questions?


It’s A Daily Training…

The Reebok Floatride Energy 3 is the shoe of choice for logging the bulk of running miles. Precisely, for fresh off the couch runners – who aren’t aware of what their unique running style demands – this is the only type of shoe needed to participate in running.

It isn’t a daily runner with an emphasis on supreme comfort and didn’t use super plush materials to surround the foot in luxury. In fact, it is manufactured with proven materials designed to handle the stress associated with regular running.

The energy return is great, and you’ll truly do enjoy them for 5k or 10k runs, especially in the parts where you pick up the pace. Moderately cushioned and built using more durable and heavier materials, these shoes are designed to hold up to the rigors of daily use.


… Budget-Friendly Option
Best running shoes for men in india

For many runners (and shoe connoisseurs), The Reebok Floatride Energy is all about the sole unit. For them, the real shining part of the shoe is the midsole, where the Floatride foam offers plenty of cushion and energy return.

No one might have sung the praises of that midsole – if the Floatride isn’t backed by such price.

The shoe is at a serious end of the performance spectrum, you can expect some serious return for your, well, not so serious investment.

We think Reebok’s strategy is more interesting than the shoe itself. It’s a pretty simple formula: take the old sole unit, put a new upper on it, and sell it affordably. At first, it looks lazy…

… but that’s exactly what makes the Best Deal. They’ve streamlined the manufacturing of the sole unit (as tooling required to form the foam is super expensive) and stay up-to-date with the upper.

Authorities Views About The Floatride  

When the price of the latest running shoes reaches comfortably into five figures (In INR!), it’s no surprise that when runners find a bargain they shout from the rooftops about it – and a lot of experts have been making a lot of noise about the affordable Floatride Energy 3. Here’s what they think…

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Most Versatile

Best running shoes for men in India


  • Great Midfoot Lockdown
  • Wide Toe Box
  • Value


  • Breathability

Type: Neutral/Road Men: 269g Women: 235g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 10mm

A Shoe that appeals to everybody – In fact, We already crown ’em our kings when we’re up for the best running shoes for men in India. Just ask yourself – Is it easy to be the longest-standing running shoe line-up (38 versions!), or ruling the tag of “The Absolute Best-Sellers Within Nike’s Massive Running Shoe Lineup.

Best running shoes for men in India

With a new pegasus, you had better believe a lot of thought went into it—especially now that the company has already made 37 versions. And we can report that the 38th iteration is a great one, subtly improving on an already excellent all-rounder without putting a foot wrong. 

At the time of over-engineered, super-specific running shoes – the Pegasus line is designed to handle all your running from easy efforts to racing and this version takes that balance FURTHER than any running shoes we’ve ever seen.  serious attention.

38th Edition…How It Is Still Standing Strong? 

Best running shoes for men in india

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus isn’t a technical masterpiece – so don’t expect anything crazy here. In fact, it is the blend of simple but dependable components in a casing designed to please many runners at a reasonable price. It rides comfortable, responsive, and snappy – Normally you don’t get all three from shoes.

The Peg 38 doesn’t seem that special right off the top. It’s basically a Nike Pegasus 37 – Again – the same huge air unit in the forefoot, same springy React foam, same rubber outsole. But the Pegasus 38 is modified in a few key ways. Nike just lined up all their little Nitpickes and knocked them all down. Let me walk you through all the things (new or not so new!) about Peg 38 – and then you can decide yourself – if you’re into it or not?


Refined Upper
Best running shoes for men in india

Here’s where Nike put their engineering and designers this year. There aren’t huge tweaks in this year’s peg where the upper concentrates most of the changes.

The new upper was the main change in the Zoom Pegasus 38 – more volume in the toe box, a more plush sandwich mesh material all around, and a heavily padded (and long) tongue.

No one really had major complaints with the Peg 37, but Nike addressed what was left to improve for the Pegasus 38 – making it kind of “Upper Only Update”.

Best running shoes for men in india

The new sandwich mesh (It’s just two layers of mesh!) offers a softer feel for an overall more comfortable ride but it’s thick and not very breathable.

That single piece of mesh not only gives the shoe a clean look, but it keeps weight down by foregoing any overlays or external supports.

More Importantly, that thick mesh is pulled over a new last with a bit more volume in the forefoot (will delight people who need volume!).

It feels more accommodating and there’s no more pressure point hotspot on the inside of the midfoot that caused rubbing on the Pegasus 37.

The webbed lacing system, for better lockdown, gets a little bit better over the arch. Creating a more foot-hugging fit – it secures the foot sits nicely over the midsole. The new design seems to spread out the tension from the laces and spreads the midfoot pressure across a wider area.

Each cable loop anchors under the footbed, which lets you tighten the laces as much as you want without pulling on the mesh along.

The thin, racing-inspired tongue (nice for saving weight) that was first introduced on the Pegasus 36 has been replaced with a longer, mega plush tongue. With more protection from the lacing pressure – the new tongue is attached to the inner sleeve to avoid tongue slippage.


Soft, Smooth, and Fast 
Best running shoes for men in india

Nike took the “If It Ain’t Broke – Don’t Fix It Approach” so change is minimal and are not losing any of the gorgeous bounce ad plushness. The Pegasus 38 has the exact same midsole and outsole as the Pegasus 37.

Noticeably more cushioning than the previous Pegasus versions due to the softer React foam and the thicker airbag. The tall React midsole gives the shoe a similar profile to the Zoom Fly, and the Pegasus 38 does deliver a similar sensation of running atop the springy, responsive foam.

The 10mm thick, large, forefoot-only Zoom Air unit provides a target landing area that absorbs shock and provides a pleasant springy rebound sensation.

The technology uses pressurized air and tightly stretched fibers to absorb impact and then snap back for fast movement and reduced stress on muscles, joints, and tendons.

The midsole’s ability to provide a snappy, exciting ride that didn’t sap legs after many miles is what makes it one of the best running shoes for men in India.

Even though there’s a Zoom unit in the forefoot and not in the rear, the ride still feels very smooth because the rearfoot and the forefoot are quite similar in density so transitions don’t feel disjointed.

Best running shoes for men in india

What makes this combo work is that it’s fairly soft enough for longer runs but still responsive enough to go for up-tempo workouts. Sometimes the simple setups can still get the job done – cushioning may seem simple but the ride is still smooth.

The outsole is a classic Pegasus, hard-wearing rubber outsole and is one of the most durable of any daily trainer.

A few millimeters of rubber at every point of the shoe that touches the pavement usually improves the ride and makes us feel more surefooted over sketchy terrain.

With long strips of rubber on the lateral side (where you tend to see the most wear) and rectangular lugs on the medial side for traction as you push off.

Peg Works For Everyone… But It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Assure 

Best running shoes for men in india

Nike Pegasus 38 represents a long line of running shoes from the brand and is, In fact, the all-time best-selling running shoe in that world for Nike.

A best-seller for the Most popular sportswear brands in the world can be one that works for everyone, be it a novice or an experienced runner.

The Pegasus has always been a safe running shoe choice if you didn’t want to take chances. It can grace the feet of almost every type of runner.


If You Are A Neutral Runner

When running, we need the right kind of support from shoes to prevent pain and lessen the chances of injury. We can do this by putting on running shoes with the right features and support components.

If you’re considering investing in a new pair of running shoes, you may have heard about different types of running shoes, including neutral and support footwear. Neutral running shoes are designed for people who have a neutral, ‘correct’ running pattern.

The Nike Pegasus 36 is for neutral runners, so everyone out there – needs stability running shoe – this is not for you. It is pretty loosey-goosey through that midsole.

The shoe has no stabilizing features but instead allows the foot to flex and move without any guidance. Al-in-all, for neutral runners, Nike Peg 36 can be one of the best running shoes for men in India.


If You Keep One Shoe For Running
Best running shoes for men in india

You may have heard that some runners have multiple pairs of shoes in their “running shoe rotation,” and might find yourself wondering can one shoe gets the job done?

Nike Pegasus 38 would be your partner almost every time you run. All the positive features of a Pegasus shoe are present in the 38. It’s reasonably cheap, works for all kinds of running, looks good, and seems as durable as its predecessors.

The landing stays as poppy as ever, and the price point doesn’t change. It can definitely be used for just about any pursuit you want.

Nike Pegasus 38 are manufactured with proven materials designed to handle the stress associated with regular running.

The upshot, for one of the most elemental sports in the world – with Peg 38 – is just about your training and your fitness, and you on the open road.

Closer Look  

Nike introduced the Pegasus in 1983 with an idea to come up with a shoe for every runner. Not only did the Pegasus give runners an affordable option, but it’s a pair of durable kicks proven to meet the needs of any runner type.

The upshot, this time-tested simple setup has a massive reach and most of the experts in the run community hold an opinion over this shoe.

Saucony Kinvara 12

Best Classic Daily Trainer

Best running shoes for men in india


  • Requires Zero Break-in
  • Lightweight versatility
  • Good Price/Performance Ratio


  • Not For Those Who Want More Softness

Type: Road/Neutral  Men: 213g Women: 184g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 4mm

Founded in 1898 in Kutztown (Pennsylvania), Saucony is one of the world’s most historic shoemakers and was the first to make running shoes. No company can survive on heritage alone, though, Saucony continued to innovate.

Though the brand, with more than 123 years old design and technical legacy, owns enough to fill this entire list of best running shoes for men in India – we’ve given its Kinvara 12 a treatment here. It’s a low-drop, lightweight, and speedy trainer that you can also race in.

When updating popular, long-running shoe lines, many brands err on the side of caution and make small changes that verge on the imperceptible. That has not been the case with the last few generations of Saucony Kinvaras. This 12th version nudges the Kinvara back toward its racing roots.

Reasons People Love “The Kinvara 12” 

Best running shoes in India

Entering its second-decade last year – The Kinvara line might very well be able to build a legacy. But enduring a reputation over many years is no mean feat, especially in such a fickle industry, and many have fallen into obscurity over the years.

Though it can be easy to overlook what got you to where you are today – Kinvara’s twelfth iteration manages to stick around, usually doing so by adapting. Here are the elements that make it one of the best running shoes for men in India.


A Sharp & Light Upper

Unquestionably, the brand prefers a bold approach for refreshing even the longer line-ups. The Kinvara 12 isn’t old news – the upper and sole units, both optimized for faster, more responsive training. Most of the latest innovation from Saucony is present here.

So a FORMFIT upper that “wraps the foot in 3D comfort for a personalized foot-hugging fit”, as Saucony puts it. The statement is too close to what it actually is! Indeed The snug inner gusset wraps the entire foot, keeping you locked in place.

The more streamlined and simplified upper design – leaving a very lightweight and airy technical mesh to wrap the foot. Incredibly breathable despite graphic overlays that add some structure to the upper, but keep the shoe lightweight.

The 12 owes much of its weight savings to Saucony shaving extra cushioning off the tongue and ankle collar. You’ll not miss it… it is just enough for comfort, and in just the right areas for protection.

The padded tongue and the ‘luxurious’ foam collar are just icing on the cake, really. Thin but not floppy, with a suede-like cushion while underneath, subtle padding protects the dorsal arch of the foot from tight laces.


A New Blend Of PWRRUN Foam 
Best running shoes India

The PWRRUN foam midsole that replaced Saucony’s EVA+ foam in version 11, returns for an encore in the Kinvara 12, although the shoe is definitely a bit firmer than in years past.

The PWRRUN midsole cushioning might sound too intricate, Right? In fact, it’s a part of the cleanest sole unit embraced by any shoe in our list of best running shoes for men in India. 

It’s a TPU-based bead foam (Adidas Boost has similar chemistry) 28 percent lighter than the brand’s previous EVA-based Everun foam. Though it’s not wildly bouncy underfoot, Pwrrun midsoles consistently offer an above-average energy return.

Best running shoes for men in india

And that new blend of Pwrrun foam. Saucony tweaked the foam’s mix of EVA and polymers to improve energy return. Pwrrun+ is much more bouncier, more durable, more flexible, and more consistent across temperatures than standard EVA. 

Though the midsole dovetails out from the heel of the shoe by several millimeters, mildly evoking the aesthetics pioneered by the Nike Vaporfly. A slim layer of softer TPU-based Pwrrun+ sits on top to keep the shoe comfy as a daily trainer—long runs included.

The Kinvara 12 features an updated outsole pattern that is said to deliver “increased ground contact” and indeed, this is one of the best aspects of the shoes.

So… Should You Get It? 

Or, to be more precise – Who should get it?  Spoiler alert: It is certainly not a shoe that’ll please most of us. Assuming you’ve done your homework (our attempt to get you a proper running shoe is a good place to start) and you’re ready to buy the so-called Best running shoes in India – here’s when you should consider The Saucony Kinvara 12. 


For A Faster, More Responsive Training
Best running shoes India

There are shoes you wear for comfortable, slow miles. And then there are shoes you wear for faster training, maybe racing. Though the Saucony Kinvara 12 is lightweight, responsive, and could give you that edge on the big day… It is in the latter category.

Don’t take it as a cruiser for slower training days and recovery. The Kinvara 12 uses the latest Saucony tech, such as the PWRRUN midsole and the FORMFIT upper, but at the same time, optimizes both for faster, more responsive training.

Compared with the 11, the Kinvara 12 is a firmer shoe that loses some bounce, delivering a ride that lets you feel the ground beneath your feet. Though there is a very moderate increase in firmness, it does make the shoe feel more like a competition shoe.

It’s, without doubt, a speedy shoe, and although the ride is firm, it doesn’t beat up your legs as much as a traditional racing flat with minimal cushioning.


If You More In “The Traditional” Running Feel
Best running shoes in India

The prime reason why Saucony Kinvara 12 is appealing to runners huddled in the super sliver demographics of traditional running. Half of the credit goes to design; the shoe is designed to feel ground beneath so that you can go as fast as possible.

And the remaining half goes to the new generation of shoes that combine the ability to handle a higher pace with a softer, bouncier ride – hello Hoka Bondi!  

With trainers, you can race in, enduring carbon plates and softer, springier foam in the midsole – it is hard to appreciate the Kinvara 12’s classic touch!

With trainers, you can race in, enduring carbon plates and softer, springier foam in the midsole – it is hard to appreciate the Kinvara 12’s classic touch!

It takes a lot of courage (with balancing muscle fibers) to make this stiffer suspension through longer routes. The Kinvara 12 rolls beautifully, but not in a way that Endorphin Pro does.

The movement is more organic here, following your natural gait cycle. Thanks to the lack of carbon plate or any other propulsion enhancing features, the shoes bend well but also make your work a bit harder during toe-off.

In return, you are more in contact with the ground and able to control the movement of your feet way better. If you have a real craving for the traditional feel and firm ride – it’s a shoe we’d recommend.

Experts’ Verdicts That’ll Back Us Up On This!   

Best running shoes for men in india

Okay, I’ll be honest here, the previous segment might have made you feel a little afraid of choosing Kinvara 12? Just think about it, Gentleman: if anything is wrong about this shoe, then how it earned a spot as one best running shoes for men in India.

The Kinvara 12 looks and works amazingly. Just as any shoe needs breaking-in; the approach of this shoe demands some thoughtful breaking-in. Give these experts a minute, and it would be even easier for you to choose…

Puma Deviate Nitro

Best Speed Shoe

Best running shoes for men in india


  • Good Value
  • Snappy Carbon Plate System
  • Responsive Nitro Foam 


  • The Heel Padding Rubs

Type: Road Men: 263g Women: 215g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 10mm

Though the best running shoes in India, still, ultimately a personal choice – If there’s another running shoe on earth (I Mean… In India!) whose performance credentials are this assured, we’re yet to discover it. And the one we dug up comes from an unexpected brand: Puma. 

Earlier, Puma might not seem like it can hold a candle to the sporting connections of Nike and Adidas. The label does everything it can to get beneath your feet and inside your head. And the work has finally paid off with the Deviate Nitro. 

Putting out Puma’s take on the carbon plate super-shoes: The Deviate Nitro features a carbon fiber plate – the technology that led the World Athletics Association to change the regulations on what constitutes a race legal shoe. 

What Is In The Deviate’s Fail-Safe Formula? 

Best running shoes for men in india

What constitutes the best running shoes in India? Suffice to say there are several factors to take into account: suitability to the surface on which you’re planning to run, how much your foot rolls inwards (or pronates), how much of a heel-to-toe drop you prefer. The list goes on.

Puma Deviate Nitro runs on a formula that’s unsurprisingly proved a commercial and critical success because, well, who doesn’t want a running shoe that does it all… just right? Here’re the ingredients of that fail-safe formula.


The Sole Package

Maybe to regain the lost attention in the running community, Puma wanted a shoe with a carbon-fiber plate to earn some cred. This is that shoe. And the sole unit is where all the magic happens!

Packed with ultra-responsive foam compositions and propulsive carbon-fiber plates – Puma jumped into the game with the Deviate line. The biggest selling point for this shoe is the carbon fiber plate to maximize responsiveness and speed…

Best running shoes for men in india

…and it does feel when you pick up your pace! Puma decided to use a full Nitro foam midsole to keep weight down while adding responsiveness. The foam is nitrogen-infused, giving it a responsive sensation underfoot, lightweight, and very durable.

What is Nitro foam on paper is actually TPE, not the pricier, springier Pebax that some other brands use. Using TPE instead of Pebax helps keep the cost down. The trade-off is you don’t get as much energy return.

A TPU heel piece for added stability and viability, such a hard plastic piece does serve its purpose, especially if you are a heel-striker. With the intention of this being a daily trainer, Puma decided to use a full-length rubber outsole named PumaGrip.

Indeed Puma isn’t the first brand to pack such complex movements into a small space underneath your feet. But at such a price, it’s an affordable, versatile option that you can use for training and racing.


The Just Right Mesh Upper  
Best running shoes for men in india

Puma keeps things very simple here. A seamless dual-layered upper with engineered mesh, a gusseted tongue insert, and suede material in the heel for a soft feel on the foot. That’s It!

A structure that holds your foot comfortably snug. It’s incredibly breezy and will perform well in warm weather. The heel and collar might prove too soft and causes heel slippage.

Our tip for making the process a little bit easier? Switch to a heel-lockdown lacing… you’re all set to run. Trust us, this actually works.

When Will The Puma Deviate Work For You? 

Best running shoes for men in india

Every brand sets out to make the best running shoe for men in India, and they do it with different audiences in mind; different budgets, different running styles, and different priorities.

The Deviate Nitro is the New Puma’s first foray into running shoes. And as running shoes are, in fact, a subjective business – it’s important to know for whom Puma has designed this beast… before you slip the credit card.


For Every Day, Every Run.ning

Enthusiasts – really only make up a very small percentage of the overall market (not just the market of running shoes!). Though enthusiasts features do sell things – if you’re pushing efforts to regain that lost status – you need to appeal to everybody…

…and Puma Deviate Nitro does that! For most of us, either elite runners or fresh off the couch, it’s a lot easier to take the most advantage of this trainer than any other name in our list of best running shoes for men in India.

The Puma Deviate Nitro was designed as a companion training shoe to the Deviate Nitro Elite, continuing to feature a Nitro midsole and a carbon plate but with a stiffer and less aggressive ride.

With carbon-fiber plates, we no longer need to sacrifice cushioning for weight savings while racing and chasing peak performances. Combined with the TPE foam, the Deviate Nitro is best for uptempo days and workouts when you want to have the protection of a trainer.

With foam that is soft and springy but very light allows Puma to cram a huge amount of them into a shoe without making it too heavy to race in, providing more comfort so your legs are fresher in the closing stages of a race…

…which makes more of a difference the longer the event is. At the elite level, these shoes have led to records tumbling, and the same is true of PBs at the amateur level.


Crave For High-end Trainer… But On A Budget
Best running shoes for men in india

Carbon plated running shoes are expensive things, there’s no way around it. Fine material really is a case of getting what you pay for. Most of the expensive ones endure Pebax foam.

Pebax is extremely light, extremely soft, and extremely bouncy—it’s also extremely expensive. Puma launched the Deviate line—a line of affordable options with similar construction so you can still feel fast without dinging your credit card.

That’s what the Deviate Nitro is all about. At such a price, it’s not a budget shoe, to be sure, but it’s a relative bargain for the features it packs and the performance it delivers.

Using TPE instead of Pebax helps keep the cost down. The trade-off is you don’t get as much energy return. The Deviate Nitro doesn’t have that sinking feeling, yet it’s still well-cushioned and the toe-off is quick and lively as you push forward.

What Experts Need You To Know About The Deviate?   

Puma wasn’t a brand anyone would ever consider when buying the best running shoes for men in India. While we are not expecting much at all, Puma has been working behind the scenes to re-establish itself as a manufacturer of serious performance running shoes.

And they made it! With the Deviate line, Puma gained (re-gained!) popularity and respect from the running community. Here’s what the most prominent of them said about the Puma Deviate Nitro. 

Asics Gel Contend 7

Best For Beginner

Best running shoes for men in india


  • Soft Upper
  • Price
  • Roomy Toe Box 


  • Lack Of Arch Support

Type: Road/Underpronation Men: 269g Women: 223g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 10mm

Real running shoes are expensive, costing upwards of ₹20k. Certainly, there are affordable options out there – but those choices lean more towards the question: how do you get a new runner to join your brand?

Even though a quality running shoe is a worthy investment, But “Sometimes the biggest flex is not flexing at all”. Asics blends the simplest but reliable set of tech in its Contend line-up at a price that initially thrust an uneasy vibe around its capabilities. 

The Contend 7 doesn’t boast the kind of tech to cause World Athletics any headaches, and ASICS makes the fairly understated promise that their AmpliFoam midsole, ‘supportive fit’ and ‘breathable athletic mesh’ will keep you ‘cozy and cushioned every step of the way’.

What Actually Force Us To Appreciate This Frugal? 

Best running shoes in India

If the price alone isn’t that convincing for you – and it makes sense – as you arrived here for Best Running Shoes For Men In India not for the affordable ones. It holds a lot more than just the price!

This, in fact, isn’t the best running Asics has ever made. Here ASICS makes the fairly understated promise that their AmpliFoam midsole, ‘supportive fit’, and ‘breathable athletic mesh’ will keep you ‘cozy and cushioned every step of the way’.


A Decent Level Of Cushioning And Support
Best running shoes for men in india

Asics Gel Contend 7 may lack the extra pop of the pricier counterparts, this running shoe still provides a smooth and comfortable ride with all the basics you’ll need to put your best foot forward.

It features a softer Rearfoot GEL tech in the heel that delivers even softer landings.

Created from inert polymers to form silicone, Rearfoot GEL™ technology reduces impact during heel strike and allows for a smooth transition.

Best running shoes for men in india

The combination of rearfoot GEL and AmpliFoam midsole offered a very decent level of cushioning and support, combined with perfectly acceptable responsiveness for an all-around pleasant ride.

Version 7 has been changed very little, with small tweaks including GUIDANCE LINE technology promotes a more natural and consistent stride.

All told, Asics Gel Contend 7 is One of the best running shoes for men in India that does a lot for its price.


A Breathable Mesh Upper  
Best running shoes for men in india

All right! there is a lot of buzz around the Asics Gel Contend line-up. And it is the underfoot piece (which we’ve talked about earlier!) that seizes the major chunk of these buzzes. But it worth shining a light on What’s Over Your Feet

The upper is an engineered mesh. It is a multi-directional mesh material that improves ventilation and stability. 3 overlays on the shoe have synthetic stitching. 

One over the heel, one on either side of the middle of the shoe, and one up at the toe box. Now the middle one holds the shoelaces in place and helps to offer more support when tying the shoes.

It’s the round laces that work well when double knotted. On top of it, this iteration of the Asics Contend line-up fixes the prolonged toe box issues.

Asics “Listen To The People” team grants plenty of room in the toe box. It allows toes to splay naturally on longer runs. 

Is It Good For Your Joyful Running Life? 

Running isn’t an expensive sport. Right? Put on some shorts, tie on a pair of shoes, and you’re out the door. And with pairs like this – it’s a Win-Win for your belly and wallet!

But if this value-gigantic piece doesn’t suit your running regime – it just costs mount, with you left wondering where all the money went. These are the brackets when Asics Gel Contend 7 will be your best running shoes for men In India.


For Underpronation And Neutral
Best running shoes for men in india

It makes sense that running shoe brands use the foot’s levels of pronation to categorize shoes and help you narrow them down.

Pronation is quite simply the motion of your foot rolling from the heel to your toe as your foot strikes the floor.

Asics Gel Contend 7 works for Underpronators and Neutral runners. The shoe allows your feet to roll inward absorbing shock. It has a curve shape that encourages foot motion and has a softer midsole with the least medial support.


Perfect For New or Lower Mileage Runners

You might be thinking – What makes a Running shoe perfect for new or lower mileage runners?

Asics Gel Contend 7 is not an overpriced, over-engineered shoe that is so specific for a certain reason.

In general, this is a really good starter for running. Anyone who wants to give running a try should consider ASICS Gel-Contend 7 for its decent midsole attributes and if you are planning to buy it for someone else, don’t be afraid that the sizing will be a mismatch. This shoe runs great to size.

Closer Look   

It’s hard to believe a new adult runner (or parent with a child beginning to run) is willing to throw down 9k-12k for a pair of name-brand trainers to start in a new sport. Most people didn’t start that way!

ASICS centers Contend 7 design around their slogan, “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” – a sound mind in a sound body. Unquestionably, it’s one of the best running shoes for men in India for those getting into running.

New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon v3

Best Do-It-All Running Shoe

Best running shoes for men in india


  • A Barely-There Feel
  • Improved Single Layer Mesh Upper 


  • Outsole Durability 

Type: Road/Neutral Men: 232Women: 193g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 6mm

Founded by Mr. William Riley of Boston in 1906, New Balance commenced courting an international clientele by selling arch supports for shoes. The company didn’t make its first pair of sneakers until 1938, but New Balance quickly earned a reputation for high quality.

That’s perhaps why we’ve chosen to exhibit New Balance’s status as a global leader in running with Their Beacon v3! It’s the third version of a line that has brought the company – some missing attention years ago. Largely ’cause it embraces – its proprietary – foam Ground Contact Fresh Foam; tuned for better durability.

As might be expected, this perfectionist attitude places Beacon v3 comfortably at the upper end of the affordability spectrum in our list of best running shoes for men in India. But for runners who appreciate the difference, though, it’s a price worth paying.

What Made “The Beacon” So Great? 

Best running shoes india

Indeed, a few years ago, the Beacon has been a medium to get the world to know that New Balance has entered the foam wars. Though foam technology has cemented the company’s status as a global leader in running, it is worth understanding the elements that drive such successful runs (excuse for the pun there!). 


That Thick, Light, And Durable… Form
Best running shoes in India

Before getting under, let’s see what’s over! Accommodating, comfortable, and a superb lockdown; the single-layer mesh upper wraps the shoe in seamless support, and it keeps air flowing for a more comfortable run. 

The mesh is thin, the tongue is thin, and the heel cup is buttery soft – supplying just the right amount of security to keep the foot in place. Though it could be the best upper among the neighbors in our list of best running shoes for men in India…

…it’s hard to see anything beyond that full, still barely noticeable, fresh foam beneath that fairly good upper. New Balance is known for making its shoes with Fresh Foam technology, a compound that makes the midsole springy yet stable.

But the Beacon squeezes a lot more durable material – Fresh Foam Ground Contact. In fact, it is durable enough to replace generous blocks of rubber from the outsole – that would otherwise be needed for outsole durability.

Best running shoes for men in india

The result of exposing form to the pavement is an exceptionally lightweight shoe, incredibly smooth and quiet—and fast. While that extra foam could connote a sinking-in sensation…

…its premium midsole cushioning feels soft enough to soak up impact but firm enough to create a responsive kick delivering a slightly stiff ride for that extra snap-on-toe-off – so don’t worry about the balance – it is there!

And yes, it is obvious to see a slight bit of wear to that exposed foam, but there’s plenty there underfoot, so durability isn’t a concern.

Check Either You Really Need The Beacon? 

Get A perfectly balanced midsole, that doesn’t weigh it down, with an equally good (but less spoken!) thin mesh upper and you have the recipe of the best running shoes in India.

But we aren’t here to write a blurb over ’em! Smile, ’cause the cameras are now pointing at you, Gentleman. It’s you with the Beacon in a frame… have a look at how it goes!


If It’s All About… One All-Purpose Shoe!
Best running shoes for men in india

You may have heard that some runners have multiple pairs of shoes in their “running shoe rotation,” and might find yourself wondering if this is really necessary. Indeed there are several benefits of owning several pairs of running shoes

…But if there is a one – solid enough to replace, maybe 5 pairs of ’em, – it would be the New Balance Beacon v3. Keeping weight to a minimum is key for a fast-day shoe, but good cushioning is important on the long run. The Fresh Foam Beacon v3 has both.

The uniform, single-density midsole results in a no-frills, consistent ride. Designers streamlined every component of the shoe for a low-profile feel that does help on longer runs of 20-plus miles plus speedwork at 60 seconds/400 meters.

How it manages high performance on a variety of different runs could be a reason to mark the Beacon as one of the best running shoes for men in India. A simple shoe that can do almost everything you can throw its way!


And ₹16k Won’t Be A Big Stretch For You 
Best running shoes India

For our list of best running shoes for men in India, One of our criteria for recommending any shoe is: are you getting something that stands out at its price? The Beacon v3’s Ground Contact Fresh foam, paper-thin mesh upper ensures that it’s a shoe that’ll never be mistaken for someone else’s.

Indeed the country in which the shoe is created operates the price it demands. Still, the US-made Beacon delivers a lot of shoe for the money. But there is a catch… In running, it’s been said that never stretch or drag beyond your limits – and it’s a principle that refers to the pairs you own as well.

It’s not only on the Beacon v3, Spend as much as you can afford. Whatever that figure is, rest assured, you will always get your money’s worth. Only Make this leap, budget-wise, if you’re an elite-level runner who is finding himself reaching the limits of the cheaper alternatives.

To be honest, even the best running shoes in India are just one of the tools (if not the only tool!) it asks to safely participate in this sport. Because, in the end, only your strong muscles – developed through years of running – will assist to smash that pavement.

It’s a tool – that’s really (really) good at what it does – professionals would be happy with this! But if you’re from people who totally don’t need this versatility but just have a lot of money to spend and want the truest Best running shoes for men in India – we won’t blame you… that’s fine!

Listen To ’em… If You Aren’t Sold Yet!    

Best running shoes for men in india

So far, we get to know 1). What the Beacon v3 brings to the table – and from all of us – 2). Who should accept the proposal?  And if the runner inside you is screaming – “this is exactly what you want”…

…but you’re hesitating and something is still there pulling you away from that SHOP NOW dial. Give it a try; what has to say about this shoe might help have a breakthrough.

Skechers GoRun Ride 9

Best Low-Cost Cushioned Trainer

Best running shoes for men in india


  • Short Break-in Period
  • More Cushioned 
  • Durable 


  • A Bit Too Roomy 

Type: Road/Neutral Men: 238g Women: 200g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 6mm

Skechers’ love and creations for the run community have come more recently. And as they don’t have a 100-year history of design heritage – that they have to respect – their running shoe line is taking the California footwear house in a decidedly edgier direction…

Incorporating all the expertise and knowledge of shoemaking, yet updating it for 2021 with the well-liked GoRun Ride collection that lands on our list of best running shoes for men in India today.

Created in 2011, the GoRun Ride line has already done much to build a new-wave running shoe hype for the brand, and several remarkable kicks have come from the line since. But they didn’t get here by any conventional route. 

What Makes “The Ride” So Spectacular? 

Best running shoes India

Quite frankly, Skechers is still a baby of a company (relative to others) and its influence on the running shoe market is even newer.

But even in the rarefied world of best running shoes for men, Skechers GoRun Ride stands out as a bastion of performance. Here’s how Ride 9 is adding to that legacy.


The Sole Unit
Best running shoes for men in india

The Skechers GOrun Ride 9 continues upon the highly successful neutral daily training model that Skechers received a lot of praise for in the last few years. Again, the sole unit closes a big chunk of the glory.

It’s from the line that has some of the buzziest running shoe techs in the game—the new HyperBurst foam—that continues to impress…

…maybe ’cause the world isn’t running short of runners who are behind a bouncy and soft midsole over brand aesthetics. Their simple but effective midsole recipe is so fascinating about Skechers.

Skechers cooked up the bouncy HyperBurst midsole by exposing EVA to liquified carbon dioxide until it forms irregular pockets, making the material springier, lighter, and more durable than regular EVA.

The latest version comes with even more Hyper Burst foam (adding about a millimeter to the shoe’s stack height) for an even more cushioned ride, but that also makes it slightly heavier than the Ride 8.

It might ask for a short break-in period, but they should enjoy the Ride 9’s comfort for miles after that. It’s exceptionally bouncy at a light jog but gets even more responsive as you pick up the pace.

The energy return of the HYPER BURST midsole is well documented, and it does not disappoint on the GOrun Ride 9. While the durability of the HyperBurst midsole extends to Skechers’s outsoles as well, which use high-traction Goodyear rubber.

Sticky Goodyear rubber hasn’t shown early signs of wear; there’s more than enough traction for slick roads and groomed trails. But this version of the GoRun doesn’t skip on to that typical Update Approach these days…

…The upper is redesigned here as well! The updated engineered mesh upper is lightweight, durable, and offers runners a plush on-foot experience.

The breathability has also been improved and will have no issues keeping feet dry in hot conditions. The neutral wrap fits securely and should accommodate most runners’ needs.

Is It A Good Pick For You? 

Best running shoes in india

By far, it’s clear that Skechers hasn’t won attention in such a sliver demographics by standing still. It’s even harder to do so if you don’t have deep-rooted aesthetics. But we aren’t here to give ’em awards, Right?

It’s more about bringing you the best running shoes for men in India. It doesn’t matter how well-made or technically forward we consider a shoe, if they don’t align with your needs, they won’t be “The Best”. Here are all the possible bases when they can be…


For Cushioned Daily Train-ing!
Best running shoes for men in india

For most runners, Daily trainers are the shoes they’ll do most of their running. Generally somewhat cushioned and built using more durable and heavier materials, Daily Trainers are designed to hold up to the rigors of daily use.

Skechers GoRun Ride will do it all for you… but they put a little more spring into your step in a lot more Soft & Relaxed tone. And the ninth version is just far more cushioned than other trainers.

It has a bouncy response that adds energy to slower long runs and faster short runs alike. The lower weight and lower profile add an elevated sense of performance to these daily trainers.

The fluid ride is aided by M-Strike technology in the midsole, which promotes efficiency in every stride. Runners will be able to tackle countless carefree miles in these daily trainers.

As for the outsole, the Goodyear Rubber speaks for itself, providing runners with unbeatable traction on nearly any surface. The upper of the GOrun Ride 9 has everything you need to enjoy your run. What else do you need, Gentleman, A Good Price? Well…


That Won’t Cost You! 
Best running shoes india

Who doesn’t love that ahhh sensation of your first step in an exceptionally soft ride? But such love might not be that pleasing for your wallet, generally! There are models popped in the cushy department, more so than any other category…

…but very few brands are happy to sell them for cheap. You might call it the basic recipe to make space in a fierce market – Skechers GoRun Ride manages such a low price point here. 

How Experts Have Plugged “The Ride 9”   

“A casual footwear brand without a 100-year-old performance legacy is making running shoes that do not feel irregular” – such bold statements are enough for enthusiasts around the world to lace ’em up. Here’s what they have to say about that occasion…

Salomon Sense Ride 4

Best Crossover Running Shoe

Best running shoes for men in india


  • Reliable Traction
  • Price/Quality Ratio
  • Extremely Versatile 


  • High Heel Counter 

Type: Trail/Road/Neutral Men: 290g Women: 235g Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 8mm

A brand, unbeknown to much lesser informed runners, is praised for crafting running shoes (Instead of pumping out by the thousands a day). In the same way that a Ferrari or Lamborghini inspires one to take a few steps back to admire before taking it for a test spin (in your dreams!)…

…a runner can appreciate the craftsmanship of their shoe before even putting ’em on. And unlike those cars, their Sense Ride 4 won’t disappoint on any surface either. It could be a clear choice if you like to hop from the trail (especially dirt trails) to the road with a little bit of Nature exposure.

Even if you haven’t done much offroad running before but are considering plucking up the courage to do so: grab yourself a pair of these. An excellent everyday trainer on all manner of terrain, If you can afford the price tag, this snug-fitting shoe is worth every penny.

What gave “The Ride 4” Such Distinguished Accolade?

Best running shoes for men in india

Even the best running shoes in India are updated every year or every other year, with the obvious goal of continual refinement toward the ever-illusive goal of the perfect running shoe.

But with every update comes a risk of feeling regressed instead of progressed. Luckily, Salomon pushed some improvements that only make it better. Here’s how the fourth iteration is the easiest to recommend…


Their Firm Work-on-all Foundation! 

The Salomon Sense Ride 4 is built on an adaptive foundation. Continuing the tradition of the previous versions, the shoe offers an excellent mix of sensitivity for uneven trail terrain with enough cushion to get out and pound the pavement without grinding your knees into a fine powder.

Softer foams with lower densities compress and lose their bounce quicker than firmer, denser foam. The Salomon Sense Ride 4 hits the sweet spot, giving you plenty of cushioning for trails and just enough for pavement.

A perfect pick for those who like feeling more connected to the ground on trails, which is the experience this shoe provides as opposed to what you get in something like a max-cushion HOKA.”

Best running shoes for men in india

The midsole cushioning that Salomon has used (the brand calls it ‘Optivibe’) gives a really good mix of softness and give without being too spongey, which adds to the beginner-friendly motif.

Featuring 4mm deep diamond-shaped lugs, these shoes do surprisingly well in both mud and gravel, as the lugs are spaced optimally to provide traction when things are loose while still shedding mud admirably.

Though the lugs aren’t so deep, it allows them to stand up to harder surfaces like pavement longer. The Contagrip rubber is surprisingly effective on slick rock surfaces while, again, also being hard enough to take on regular urban jaunts.


Just Right Improvements  
Best running shoes india

With the fourth iteration of the Sense Ride, Salomon has used restraint where it was needed and kept all the very best elements of what was already the highest-rated shoes ever.

Quite frankly, almost every change and improvement – only makes it better. Most of which have occurred in the upper; which – in contrast to the midsole – is very much that of a trail shoe, with a focus on protection.

The thin, breathable mesh uppers are about as close to “riding with the top down” as we want to be in a pair of trail runners, offering awesome ventilation and allowing for very quick drying times.

But with that slenderness, do not doubt the capabilities. Tough and rugged and coped well with being attacked by flying wood chips, small stones, and other offroad debris.

With the shoe’s overall feel remaining much the same, it provides a workable amount of space for your feet to swell. Over the upper, The pull-tight Quicklace system was handy as always.

The tongue is somehow both light and nicely padded. One of the major changes is in the heel counter, which has been made slightly more padded for extra protection. Good update for skinny ankles though!

Can It Be Your Trusty Companion? 

Best running shoes for men in india

Of course, it can! You just have to be a little smart (which we believe you are!) in aligning your expectation and needs with what the shoe brings to the table.

Though it gained its name as a running workhorse in early 2017, it serves a purpose – that not even the best running shoes in India convey. Here’s when The Ride 4 can be your companion…


Shoes To Cruise… In Every Corner! 

If you’re looking for a shoe that can get you through a pavement approach and some hard-pack dirt roads on your way to the rolling singletrack, the Sense Ride 4 is a formidable option.

The Optivibe midsole is highly protective and helps keep legs fresh, while the Contagrip MA outsole delivers quality traction that will inspire confidence on the trails.

With excellent traction, durability, and comfort at a reasonable price point, the Salomon Sense Ride 4 is a great go-to option for trail running pros and beginners alike.

Best running shoes for men in india

It inspires the confidence to tackle a variety of terrain and has the durability to last for many miles. There isn’t much squish there – so do not consider the Sense Ride 4 to be a bouncy, highly responsive shoe.

It will feel like the energy you put into the shoe efficiently propels you forward. That’s it! The Sense Ride 4 balances sensitivity with the padding needed to log miles on pavement.

Overall, these are very comfortable shoes. Being a trainer that forms the foundation on any terrain – Buy this for multi-terrain parkruns and runs where the focus is on exploration rather than performance.

Experts Can Help You Embrace “The Ride 4”  

If you haven’t yet been compelled by the colossal capabilities of Salomon Sense Ride 4, You’ve been forgiven for hesitating. After all, it’s a shoe from a brand unbeknown to many runners…

But the pundits’ awareness routines haven’t grabbed the backseat yet! Just like us, they’ve pushed it anywhere they can – ’cause it can cruise wherever they take it! Their aspects of the Ride 4 might sway you.

Things To Consider When Buying A Running Shoe

Ingredients Of Quality Running Shoes

Best running shoes for men in india

The simplest and most effective form of exercise – Running. The hardest and most complicated shoe to pick – Running Shoes. Finding the best running shoes for men in India is personal. No matter what anyone tells you, there is no one best pair of running shoes for all people. 

You can run in any shoe – the question is – Are you running in a shoe that’s eventually going to hinder how fast you can run? Or is this shoe actually going to help you run? The slightest differentiation may affect your experience. 

Buying a running shoe only to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one isn’t a good theory. It’s helpful to know several little details of the shoes that will be with you over the next several hundred miles. Here are the main elements to know.


Plan Ahead

It’s important to know what’s your expectation from your next pair of shoes before you actually start to look for them.

This is so darn simple (only takes 4 to 5 minutes!), yet hardly anybody does it! It’s one of the most powerful ways to find one for you from the best running shoes for men in India. 

So before you warp up, or are on the verge of sliding that credit card – just take a few minutes and really think through everything that you want your next shoe to get done for the few hundred miles. 

No matters what’s your level of experience – just write down and give yourselves a little bit of an estimate about pleasure from your first pairs of running shoes, or pains from the last one.

Create a plan around the surface you want to train on. How do you want your shoes to feel while you’re running? Are you going to be consistent with running? What it does – Gives yourself a baseline to work off of. 



“Shoes that deliver a running-on-clouds sensation while working long hours on your feet” – if this is what you’ve written on your expectation note: look for a Gaint Slab Of Foam At The Midsole. 

Cushioning is very closely related to the perceived comfort of a shoe. Some well-cushioned trainers listed above in our list of best running shoes for men in India, deliver a super-soft ride and support smooth transitions for runners at all levels. 

Brooks’s DNA Loft, Asics’s lightweight FlyteFoam, Nike’s ZoomX, Hoka One One Profly Foam – the best sports shoe brands have embraced a new approach to cushioning your sneaker experience that also put a little more spring into your step. 

What To Look For: Depending on your strike (Either you’re a forefoot or heel striker) – measure separately how soft or firm a shoe is in the forefoot and heel. Make sure midsole thickness and the material feels right at your running speeds. 


Minimalist Running

Conversely, if you have a developed foot strength and work on the “less shoe, more you” premise – look for less cushioning and support elements from your kicks. 

Minimalist running is risky. It’s easy to blame such shoes as the cause of injuries, but truly it’s more about the lack of preparation and training before the transition was made. 

Look for high flexibility, low heel-to-toe drop, weight and stack height, and the absence of motion control and stability devices. 


Upper And Heel-Counter

Best running shoes in india

Everything above the sole… is Upper. Made with layers of fabrics and mesh, modern models increasingly use knitting and 3D printing to create one-piece uppers that stretch and support in appropriate places.

What To Look For: The upper should hug your midfoot and create a supportive feel, while the toe box provides plenty of space for your forefoot to move naturally.

Heel Counter semi-rigid cup layered inside the rearfoot that cradles and supports your heel. Some shoes have external heel wrap that serves a similar function, while the minimalist running shoes to allow full movement do not have a heel counter. 

What To Look For: As the heel wrap does center the heel for stable landings and support. Make sure it allows a comfortable ankle motion. 


Fit And Comfort

Running shoes should feel good as soon as you put them on, no break-in period is required. Just run with ’em (Right in the store!), your foot should feel secure and snug with no slipping or sliding at part of the shoe. 

And by Sung, we don’t mean something squeezing your feet- the encounter must be comfortable. In fact, some research even shows that when you choose a shoe simply because it’s comfortable, you may be less likely to get injured.

What To Look For: To ensure you own one of the best running shoes for men in India – look for the “made-for-me” sensation. Make sure the shoe fits properly from heel to toe and that it feels comfortable with your regular running stride

The same goes for shopping online. Most retailers will offer a risk-free trial period so you can still lace up your shoes and head out for a test run (like you would at the store).

What To Expect From The Best Running Shoes In India?

What They Really Does? Have You Thought It Over Carefully?

Best running shoes for men in india

We get it. Everyone loves to say, “All you need to do is just step out the door and start running.” But, you at least need a pair of shoes. 

But first, to really boost those benefits and reduce your risk of injury, you need to swap your regular sports sneakers for a running-specific style, like the ones above. 

Running and training/CrossFit shoes may look similar, but the key differences are in sole flexibility and heel drop. Those training shoes are more flexible to allow a wide range of movement. 

While high mileage shoes are built for heel-to-toe movement and the higher heel drop in running shoes comes from added support and cushioning.

Buckle Up_Grab a Snack and scroll through to latch on why and how these best running shoes for men in India give you the stability, bounce, and support you need—that your CrossFit shoes probably don’t.

Don’t worry, you won’t be overwhelmed with a whopping number of reasons to have a pair of running shoes. In fact, here are 3 simple but 24-carat solid claims to prove that you need one!


Shock Absorption 

As a periodic motion, running exposes the human musculoskeletal system to intense impacts amounting up to 2.5 times the runner’s weight. The repeated nature of these impacts over long distances has been documented to induce joint overloading and a variety of other running-related injuries.

Cushioning systems, found in Running footwear, protect recreational and professional athletes in mitigating these transient forces. The American Council on Exercise reports that midsole cushioning is one of the most important benefits associated with the use of running shoes.

When you’re running, you want to have excellent cushioning in both the heel and forefoot to handle this impact. If you plan on running three times a week or more, move up to a real running shoe.

Shoe companies have developed signature foams that not only enhance softness but also put a little more spring into your step. For instance, Brooks’s DNA Loft—the plushest iteration of the brand’s foam—uses microscopic air pockets to both adapt to your stride and absorb shock.


Forward Movement 

This one is more obvious – running shoes are for running. But how do running shoes help with running? Running shoes protect your feet when pounding the pavement over and over again. Where a training shoe helps with side-to-side movement, running shoes help with forward movement.

Best running shoes for men in india

By adding carbon fiber plates, Today’s running shoes spring up crazy propulsion. The carbon plate [that in most shoes runs the length of the shoe] gave a ride of such bounce and energy return that at first, most runners do struggle to control, rather like a Formula One car being driven by a learner.

The carbon plate acts as a lever to effectively roll the foot forward through the force developed by the leg muscle and propel the body forward through the gait cycle—the act of taking a full stride.

“I feel like I’m running downhill,” Nike-sponsored marathoner Galen Rupp purportedly said the first time he tried Carbon Fiber Plated Nike Vaporly 4%

Such running shoe technology allows for the maximum running economy – that your CrossFit shoes probably don’t deliver.



Best running shoes for men in india

Fundamentally, the Best Running Shoes For Men In India protect the foot and the runner from injury. It provides stabilization of the foot and protects skin from damage.

Thanks to the growing focus on the engineering of sports equipment (including running shoes), we haven’t seen shoes that check these many boxes or have these many different features going on. 

Present-time Running shoes are designed in a way that improves running efficiency. Science suggests that if you can reduce the energy it takes to run, then in theory, you should be able to run faster and for a longer period.

Lighter running shoes allow a runner to swing their legs more efficiently. More cushioning in the midsole helps run with straighter legs, again making them more efficient. So don’t be afraid of laying down a few extra bucks (if you’re able) on any of the best running shoes for men in India.

These are the top 3 features of running shoes but just know that there is A LOT more to it than just the best three. As we thought these are enough to convince you that you need a running shoe! But if you still think that those beautiful (might be expensive) sports sneakers will get the job done – Best Of Luck: You can thank us later!

Ready To Buy… But Wait! Know How Wide To Open Your Wallet

Ask Yourself This One Question: And You’ll Know How Much You Should Splash On Running Shoes.

Best running shoes for men in india

If your attention span isn’t quite that long to handle our inch-perfect (but long!) chapter to locate your spending on running shoes, Click Here to jump right onto The Question that’ll unveil that amount… Super Quickly!

The introduction of shoes like Nike’s Vaporfly, or Brooks Hyperion Elite has changed: what we think of as possible for running. 

Nike Next% is so good that the shoes have been banned from many professional races after they were worn for 31 out of 36 top-three finishes at major marathons last year.

And you don’t have to be a pro to reap the benefits; the New York Times found that more than 1 million average runners saw their times improved by four to five percent.

The cost? A Cool ₹19,995. Yup! That’s Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Five. Ok, Twenty Thousand. 

So, Do We Really Need To Spend The Bit Bucks If We Want A Serious Pair Of Kicks?

That should be a pretty easy NO across the board! At least not all the time for most of us. What’s great about Running is that you don’t need to maintain some Carrie Bradshaw–esque obsession about the latest and coolest.

And all in all running shoes are tools; you don’t always need a professional one! You can do perfectly well by sticking with more affordable options; specifically, if you’re at the very beginning of the running curve. 

In fact, How much you should splurge on running shoes utterly depends on where you are as a runner. Scroll farther for helpful tips and insight from our gear experts. 

Level One

The Absolute Beginner

Running is enjoyed by millions of people because it’s good for your body and mind and it requires very little equipment. All you need is good or the best running shoes for men in India and the willingness to get started.

But at the absolute beginning stage when the ensuing day run is in dubiety – Willingness to move a little or a lot, all at your own pace, is all you need. 

You have to start where you are, not where you think you should be – Quite frankly: it’s not the right time to jump deep into running shoes. 

Best running shoes for men in india

It’s more important to be consistent with your running plan than pursuing The Best Running Shoes For Men In India. And by ‘Consistent’: we don’t mean going too hard. 

The reason to not focus on shoes is simple: As Real running shoes are expensive and you’re not even sure that you’ll be running the next day.

So it makes no sense to sink that hard-earned dinero in specialty running shoes. Currently – your feet just seek protection agin the surface you’re running on. Your sports shoes will get the job done!

Don’t panic! Stay calm! There are loads of flashes ahead to grab those beautiful running shoes. But if it is the consistency portion where you are stuck – grab a snack and scan this guide on How to start running today!

Level Two

Beginner: Filled With Capabilities To Improve

So after a week(s) of running (window shopping), you’ll begin to believe that there’s something to this “running” thing. It’s simply the stage when you aren’t hard to force yourself out the door. 

Feel-good brain chemicals—like dopamine and endocannabinoids—will be released while you’re on the road (especially on twilight runs). 

Remember: You’re not winning those races. Also not watching nutrition, or monitoring your form and technique. But you’re one thing, and that is consistent. 

And as a result, you’ve been able to reap the many benefits that come with it, including physical fitness, mental wellbeing, and a regular fix of those delicious post-run endorphins. 

Running either to reap its health benefits or prepare for competitions: in this phase, you need to invest in pair of running shoes – not a technical one! 

Shoes that are designed to reduce the impact of running on your joints and protect your feet. Such shoes don’t break the bank. 

These trainers put the focus on comfort rather than technical innovation. In fact, such running shoes give you the best features at the best value. They operate with a close to one ratio of functionality and price.

Price ranging from ₹4.5k to ₹10k, these options may lack the extra features of their pricier counterparts, but still, provide a smooth and comfortable ride with all the basics you’ll need to put your best foot forward. 

Level Three

Intermediate: When Running Turn Into Training & Trying!

People think that when they start running they are beginners, then at the point when they actually train for a while they are advanced. They skip the middle ground.

According to “If you’ve been running for a few years and you are starting to realize how much there is to know about training, perhaps even feeling like you know less about training than you thought you did, you are probably an intermediate runner.

In simple words, you feel like this is it – it’s the happy ending right here in the beginner stage, but soon realize it was just the beginning. 

You begin to know about (and start involve in) technical elements of running – watching your nutrition, monitoring your form and technique, and even turning up to several races.

This level invites you to try different episodes of running. En route – you need shoes (Yes! Shoes) that allow you to make tries. The intermediate stage is about having a wider (instead of deeper!) running shoe set. 

Start with good quality running shoes, but not very expensive! Try to be in the moderate price range of ₹4.5k to ₹10k (or even lower) as it will yield the best value. 

It will allow you to make your tries, allow you to make mistakes, allow you to try roadtrailcushionedMinimaliststability, whatever – before you’ll be able to Nail What’s For You! That is to say What Works For You. 

Level Four

Advanced: The Refined Runner

When you begin to be realistic and patient with your body, allowing it to properly adapt to the new loads you place on it as you progress, you are probably an advanced runner.

As a beginner, you try to stay consistent with your run. But, in the advanced stage, we all consistently make strides to improve our time on the road or try to reach specific goals.

Here you realize that – you get the best results from your training when your running shoes are tailored to your level of experience. 

So the spread-out running shoe lineup (that you knock up in intermediate days!) should be narrowed down to some pairs that work with your running regime. 

This stage illuminates how running can quickly become an expensive sport. Just as a painter doesn’t rely on a single brush… at this level you shouldn’t rely on a single shoe.

Owing at least four pairs of shoes in your rotation allows you to mix ’em up throughout your weekly workouts and establish a training routine that maximizes your athletic ability through your running toolkit (shoes).

Technical and innovative elements of running shoes are no longer overwhelming to you. As you aren’t running for leisure, it makes total sense to dip in your bank account and move towards the higher slots of ₹8k to ₹12k running shoes.

Wanna Save Money? (Of course! You Do!) Shop the sales and don’t be vain about having the latest version of whatever model you’re trying.

The Absolute Level

The Elite: Mentor To Others

Best running shoes for men in india

Of course, most people aren’t blessed with the lightning-like fast-twitch muscle fibers of Usain Bolt or the innate prowess of their neighborhood podium climbers. 

But if two digits running years behind you – you have developed a mindset and body that unlocks your full elite ability. 

You were proud of what you accomplished that it will take more discipline to rest than to work out. In fact, Brands bring in extra special teams to come up with masterpieces that can please such feet. 

There’s no denying that you’re paying for both running performance and the unmistakable brand aesthetic when you lace up such masterpieces.

But you have the skills, expertise, and (more importantly!) Guts to appreciate the difference. If you find any sense in those ₹20k running shoes: you fall in love with running and we’re proud to place you in this category. 

Setting the price range for you is worthless. You know what we’re trying to convey if you really belong to this category… Cheers! 

Here Is

The Quick Question

Looking for an ultra-quick way to know – “How much you should invest in running shoes?  In this section of your guide on the best running shoes for men in India, just ask yourself one question to unveil the splurge. 

What Is The Probability Of You Running Away From Running In The Upcoming Months? 

On a scale of “O” to “1“; where “1” for Super High and “0” for Super Short

Breathe Easy! We won’t force you to spend outside your budget. Rest Assured and decide your number. 

If you put yourself at a 1 or Closer Value  Plant the money (you’re about to spend!) deep inside your pocket and take a tight grip on the sports shoes you already have for your almost expiring running journey.

With such probabilities, buy real running shoes (Which we don’t recommend!) if you have a very well-renumerated job, or substantial savings, or a wealthy family behind you.

But if your placement is or Closer Figure – You’ll fall in love with the ahhh sensation of your first step in an exceptionally soft ride of real running shoes. 

With so much more to explore – don’t be afraid of laying down a few extra bucks if you’re able. A bracket of ₹5k-₹9k is where you’ll find the best running shoes for men in India to live a faster and injury-free running life.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend outside your budget, but paying more for quality means you’ll have a pair of shoes that turns your run into a Pleasurable Experience for years down the line, not months.

If you nail the middle grounds (Between 0 & 1) that spell out you’re baffled around your running life – It’s an ultra-sensitive stage when off beam decisions or cheaper settlements might end up with uncomfortable, or maybe even unpleasant running encounters, and eventually, injuries will force you to stop running. 

Don’t have a bash at the expensive latest version. You’ll do perfectly well at ₹3k-₹5k price consoles. It allows you to learn what you like and dislike about this sport. Allows having a shot at various types of running shoes – without spending a fortune! 

Best running shoes for men in india

Just make sure you check these four boxes to find your own best running shoes for men in India. Of course, these four elements will get the job done! But if you’re looking for an inch-perfect scientific plan – How To Pick A Perfect Pair Of Running Shoes – feel free to click around! 

Thank you so much for tuning in! As always: the best conversations happen over at the FANTASTIC LAND of Now we would love to hear from you…

…Questions? Comments? Opinions? Always happy to chat with fellow shoe jockies, runners, or anyone who feels strongly enough towards the content of this article to reach out. ✌️

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