10 Best Formal Shoe Brands in India | Top Quality | (2020)

These Best Formal Shoe brands in India are Hallmark of Quality. Ranging from ₹800 to ₹80k – these brands Help to express Who You Are. 

While Knowing 10 Best Formal Shoe brands in India, we will help you to spot one brand that is perfect for you, for the right look and all in your fancied budget.

Whether you’re spending countless hours in meetings and presentations or you have to attend wedding after wedding this year – to help you sort out which dress shoes are worthy of being worn on your feet, we’ve rounded up the Best Formal Shoe Brands in India for men that you should know.  

Best Formal Shoe Brands In India.

In the search of best formal shoe brands in India, we stumble on some big brands who are making millions by selling some kind of Plastic Shoes at the price of Gold. So make sure your next pair of formal shoes must be from these formal shoe brands.

Anything else and you could ruin the sense of luxury you are trying to obtain or may overpay.

Best Formal Shoe Brands In India:

  1. Louis Philippe
  2. Clarks 
  3. Hush Puppies 
  4. Alberto Torresi 
  5. Bata 
  6. SeeandWear 
  7. Tresmode 
  8. Red Tape 
  9. Metro 
  10. Woods

Louis Philippe

best Formal shoe brands in India

Louis Philippe is going with great guns in India. The Madura Fashion & Lifestyle [A division of Aditya Birla Group] was founded in 1989.

Customers call us often saying “I’m looking to buy my first pair of really nice dress shoe. What should I invest in?”

What we tell customers is that “You really should at the Louis Philippe level or better”.

With the name inspired by French king Louis Philippe, it is one of the largest apparel brands in India as of 2018.

Is a Louis Philippe shoe – a sure sign of quality? Let’s find out by this video:

The brand is committed to quality and comfort which is undoubtedly PONDERED in its deep range of premium quality
formal shoe.

Louis Philippe is a perfect blend of quality, style, and comfort and has all the qualities to be your next choice for a formal shoe brand.

And Don’t worry – this formal shoe brand will not gonna hit your pocket that hard.


best Formal shoe brands in India

What if you could have of a 12k Rupee mattress right in your shoe along with elegant looks?

Yes, it is utterly practical with Clark’s formal shoes.

Clarks was founded by two brothers Cyrus and James Clark is still a PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESS and based in the birthplace of Street, Somerset, UK. Today Clarks is doing business globally and selling shoes in over 35 countries around the world

Entered into the Indian market in 2008, Clark has 1000+ stores and franchises all over the world, with 25+ independent stores in India.

It’s hard to think about Clarks without thinking of their uber-popular chukka, the Desert boot. 

Definitely the most popular chukka boot on Earth and quite possibly one of the most iconic boots of all time.

Yes! these are the same boots worn by movie star Steve McQueen or Bob Dylan and even the Beatles wore them.

Famed for the likes of the Desert Boot, Desert Trek and many more, Clark’s starting point came way back in 1825, with the invention of the Petersburg Slipper. The now best-selling design won numerous awards at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and the legendary Street-based company was born.

Hush Puppies

best Formal shoe brands in India

Let’s admit that the first time we saw the brand’s logo we weren’t sure exactly what they deliver, that puppy was a bit confusing.

A Hush Puppies dress shoe may look like an average men’s formal shoe, but these shoes are way more.

The Hush Puppies brand is marketed by a company called Wolverine World Wide, American footwear incorporation.

Wolverine World Wide secured the global license for footwear from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Have you ever heard about WeatherSMART Water-Repelling leather?

Hush Puppies use such type of leather to make Stylish Shoe that can withstand the weather.

Regardless of your profession, finding a work shoe to suit both your job and your personality is a task that can be overwhelming and difficult at the best of times.

Whether you choose to get a pair for daily office use or special formal event, there is surely a pair or two that will satisfy your needs.

Alberto Torresi

best Formal shoe brands in India

Alberto Torresi might not be the most popular formal shoe brand in India.

It may not make as much noise as some of its contemporaries, but while they’re all battling it out trying to come up with the next big thing, Alberto Torresi is quietly working away in the background, perfecting the classics. And inventing a few new ones, too.

When everyone is under the impression that you have to dress all fancy.

Mr. Ishaan Sachdeva  (Director, Alberto Torresi) launched Alberto Torresi (from the family of Virola Shoes Pvt. Ltd) in the year 2010, with a belief that men always choose comfort over style.

Their dress shoes have been ergonomically designed to ensure that it fits your feet perfectly and gives you optimum comfort whether you are stationary or in motion.

It keeps your heel in perfect balance and gives your toes excellent natural freedom of movement.

They also have a HUGE collection of like “LOUDER” formal shoes. So if you’re a fan two-toned formal shoes – Alberto Torresi is the place to look.

Yes, the brand has other excellent shoes, but this is arguably the most comfortable dress shoe made. And what’s more, it’s for everyone.


best Formal shoe brands in India

Obviously! It’s not a new KID in the block.

In fact, Bata has been a hit with the Indian middle class and probably most of our first pair of shoes had the brand embossed on them.

Incorporated as Bata Shoe Company Private Limited in 1931, the company was set up initially as a small operation in Konnagar (near Calcutta) in 1932. And now, Bata’s retail network of over 1375 stores gives it a reach/coverage that no other footwear company can match.

Even now, with several brands to choose from during our indecisive shoe-buying shopping experience, Bata comes across as a relief offering a wide range of affordable and practical formal shoes.

Bata has more icons in its back catalog than any other formal shoe brand in India. Whether you’re looking for the regular formal shoe for your office or want a stylish pair for your wedding outfit, Bata will always have what you need.

To judge whether something is worth the investment is to know whether it is worth the price point, and we believe that Bata shoes are definitely worth the price, in most cases.


best Formal shoe brands in India

It didn’t take long for SeeandWear’s whimsical but practical footwear to charm the fashion crowd. Prabhat Saini started the brand (in 2011) out of a familiar frustration: always having to pick between shoes that are stylish, relatively affordable, or well-made—but never finding ones that checked off all three.

Without making much noise as some of its contemporaries – SeeandWear is quietly working away in the background, perfecting the classics.

SeeandWear know a thing or two about creating comfortable shoes that are made to last, these are no exception.

What’s more, these are crafted from genuine leather with a durable rubble sole so you can rest assured that the last step of the day will feel as good as the first.

I can tell you that SeeandWear dress shoes are EXTREMELY Decent shoes Specifically for the price.


best Formal shoe brands in India

Admired for its unabashed elegance and unique style, Italian shoes are often revered as the antithesis of English craftsmanship but with no lesser emphasis on quality.

Designed at a studio in Florence, Italy – Tresmode was launched into the Indian market in 2007 with the first flagship store in Mumbai.

It’s designer love experimenting with materials and styles – as a result – Tresmode is a great choice for formal occasions where you need to carry a little a swag.

Tresmode style of making formal shoes is more DARING, more Creative. So if you’re a Gentlemen (or fashionistas) who believe that apparel speaks louder than attitude – Tresmode is here for you.

Red Tape

best Formal shoe brands in India

For those looking to add some Amazing formal shoe to your arsenal but who don’t want to overspend, Presenting Red Tape who creates excellent shoes that are far more affordable than you might think.

Designed in the brand’s in-house design studios in the UK and Italy – Red Tape is Incorporated in 2007.

The Label’s success lies behind it’s unique and instantly recognizable styles – and with prices at around 1k Rupee, you might be able to snap up more than one pair.


best Formal shoe brands in India

What I didn’t realize until I wrote this article is that Metro Shoes is one of the oldest shoe brands in India. In 1947, a lone shoe store opened its doors to the public in Colaba, Mumbai. And now the label is a household name in India.

With the countrywide network of exclusive Metro showrooms at more than 206 prime locations, The brand is well known for crafting dress shoes at surprisingly affordable prices.

Undoubtedly, Metro Shoes is a huge hit in the men’s formal shoe segment – and for me One of the easiest ways to make a subtle, yet effective change is by getting yourself a new pair of shoes and Metro Shoes never end up making a dent in my bank account.


best Formal shoe brands in India

Footwear and adventure accessories major Wooland’s formal-cum-fashion shadow Woods is an iconic British-style brand launched by Aero Group in 2001.

Whether you’re spending countless hours in meetings and presentations or you have to attend wedding after wedding this year, a comfortable Woods leather shoes are great for people who are on their feet all day.

Types Of Formal Shoes

Dress shoes â€“ You need a new pair, so you go out there do a quick search.

TONS of options – You love options but maybe not this may options because you’ve got all these different types of dress shoes in front of you.

And you’re trying to figure out – what is the RIGHT style for you?

Which is going to fit the formality of the suit? OR

Which one is going to be more Casual to be dress down with jeans?

Guys, the purpose of this section of our guide on Best Formal Shoe Brands In India is to break out those Dress Shoes and explain to you the variations so that you can buy the right pair for you.

If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest alternative, then you’ll love this infographic.

best Formal shoe brands in India


Whenever it’s come to dress shoe, an oxford is as classic and as timeless as you can get. The reason an oxford is probably the Best Selling Dress Shoe EVER is that it’s a shoe that never gonna go out of style. This shoe looks as good today as it is looked fifty-sixty years ago and it will look just as good fifty-sixty year from today.

Perfect for looks ranging from the most formal to smart casual, Oxfords are as versatile as they are timeless.

The Reason behind the beauty of this elegant footwear style is in it’s Unique and Iconic Closed lacing system.

For a closed lace system, the vamp is sewn on top of the quarters and the shoelace eyelets facings are stitched underneath the vamp.

If you want to learn more about this Elegant Dress Shoe Style, Please check out our detailed guide here.


Picking the perfect footwear is easy when you have derbies in your wardrobe. These sleek and timeless shoes can suit practically any occasion and outfit. As such, they’re a style every gent should own. Ideal for work, the weekend and nearly every event in between, derby shoes have you covered in both style and practicality.

Derby shoes feature an open lacing system while Oxfords have a closed lacing system that is stitched shut across the bottom. Therefore, the eyelet tabs, where the laces weave through, are sewn down on Oxford shoes and left loose on derbies. So, Oxfords are more rigid and formal while Derby shoes are slightly more relaxed and comfortable.

Just one click away from the Best Derby shoe Guide.

Monk Strap

One of the more popular shoes in menswear today is the double monk strap shoe. This is for good reason. The versatility of the double monk strap is second to none.

It can be worn in multiple environments and in various settings. You will look equally sharp wearing them (with the right combination of course) in an important business meeting or a night out with your lady.

The most noticeable feature of a Monk Starp is the lack of lacing. Replacing the laces is a distinct combination of a strap(s) and an enclosing buckle that secures your feet within.


best formal shoe brands in India

Basically, the Brogue has a hole perforation, that means, no matter what’s the style of shoe you have – a Brogue is a Brogue if it has holes.

It’s usually something you add to your collection once you have all the basics covered. Definitely â€“ not something to start out with.


Despite the name, there’s nothing slovenly about this slip-on. With their sleek and gleaming finish, formal leather loafers make the perfect punctuation mark for smarter looks, whether that’s a full suit or smart-casual tailored separates.

best formal shoe brands in India

Never do business with a man in loafers. And that’s TRUE as Loafers are CASUAL by nature. But Undoubtedly, this stands out of all the shoes in my wardrobe, these are probably the ones that get the most compliments.

Dress Boots

My favorite Go-To shoes for the last few months. Gentlemen, I can tell you it’s not a shoe, it’s the Dress Boot.

But why all the love for Dress Boots?

Simply as they are comfortable, versatile and practical (as I live in a part of the country).

A pair of boots can take you from work to the weekend with ease. Many can even match smart casual and semi-formal ensembles, making them a valuable wardrobe addition.

3 Signs of a Quality Formal Shoe

There is nothing more frustrating than having the heel or sole of your favorite(or New) Formal shoe starts coming loose.

Every Gentleman (Just like YOU) need a good quality pair of Dress Shoes.

But, How do you tell the signs of QUALITY?

If you don’t know what you’re looking for – chances are you’re probably just gonna be using price as an indicator.

And if that’s all you’re looking at, chances are You gonna Overpay.

So If you’re in the market for a new pair, look for these Three hallmarks of top-quality Formal shoes.

A Quality Leather Upper

All the Best Formal Shoe Brands In India claims that they craft shoes out of 100% Real Leather. And Undoubtedly they DO.

As for most average shoppers, leather is just leather. But do you know – As with most things in life leather has variations, or “grades”.

They are nothing but different types of leathers based on their quality. Tha’s why some materials last longer than others and why a particular formal shoe costs thousands, while others cost a fraction of that price. 

So, What’s the best leather?

Full-grain leather is the highest quality grade of leather money can buy.

It comes from the top layer of the hide. It includes all the grain with it – hence the name full-grain leather. This type of leather retains the inherent toughness. Thus, it is also the most expensive.

It absorbs body oils and develops more of that rich patina over time – a character that we look for in really high-quality Dress Shoe.

So what you have with Full-grain Leather, is a leather that looks better as the shoe ages. So the more you polish the shoe and the more you wear it, the more richness and depth you’re gonna see with this leather.

Incidentally – it’s also the strongest and most moisture resistant of all the leathers. Recommended and Guaranteed.

Top grain is the second-highest grade of leather. The surface is sanded to get rid of inherent imperfections. Pigmentation or staining gives the leather an attractive look. This also makes top grain leather smoother and more flexible than the full-grain. Although this type of leather is strong and durable, it tends to stretch permanently over time.

Genuine leather is produced using the skin layers that remain after the top is split off and from the corium predominantly (see diagram). A lot of time it’s actually SPRAY PAINTED to look like higher quality leather.

Construction Of The Shoe

There is nothing more frustrating than having the heel or sole of your favorite Formal Shoe starts coming loose. Even if the rest of the shoe is in good shape – Your favorite footwear is impelling towards the bin.

That’s why the most important thing to look for in a Good Quality dress shoe is a Shoe Welt. The shoe welt is the spine of the shoe, where the outsole attaches to the rest of the boot or shoe.

Anytime we start to talk about the best way to attach the upper down to the sole – the word Goodyear Welted is going to pop up into the conversation.

For dress shoes, you really want to invest in Goodyear Welting because

  1. They’re stronger and will last longer.
  2. You can replace the Soles.

While a Goodyear welt construction carries a price tag, the technique means that the soles can be replaced time and time again, and the shoes will last a lifetime.

Think about it – if you’ve spent a lot of money on a dress shoe it’d be kind of ashamed to throw them away just because the sole wears out. It’s almost like spending a bunch of money on a car and then sending it to the scrap heap just because the tires will wear out.

Goodyear Welt is the secret to longevity. It involves stitching the boot’s upper section to the sole, using a leather strip called a “welt.” The welt joins these two sections along the sole’s perimeter, and the visible stitching left behind is the tell-tale sign of a Goodyear welt.

Next up, we’ve got the Blake Stitched formal shoe. Imagine taking the Goodyear Welt actually moving the stitches on the inside and getting rid of the welt, and instead simply connecting the upper with the inners and outer sole all together with one stitching going through.

With Blake Stitch, you’ll get all the durable advantages of the Goodyear Welted shoe at a lower price.

It’s a more modern type of stitching process, very common in an Italian dress shoe because it enables to create a very SLICK looking dress shoe of high quality.

But in India, the most common way to manufacture formal shoes is through a process called Cementing. They’re using an adhesive to connect the outer sole with the upper. Because little craftsmanship is involved, this is the Least Expensive Form of Manufacturing.

The biggest disadvantage is that once the soles come apart, you pretty much have to throw the shoes out. The upper could look beautiful, but you still have a useless shoe. They’re basically producing DISPOSABLE shoes.


The final thing to look for in a quality dress shoe (at least in my opinion) is Affordability. This may seem counterintuitive to you if you don’t know the signs of a Quality Dress shoe because again you might be using price as your only judgment. While there’s some correlation between cost and quality.

At retail, you’re gonna pay two hundred to three hundred percent markup. So, the extra cost that you’re paying isn’t necessarily going towards the Quality of the shoe.

What you’re actually paying for is the cost of the Carrying Inventory, Rent of the Store and Hedge against Risk of Mass Production.

As you are going to invest considerable funds for buying your favorite pair of dress shoes and ensure that every penny you spent is towards the quality of your new pair of dress shoes, make sure that you Buy Online from the brand’s official website (not from any e-commerce website).

While making a final decision is up to you, the details provided in this section of our guide on Best Formal Shoe Brands in India – has everything that will surely level up your knowledge to make the final decision.

Which Shoe Brand Is Right For You?

If you’re preparing to purchase a new pair of dress shoe, you might be wondering, how much should I spend on a shoe and on which shoe brand?

In this section of our guide on Best Formal Shoe Brands in India, We’ll gonna make it even more difficult for you to go wrong (or overpay). So, let’s dive right in to find out EXACTLY which shoe brand is Right for You and How Much You Should Spend on Formal shoe.

The answer heavily depends on what kind of lifestyle you live.

Most of the time (especially in India), people just don’t wear formal shoes very often and so they don’t want to invest a huge amount of money.

If it sounds like you – UNDOUBTEDLY you can spend your hard-earned money on any of the ten brands listed above. But remember, NEVER spend more than ₹3.5k on any of these brands.

Anything above ₹3.5k – You really begin to hit the point of diminishing marginal return. That extra money isn’t necessarily going towards the Quality of the shoe.

Honestly, these brands produce dress shoes that are made to be worn for a year and then be thrown away. The upper and sole are Glued (not stitched) together. Before you know it, the upper starts to peel and the sole slowly comes off.

With upper made up of Synthetic Leather  – The material gives in easily to creases and cracks which you’ll soon begin to see. You can polish and take good care of these shoes but they eventually degrade.

Definitely all of the Brands represent good value at their respective price points. So, if formal shoes, for you, are just for formalities – You can spend up to ₹3.5k on any of the above-mentioned formal shoe brands in India.

But STOP, are you spending countless hours in meetings and presentations or you’re standing all day or spend most of your time in a formal environment.

or If You Consider Formal Shoe As An Indicator of Your Status and Wealth.

Whatever the case may be, you need to spend a considerable amount on your dress shoes that will keep you going and looking sharp wherever your business may take you.

Still confused about whether you should stretch your budget for dress shoes or not – here’re 5 Solid Reasons To Invest In Quality Dress Shoes:

Now the bigger question arises – What shoe brands you should invest money in and which ones to skip?

I guarantee the brands that now I’m going to revel make some of the best formal shoe money can buy. I’m not talking about Gucci here or other designers which automatically charge more because they have a name.

So without further ado, let’s get started…


best formal shoe brands in India

If you want to step in to inside the world of Quality Dress Shoes – Meermin – An excellent introduction in the world of luxury shoes. Many consider them to be a more affordable, and sleeker alternative to Allen Edmonds. They offer well made, quality Goodyear Welted shoes at a price which is Incredible.

For $195 (₹14k) you can have REAL Goodyear Welted Dress Shoe. This means that the shoe can easily be restored and resoled for years and years of wear to come. If you really don’t know what’s a Goodyear Welt, It might sound expensive.

Meermin Oxford

With the finest materials sourced directly from the tanneries, these Handcraft shoes are directly distributed to customers to eliminate those extra layers of cost.

There is not a single doubt in my mind: Spending ₹14k for a pair of shoes from Meermin is almost an infinitely better investment than spending any amount on a pair of shoes from any formal shoe brands in India.

Meermin is an Excellent Value Specifically for the price. With all that in mind, Meermin is definitely a solid place to consider.


With Justin FitzPatrick Footwear, We might be crossing the majority of readers’ comfort zone (Budget wise). But if money is of no concern to you and if you’re passionate about Quality Dress Shoe – J.FitzPatrick is the perfect halt for Gentlemens like you.

With such a saturated shoe market and competition at every price point, it is very difficult for a new player to infiltrate it. This is exactly what Justin FitzPatrick has done with EXCELLENT shoes. Not only that, he just started in 2013!

Believe me, for $400 to $450 ( ₹29k to ₹32k) you’ll get a pair of classic, Full Grain Leather, Goodyear Welted timeless dress shoes that will last for years.

The brand has an extensive line of Dress Shoes and Boots with different styles.

J.FitzPatrick’s Made to Order program gives you the ability to customize many of the components that make up one’s shoes; such as the last shape, the leather, the sole choice as well as many others.

Little details in the shoes show that the Brand really thought about everything from start to finish. Very Good Investment -name to remember Justin FitzPatrick Footwear.

There is no better way to end this ultimate guide on Best Formal Shoe Brands In India with the Most Iconic Dress Shoe Maker In The World. The brand continues to be recognized around the world for its classic English Aesthetic and Uncompromising Quality. In my opinion – The Best Formal Shoes that money can buy. Gentlemen, It’s Edward Green.

Edward Green

Edward Green. Aficionados of smart dressing nod their heads in familiarity when they hear this name, a synonym for quality and style for over a century.

When we’re talking about Edward Green, in fact, we’re talking of an extremely limited amount people on the earth. $1000 (₹ 72k) without question Exceptionally Expensive, which makes each pair of Edward Green Dress shoe an Investment Piece.

This historical footwear manufacturer has been around a lot longer than (1890) any other formal shoe brand we’ve considered in this guide.

Northampton based brand has over sixty skilled artisans making around 350 pairs of shoes a week, many for export to the world’s leading boutiques and department stores as well as our own shops in London and Paris.

Cut and crafted by hand from the world’s best leathers, every pair that walks out of the factory is the result of an artisanal process that has remained mostly unchanged since the house was established in 1890.

Only superior leathers such as French and Italian calf are used (which gives an Edward Green shoe its signature antiqued patina), time-consuming processes – such as the hand-cutting of materials – are employed and every sole is oak bark-tanned for nine months to ensure unrivaled comfort.

Having built a reputation as one of the finest shoemakers in the world, throughout their time they have done everything they can to ensure that this prestigious reputation stays intact.

Edward Green Dress shoes are truly investment pieces for those aficionados for whom only the best will do. The Label is not a Fashion shoe, you’re not paying for one way marketing. What you’re paying for is an Exceptionally Well-Made Classic shoe that if maintained well – will last probably All Your Life.

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