Best Formal Shoes For Men With Opulent Taste

Traditionally Crafted, Calmly Appealing, and Delightfully Comforted,
Radical Authenticity is Surging in The World of Indian Shoemaking.

By Nikhil Choudhary

November 29, 2023


The Best formal shoes are for men who choose to wear dress shoes and not for those who have to wear them. However, the best formal shoes for men are that arresting blend of form and function that you couldn’t help but desire to wear.

But with a desiring perspective, it’s easier to see sense in the exquisite leathers, the onerous shoemaking technique, and, most notably, the prices that the best formal shoes for men abide.

Apart from affiliating you with a club that a few have the nerve to join, these pairs will suggest a glance at what a barely changed 5,000-year-old recipe of cocooning comfort, incredible durability, and sophisticated sartorial dignity looks and feels like.

Best Formal Shoes For Men

Beyond Their Prices, Please Mark What You Are Paying For.

When we set out in 2014 to find the best formal shoes for men in India, we did not anticipate that a cadre of shoemakers and artisans would change how many experience greatness in formal shoes, or what those changes meant for the rest of the dress shoemaking world.

These ateliers did not necessarily invent bottom-making techniques like Goodyear Welting or making Bevelled waist and are not associated historically with a shoemaking region, which is part of what makes their dress shoes so great. 

Without the legacy of local production, shoemakers in India are compelled to look far and wide for dress shoes, and the picks below demonstrate their potential and the perfected best practices. 

If you want to explore the world of such fine dress shoes, you have to be willing to spend some money. ❝At this price, it is impressive, to say the least,❞Justin FitzPatrick, Founder of J.FitzPatrick Footwear and The Shoe Snob Blog, says ❝nearly unfathomable to be quite honest.❞

Pellé Santino Split-toe Derby

To Upgrade Your Cemented Pairs 

Best formal shoes for men in India


  • It’s A Great Value.
  • Full-grain Upper
  • Blake Stitched Leather Soles


  • Midsole Flatten Shortly

The epitome of dress shoe construction is overwhelmingly associated with Goodyear Welting ever since the world first became aware of its resoleing capabilities. We would not contend the welted shoes sovereignty, but if you begin right from where it should end… you’d actually trade the unbeknown pleasures of the exquisite sartorial path

What we’re about to propose is a blake-stitched derby from Pelle Santino that has a lot to offer to just about anybody who loves quality dress shoes, especially to those who want to learn about them. A connoisseur will probably never vote for blake pair: The Best Formal Shoes For Men — not even when it’s at its best. 

But it tempts how they emphasize those initial miles (literally and financially) of stitched dress shoes. We are fascinated by the Blake stitched models of Pelle Santino, who has explored the terroirs of Goodyear Welting through a series of oxfords and Chelsea boots. But we don’t want the hefty price of welted pair to test the limits of your newly aroused enthusiasm for dress shoes. 

There couldn’t be a better introduction to fine footwear than this blake split derby. A hand-pulled full-grain leather on blake-stitched chassis with open lacing accommodation will get you curious enough to want to learn more about the fascinating sartorial world. 

What About This Pair Making It Best?

Best formal shoes for men in India

By far, you definitely didn’t explicitly understand what makes this derby too good and why we are convincing you to buy ’em, Right? Here we’ll get into weedy details; amateurs might prefer to ignore sections on stuff like the last definition and stitch density and concentrate instead on how the shoe gets its resilience, the fit, or full grain leather and why you should care.


The Leather They Are Made Of

And it’s high time to remind you that leather defines serious footwear. Well, it’s skillfully sculpted leather, at heart. But that doesn’t mean we should adore leather in all its forms. Yet at the same time, no formal shoe brand declares the name of tanneries, animals, layers, and density.

But a lot is known about the leather on this split-toe derby shoe. The sanded buff leather lining has the sort of consistency you want to roll around in your feet forever. But it’s the richly textured Full-grain layer of cowhide on the Upper that shows why this derby has been worth the trouble of caring.  

It’s not quite as rich as the black calf, but the open pour structure nicely takes the pigment, wax, and oil that ages and beautifully initiate the famed natural patina. And that grace is eternal! Underneath the open pours is a dense network of fibers with all-natural resilience to be broken in to stretch in the right places. 

Along with that much-needed pull, you will see gradual changes such as more depth to the color, increased suppleness, and a light sheen. All that over a full leather outsole commending the sleek & sliver profile of serious footwear. Likewise, you can consult with our team for more details.


The Way They Are Made

Best formal shoes for men

Today, there isn’t much that you can’t make just as such, and more cheaply, anywhere. Cemented dress shoes have become so normalized that we don’t even second-guess them. Yet the way of making fine dress shoes (that barely changed for centuries) has been recognized, and it seems to have gained momentum in recent years.

And Pelle Santino pampers that momentum! For this split-toe derby the right balance of hand-lasting and machine-lasting, judiciously employed, adds character, structure, and a sharp feather edge to a not-that-workable full-grain leather. But the compelling (or contentious) part is Blake Construction. 

In this derby, simply the shoe’s upper is folded over at the edge and sewn directly onto the sole—while “Lovely Complexity” is what the shoe snob will nod enthusiastically. But The advantage of Blake construction is that the sole can be cut a lot closer to the upper, leaving less of a lip and making the shoe sleeker. 

Apart from complementing the sleeker profile, it will not be a big concern (as it would be with Goodyear Welted pair) to break into these derby shoes. We can go on ad nauseam discussing the subject, defending the blake construction. Anyway, you can’t discuss taste. It is subjective.


The Price They Request

Best formal shoes for men in India

And “For How Much” we can acquire this derby is really what sets this derby apart! Generally, not much is written (as no one likes talking) about the price of a dress shoe weighing the fact that there’s no direct correlation between the quality and price of a pair. Though price shows either that ‘Quality’ translates into ‘Value’.

The best value depends, of course, on your definition of value. But this derby is definitely an example of the real value for money, as opposed to the illusion of saving or simply finding the cheapest pair on display. Beyond the hours of painstaking work that went into crafting a Pelle Santino, it’s the inconceivable fee that first put the label on the map.

Pelle Santino isn’t a huge brand, and that’s the secret to adorable price. The brand never branched into categories beyond a few classic ones, yet much of the credit should be given to its direct-to-consumer business model. Yes, this derby is from a brand founded on the idea of existing only in the digital realm.

So what! It cuts all the costs associated with keeping a bunch of storefronts open and passing those savings on to you. Though many couldn’t muster up the courage to open their wallet wide enough to swallow the ₹6k of this derby. C’mon, man! We had the privilege of having hundreds of dress shoes, and such a price range rarely translates into a derby of this caliber. 

Bridlen Straight Tip Oxford

A Wearable Piece Of Art 

Best formal shoes for men


  • Calfskin Uppers
  • 360° Goodyear Welted
  • Hand Lasted 


  • A Decent Break In Period

If there’s any dress shoemaker in India creating objet d’art that stimulates fascination for formal shoes that even sneakerheads can’t resist (or connoisseurs can’t take their eyes off), Bridlen—dear readers—is such an atelier that has mastered the art of dressing-up emotions.

In the London Super Trunk Show 2022, Bridlen captured the attention of the world, not because they’re (by far!) the only Indian shoemaker to attend the stage, their shoes’ Quality (and the Price) is what actually cheered on so many, and with such enthusiasm.

Booking a table at the best restaurant is not as challenging as choosing a course that best describes that restaurant. That is how it senses while exploring Bridlen’s collections. We had the privilege of indulging in a few of Bridlen’s 150 founts of fascinating craftsmanship. 

Of all of them, their Straight Tip Oxford was not necessarily the best pair, but it enfolds the all-natural ethos that animates most of Bridlen’s shoemaking. A style that’s proposed by many other prominent names, but none of ’em executed a cap-toe with such precision and passion. 

Why Are We Drawn To This Derby?  

Best formal shoes for men

Like India’s priorities of dress shoes, the urge to craft quality dress shoes in the country’s shoemaking capitals is a work in progress. There aren’t many clients who could muster up the courage to swallow the eye-popping fee (starting at ₹15k to, well, sky is the limit) Bridlen requires to craft a pair. 

But for those who waved cash around, there’s nothing to privilege over Bridlen’s dress shoes. Bridlen is not a luxury brand that people go out of their financial limits to foam an impression and create an identity with. People laud Bridlen’s shoes for the way they are made, they last, they look, and, more importantly, they feel.  

Though we’ve spared no effort to describe the euphoria of possessing this derby, their trunk shows are the best place to lace up and sense the world of intense emotion this derby carries. But apart from the psychological one, there are many scribable reasons to invest in these derbies. 


Aah! That World Class Upper

Best formal shoes for men

Even non-dress-shoe-fan will recognize one made of the finest leather, but such fine hides are so finite in supply that neither the tannery nor any of its retailers will sell ’em just because a customer is waving cash around. It is for those carefully vetted clients who gained places on the waiting list thanks to longstanding relationships with the tanneries.

“You can make the worst formal shoes with the finest leather but you can’t make the best formal shoes with the worst leather. ”

Mass manufacturers are not set for that kind of relationship. Meanwhile, connoisseurs will tell you few shoemakers can match Bridlen for leather acquiring prowess, and that they have a history of making OEM shoes and uppers for renowned shoemakers from the prestigious shoemaking regions of Italy, Europe, and Japan. 

Bridlen commissions classics of their Dear Founders Line from “the best” hides of their collection of the finest leather, stocked up to court a long list of international clientele. There’s a wide perception that Full-Grain is the best leather. But if not underwritten with further details, your Full-Grain is just a bit of savvy marketing. 

Best formal shoes for men

What animal? Of what age? The thickness, or The way it is tanned? There is much to fine quality leather than being the topmost layer of a somewhat inch-thick hide. 

The term (alone) is nebulous and too often all-encompassing. There is barely anything that Brilden isn’t telling you.

Anyone can sense the pride Bridlen feel in announcing the finest details of different materials (some of which can be a bit technical) their dress shoes are made of. Your Straight Tip Oxford, for instance, is presented with a fine Annonay Vegano box calf. 

Annonay is the home of France’s (or the world’s) most prestigious tanneries operating since the 13th century. Owned by Hermés, the tannery’s box calf is renowned for classic aniline dyed properties, which creases finely, and who also can get this sort of small “waves” on the outer grain surface, you can see it if you look closely at the toes.

Patterns are clicked from an area with the least amount of blemishes, veins, and scars, a tight grain on large parts of the hide. Insole and Outsole leathers are made in Tuscany, Italy by the traditional slow chestnut pit tanning method: A very gentle process of tanning, that lasts up to 14 months, for an incredibly hardwearing leather with all-natural fibers. 


A Making Process That Transcends Time 

Best formal shoes for men

A perfect synergy of ambition and skills is what translates the finest leather into the best formal shoes for men. Though Bridlen has mastered as many as 250 individual skills—consolidating every fine shoemaking trade beneath a single roof—it’s that obsession for perfection which drove the success of this brand.  

They want the relevance and modernity of the design but the twist of heritage and patrimonial welting technique is important. Bridlen’s Straight Tip Oxford was a very strong example. A lot of execution details make this [shoe] modern and meaningful for today’s generation but respect shoemaking heritage.

Fabric backings, for instance, are typically what many shoemakers glue between the lining and upper to hold the character and aesthetics it [the shoe] obtains from the last. Artisan at Bridlen has preferred a more sophisticated but everlasting way to retain that shape and reduce creasing. 

Something similar to how bespoke shoemaker frame their shoes, Bridlen block the soaked pattern pieces before stitching ’em with the leather stiffeners. Tacked to the back of the last, the uppers are pulled over at the toe by the lasting machine, before being side lasted by hand.

The Goodyear construction is not as straightforward reflection of quality as many think it is. Any how double-stitch inch-wide leather strap in a shoe and, well, that is all takes to qualify to use the phrase “Goodyear welted” which is alone enough to sell those shoes. 

This Straight Tip Oxford is at best the result of a set of well-intentioned, voluntary production principles. Artists at Bridlen are welting shoes because they really want to. The welt, for instance, is stitched directly to a vigorous insole, instead of a canvas rib glued to the insole. 

The cavity underneath is then filled with granulated cork that, over time, takes an impression of your foot and eventually senses like a custom footbed. Just ‘fine’ quality leather would not withstand the high-stitch density at which the uppers and the soles are sewn. 

After bottom and heel scouring, edge Trimming, edge staining, wheeling, and crowing: your Straight Tip Oxfords are polished to a flawless sheen. After professional satisfaction with several nuanced details, that deserve a separate page to appreciate, Bridlen has created yet another masterpiece.

PLNK Apollo Brown BƏˈLŌNĒ

Comfortably Professional 

best formal shoes for men


  • Excellent at Comfort 
  • Creases Less
  • Barely Required Breaking-in


  • Shoddy Last Definition

Few men can relate to “a polished look, height, and character” that dress shoes lend us, but most understand the discomfort associated with ’em. It’s typical among dress shoe brands to prescribe a thin layer of EVA as a revolutionary footbed that somehow soothes dress shoes. 

But apart from using affordable ways to capitalize on the starving quest for comfort, the young PLNK is taking pressure off the ball of the foot by embracing Bologna—a heritage-heavy shoe construction method that even established brands steer off to avoid the cost associated with this technique. 

Dress shoemakers using this method are striving for comfort that enhances with time, unlike the typical EVA footbed that shrinks right from the first wear. The character of the Bologna technique is best expressed through lace-ups, though, like this Full Brogue Derby. 

The style may not be perfectly aligned with the traditional definition of the best “formal” shoes for men. Yet the relaxed atmosphere we are in—it could be a go-to style with just about any outfit (or occasion) demanding sophistication. Well, that is not the only feature of this shoe that we have strong opinions about.

Why Do We Adore This Derby Implicitly?

Best formal shoes for men

What made us believe in a derby that was probably the most expensive non-welted pair we held? We would by no means call them the only choice, even though more than a few commercially oriented producers make bologna shoe. But most of ’em are not better, just different.

Slowly, as we get ’em to work, the deep meaning that this derby holds becomes clear. Demand barely any more work than a concise break-in but delivers the same bliss of comfort. They roar it’s not ought to be a prestige label to get the best formal shoes for men. Here’s what makes it a pair that even shoe connoisseurs love to lace up.


The Leather and Making

best formal shoe brands in India

We can all agree that you need high-quality ingredients and exceptional preparation skills to make outstanding sushi (imagine Sukiyabashi Jiro in Jiro Dreams of Sushi) so it’s easy to accept that this same idea also applies to the best formal shoes for men, right?

Shoemakers, though, consider “How pleasingly a dress shoemaking method greets the leather or any other material—the shoe is supposed to be composed of ”. Sophisticated methods—take The Bologna, for instance— are preferred to be executed through more workable leather.    

Bologna (the city in Northern Italy) is the birthplace of Bologna (the shoemaking technique) which is a procure of the Italians’ quest to create highly flexible and soft shoes with few stitchings inside. Unlike the standard thin insole, this method calls for a leather sock, solid enough to hold the stitching that holds the upper through the leather lining. 

Then the sole is sewn directly to the upper, the blake way! To successfully incorporate full-grain leather into this method is a mark of PLNK’s technical prowess. And by successful incorporation, we didn’t mean a wisely assembled block but a synergy that conveys all the aesthetical qualities of the last

It’s a Classic English round toe that flows effortlessly through the joint and into the waist and heel section—slimmer than a conventional last for derby would have been, and elegant without being too long. The vamp was breaking (when it bent) right where the pattern is sewn. The full leather outsole sets an extra layer of sophistication. 


The Difference Is Comfort

Best formal shoes for men

Artfully connecting matchless elements further differentiated by thoughtful touches that give this derby its own character. But with that complication comes an ahhh sensation right from your first step in this exceptionally comfortable derby, which is actually the difference that makes ’em the best formal shoes for men.

Although laborious, the Bologna technique is the foundation of what makes the PLNK derby shoe superior in terms of flexibility and comfort. By wrapping the foot in a glove-like, leather lining, Bologna construction eliminates the notion of a traditional break-in period allowing the shoe to respond organically to the volume and expansion of your foot.

With few stitchings inside, it is not a shoe we are lacing up, but an un-stitch-interrupted tube that we’ll slip our feet in. Much of the joy we feel from this shoe stems from the construction, but very few people will compliment the cork footbed underneath, which quietly enhances that satisfaction. 

Pellé Santino WingTip Oxford

The Work Boot Version Of Formal Shoes

Best formal shoes for men


  • Value
  • Extremely Durable
  • Cork Filler


  • Need Breaking-In

It’s important to utilize the footwear for what they’re made for… to harvest as much performance out of them as possible – and formals aren’t made to handle some serious pounding, Right? Shoemakers at Pelle Santino don’t think that way!

Hand lasted Full-Grain leather (that screams the row power of natural leather) with perforations (known as broguing for versatility) is up for the masculine operations of Goodyear-welting – this is how our pick for best formal shoes for men that sparks in the most demanding work environments… is assembled. 

Here’s everything you could possibly know about this hunk of tanned hide… before they get shipped to your front door.

best formal shoes for men

What Makes Them Super Interesting?

So we’ve been testing this Wing-Tip for a while and it’s been clearly a far better formal shoe than the baselines it replaces at this price point. Let us walk you through all our findings…

That Good… year Welting!

If you’re new to the world of quality footwear, Goodyear Welt Construction is one of the first major upgrades separating Masculin, Rugged formal shoes from disposable footwear. It is generally regarded as the best construction in terms of comfort and durability as well as ease in terms of reparation.  

A Full Grain Leather Upper will, unquestionably, outlasts several outsoles. Goodyear Welted Construction lends various easy re-soling options to get the most out of that Patina-ed Upper. 

All best formal shoes for men from Pelle Santino shoes will be an investment for years, as these stunning dress shoes are no different. Crafted in Goodyear-welted Leather soles certainly making these a solid choice for whatever comes your way! 

The welt – a long strip of leather that sits between the upper and the outsole – is the main ingredient. By adhering the welt first to the upper (via a stitch to the canvas plyrib on the bottom of the insole) and then stitching the welt to the outsole, we make the shoe easily resoleable and virtually waterproof.

Such construction leaves a telltale line of stitching between the outsole and the welt around the perimeter of the boot that can be seen from even a few feet away.

But it’s not just that powerful welt for which you’re paying for – it’s the cork filling within, which is known to create a nice mold of your foot, after a good amount of wear, providing an almost custom-like footbed. 

It’s A Wingtip Oxford 

We Indian Men… we’re not scared of a little bit of detail. These tan shoes from Pelle Santino are a masterclass in hard-wearing brogue design. Defined by the perforated decoration around the upper of a shoe’s visible edges. 

The style’s distinctive perforations were designed initially as an escape valve for bog water, favored by Irish farmers who spent half their working day stomping through submerged fields.

Today those perforations (known as broguing) are purely decorative, and they’re what set these wingtips apart from other dress shoes in our list of best formal shoes for men.

It could be your next pair of formals if those Black Cap-toe Oxfords are perhaps a step too far… for any occasion! Turns an average suit into an impressive outfit along with the power to make jeans feel boss-level – these Wingtips from Pelle Santino will elegantly bridge that gap between smart and casual. 

The Value

“The most economical “Goodyear-welted” shoe we’ve ever slipped on!” – our editors when we grab these Wingtips four months ago. The most expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to master – A Goodyear-welted pair can set you back a cool ₹30k. 

Unquestionably, that’s a massive durability jump… but only a few of us (whose money is out there making money for them!) can run to. Pelle Santino put forward one of the most durable soles on the market (their Goodyear Welt Range) at a hard-to-belive price.      

pelle santino shoes

For those who are new to the world of quality footwear, ₹8k formal shoes for men is still something lavish! Just give ’em a try (if you’re able… don’t drag your budget) and it doesn’t take too long to realize that the prices aren’t actually crazy. 

While other companies cover up the fact around their pricing, Pelle Santino is very upfront about that— the digital shopping ecosystem. 

The term “direct to consumer” (DTC) refers to companies that make products and sell them to consumers, usually online but also in their own branded stores, avoiding traditional retailers.

And Pelle Santino is living the perks of their direct-to-consumer business model. A Goodyear-welted pair, which is unattainable in a normal retail environment, is at a price that Overdelivers… Always!

Here’s What Our Months Of Brutal Exploit… Brings In!

Just like any other pair in our list of best formal shoes for men, Pelle Santino Wingtip takes a couple of months for real-world wear-testing from every conceivable angle – But we got it! 

Pelle Santino Wingtip is an easy sell: if you want a pair that stand up to any conditions you throw at them for years, that can pull off a good portion of your wardrobe, and willing to pay ₹7k – then it is just about the easiest and best-smelling step you could take.

Yes! The leather isn’t as luxe and you’ve to settle with the amount of burnishing involved for that Powerfull Goodyear-welt, a detail that might not concern you if you’re the type of guy who likes his menswear as classic as it can be.

Clarks Oliver Limit

Best Semi Brogue


  • Versatile
  • Sleek Silhouette
  • Blake Stitched


  • Clunky Shoe Laces

When you consider that Clarks has been around for nearly 200 years, it’s no surprise that they’ve manufactured over 20,000 shoe styles. Most of them justify the tag of best formal shoes for men but for brogues – it can’t get any better than Clarks Oliver Limit.

Trying to pick the best styles from such a wide body of work is next to impossible. But we’ve picked one pair that represent all the signature features of Clarks and that all in an affordable package.

The Oliver Limit is a great example of their capacity to magically combine comfort and design details into an absolutely beautiful and immediately striking Oxford.

There’s no style of footwear that defines the gentleman more than the brogue. Its timeless, functional design has been favored by the sartorially aware for more decades than we care to remember and it can lay claim to being one of the true icons of modern menswear.

Unquestionably, Oliver Limit is a value pack – High Build Quality at a ridiculous price. It is a perfect formal shoe in city scenarios. It wears with everything from a suit to shorts, everywhere from the office to beer gardens.

A component that makes this shoe even more appealing is the Stich. You’re not getting glue-on or stick-on sole stuff with this shoe.

Notice that stitching around the shoe. The reason they do that is that it insanely increases the durability of the shoe. That’s how it attaches the Upper to the sole.

Clarks’ Oliver Limit was our favorite model from the brand that provided the most comfort. They’re among the most adaptable shoes you can have in your footwear arsenal. That longevity and versatility means it’s worth investing.

Best Formal Shoes For Men: Clarks

Becken Plain


Helston Limit


Ernest Walk


Escaro Royale Derby

The Contemporary Version

Best formal shoes for men


  • Last Definition 
  • Build Quality 
  • Sleek & Smooth Silhouette


  • Demands Frequent Care

One of the first brands that come to mind when a BS99 staffer is on the hunt for the best formal shoes for men that’ll stand the test of time is, unquestionably, Escaro Royale. 

With access to some of the best leathers in the world – Today, Escaro continues to turn out high-quality men’s shoes, as well as a line of sneakers, made from the finest Argentinian Full-Grain leathers and suedes.

Like a luxury sports car, ES Derby got all the right curves. Open laces (the facing is open at the bottom), giving a more robust and versatile feel – the trusty Land Rover to the elegant Audi A8 Oxford. A chiseled almond toe gives a bit more bite.

Here’s Why It’s Not The Derby That Your Pops Used To Flop Around In

Escaro royale shoes

Yes! Derby is back. But don’t worry: We’re not about to tell you to start dressing those square-toe, rubber-soled lace-ups – that we all have tackled for decades and we don’t want you to live in a different decade. 

If you have those derbies—grab them from your closet and toss them. It should be a slim contour (but not painfully skinny) as the rest of your wardrobe. 

You can expect such a silhouette from a brand that looks to move beyond existing constraints. Escaro Royale telling your derby… the modern way! Here’s what Escaro Royale Derby brings in. 

The Silhouette 

Derby Makes you look like you’ve got platypus feet, Right? – It’s not that derby. This pick would have cracked the Best Formal Shoes For Men list as it screams that you Dress The Future. 

The designer at Escaro Royale shredded the baggage of the derby we’re accustomed to. Every aspect of the design, proportion, line and shape have been perfectly balanced. 

They sharpen the lines of the last for an elongated shape that balances perfectly with that magnetic toe. It’s a soft square toe but not too chiseled or too square to make it unapproachable. 

One of the most striking elements of the toe shape is the slight loft as it pitches forward. That nice vertical dimensionality to that toe shape is what makes this derby one of the best formal shoes for men. 

Last Definition 

One of the things that, in terms of differentiating these high-end leather dress shoes from standard ones – is the amount of Last Definition.  

The Last Definition is How much shape is given to the shoe as it is lasted or as the leather is pulled over the last when it’s being constructed. 

It produces sculptures that you would expect from one of the best formal shoes for men. It’s just those small details that combine together to create a beautifully sculpted pair the really provokes emotion. 

Build Quality

You can have a brilliant designer that’s able to envision a really beautiful, elegant last shape – but if it’s not made with the deserving material or in a factory that’s able to respect those elements… you’ll never see it in finished shoe. 

Best Formal Shoes For Men

Escaro Royale is well known among shoe enthusiasts because of how well their shoes are constructed. The label’s derby is made using Argentinian Full-Grain White Crust Leather which guarantees an even stable finish but requires frequent care to remain in splendor. 

All the patterns are Clicked (cut-out) by hand which allows the clicker to take into account the unique characteristics of every single Full Grain Leather ensuring only the best area of the skins are being used.  

Good design aside, it’s due to Blake construction, a technique that secures the sole, the upper, and the insole together with a single stitch, meaning a stitch-free outsole cuts a cleaner line.

Full leather outsoles with leather heel blocks for an even more formal front. As the majority of sales are direct – they can combine many shoemaking elements to these derbies that one would not expect at ₹7.5k. 

Does It Combine The Right Set Of Features… That You Care For

So the Escaro Royale Derby is from one of the label’s initial drops, and after placing some plain-vanilla pounding for a couple of months – our editors think it checks all the most important boxes… That Most People Care About!  

In fact, this shoe will grow on you if the undermentioned grounds are your purpose for buying one of the best formal shoes for men.

Just One Pair Of Lace-ups… And Done! 

The many different styles of dress shoes are not only to fit different tastes, but also different occasions. From your standard Oxfords to your Opera Pumps, the selection of men’s dress shoes is far from slim. 

Wingtips, brogues, oxfords, derbies, wingtip derbies, monk straps, bluchers (cool name), Calfskin, buffalo leather, Blake stitch, Goodyear-welted – Every style, construction, and material has a unique look and an intended occasion.

This makes finding a pair of dress shoes you can wear with everything very difficult and overwhelming. Our Findings, if you are going to buy just one pair of lace-ups: Escaro Royale Derby is a simple, investment-level pair of derby shoes. 

Their open laces and single leather sole are less fancy and cooler than brogues or wingtips. Like your Stan Smiths, you can wear your derby shoes with a suit, jeans, chinos, and yes, sweatpants.

Business Casual Lifestyle… It’s A Good Call! 

“Business isn’t something that you want to be casual about” – that’s My Boss at BS99 Studio. Here we have a conservative attitude to how men could or should dress at (white-collar) work – wouldn’t say a lot about it as I’m happy with the job! 

best formal shoes for men

But Gentleman, If you’re lucky enough that you can rock up to the office in jeans, a T-shirt, and sliders, or your standard work attire is a lot more relaxed and enjoy more freedom with your wardrobe choices – A pair of derby from ER doesn’t hurt!

It’s one of those pairs in our list of best formal shoes for men that appear both stylishly relaxed and suitably corporate. You can wear them with a suit, or dress them down the Italian way by pairing them with denim.

Thanks to the decorative detail on an extended toecap that makes it a less dressy incarnation of the Derby – we won’t recommend this derby for the most polished attire. 

Anyways… if you haven’t scrutinized where your job falls on the formality spectrum – Feel free to click here

escaro royale shoes
You Can Shine ’em… Every Morning

You buy a new pair of shoes, and at first, you’re excited, and you clean off the little smudge you got on day one when you bumped into a table. But over time, as the newness wears off, it’s done! 

If this is your approach to formals – ER derby might cause another purchase much sooner than you really needed to. 

The shoe upper is from Full-Grain White Crust Leather – does includes ALL of the natural grain, is extremely strong and durable. 

While crust leather allows having rich, deep patination out of the box. It is to be seen as a blank canvas for the shoemaker to work with, but the finished shoe requires more frequent care to remain in splendor, as the dye and finishing sits mainly on the surface and is thus more easily affected by the inevitable occasional scuff or scratch. 

₹7.5k is an investment and we assume to treat these shoes as an investment and spend some time caring for them, storing them properly, and cleaning them when necessary, you’ll protect your purchase for years to come.

SeeandWear Derby

Best Budget Buy


  • Price 
  • Overall Build
  • Sleek Silhouette 


  • Not So Versatile

Here at BS99 Studio… We’re actually crowded With “Shoe Enthusiasts” (more specifically – Dress Shoes Enthusiasts). But our office is not full of such people by any means! For those smarties, formal shoes are just to look the part. Any shoe that looks appropriate, under ₹1,000, and can check the trouble of three quarters… they are in! 

SeeAndWear Buff leather Derby has answered the call: a proper dress shoe for which you haven’t rolled rolls of notes – that’ll make sure you don’t have to buy a new pair every two months. Here’s all the fun stuff that comes with it. 

Here’s Why This Derby Outperforms Its Price

This shoe has made quite an impression on our editors. Indeed, the SeeandWear’s aren’t the most elegant or the most durable or plushest, but their strength is that they’re one of the best formal shoes for men in want of a steal in the middle ground.

Build Quality

It took us a couple of months to look over any pair of shoes, and we have been doing these for years. And while doing that – we have seen cheap shoes look good and expensive shoes look terrible… More often than ever! 

But after exploring SeeandWear Buff Leather Derby, it feels a lot more like the first half (cheap shoes look good) is more true than the second half (expensive shoes look terrible). 

The neither square nor pointed: Almond-shaped last is swaddled with Buff Milled Leather. Not super-shiny, but does have noticeable grain. 

Milled leather where the surface grain is removed through sanding to make the surface more uniform in preparation to be embossed. If the lines & streaks don’t bother you, then you will love this upper.

Instead of gluing down that Upper to sole, Which is usual at a thousand rupee price point, SeeandWear has given ’em a “Stitch Therapy” and it’s a move that puts this shoe to another notch. 

Stitching down the sole unquestionably extends the wearable life span of this shoe. Another rubber sole is attached for a decent structure to the shoe along with much-needed traction. 

You’ll really not find any major complaints with this derby unless you treat them like they are unbreakable and puts them through hell and back. 

The Price

It seems like SeeandWear is losing the exact same amount they’re asking for – For Every Pair! There aren’t so many shoes out that deliver 2X value we’re paying as a customer. 

Unquestionably, we’re living in a golden age of cheap formal shoes for men. In fact, you can grab one for just ₹400 which was probably pumped out by the thousands a day. Entirely glued, barely leather, meant to cover your feet for a certain period.

SeeandWear Derby screams a different story. If taken care of, you just might get a year out of them. Why those shoes doesn’t call for a short-term loan to afford? The Direct-To-Consumer business model. 

In other words: as long as SeeandWear keeps making ’em, we’ll keep recommending ’em.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Too High – Unless…

The SeeandWear Buff leather derby is ₹1k bet – shockingly affordable… you can seize two of ’em, Right? But before you set the bar for these shoes – Let us walk you through all the extends and then you can decide – if you’re into it or not?

Shoe ‘Formality’

Chances are, that if you’re reading the guide on best formal shoes for men, you either work in an office (It certainly doesn’t mean that formals are just for office) or you’re up for the most polished version of yourself. 

And for you, Dress shoe is just one element to nail that look – That’s All! Unquestionably, it holds a lot more than just to look the part! But here, it’s not about imposing our beliefs.

Seeandwear Derby is for men who can’t dress too casually in an office environment that dictates a strict dress code and can run the risk of looking like you can’t really be bothered to work there at all. 

“The best formal shoes for men is just the part of dressing correctly for the workplace” – if that’s how you know ’em… Seeandwear Derby will shine through. 

Just ’cause of the amount of burnishing involved, it’s hard to pull these shoes off (in any way) for the after-office moments. That might not concern you as you hate formals and can’t even touch ’em after you’re done with the office… don’t you?

It’s Fine To Get A New One After…

For accessories that constantly beat up and stepped on (literally), shoes sure are underappreciated. Seeandwear derbies are tough, but they don’t last forever. 

Don’t expect them to handle all adverse weather as if it was a clear, sunny day. Don’t expect more than 18 months out of these and if you do get that, consider yourself lucky. 

The exact life spread is, again, greatly dependent on how often you wear them, how often you polish them, and if you use shoe trees, shoe horns, etc.

There are ways to make your formal shoes last longer, but don’t expect enormous wearable life from a thousand rupee shoes. But if you’re looking for a dress shoe that can last a lifetime – we’ve something that you can pass onto your children!

Bridlen Double Monk

A Wearable Sensation

Best Formal shoes For Men


  • Cork Footbed
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Extremely Durable
  • Practical Sole Unit
  • Versatile 


  • Need Breaking In

So you have made it beyond “The Usual Constraints” – Not only are you settled in a job/business, but you’ve ascended the career ladder, earning new titles with increasingly higher salaries/Profits. It’s time to invest in Dress Shoes that suit your high-flying lifestyle.

The Bridlen designer’s foray into men’s Formal Footwear turned them from something guys had to wear to something they wanted to wear and maybe even wanted to show off. 

Bridlen Goodyear Welted Double Monk has the power all on its own to imbue a sense of confidence and prominence in any man who wears it.

It’s hard to explain how something so simple could be so beautiful, but there’s no denying this guy is sheer footwear perfection, expertly executed. Bridlen Double Monk represents the highest levels of both Design and Craftsmanship. Both Under the hood and on the surface… there is a lot to take in! 

What Puts These ₹16k Double Monk Among The Best You Can Buy?

Bridlen makes some of the finest or (safe-to-say) the best formal shoes for men and it’s a known fact for anyone familiar with the dress shoe industry. Of course, you could argue that nothing screams money more than a pair from Bridlen.

The charm and breathtaking elegance of a pair from the label is sure to behold a person in awe, but few are aware of the process and craftsmanship that goes into sculpturing a single piece of this marvel. 

The Most Evocative Leather

The starting point of discussing Bridlen Double Monk must be the component that makes up its 93%. At Bridlen great importance is placed on buying the most expensive element to their high-quality footwear.

Birdlen works very closely with the best tanneries in the world and it’s their exceptionally good relationships that succor to secure leathers that deliver a sensory experience unlike anything on the sole. 

Their Goodyear-welted Double Monk has been crafted using the finest Soft Milled Cowhide Leather on their Zip Last which features a more flattering and elegant Almond toe. This last shape provides a bit of foot elongation but is not at all extreme.

top shoe brands in India

A nice top-grain leather that is softer and thicker than the plain milled cowhide leather. The term Milled is just a way to separate nicer cowhide from cheaper cowhide leathers. This tumbling process softens the leather and allows the natural fine lines in the leather to intensify.

Such a process creates a slight pebbling or noticeable grain. That nubby braille-esque pattern adds intrigue to the shoe. These leathers have a heavier substance (1.8 – 2.0 mm thickness) and are designed for heavy wear.

All the pattern pieces are cut out (clicked) by hand. It allows the clicker to examine the unique characteristics of every single cowhide and work around near-invisible defects in the form of barbed wire or disease scars, growth marks, or veins.

Because the company has to compete with French luxury houses for the calfskin required for its opulent uppers – Bridlen shoes are extremely expensive by comparison to other formal shoe brands

At the lower end of some of the “Essential Collection”, asking prices start around the ₹7,250 mark, while Goodyear Line can cost up to ₹18k and more. But, however hard of a hit your Visa has taken, it’s worth it, for Bridlen wearers can get around a decades-worth of use out of each pair they purchase.

Goodyear… For Great Years

Soft Milled Cowhide Leather Upper is (Unquestionably!) a splurge. But If you think that’s a lot of bank for just the upper of a shoe… just wait until we hit the sole treatment granted to this masterpiece. 

Here within The Casual Classic Collection (From Which This Monk Belongs!), Bridlen leverages its full technical resources and doesn’t seem to be in the mood to settle with the second-best. 

Best Formal Shoes For men

For instance, there are variations on the theme but the phrase “Goodyear welted” tends to be the prefix for the world’s finest shoes – Though expensive, and time-consuming… Bridlen went this way.

Instead of simply gluing that expensive upper to the outsole (For An Appealing Price Tag) – a highly-skilled workforce completes over 200 separate operations to produce the strength and comfort that these double monks provide their wearers.

The Goodyear welt – an 1869 invention that allowed the upper of a leather shoe to be interchangeable from its sole, which in turn allowed the shoe to be broken down and repaired over and over again. 

It’s a strip of leather (Welt) that runs the entire perimeter (Yup! Bridlen do it 360°) of the shoe, it’s then onto this welt that the outsole is stitched. 

You’ll be (of course, the cobbler be!) able to re-sole this double monk many times without disrupting the fit or integrity of the upper. 

What’s even more exciting about True Goodyear-welting is the “Bottom Filling”. Now, most shoemakers will fill that cavity (small cavity underneath the insoles) with latex – Bridlen does it in the Comfiest Way! 

best formal shoes for men

After fixing a “Wooden Shank” to the waist (for extra support), a mixture of cork is molded to the underside of the shoe, providing a flat surface for the sole or lift to sit on. The Corkfilling will cushion your stride and mold to your feet over time.

With Goodyear-welted Shoe, you can spend your money knowing that “This Is One Of The Best Formal Shoes For Men That You Can Wear for 10, 15, 20 years… If Not The Rest Of Your Life”. In fact: if taken care of – it’s pieces you’ll pass along not just to your kids, but to theirs.

That Striking Outsole – For Bolder Impression!

It’s not quite often we lay a separate section dedicated to just the outsole of a shoe. But there is no aspect of this double monk that has not and carefully considered by the shoemakers at Bridlen… Why should we skip anything!

Traditional, Sleek, and Classic – Formal Shoes for men walked on “Leather Soles”. But Shoes take a pounding. And nowhere more than in their soles. And who doesn’t love that Grippy and Bouncy sensation of the rubber outsole? So Comfort and Practicality in our city footwear – and we’re sold. 

Bridlen Goodyear-welted Double Monk has equipped an outsole that offers the formality of a leather sole with sharp edge trimming, a reduced waist and the comfort, practicality and longevity of a rubber sole.

Designed with both style and practicality in mind, the outsole of this double monk is build-up layer by layer. Now, it starts with the welt that’s been stitched to a leather sole, and then the Rubo Prene’s EVA is fixed using an adhesive. 

The heels are attached, trimmed, and then scoured with emery paper for a smooth finish. Next, the sole edges are trimmed to a specific shape, accurately mimicking the Zip Last it was designed for. 

Durable Soft Milled Cowhide leather, Goodyear Welting, and a cleated sole sturdy enough to make you feel you can take on anything. So for something that transitions easily between weekday and weekend look no further than this double monk.

It’s An Access To Pinnacle Level Of Shoemaking

A company can have a brilliant designer that’s able to envision a really beautiful and elegant last shape, but if it’s not made in a factory or by shoemakers that’s able to respect those elements… you’ll never see in finished shoe. 

Bridlen is the gathering of most illustrious craftsmen, each an expert in their respective field, equipped with the best materials (from all over the world) to work with. Their shoes are sculptures – is not only about the physical act of making something – traditional skills and handwork do add value to this double monk. 

In fact, How would an R2 unit be able to replicate the 200 different hand operations needed to make a pair of Goodyear-welted shoes? How would any machine be able to synthesize the knowledge and individuality of skilled craftsmen?

The unforgiving leather is hand-pulled over the last until they arrive close to the final definition, which is unable to be achieved by machine alone! It is not a block. And it curves in many places, not just the instep and the arch – quite rightly so being as the foot has shape.

Every nuance detail is a little tricky to enact in just one article. But we just want to convey that if you have the wallet for such an art piece – Bridlen Goodyear welted Double Monk is an exceptional way to access that Pinnacle Level Of Shoemaking. 

Make Sure This Splurge Align Best With Your Lifestyle And Needs.

So far the Bridlen’s Goodyear Welted Double Monk looks Royal, Right? Provided that you possess such financial ability – Just Whip Out Your Debit Card For an extremely opulent and extravagant version of yourself, it’s as simple as that. The Double Monk is from those shoes in our list of best formal shoes for men – that worth saving for. 

But if the abilities of this Double Monk don’t tilt to your Personal Side -It would be an Uphill battle to explore the greatest possible corners of this art piece by Bridlen. And if it doesn’t seem like YOU… Don’t worry, we’ve nine more options!

Best Formal Shoes For Men
You’ve More Opportunities To Flex Formals… Beyond Just Office!

Dress shoes are made to be applied to your workplace, that’s how we know ’em, Right? It is an ingredient to nail the level of formality of the clothes you can wear to work. 

Bridlen Goodyear Welted Double Monk could be arrogantly placed in any Work_able Wardrobe. This piece will cruise you through the most conservative office dress code (thanks to Un-Perforated Clean Upper). 

Best Formal Shoes For men

But this Double Monk has a lot more width and can answer everything your feet are asking about! Soft Milled Leather, Goodyear Construction, and Commando Sole – this shoe is durable enough to be the hardest working item in your footwear arsenal.

The Indian brand’s team set about building a collection that gathers together its years of expertise to offer shoes that can be dressed up should we return to the office, dressed down for the weekends, and, perhaps most importantly, are comfortable enough to tempt you out of your slippers should you be venturing no further than your home office.

If your day’s To-Do List is “Meeting Heavy” or packed with personal and professional opportunities – this monk will help you to Switch… at ease! A functional shoe with a dash of versatility that will never interrupt to catch up on the priorities of your valuable time.

A suit is an obvious choice for a shoe so elegant. (Yup, we just said elegant.) But it’s no longer the only way to buckle up. Ditch your trainers or loafers in favor of these monks with slim-fitting jeans. The perfect look for a boozy dinner.

Do not restrict this Gorgeous ₹16k investment piece to Button-Up hours of a working day. And If pairing those monks is still a mystery for you – feel free to click around

If You Want Your Shoes To Express… Who You Are.
Bridlen Goodyear Welted Range

Things have changed (like you want ’em to be!), the ‘Interviewed’ is replaced with ‘Interviewing’ and You have created the business or life you love. 

There are lots of brief (maybe lengthy) meetings with folks you might be pitching for the first time. You start to realize that – How you dress communicates respect for those you’re meeting with.

If How you dress affects how you see yourself, and your self-confidence (or lack of it), or if you consider your outfit ingredients as a powerful means to convey your message – A pair of Double Monk From Bridlen Will Make You Feel Powerful. 

Investing in these shoes demonstrates that you care about your appearance. You’ll always look polished, pulled together, and powerful. Live with it – these shoes are made that way!

Bridlen Goodyear Welted Double Monk will make you feel confident. They let you project your confidence. They let you use that… to Close The Deal!

In the words of NFL player Deion Sanders, ‘If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.’”

Our subconscious is quick to judge, so we automatically give more merit to those in professional attire. These Double Monks signal that the wearers are experts at the top of their field. Such shoes are not just for professional looks; they build personalities. 

Quality Is Your “Top Priority”
Best Formal Shoes For Men

May be just above Price… But Quality is still at the top of your list. So You’ve left university, moved out of home, have a job/profession/business, and are hopefully self-supporting – and are in the financial space where you can place “Quality Over Price”… take a moment to pat yourself on the back. 

Of course, the pandemic has reduced our habits of gross consumption. Money is tight. We cannot waste it on disposable crap.

The Best Quality Dress Shoe From Bridlen might seem expensive but when you’re still pulling it out of the wardrobe in 15 years’ time, the cost will have been justified. 

When somebody investing ₹16k on a pair of shoes, believe us, There is Pressure On The Shoemaker. It’s hours by hand, different fittings, and people are very demanding when investing this kind of money. 

For some, it sounds ridiculous to put 16k notes for pair of shoes, but if understand what is behind – not only you’re buying something exceptional (that 99% of gentlemen unaware of), but you protect A CraftA Profession, You promote people who need to be promoted.  

Pellé Santino Loafer

A Relaxed Way To Be Formal

Best Formal Shoes For Men


  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Price/Quality Ratio
  • Perfect Silhouette 


  • Not For The Most Conservative Settings

You Couldn’t Be Loafin’ At The JobNever Go Business With A Man In Loafers – that’s what we hear about loafers. Loafers might be seen as an abnormal element in any Best Formal Shoe For Men list. In fact: our editors do hold a similar opinion that anything beyond casual gets a little hazy… with some loafers. 

Thankfully, Designers have added newfangled tweaks to old-school casual loafers and pretty much raised the formal environment limits. You’ll never miss the “Breezy Sensation” of your first step in an exceptionally soft loafer… even in the most conservative settings. Pelle Santino is a turn-to choice for formal-proof loafers. 

Pelle Santino penny loafers can finish off a Savile Row look with a cool, modern edge. These can be worn with practically anything short of basketball shorts–from a t-shirt and jeans to chinos and a button-up. Here’s everything you could possibly know about this quickest, most stylish way out the door. 

What Puts These Loafers From Pelle Santino Among The Best You Can Buy?

Thanks to the Great Loafer Boom of 2021, you’ve never had more options—from heritage menswear brands and big-name designers and tiny startup labels alike—to slide right into for any occasion. While these many options on the board… Here’s why PS Penny Loafers worth your attention and eventually – your money!

Build Quality 

Pelle Santino prides themselves making their shoes using a high level of craftsmanship. From the finest leathers to the best time-honored production methods – several elements of the construction set this shoe apart and that you’re paying for. 

The upper of this beautiful loafer is cut from Open pour Full Grain Leather. This highest quality leather comes from the top layer of the hide and includes all of the natural grain, which contains the strongest fibers in the hide.

Such leather uppers ages, rather than wearing out, it burnishes and beautifies, developing a much sought-after patina and unique character that cannot be easily duplicated. Truly, the more you use it, the better it looks and feels.

The loafers are skillfully hand-lasted giving great last definition to this shoe. You especially see that at the arch where the upper curves underneath the arch to the layered leather outsole. Such arch support helps “Cup The Foot” and gives a great last definition. 

As with every Pelle Santino shoe – the uppers are stitched with a high stitch density which gives it finesse and cleanness to the look of this loafer. 

Instead of gluing that beautiful (and expensive) upper flat to the sole unit – shoemakers at Pelle Santino Blake Stitched the uppers to the outsole. Such sole treatment significantly elevates the durability of the shoe, even though most of its work is hidden underfoot. 

Best formal shoes for men

The key difference between a Blake stitched sole and other (lesser) means of sole construction is that less glue and fewer layers are required in the construction and finishing process, which results in a far simpler, far superior shoe that’s lighter and more durable than a regular cemented (glued) method.

Unlike cement construction, where adhesive alone is used, the Blake sole applies a combination of glues and a single row of stitching that runs from the sole through to the inner sole to the upper. Just check the bottom of such shoes, and you’ll notice the stitching (and the difference) of this shoe. 

The shoe features a prominent thick saddle (penny strap) that gives great visual balance to the shoe. It isn’t dainty and gives great weight to this essential visual element and substance to the entire silhouette of this shoe. 

Exceptional Build Quality is what makes these loafers so special. There are several models representing their entire penny loafer line-up, we want to go over and speak about each of ’em but that concept gets a little tricky to enact in just one article.

The silhouette is just right

This Penny Loafer from Pelle Santino is a beautifully executed example of such a style of loafers. It is not a dainty shoe and maintains a very strong presence. 

That rugged Full Grain Leather is stretched over the label’s classic loafer last which features a Nice, Soft, Round Toe in beautiful Classic Proportions that really makes this a timeless and elegant shoe. 

Hand lasting helps this shoe to retain the beautiful sculpture of the last and give definition to the shoe. The additional shape is given to the top of the shoe at the neck (Curving In Slightly) which grip the foot. 

The lip along the apron is slightly raised which produces the visual detail and texture of this shoe – without being too prominent. The sole being trimmed very neat and close to the upper. 

You want your foot to look elongated, which makes your silhouette look more elegant. Pelle Santino Penny Loafers does just that but keeps from getting too elfin with a bullnose-shaped toe.

All these elements create a beautiful aesthetics that we’re looking for the only pair of loafers in our list of best formal shoes for men. 

Make Sure It Align Best With Your Business And Needs 

And if it does… you’ll receive more than you can imagine. 

From all the good stuff we’ve talked about – this penny loafer seems suitable for every foot, Right? But there are few things to keep in mind when wearing these loafers so that you look like you know what you’re doing.

So take a look at the traits below, and you’ll see just how confidently Pelle Santino has laced up all your loafer needs — or not, as the case may be…

Not Too Conservative Workplace

If you’ve ever worked in an office, attended a corporate meeting, or had a professional interview, you’ll no doubt understand the challenge of dressing for business – and that’s might be a reason you’re searching for the best formal shoes for men. 

If you’re in a field like academia or finance, then you’d probably find yourself one step away from wearing these loafers. However, the loafer can be worn for formal settings outside the office, so you can feel safe rocking a pair at formal dinners or black-tie events.

If you are not in the most conservative office dress code, just enjoy the freedom and comfort of these loafers. Figuring out where your job falls on the formality spectrum is decisive for loafers. 

We don’t want to chuck away your professionalism and show that you belong to a totally different work environment.

Some Serious Versatility

In this day and age, the line there between casual and formal is blurred and every shoe seems to be extremely versatile. But it’s actually a struggle to find a shoe where regular users, with sketchy paring skills, can explore every corner of that “Versatility’

But these loafers, you don’t want anyone right from the Head Quarters Of GQ – it serves Attainable Versatility on a silver platter. A pair of penny loafers seems to be made Bespoke to blend with everything you’ve in your wardrobe.  

Mixing aspects of a formal, tailored look with more casual items and laid-back styling choices while slipping in a pair of loafers – and you’ll be noticed for the right reasons. You Don’t such type of Versatility that often. 

These are loafers that’ll sync up just as well with your most formal outfits as they will your most casual. In fact: There isn’t much thinking to be done. Throw on a pair of loafers in place of your usual shoes to add a bit of class to your ensemble in moments. 

Allows Your Feet To Breath In Style

You can wear any formal shoe that suits your workplace. The question is: Are you in those pairs which eventually going to hinder your true working efficiency? Or shoe that peacefully deals with the formal-ity of your office?

We know your job is hard. Dealing with work stresses day in and day out is hard. The ease and convenience of Pelle Santino Penny Loafers are perfect for days when you can’t be bothered to tie a single lace. Not to mention, they can morph from preppy to punk to just plain cool in minutes. 

Designed to Uplifts the mood of the desk jockey. It’s a little bit slimmer without being too slick. There are old loafers that show a lot for your foot, but this is showing a very little portion of your foot which makes it more business appropriate. 

The Royalé Peacock David Cap-Toe Oxford



  • Extremely Durable
  • Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Simple & Sleek Silhouette


  • Require Break-In

The Royale Peacock offers a huge number of selections and it is puzzling to pick a few pairs from such a huge and engaging offering. We believe the label’s David CapToe Oxford Range will be a safe bet. Of all the iconic shoes in our list of Best Formal Shoes For Men – David Captoe Oxford is the most durable.

Best formal shoe brands in India

Now, a Cap-Toe Oxford is the dressiest formal shoe that you can have in your wardrobe, perfect with suits or casual suits.

The Royale Peacock presents it in a very simple and sleek design, something that’s been around a long time.

A simple design, lack of broguing, closed lacing system combine to create a silhouette of unparalleled beauty. The Royale Peacock’s David collection is not subject to the whims of fashion, it can be in style forever.

The high stitch density increases the clean lines and formality of this shoe. One element that makes this lineup even more dressy is the Leather Sole.

When you walk it gives that really elegant sound and they maybe a little more difficult to maintain but a good leather sole won’t let water in even if it’s raining.

Built around a sleeker last, The Royale Peacock David range is a traditional English round toe. Striking a perfect balance between visual interest and elegance.

Best formal shoes for men

Available in both Cemented and Goodyear Welting construction, we recommend don’t be afraid of laying down a few extra bucks if you’re able. You can’t go wrong with adding these shoes to your wardrobe.

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