Best Casual Shoes For Men | You’ll Feel Hottest And Comfiest | 2021

Best Casual Shoes For Men: Not simple to get it right. As in this day and age – the line there between casual and formal shoes is blurred. There are no criteria for a universally acceptable casual shoe, so the Best Casual Shoes For Men is a subjective leitmotif. No matter how you decode a casual shoe – we’ve got you covered. Every pair here has been selected to match your sophisticated taste buds without slipping off your wallet.

There are numerous styles of casual shoes dropped every day, but what’s great about being a man is that you can do perfectly well by sticking with just a few Classics from our guide on Best Casual Shoes For Men. Here you’ll not find investment pieces that are chasing fashion trends. Needless to say, we want you to look great forever not for just a season. 

And if you’re humming and hawing that you won’t be able to afford any of the shoes below, you’d be wrong. In this enchiridion on the best casual shoes for men, you’ll find far more options open to every budget. And if you’re looking for further advice on a specific Casual Shoe Brand, our Casual Shoes Brands guides are sure to suffice your seasonless needs.

Best Casual Shoes For Men

The Following list of “Best Casual Shoes For Men” probably isn’t what you’re picturing. It isn’t brimming with all of the most gloriously complicated pieces from the top luxury brands in India. Instead, we want to sink the cash you have into the most solid options possible. 

As you’ve selected our guide on Best Casual Shoes For Men: it’s our job to make sure that there’s nobody, walking around the street, has got shoes like you. Don’t get us wrong: there are plenty of beautiful, well-made casual shoes in this article—some of them even are the kind of tickers that’ll get a shoe snob’s heart rate up. 

Is the casual shoe is for work? Date night? A buddy’s wedding? All three? Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to encounter a worthy recommendation. 

Best Casual Shoes For Men

  1. Escaro Royale Goldbrow Chelsea Boot
  2. Bridlen Loafers
  3. Vans Old Skools
  4. Bridlen Field Boots
  5. Adidas Stan Smith
  6. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
  7. Clarks Desert Boots

Escaro Royale Goldbrow Chelsea Boot

A Rugged Glamour: Gives You That Powerful Edge 

Chelsea Boots For Men


  • Durable
  • Last Definition
  • Sleek But Powerful Mien


  • Not For Boys, Only For Men

Your shoes, like few other pieces of clothing, broadcast what type of dude you are to those around you, and it pays to make sure that yours are telling the right story. We know your lifestyle needs something robust, handmade, and built to last: and Escaro Royale Goldbrow Chelsea Boot should be a stalwart of your wardrobe. 

Chelsea Boots For Men

In fact: that’s what a lot of Gentlemen have already done, makes it one of the companies bestsellers. Over the past few years, the almighty Chelsea boot has emerged as the best casual shoes for men thanks in large part to its versatility—it’s both a stylish upgrade to sneakers and a badder-ass option than standard dress shoes.

Because most of us struggle to justify spending ₹20k on a single pair of boots. The Goldbrow excellent option under ₹10k. An ally to tailoring and a fail-safe accompaniment to your weekend wardrobe, the Goldbrow Chelsea boot is a genuine all-rounder and a must-have in every stylish gent’s arsenal. 

Why So Much Love For These Leathery Workhorses?

Sure, sneakers have their place as the best casual shoes for men, but there are times when even the best of ’em just won’t do. Your high-flying lifestyle demand footwear that’s as refined as it is timeless. The Goldbrow goes beyond making you feel more powerful to even allowing you to think more broadly and holistically. Sweetheart, here’re certain elements on the Goldbrow that you need to look out for – before you reach into your pocket.

A Hard-Nosed Sole-Unit

Those rubber soles are particularly striking, Escaro Royale found that customers were increasingly looking for comfort and practicality in their city casual footwear. For there Goldbrow Chelsea Boots – it’s an Argentinian Leather Sole with Anti-Skid Layer: Sounds Clunky! 

Best Chelsea Boots In India

Don’t worry sweetheart, they have used rubber soles in an elegant setting providing that the sole maintains a manner of thinness.

Offering the formality of a leather sole, but with the sharp-edge trimming, reduced waist, practicality, and longevity of a rubber sole.

Due to the nature of rubber and what it is intended for, you can really go hard on it and it will last. 

These soles will take almost anything you can throw at them; slush, ice, snow, you name it. Rubber soles add a certain level of chunkiness to the ideal sleek silhouette of a Chelsea boot. This isn’t a case with Goldbrow: a practice sole unit maintaining that sharp silhouette. 

Construction And Last Definition

The recipe for making quality boots (one that guarantees years of satisfaction for their owners) has hardly changed since the 19th century. The Goldbow cling on those copper-bottomed methods.

In fact, the reason behind its Sleek Silhouette (with rubber soles) resides in the construction method used in these boots.

The Goldbrow is Blake Stitched Chelsea Boot, used commonly in the Italian shoe industry, the upper is directly stitched to the sole, resulting in a lighter boot both in appearance and weight, with greater flexibility.

Most boots with that kind of attitude and all-weather performance cred tend to leave a lot to be desired in the style department.

That’s where these boots shine in our guide on Best Casual Shoes For Men: durability at their core, with good looks as a bonus. The sole can be cut a lot closer to the upper, leaving less of a lip and making the boot sleeker

As with all Escaro Royale shoes, no effort is spared in the construction and finishing of the Goldbrow.

These boots feature beautiful last definition, which is the shape you see in and around the boot that’s created as the upper is pulled (hand-pulled) over the last. 

A beautiful elongated shape that balances quite perfectly with the toe. A soft square toe but not too Chiseled and too Square to make it unapproachable.

It has a slight loft as it pitches forward that adds a nice vertical dimensionality to this toe shape. All these elements make The Goldbrow Chelsea Boot a perfect addition to our list of best casual shoes for men. 

Best Chelsea boots for men


We’ve sung the praises of Chelsea boots many, many times before. Here’s a quick recap: don’t worry about your age and style – this is footwear a man can wear at work, play, and everywhere else in between.

Their straightforward and clean design means that they can complement a range of outfits without clashing or seeming uncoordinated. It doesn’t matter whether your work dress code requires you to don a suit or simply a T-shirt and jeans, a pair of Chelsea boots will add a touch of flair. 

While The Goldbrow can easily work for casual outfits, they can also suit smart casual styles well. But first and foremost, The Chelsea boot is a casual shoe ( Best Casual Shoes For Men) making it a great choice for everyday wear. A reliable companion to everything from selvedge jeans to chinos, it can easily be dressed up or down based on the day’s activities.

Bridlen Loafers

For The Hotter Months, And The Hotter You 

Best casual shoes for men


  • Extremely Versatile
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Calfskin Upper
  • Cork Filling


  • No Cons

The quickest, most stylish way out the door – this summer. If ever a shoe expressed freedom over formality, comfort over propriety, then the loafer is it as well. Loafers are an easy (if not the easiest) way to take your style to the next level. They are very versatile shoes– depending on the type, they’ll take you from a casual weekend to a black-tie event with ease.

Best casual shoes for men

All these things aren’t true for all the loafers (especially, those lying in the affordable segment). This pick for our guide on best casual shoes for men is from those few items from the sartorial world – that worth saving for!

A little expensive, handmade pair certainly has its perks. These versions here, by Bridlen, are the perfect examples of a well-executed loafer. 

Designers at Bridlen have added newfangled tweaks to old-school casual loafers. There Goodyear-welted Loafers comes in shapes sleek and stylish enough to wear with even your sharpest two-button – we’re talking slim, modern, and tapered fits.

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when wearing loafers – But there isn’t much thinking to be done with these investment pieces from Bridlen. 

Apart from the style segment, we can’t think of another loafer that features the same design and construction elements. Gentleman, don’t be afraid of laying down a few extra bucks if you’re able – we can attest the fact that you’ll have a pair of loafer you can wear for years down the line, not months.

You Can Trust On These For That Sensual Impression – Here’s Why

Unquestionably, we’ve got a huge cost-conscious market, and the availability of cheaper alternatives spices up the episode. So if you’re from that slice – jump to the next option right now! because this part might be very irritating to you. And for the other end of the spectrum, here’s why this “Piece Of Art” for your feet worth your hard-earned dinero.

You’re splurging for… Goodyear Welting 

Durability is the first thing you’re actually looking for and expecting – when you’re investing this much money (₹18k) in a loafer.

Bridlen Loafers Collection flips the script as far as what you expect and priorities for someone who looking for an extremely durable (if not “The Most Durable”) loafer. 

A trailblazer who continues to push the boundaries of shoemaking in India, Bridlen was one of the first manufacturers to use the now-renowned Goodyear-welting construction method.

Just like most of Bridlen’s models – these loafers are Goodyear-welted and are resoleable giving the shoe a new lease on life. This is one of the first major upgrades separating Bridlen Loafers from disposable footwear.

Welted construction solves the resoleability dilemma (of other shoe construction methods) by adding an additional third element — the welt — to completely transform the functionality and longevity of a shoe.

This strip of leather that attaches the upper to the outsole—is stitched and cemented instead of cheaply glued. 

Before the soles are stitched to the welt, the bottoms of the shoes are filled with cork and wooden shanks are inserted to provide support beneath the insoles.

It creates a nice mold of your foot, after a good amount of wear, providing an almost custom-like footbed. The outsoles are finished with the same degree of craftsmanship as the upper ones (later in greater detail). 

Bridlen, instead of simply creating the stitch and the channel at the same time, cut into – Peeled Back, then stitched to the welt – pressed back down and then glued flat. It is a matter of elegance and creating a clean vs. rough(er) look, which is why the high-end makers go for the much more clean-looking closed channel.

Despite the 360° Goodyear-welting, the heel base sits nice and clean underneath the heel of the loafer. The Heels are also constructed layer by layer with additional decorative brass nail tacking which not only increasing the durability of the heel but also giving another visual element of quality to the shoe. 

The Calfskin Loafer

If you ween buying one of these loafers is your first step in the fascinating sartorial world – Don’t expect it in that way! In fact, it’s an enthusiast-level investment piece that always gets you a compliment. So what’s other-worldly in these Loafers – it’s Calfskin; mumble in your deep erotic voice: Calfskin. 

It simply means that the leather came from a calf, as opposed to a full-grown cow. This kind of leather is distinguished by its pliability and grain. Calf leather in comparison is slightly rubbery, has finer grains, and fewer variations across the skin (due to its smaller mass and volume). Its grain side is embossed with an extraordinarily fine grain pattern that is beautiful to behold.

Chelsea Boots For Men

The uppers are cut from the highest grade Calfskin on the market ensuring the shoes are not only incredibly alluring and beautiful from the start, but also that they age and patina equally well. All the leathers are Open-Pore Full-Grain Leather that takes the wax and develops a unique and distinctive patina over the life of these loafers. 

These Uppers are hand-clicked allowing the clickers to avoid any natural blemishes and ensure that only “The Best” areas of the hide are used. As with all Bridlen shoes, the uppers are sewn together with a really high stitch density which gives finesse and cleanliness to these loafers.  

That Strong Proportion

Several characteristics of construction really set such loafers apart and that you’re paying for. It’s not a dainty shoe and maintains a very strong presence. The lip along the apron is slightly raised which again produces that visual detail and texture of these loafers without being too prominent. 

Best casual shoes for men

The loafers are skillfully Lasted, giving a great last definition to the shoe. You can especially see this right at the arch, where the upper curves underneath the arch to the outsole.

It also helps retain the beautiful sculpture of the Rufer Last and defines the shoe. Rufer Last is Bridlen’s Classic Loafer Last. 

It features a nice soft round toe and beautiful Classic proportions that really make these loafers a timeless and elegant shoe.

To ensure that uppers are not only pulled around the last but are held in place for several days on the last to retain the shape in the leather itself.

Available stock from Bridlen in 12 different leather and suede, in leather and rubber outsole – you can’t help but desire these shoes. A structure is built into the shoe using leather stiffeners; which are hard pieces of leather that are inserted between the upper and inner lining.

This additional structure is important not only for creating a more comfortable shoe (especially through the arch) but also helps control unnecessary creasing – which inevitably makes a pair of loafer look old and worn. 


Casuals are very difficult to get right – To make ’em fit well and to be comfortable – because of how little shoe you’ve actually grabbed onto the foot. The top of these loafers is ‘Bound’ which provides additional structure to the upper area of the shoe that combined with the hard countering helps control rolling and ensure an exceptional fit. 

Loafers, In fact, are difficult to fit and have to be made slightly smaller (or tighter) than a pair of oxford because you don’t have the lacing, there is less control, and the control is all done in the opening or the neck of the shoe.

Such binding combined with hard countering is what ensures that this loafer will fit, grip the foot and not slip off while walking or open and bow outward either.  

The level of hard countering makes these shoes more difficult to last, which is one of the reasons that this level of hard countering is reserved for higher-end shoes and lifts ’em as one of the best casual shoes for men.

The heel also raises very high and has an asymmetric pattern where it comes up higher on the interior of the foot than on the exterior. Again, it helps the shoe to grab hold of the foot so that it’s comfortable as you wear it. 

Gancho! It’s A Loafer…

The fashion world has a very serious sneaker obsession, and while that’s a very good thing, no matter how cool or laid-back your boss is or how casual your cousin’s wedding dress code is, colorful designer kicks just aren’t appropriate for every occasion. Just throw on a pair of loafers in place of your usual shoes to add a bit of class to your ensemble in moments.

best casual shoes for men

Loafers have the formality of a dress shoe but are peppered with the go-with-the-flow-ness of an Italian man smoking and wearing sunglasses in a Fellini film. Easily able to be dressed up or down and flattering in an assortment of materials, loafers are the staple that is here to stay.

Earlier: Loafers with a suit was against the rules. Loafers with a double-breasted suit? Get outta here! But now, there’re sleek and minimal, and the pants (or shorts) leading to them ought to follow a similar aesthetic. 

There’s no question, whenever you buy a pair of Bridlen’s Loafer, that it’s an investment. But what you get for that investment is the confidence knowing that your shoes are made to the absolute highest caliber – not just in terms of the material used, but in the way that the shoe is made.


Vans Old Skools

Jus Slip Your Credit Card For “The Jack Daniel Of Casual Shoes”

Best casual shoes for men


  • Available in various Cuts (High to Low)
  • Affordable
  • Very breathable


  • Upper Durability

A Vans Old Skool in so many colors will class up any outfit in your closet. That perfect silhouette and wallet-friendly prices are particularly hard to resist.

Best Shoe Brands In India

Vans has been producing durable, stylish, and – most importantly – affordable sneakers for skaters across the globe since the sixties. So it isn’t a catch on the hop to have this label in our list of best casual shoes for men. 

The California-based label’s signature Old Skool, Classic and Authentic models are considered icons within the industry and it’s testament to the simplicity of these designs that they are now spotted on the feet of everyone from fashion editors and stylists to hip-hop stars and streetwear aficionados.

Like all peas in a pod, Vans Old is Versatile: Just take ’em to your gym. The trusty Vans, yes Vans, is sported by many gym-goers who squat and swear by them. A Perfect low-profile silhouette that’s dripping with skate legacy, the Vans Old Skool Low Top is great value for money and designed to withstand the battering.

These Old Skools In Your Astonishing Closet – Really!

Everyone from Kanye West to Ryan Reynolds, from Ty Dolla $ign to Justin Bieber, has been snapped in a pair. And style-savvy NBA players like Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson now step out in Vans on the regular. But those are leading lights, They look great whatever you toss on ’em. And we’re here, talking about people like you and me. Can Vans Old Skool do the trick for us as well? Let’s find out…


Anything looks great on that luxuries store shelves. But the real disaster is when you look at the price tag. Definitely: You Get What You Pay For. Though it’s phrase-used to justify why you spend a lot more money on a specific purchase. But you got the point, Right! 

Best casual shoes for men

These days you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have shoes that enhance your outfit (in this case: any outfit).

Our pick is worn by punk-rock legends and hip hop royalty. It’s been paraded down runways for some of the hottest designers on the planet. 

It’s the subject of ongoing collaborations with cooler-than-cool streetwear brands like WTAPS, Supreme, and Opening Ceremony. And all of this from a sneaker that demands no more than a modest ₹3999 to take up residence on your shoe rack.

“The Vans Old Skool is the world’s most accessible piece of fashion footwear – 

Vans Old Skools are the ones that give you the best features at the best value. They operate with a close to one ratio of functionality and price. In fact: This is the middle ground between luxury and premium. 

Color Choices: 

Just pick whatever color’s pleasing you: and your shoe game is starting to crank up. The classic black and white version is the Old Skool in its purest form. It was one of three colorways on offer when Vans first launched the shoe back in 1977. As far as versatility and timelessness go, this one takes some beating.

Where if you’re looking to inject a splash of personality into an outfit without going full-blown technicolor Dreamcoat, a pair of crimson Vans Old Skool is a reliable place to start. Of course: It takes a real man to wear pink, but you should if you are!

One thing to keep in mind – the Old Skool comes in a varied palette and subdued options like black, white, and blue are always going to be easier to style than neon pink or rainbow checkerboard. 

That said, if you have chosen to go for a more vibrant variation, just make sure nothing else in your outfit is competing for the spotlight. In other words, keep things simple.

…And It’s Vans, Sweetheart!

You are asking for reasons to buy a trainer that’s been cool for 41 years and counting. Highly attainable, but still a stalwart of the achingly cool. It’s an affordable canvas shoe that can be confidently paraded around Fashion Week without fear of retribution, yet probably wouldn’t raise any eyebrows if worn to your best friend’s wedding party.

Vans’ most recognizable silhouette, the Old Skool was first released in 1977 under the moniker “Style 36” and is today a favorite of battle-scarred skater kids and 14-year-old girls watching Snapchat videos at full volume on the bus, as well as modern style icons like ASAP Rocky and Frank Ocean; men who could build houses out of Balenciaga, if they so wished.

But rather than feel affronted by their popularity, this just proves the beauty of the Old Skool, a trainer for the people that can be worn with shorts, jeans, a suit, or a sundress. They’re ₹3999, comfortable, pretty much indestructible, and look better the more miles you put into them.

That’s before we even get onto the Old Skool’s versatility. This is a true example of a piece of does-it-all footwear. Jeans, check. Tailored trousers, check. Joggers, check. Shorts, check. It would take an active effort to make this sneaker look bad, which is why it’s a must-have for any stylish man.

The Old Skool is a certifiable classic for our list of Best Casual Shoes For Men. A rudimentary skate shoe that has managed to infiltrate the world of high fashion, stopping off at the feet of all the most influential celebrities along the way. Vans Old Skool is nice and clean but still pop with a little bit of character. 

Bridlen Field Boots

A Casual Boot Is What Women Want You To Wear

Best casual shoes for men


  • Durable: You’ll Give Them To Your Grandkids
  • Guarantees You Luck With The Ladies.
  • Calfskin Upper
  • Goodyear-welted 
  • Extremely Comfortable


  • Short Guys – It’s Not For You!

Whether the majority of your time is in oxford or a guy who only wears shoes to the gym, what you put on your feet makes more of an impression than you think. Your shoes, like few other pieces of clothing, broadcast what type of dude you are to those around you. In fact, your shoes are sending a signal to a world of potential romantic partners. And if you still think that shoes have nothing to do with those ladies, here’s a fact from the GQ survey:

“76% of women think that casual boots are the sexiest shoes a man can wear on a first date.

Gentleman, Boots are a masculine option that can transform a look into something truly special. And it’s Bridlen’s Field Boots that those ladies want you to wear right now.

And when it comes to price, don’t be afraid of laying down a few extra bucks if you’re able. These are, quite simply, some of the most beautiful ready-to-wear Field Boots we’ve ever seen. The great Hardy Amies once said, ‘it is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes

Yes, we’re talking about ₹15k – ₹18k boots and we’re really into luxury boots. But if you have a wallet for these – They’re so well-crafted, you’ll give them to your grandkids. There is no aspect of these Bridlen Field Boots that has not and carefully considered. 

And for those who think it is not fit for the purpose (as best casual shoes for men), it is just at home hiking or shooting in the Indian Country Side as it would be in town for an urban warrior. There’s no question that with a pair of Bridlen Field Boots you are looking better and wearing better footwear than 99% of all the guys out there. 

Sexier, Sleeker, Rugged: You Can Thank Us Later!

Best casual shoes for men

The great thing about you: is your natural charm, stance, the attitude you have, and as you’ve invested some time to get the best casual shoes for men – it confirms you’re drop-dead gorgeous! (’cause only “The Best” will do for you). 

So it’s not about Changing The Way You Look, it’s about Being The Best Version Of Yourself. And to squeeze out that version – you have to lay down some serious dough for these boots. Here, we break down their hand-tooled details, explain why the prices aren’t actually crazy. 

A Good Stitch-uation:

Goodyear welting is a marker of high-quality shoemaking, and these handmade-in-India Boots have it. For Connoisseurs: a Goodyear welted Boot, in terms of construction, is what separates the men from the boys. 

Best casual shoes for men

This is not to say that men who wear other constructions are boys, but in terms of a shoe’s integrity, Goodyear welted shoes will last you longer than most and therefore is the impression of the high-end shoe market.

Goodyear Welted construction seizes its strength, durability, and repair qualities by stitching the upper leather, lining leather, and welt (a specially prepared strip of leather) to the ribbing that has already been bonded to the insole. 

The welt is then stitched to the leather or rubber sole. It is this final stitch, holding the sole in place, which we can cut through enabling complete removal of the sole without compromising the integrity of the upper. 

The cavity formed by the welt is then filled with a Cork Compound. This operation goes largely unnoticed but is essential for the comfort, support, and durability of a pair of Bridlen Field Boot during day-today wear.

Cork creates a nice mold of your foot, after a good amount of wear, providing an almost custom-like footbed. A wooden shank is also fixed to the waist of the shoe with extremely hot cement; this supports the waist and aids flexibility.

The Materials Are Seriously Solid

The Bridlen’s Field Boots are truly a staple of Bridlen’s ready-to-wear collections and are available in three different types of leather on their website. Though they are an investment piece, you can’t help: but desire these boots.   

Bridlen’s praxis is simple: if you want to make good shoes, you need the materials to match. These boots are hunks of tanned hide that money can buy. For one it shown here is Pebble Grain Leather which makes these boots more versatile than if it was a smooth Calfskin. 

Pebble Grain features a subtle pebble-shaped surface texture with a waxy finish. It lends shoes a casual look (the reason it’s one of the best casual shoes for men) – but isn’t too rugged that you can’t pull ’em off with your tailored outfits.

Such type of leather was very popular for military use and if it’s good enough for them: you’re certainly not arguing. 

Just because of the Gordian design elements: leather that is embossed (plated) with a grain print doesn’t work for these boots.

So when a boot is blocked, the leather gets stretched into its finished form on the last, and only the finest A-Grade material has the structure to keep its grain when it is worked into a boot.

And don’t worry: the leather’s natural pore structure or “grain” is healthy, and is left untouched. When the skins were brought to the surface, not only were they in perfect condition, it became clear that they’d been finished with a distinctive crosshatch grain.

The boot also features a beautiful soft suede trunk. It is top-quality suede that has a dense, healthy fiber structure. These maintain their shape and strength over time – and make for shoes that are comfortable and durable. Now, it’s this degree of attention to their materials that really have helped separate Bridlen Field Boot from other shoe features in our list of best casual shoes for men.   

The handsome devil is in the details

These are heavy boots that certainly have a great visual presence. Some design elements balance the proportion of these boots that debar ’em from going too chunky. 

You can have a brilliant designer that’s able to envision a beautiful, elegant last shape; but if it’s not made in a factory that’s able to respect those elements – you’ll never see it in the finished shoe. 

Bridlen can take the synergy between the design eye and shoemaking process to create a boot that is both beautifully made but also elegantly sculpted. These boots are made to have shape, quite rightly so being as the foot has shape. It is not a block. 

One of such elements, that are hard to appreciate without holding these boots in your hand, is just how highly sculpted these boots are. They’re able to block the boot tightly into the last which accentuates a narrow bevelled waist and a beautiful shape along the outside edges.  

With a boot, you have a (relatively) square waist compared with some of Bridlen’s other shoes because you want that stability and structure. But we still have their signature Last Definition in here, especially for a boot.

With Substantial day-night rubber outsoles: these boots strike a good balance between an effective working boot and a piece that has enough visual detail and finesse that you can even wear it in the city with those slim fits in your wardrobe. 

It’s not a full link boot (like a riding boot), but with a short trunk that raises just above the ankle. It still offers protection against the elements without being unnecessarily uncomfortable or burdensome to put on in the morning. 

But the key element to any field boot is the shape of the toe. The rule of thumb? The more tapered the toe, the dressier the shoe. This means you’re going to want something that’s neither severely pointy nor clown-shoe huge. The ideal shape should look sort of like the top of an egg: round but not too round.

These Boots from Bridlen features a nice soft Almond Toe that offers a beautiful balance between something that would be appropriate and more casual or could be dressed up slightly more formally in the city. It’s one of the reasons these boots are picked for our list of best casual shoes for men. 

It Oozes Opulence

There is nothing that signals you’re a high achiever with excellent taste quite like a Bridlen Field Boot. Boots that tug at the heartstrings when someone lays eyes on ’em as they slow pace down to absorb the beauty of these boots.

Gentleman, you’re walking around with a Piece Of Artwork on your feet. It’s one of those best casual shoes for men you desire and need. You can’t go out with those cheap alternatives, You need some boots that are signs of your grown personality. 

Everything about these boots oozes Opulence, Wealth, Knowledge, and Power. It has a sense of superiority and quality that you just can’t get from your ordinary day-today brands. 

Buying a boot of this caliber is an emotional decision. You might feel like you’re part of something more when you buy such artworks. It boosts your self-esteem, gives you a sense of belonging, a sense of accomplishment to afford something that most people are unable to.  

Bridlen Boots range

It’s not just slapping on an exorbitant price tag, it runs far deeper than that. Of course, it’ll set you back a cool ₹16k, but it’s durable enough to make this “A Once In A Lifetime Investment“. The Bridlen Field Boots are available in three different types of leather, and don’t worry! whichever you choose – you’ll be able to proudly display this iconic rugged elegance. 

Adidas Stan Smith

From Dock To Dinner: Nothing Can Dignify Your Style As Smith


  • Price/Quality Ratio
  • Excellent Durability
  • Clean & Simple Silhouette
  • Versatile


  • Millions Of Care

We invested weeks finding the very best white sneaker for our guide on Best Casual Shoes For Men, particularly ones that strike a perfect balance between style, comfort, and longevity: and we end up on Adidas Stan Smith.

Stan Smith is so entrenched in almost all aspects of men’s fashion that they are part of the establishment.  

Nothing says sleek like “Shoe of the Year (2014)” by FN Achievement Awards: from a game of tennis to a date night, there’s plenty of opportunities (in your luxurious lifestyle) to rock this shoe.

By price, it looks like another inexpensive style squeeze by fast fashion. 

But actually, it’s a timeless sneaker that was first introduced in 1963.  

Still, doubt its Classic echelon: watch this for a graduate degree-level education on the shoe’s history from none other than Stan Smith himself. Stan Smith always enjoyed a huge fan base, but it reached that “Iconic” stratum after its 2014 re-release

Does Stan Smith Really Worth Your Money? Let’s Find Out

The value of Stan Smith can be ferret-out as Adidas even pulled Stan Smiths off the shelves in 2012 because it hadn’t sold particularly well in previous decades. But that’s not enough for most for us to slip that credit card. Who cares! there’re so many things going in the Smith’s favor impelling people to wear ’em. 

Price/Quality Ratio

Sweat heart, if you’re craving a designer white casual shoe, and that’s okay! But if you buy those, don’t expect the designer price tag to translate to absolute top-notch quality or comfort.

What’s exciting about Stan Smith is The Value it offers. In fact, why one should spend ₹10k for the above-mentioned quality if Stan Smith is here at a one-forth price. 

It’s totally fine (if your money is out there making money for you) to splurge on those ₹10k’s. But for the rest who want their money invested in the most solid option: don’t look beyond Stan Smith. 

Traditionally the upper has been made of smooth full-grain leather, with recent versions featuring suede, nubuck, or canvas. The sole is made of tonal rubber with a cushioned inner sole. 

The support is minimal, with EVA in the midsole. We can say that the comfort these shoes provide comes from the slim upper and minimal sole that makes it a fairly lightweight shoe.

Year-Round Appel

With the switch of the seasons on the horizon, you are probably thinking of refreshing the shoe collection that will last you for the coming season. Here’s a secret we’re letting you in on – breathe a new lease of life in your shoe wardrobe with transeasonal footwear that will never be obsolete so you can wear them all year round. 

Best casual shoes for men

And by “transeasonal footwear” we mean Adidas Stan Smith. This minimalist kick has a way of toning down serious fall staples like statement topcoats and fuzzy sweaters.

Stan Smith is a spring menswear staple in the same vein as unlined blazers or mariner stripe tees are when temperatures start to rise.  

Of course, not every white sneaker can hold up to icy chills and wet weather. Luckily, Adidas is giving one of their beloved classics—the looks-good-with-everything Stan Smith—an upgrade that will let you wear the iconic white sneaker well into the cold. 

To protect your feet from the cold, the shoe comes equipped with Gore-Tex insulation. This high-tech, ultra-thin insulation only surrounds the toes, which will keep your feet noticeably warmer when you’re outdoors.

The traditional three stripes on the sides are replaced by perforations enhancing the breathability for a louder temperature. It is quite ironic that the most popular Adidas shoe is missing its signature feature, yet it’s probably what made it more appealing to more people, giving it a casual shoe look more than an athletic one.

Extremely Versatile

The relaxing of dress codes over the past few years (even more relaxed in our country) blessed the Crisp white Stan Smith with an almost-peerless versatility. Everyone wears them – they’re the blank canvas you can style in your own way. 

These are trainers that can quite literally be worn with everything, all because of their minimal design. An all-white leather upper is paired with an off-white rubber sole and grass court green on the heel tab and tongue, outlining Smith’s headshot. Then there are the stripes, which unlike all Adidas shoes before it, are perforated: and that’s it. 

For all their versatility, white sneakers still require a dash of styling nous to obtain the best results. Don’t worry about keeping them box-fresh; they look better when they’ve been worn-in a bit. 

Logo tees, hoodies, cargo trousers, printed shirts, they’re all fair game. But by all means, protect your Adidas Stan Smith from everyday street dirt so you can still wear them with your suits.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Sweetheart – Can’t Go Wrong With A Pair 1970s

Best casual shoes for men


  • Available in various Cuts (High to Low)
  • Affordable
  • Very breathable


  • Upper Durability

A U.S. Armed Forces’ official athletic training shoe during World War 2, the official shoe of the Olympic Games from 1936 to 1968, 100 million pairs sells every year: NO, it isn’t a blab around a whole shoe range. In fact, it’s one shoe that has remained more or less unchanged for over a century; Yup! the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is on earth for over 100 years. 

According to shoe connoisseur: it’s the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star that ignites the high-top sneakers culture.

Yes, sweetheart, this simple canvas basketball shoe laid the foundations for a multi-billion dollar sports footwear industry and set the benchmark for everything that was to come after it.

The fresh look they can bring to an outfit is what makes ’em a precious pick for our list on Best Casual Shoes For Men.

Unchanged For Over A Century, And You’re In Vogue! Then Why Chunks?

You don’t have to tell anyone that “You’re studying your selfies”. And if you’re NOT! Take a look at them. You can get a lot of tips when you look.

Think about what you wear on regular basis and how you can improve that to refine your best looks. Your hair, Which shirt? Hoodie: Really? Why a Bespoke suit? A Converse Chuck on your feet? And if you don’t have time for the last one: don’t worry – we’ll get it done for you. You just keep scrolling down with a cup of coffee in the other hand!

If You Don’t Like “All”, Just Get “One”

It’s impossible to ignore the impact these ankle-grazing kicks have had on mainstream footwear. In fact, it could be argued that it was Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star that birthed the very concept of sneakers as we know them today. 

Best casual shoes for men

But if a high-top isn’t your decipher for best casual shoes for men: The Converse One-Star iteration lends a hand to set the bar high. But these are incremental and subtle changes, none of which take away from the sheer wearability and style that made Chucks an icon in the first place.

The low-top version doesn’t change a classic. In fact, it is to please the sophisticated taste buds of low-top paramour without compromising the iconic design. 

Ever since first releasing in 1974, the One Star has been content being its humble self, allowing people to find it on their own terms. At a time when confidence in one’s own taste is all that sets apart the cool from the uncool, the One Star says, “if you know, you know.”

Of Course, They’re Versatile

Best casual shoes for men

The brand’s Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic (to give it its full name) has enjoyed an unbroken run of success since the rubber-soled basketball shoe hit the ground almost 100 years ago. Why? Because it was damn near perfect then and it’s still damn near perfect today.

In the opinion of – “It’s also about as versatile as a shoe can get, which makes styling a breeze. No wonder it’s the world’s favorite sneaker.

Providing customers with a classic style that never stops being cool, Converse has become immune to the tumultuous tides of fashion trends. The relaxed and cool shoe partners well with several outfits but looks best with your off-duty wardrobe.

It’s hard to imagine that just a decade ago trainers paired with tailoring were considered sartorial sacrilege. The sharp style partners best with casual denim or simple chinos for a contemporary weekend look.


It doesn’t mean you can’t wear a Chuck with your tailored charcoal-grey suit: In fact, Converse All-Star is GQ’s first pick when you’re up for a suit. 

…And They Take Care Of Your Banknotes As Well.

If you’re looking for a reputable, high-quality casual shoe for men available for so little dough, or an extremely versatile promotion-worthy shoe on an air-tight budget: there’s a handsome, shockingly affordable timepiece out there with your name on it. 

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic is an excellent affordable casual shoe for men that’ll upgrade your shoe game in an instant. Even if you’re out for a holiday gift idea for men (that won’t break the bank): we recommend turning to this crowd-pleasing style that will work for every guy out there—including yourself. 

Converse All-Star might be the best style-points-to-rupee-spent ratio we’ve seen. And things will be even sweeter, Sweetheart, If you love that One-Star take of the Classic Silhouette. 

Clarks Desert Boots

The Tried-And-Tested Crowd-Pleaser 


  • Endlessly Versatile
  • Never Look Dated
  • Comfortable


  • No Cons

War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing… apart from giving rise to one of the world’s favorite footwear options in the form of the desert boot. And the best spot to find ’em in its purest form: Clarks. No list of Best Casual Shoes For Men is complete without Desert boots from the classic brand in deep pebble grey.

Best casual shoes for men

Our Chukka pick for best casual shoes for men—is also the very first one, from British shoemaker Clarks.

Born in 1950, and inspired by the shoes worn by British soldiers fighting in World War II, the desert boot has remained a fixture in fashionable closets ever since. 

If you spend even a small portion of your time in casualwear (no one is suited and booted 24/7, right?) your wardrobe should include at least one good pair of Chukka boots.

This timeless style provides a happy medium for those “in-between” occasions. And with Clarks: You won’t put a foot wrong with the holy trinity of nutmeg suede uppers, sheepskin lining, and a crepe sole.

Worn ’em For Years – Here’s Why They Will Please You As Well!

A true mix of style and substance and endlessly versatile, the original Clarks Desert Boot is an icon that will never look dated. It represents, at turns, rebellion, function, insider status, worldliness, and pretty much anything else you could dream up. The simple and stylish utility of the desert boot is not actually universal knowledge. Today, We’re doing our small part to change that.

Perfect Silhouette

Unquestionably, there are so many fascinating Chukka out there, a lot of brands (and designers) hold their own unique take on this Iconic Design.

While you won’t find many pairs that deviate too far from the time-honored design. 

Look a little closer and you’ll find subtle differences – materials, colors, details, height, fit – that mean not all pairs are created equal. But apart from them, Clarks’ version hits the sweet spot which isn’t too sleek but isn’t too chunky. 

The desert boot has a rugged history, but Clarks managed to give their version a streamlined silhouette.

That clean shape, long toe, and abbreviated laces mean they are fair game to wear to the office.

Can Take A Hammering

Clarks Chukka boots effectively deliver everything we’ve come to expect from the brand. These Boots are dependable, simple, and pair well with most casual wear.

But as an editor with ZERO tolerance to durability: We can attest to the fact that this simple silhouette will linger in your shoe ration for years (if cared for properly!). 

They’re soft and comfortable but surprisingly hardy nonetheless. That means you can buy a pair and hit them up (for a worn look, as GQ prefers them), then repeat as the years go on, or even collect a few colors to mix and match across a single season, maximizing your wardrobe’s potential. 

If you still doubt the durability of these Chukka Boots: You know who wore the hell out of their shoes? British soldiers fighting in North Africa during World War II. They wore desert boots, and they vanquished fascism. You just need to make it to lunch.

…And They’re Oh-So Versatile

As luck would have it, These chukka boots are some of the easiest footwear to style. Their stripped-back design and soft features enable them to be paired with anything from tailoring to jeans and a tee.

Aside from technicalities, Clarks desert boot is perhaps your best answer to the smart-casual shoe conundrum. It is a halfway house between a low-cut Derby or brogue and a full-on, high-intensity boot. When styled right, these are the ultimate all-purpose city shoes, thanks to their soft sole and stylish, slightly formalized suede exterior. 

And for those who think boots are not for summers: that lightweight suede and lack of anything resembling interior lining make Clarks Chukka boot a perfect summer shoe.

Whether they’re the sober, earthy counterpoint to an otherwise wild fit or the logical finish to a more functional, simple look, there isn’t a mood the desert boot doesn’t complement.

Casual Shoes: Do They Really Worth Your Attention and Money?

After testing a mountain of Casual Shoes, Here’s are some perks of owning the best casual shoes for men. 

Classics, hyped-up collaborations, workout shoes, and everything in between – Casual shoes are attacking the feet of men across India. They’re no longer restricted to the gyms and tennis courts and are more business-appropriate – thanks to the relaxed office environment and what was once the scruffy outlier is now the footwear gold standard.

But if have trouble understanding why anyone would choose casual shoes over their choices – Some grounds are making ’em promising in a lot of ways. And these reasons will make sure “You aren’t forced to wear casual shoes, you chose to wear ’em“.

Unparalleled Ability To Elevate Your Class

Not many shoe styles are as tough, handsome, and downright useful as a good Classic Casual Shoe.

Casual shoes underpin wardrobes, keep outfits grounded, and, provided they’re selected with careful consideration, can carry a man through the full spectrum of seasons and social occasions.

Some of ’em are unique in their ability to channel heritage, attitude, and unbridled masculinity in a pair.

That said, don’t think for a second the Best Casual Shoes For Men has lost any of its attitude over the years. 

Smartly selected Casual shoes are head-turners; they emulate Class, Sophistication, and Confidence. 

And by “smart selection” we don’t mean you need to go traditional to pull it off. In fact: this is the time more than ever for you to do it “In Style“. 

You can’t go wrong with Adidas Stan Smith or Bridlen’s Feild Boot teamed up with a leather jacket or engaging denim, and you’re ready to continue being the strong, powerful, and confident man you already are!

While it is definitely one of the best menswear purchases you’re ever likely to make, it can also be one of the trickiest. Don’t mind paying extra knowing your purchase aligns with your lifestyle. Take your time. Find the design and style that suits you. 

They’re The Footwear Of Convenience

Casual shoes are many things to many people – from Fashionista for whom it’s just a matter of fashion to the sneakerhead who stacks boxes high just to have a few pairs on ice. But one defining aspect is that they are the most comfortable shoes in a field full of uncomfortable footwear.

Offering the type of support that lets you feel like you’re walking on air along with some serious style, these are the kind of shoes you won’t ever want to take off.

Shoes that stay secure without being overly tight, offer all-day support that won’t fade and don’t feel like a sweatbox. That’s what you put on when you want to be at your most comfortable and still look cool. 

Casual shoes, of course, can be a boon for both comfortable and nice-looking footwear, but things can get a little trickier from there, as there’s a fine line between fugly and just plain ugly.

Just stay away from those offensive-looking shoes, {more precisely: “Kicks”} and Scroll up for a selection your feet will thank you for.


Casual shoes are in service for centuries and still stand firm cos of some notable reasons. But over any other cause, People seek it out for the “Serious Versatility” they put forward. In fact, you’ll not see such echelon of versatility on any menu. 

Unless your footwear budget exceeds Cristiano Ronaldo’s, you’ll want to sink the cash you have into the most solid options possible. The simple rule is to own a small casual shoe collection that is versatile enough to cover all bases. 

Few of the best casual shoes for men may not immediately scream versatile basic, but when you bust a gut for some mixing and matching: you’ll get to know that any casual shoe will do the trick.

Whatever your look, whatever your budget and whatever’s in the diary over the next 12 months, if own a pair of well-made casual shoes in some styles, you’ll have just about every social situation – from office to gym to bar – stylishly shod. You need never put a foot wrong again.

Easy To Style

Figuring out what works and what doesn’t is the foundation of any well-put-together ensemble. Mixing and Matching take practice and with time you’ll have a great idea of what works. 

Just take your clothes out: lay them on the bed and play around with different outfits. But be guarded, cos you want to look right and not being the peacock. Don’t get in a tizz cos this isn’t the case with casual shoes. 

The beauty of the best casual shoes for men is that they are a superb canvas upon which to build the rest of your get-up. As a rule of styling “You Should Balance The Familiar With The Unfamiliar” and your casual shoes will check the familiar one. 

Yes, not all casual shoes (especially “Kicks”) can produce collections that feel harmonious. so if you’re just starting to build your wardrobe – A minimal design of casual shoes can afford you maximum styling options. 

Of course, you can get creative with what you already have. With the right pair of casual shoes – You have more room to play around with different style combos. Make sure you want one thing unexpected, but if the whole thing is unexpected: Quite Frankly – People Looking At You For The Wrong Reason!

So when it comes to pairing your outfit with casual shoes, don’t overthink it. Bridlen Field Boots or Escaro Royale’s Chelsea Boot are solid choices, but wearing a striking color can make one hell of a statement.

Depending on how much you want your shoes to play into your look, you can go neutral or spice it up. Try matching your accessories and shoes in the same color for a coordinated, yet polished look.

The 4 Hallmarks Of Good Quality Casual Shoes

What Makes A Quality Casual Shoe? Here’re Four Elements To Look For

Best casual shoes for men

Even though a quality casual shoe is a worthy investment – if you believe you don’t need to shell out a big chunk of change when you’re just getting started: {Or Ever, to be quite honest} needn’t read any further. 

But if you’re picking up some serious spending and look to sink that cash into the most solid options possible – this segment is for you! Often what distinguishes a well-made casual shoe from all the others is simply a matter of details. 

In fact: Not all casual shoes (even the expensive ones) are equal. Some Ooze Opulence, while others make you look cheap – no matter how well you’ve splurged on ’em. And the best way to ensure you’re spending that money wisely? Know the playing field. 

You can only choose quality casual shoes if you take the time to examine what you buy – and understand what you’re buying.

We’ll share a few idols, concepts, and feeling about the whole expense. So think of these 5 pointers below as being the foundation and you’ll find the best value for your money.

A good stitch-uation

best casual shoes for men

The best suit is, of course, a bespoke one – after all, it’s made to fit just its wearer, rather than some mythical Mr. Average. Indeed, while the fabric is important – it’s hand-sewing that instills in them a unique sense of confidence and stature.

As the most powerful adhesives Up For Grab – Why don’t simply Glue those suits as a more cost-effective approach? 

It’s the unparalleled longevity worth that extra time and money. In the sartorial world – durability isn’t compromised and it’s your shoes that’ll face some real-world wear and tear. Hitting the ground in all manner of conditions means that they’re always on the front line.

So It’s all about the method through which the sole is attached to the upper of the shoe that will decide the longevity of your shoe and Cemented (or glued) casual shoes aren’t really an option if you want ’em to be on your wardrobe after years of hard pounding. 

There are oodles ways to stitch sole a casual shoe, we won’t get into the nuts and bolts of each of ’em here! But Goodyear-welting is one of the first major upgrades separating heritage shoes from disposable footwear.

It’s a shoemaking technique in which a single piece of leather is run along the shoe’s perimeter that joins the upper and lower sections. It’s not about nailing just for Goodyear-welting; any method leaves a telltale line of stitching between the outsole or the perimeter of the shoe that can be seen from even a few feet away.

Ne’er Play Around With Material

Best casual shoes for men

Shoes are made from a lot of things (Lady Gaga once wore one made from raw meat) and the material change with the seasons. Pebble grain, Calfskin, Suede, and even Textiles. So it helps to come with a sense of what time of year you’ll be wearing this puppy. 

No matter, whether you’re tuning towards Classic casual shoes or leaning towards something Trendier (which we don’t recommend) – Having a shoe made from quality material really can help ‘how’ it wears and looks. 

The term ‘casual shoe’ is fairly broad and encompasses many different styles. Generally speaking though, these are versatile silhouettes made from leather, suede, and textiles. 

Although leather casual shoes are usually more expensive than the others, it still favored. You might have your own preferred style and it is a personal matter after all and but wearing leather shoes will make someone have a high sense of fashion.

While Leather is the epitome of formality and luxury, but it is the streamlined suede pairs ready to pull double duty underneath your finest suit pant leg or your go-to weekend chinos. 

It’s rarer to see than leather, hardier than you may think, and the ideal style to complement your autumnal wardrobe. But Summer also calls for a fabric that lets your sweaty feet breathe in 50-degree weather.

That’s why it’s never too late to get some canvas casual shoes into your footwear rotation. Such material not only lets air in and out, but is resilient enough to withstand a beating in the sand, saltwater, or a beer-soaked dance floor.

In today’s increasingly casual world, these three materials are perhaps the most indispensable you could wish to own. As for purchasing quality material: make sure you trust someone who stands behind their shoes. 

Now Make Sure It Fits

No matter how much it costs, a casual shoe is only as good as its making. Fit is everything. Once you’ve decided you want a Stan Smith, Escaro Royale Chelsea with Calfskin, Suede, and Goodyear-welted Construction (nice choosin’—it sounds like a winner), you’re ready to focus all your attention here. 

All men were created equal, but that doesn’t mean we’re all the same size. It doesn’t matter if your shoe costs ₹2000 or ₹20,000; if the thing fits like a garbage bag (or it’s so tight that your co-workers can count your feet’ hairs), it won’t look (and feel) good.

The quality casual shoe used to be signaled by its fit and silhouette. More on silhouette later, here we’ll chew the fat on fit. A properly fitting casual shoe should feel snug in the heel and midfoot, with wiggle room around the toes.

Measure your feet each year, as they can change size as you age. But try not to get too concerned with the shoe size number. There is a big difference in shoe sizes between shoe companies because of the lasts used. A last is a form that a shoe is molded around.

For whopping great details on How to Find Shoes That Fit: Feel free to scan over the article here

And Keep It Simple

It’s a cliche, but rules, it must be said, are there to be broken. You can represent yourself by what you have on your feet and in casual shoes – it can either be in “Classic Slice” or you can shift towards “The Kicks” portion. 

Best casual shoes for men

Some men can pull things off and others can’t. And to know what works for you – you can’t just throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and see what’ll stick.

Quintessentially American, the sneakerhead subculture is finding its way to India through the same inspirations as it did in the US: basketball and hip-hop. 

It’s on the move, but haven’t reached the portion where you can simply rock those “Tanks” in the lane. 

We’re not saying those clunky high-top sneakers are the worst casual shoes – we’re just saying: they didn’t help for the environment we’re in (at least for now!). As we don’t want people to look at you for the wrong reasons – it’s better to lean towards Classic and Simple drips. 

And what is it that makes a classic a classic? “It has multiple functions, and it’s appropriate for different age ranges and body types. It became a classic because it works no matter who you are.”

Classic does not necessarily mean boring – you still style them in your way. However, it does mean you’ll look dependably good at any time. 

Every pair here (in our list of Best Casual Shoes For Men) has been selected because it meets the criteria of a standout casual shoe that’s empirical as well. 

Anyone can buy casual shoes. It’s the attention you pay to the quality traits that matter. Make sure you look for these Quality facets before buying your next pair of casual shoes or simply pick anyone from our list (as they have what should look for!). We’re furnishing such details with you cos we know you’re different and you appreciate the difference. 

What Kind Of “Casual” Is Right For You?

Best Casual Shoes For Men: Done! Now, We’ll Twig  One That Suits You And Your Lifestyle.

There are two types of shoes. The kind that you turn to again and again, year after year, occasion after occasion (ok, you get it), and the kind that is utterly thrilling in their beauty, embellishment, or flat-out trendiness that sometimes it just makes you happy to stare at them in your closet. 

But while the latter category certainly elicits more excitement, it’s the former that’s really going to get you through life. And as the term ‘casual shoe’ is fairly broad and encompasses many different styles – it’s pretty normal if you make up to the latter section.

Just throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what’ll stick is not the way we plug. To save you a vital bit of time – We Moved from general to specific: Now, it’s just you and our team. We’ll find Best Casual Shoes that work for you, rather than some mythical Mr. Average. 

To help, we’ve rounded up the three key factors worth giving some careful consideration to find a casual shoe that deserves a place on your shoe rack.

What Is It For?

Let’s start with the basics. Buying a new casual shoe doesn’t start in the store; it starts in your head. It’s the reason behind your quest for the best casual shoes for men. Is the shoe for work? Date night? A buddy’s wedding? All three? Know that and you can make the right choices. 

Best casual shoes for men

Just For Handing Out: Be it catching on to a movie or a day out with friends, Converse Chunk Taylor is just the right choice. Besides keeping you all comfy does not kill the look. With so many styling options, Check out this guide if you find covering a Converse high top a little trickier.

Maybe you just want something hyper-functional for a long day of travel or a focused day of work. For that, you can count on Clarks Desert Boots to give you all the practical elements and comfortable silhouettes you need, while keeping you looking stylish too.

For those who aren’t a big fan of those, Adidas Stan Smith or Vans Old Skool would serve you the purpose. Of course, They look great with your summer outfits (chinos or shorts or sweats) giving a relaxed and casual vibe. 

Best casual shoes for men

Office-Approved: Wearing boots with a suit achieves two things: It says you understand that uniforms look best when they’re messed with and that when it’s raining or snowing, your Ferragamos should be left in the closet.

The boot itself? Leather-soled military-style ones like Bridlen Field Boots. They’re like dress shoes, only a hell of a lot tougher.

For Those Smart Casual Occasions: Adapt Bridlen’s loafers into your smart casual look for a grown-up take on daywear. For the more ambiguous dress codes, their loafers excel at leaving you looking dressed up but still relaxed and simplistic. 

And For Anything In-Between: “Is there anything that can be successfully worn with both casual and more formal styles?” – you asked.

Aside from their stripped-back, stylish looks, the greatest thing about Chelsea boots is their versatility. This is footwear a man can wear at work, play, and everywhere else in between.

It doesn’t matter whether your work dress code requires you to don a suit or simply a T-shirt and jeans, a pair of Chelsea boots will add a touch of flair. 

To be clear, when we say “casual shoes,” we’re using the term extremely liberally. So don’t be fooled into thinking that anything goes nowadays.

You Lifestyle Will Unveil 

What you wear can inform passersby of your type of employment, as well as your ambitions, emotions, and spending habits. Though it is not about changing the way you look – it’s about being the best version of yourself.

We’re all dreamers and it’s easy to buy casual shoes for the lifestyle they promise instead of letting our lifestyle determine the casual shoes we buy. 

Lifestyle change at different stages in our lives – student, professional, working or entering the business field, retiring – and lifestyle transition can create a big change in wardrobe needs. 

Not just casual shoes, construct a truly functional, fashionable wardrobe that works for your unique lifestyle. And it’s simple: Just Ask yourself: What are the activities I spend my time in, and what is suitable and acceptable togs for those activities in the area where I live?

Collegiate: Those who really give a damn about how they look or have absolutely no clue as to what to wear. It is time when you’re leaving school and you develop your personality.

Collegiate style is the perfect mix of smart and casual – throw on a pair of Clarks Desert Boots and you’re good to go.

Desert Boots is not only a great way to get members of the opposite sex to notice you, but it’s also perfect for garnering attention from other important people that will help shape your future.

If The Pressure To Impress Is Sky-High (Every Time!): If “A Date” is the reason you’re seeking the best casual shoes for men – you’re among our top priorities, cos these are moments where you can’t settle with the second-best.

Bridlen Field Boots or Escaro Royale Chelsea Boots will save you from the last-minute panic of what you should wear. Whether you’re into slip-ons or lace-ups, boots are a good move for a date. 

For one, they’ll make you stand straighter and appear taller. They’ll also give you some rugged beauty and can pass in a fancy establishment but are also super comfortable. 

When You Take Yourself Out Of The Uniform: Even if your job doesn’t require you to wear specific clothes, having a go-to work outfit can still be useful. And a Bridlen’s Calfskin loafer takes on the character of any outfit—when you’re in a business suit, it’s formal; when you’re in a polo and jeans, it’s casual.

Best casual shoes for men

For All Your Office Calls: If you work in an office, we know that the way you dress for the office can impact the ebb and flow of your entire working life to a surprising degree.

Yes, We hate those so Damn Square office shoes, Too. In fact, who’ll not favor the comfort of casual in the office? 

Dress too casually in an office environment that dictates a strict dress code, and you run the risk of looking like you can’t really be bothered to work there at all. 

Bridlen Feild Boots or Escaro Royale Chelsea Boots are on the sweet spot of comfort and custom. Easy to wear with any dark shade of suit (navy, charcoal, black), these will be the hardest-working items in your footwear arsenal.

These pairs blend rugged appeal and timeless style, they’re sleek yet tough, crafted to take on your commute, a long day at the office, or an evening at a hidden speakeasy.

“Dress For Your Age” – It Works Here As Well!

Best casual shoes for men

Dressing Age Appropriate: What the hell does that even mean, and how do you know if you’re doing it; worse than that – how do you know if you’re not doing it.

People should be able to wear whatever makes them feel good, isn’t it? Still, if you want to look your best, it pays to have a bit of self-awareness when it comes to what’s age-appropriate.

It doesn’t matter Whether you want to stand out, or fit in – Just grip with what’s generally accepted – and what’s not and your outfits will speak lavishly without being loud. Scroll down to your age bracket, spend a bit of time (and money!) on elements, and rest assure – everything else will fall into place.

The 20s Club: According to GQ “Twenties Are Tricky” and so do we think. The key to mastering which shoes to wear in your twenties can be summed up in two words: capsule wardrobe. It’s a concept underpinned by three core values: simplicity, versatility, and cohesion. 

And in your capsule wardrobe – Vans Old Skool leave flat any room for mistakes with colors and patterns. The Old Skool’s distinct design is ideal for creating a stylish look and can be worn for both casual and smart-casual occasions. 

As this club’s members probably be in the best shape of their life, so keep the silhouette slim and the color palette monochromatic to add the perfect polished finish to your look. 

Of course, you can work around any piece from our guide on the best casual shoes for men, but it’s better to stick to such minimal styles. 

Adidas Stan Smith is a stand-in that can be worn year-round. Your twenties are about discovering who you are, or working out who you want to be. So make sure to work your way up as your budget expands with your wage.

Best casual shoes for men

The 30s (The Most Stylish): You Might be feeling like – Just wait until you’re 40, or 50… Gentleman, you’re missing the most stylish decade of your life. You’ve spent your twenties experimenting with your style – now’s the time to lock it down. 

Career-man-slash-husband-slash-father, Ooh! With so much to do – Escaro Royale Chelsea Boots will make sure you just have to switch togs while pulling off those duties. And its unparalleled versatility is one of the reasons it’s in the upper echelon of best casual shoes for men.

The Best Chelsea Boots In India are fit for purpose. Thanks to their timeless shape and design, these simple yet sophisticated shoes are a must-have for men of this club.

Chelseas are a viable option when it comes to teaming up footwear and tailoring. Chelsea boots and jeans are a recipe for a classic. Dress-down Friday, Chelsea boots are an excellent way to get the ball rolling. 

The 40s (That HOT Salt N Pepper Hair): There are many styling perks of being in your forties, you have a free pass to wear stuff previously banned in your younger years. But if you’re considering those sneakers (as they’re dominating the menswear right now) – just think again!

While injecting a dose of it into your wardrobe can freshen up your downtime attire, investing in this look too heavily in your 40s can end up giving off a bit of a PE teacher vibe.

When it comes to clothing, there’s a fundamental difference between “fashion” and “style” – and the key to dressing in your 40s is to favor the latter.

As your style settles down and you find yourself wearing more of a uniform both casually and professionally, it’s Clarks Desert Boots that will really add personality.

Perfect for when you need to get ready in a flash, these boots can quickly be thrown on with a pair of slim chinos and a neutral button-up shirt for a sleek look. 

Best casual shoes for men

The 50s: As you’ve invested some time in locating the Best Casual Shoes – You’re not one of those men who lets his style slide when he hits the big 5-0.  

Honestly, as we get older it sometimes seems to get a little more tricky and challenging to dress in a way that keeps us both engaged with the world around us and comfortable in our own skin.

It’s time to finesse everything you’ve learned over the past five decades. It’s time to make the investment and change things up, gentlemen. Stick to the classics and you can’t go wrong.

Best casual shoes for men

As trainers become increasingly tricky to pull off as you verge into the latter 50s – One of the more comfortable and chic pieces to enter your wardrobe is the Bridlen Loafer. Yes, they’re an investment piece But use your 50s as an excuse to buy all those wardrobe crape you’ve tackled. 

Those are plain, simple, and high quality that you can afford – because it’s being able to afford the best quality versions that arguably you express your growing wisdom and worldly sophistication.

Easily able to be dressed up or down and flattering in an assortment of materials, loafers are the staple that is here to stay and you wouldn’t feel guilty about investing in Bridlen’s Loafers.

This pick from our list of Best Casual Shoes For Men is suitable for a more mature body and be taken more seriously. Just Spend a little bit more: your feet will look better, you’ll feel better, and both the elements will last longer. 

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