Best Boots For Men In India Cope Sophistically

Best boots for men in India

Best Boots For Men In India can stimulate affection, most crucially through their images. But the sensation of lacing them up (or slipping into them) seems to offer the muscliest cocktail of dopamine. Walk in, and they’ll immerse you in emotions.

While looking to understand just how a boot can be this attractive, your senses constantly remind you of the protection underneath. They quietly command attention, announcing your taste. And you barely sketch an occasion where you’ll be without these boots. 

Nearly, that’s how it feels to stand in the most beautiful versions of a genre that make up some of the oldest styles of footwear in history. But what if you hardly let emotions dictate your wardrobe, especially your choice of boots? Never mind! Boots, inherently, have the greatest practical potential.

There is, of course, a rich explanation of what makes our selections best, though we would not confine you to our recommendations! Boot through dirt cheap to astoundingly expensive possibilities while trusting our guide dedicated entirely to boots, and you’ll still buy a decent pair of boots. 

Best Boots For Men In India

The definition of Best Boots For Men in India is ever-evolving. A proper working man’s tool, earlier, was what the best boots might be (even if they didn’t come with a proper working man’s price tag). The genre, right now, is functional but, to be more adaptable, not strikingly aggressive. 

Our bootmakers waited a bit too long to switch the boot’s heavy-duty with every-duty profile but, in a flash, showcased a far-ranging quality spectrum with unbelievably cheap and expensive prices sealing the corners. 

If you are into boots that feel and endure like a boot should, you have to be willing to spend some money. Having written pieces on Best Boots For Men annually for years, we found that the best-value in boots tend to be commissioned by small, family-run ateliers. 

They ask just enough (barely) to finance conscientious bookmaking and fine materials. Many of ’em are still true to the quality that defined their initial commissioning. Here are some of the best boots for men in India that represent good value for money but mark you as a person of great sartorial taste.

Bridlen Unlined Noma

best boots for men in india


  • 360° Goodyear Welted 
  • Lugged Rubber Outsole 
  • Calfskin Upper 


  • Need Breaking-In 
  • Made-to-order

There’s something comforting about a style of boots that has barely changed for a hundred years or more. A derby boot – historically associated with rugged country wear – translates well into exceptionally comfortable ankle boots, thanks to the open lacing system that can close naturally around the top of the foot for extra support and a close fit. 

Hailing from the city of Japan, Bridlen has quickly gone from a small artisanal shoemaking operation to defining the pinnacle of shoemaking in India that has derby boots woven tightly into its DNA. Taking its visual cues from the boots worn by actor Mr. Taron Egerton and military drill ground is this Field Boot from Bridlen. 

Indeed, You’ll pay a premium for its boots, but it’s worth every penny if you can afford them. These Field boots have the sort of timeless silhouette and hard-wearing 360° Goodyear construction that’ll ensure you’re still wearing them years from now, and they come fitted with a rubber Dainite sole, so they’re more than a match for whatever Mother Nature throws at your feet.

Why Are We So Into This Feild Boots? 

Best Boots For Men In India

It’s hard for anyone to say that the value of something that is worn on feet is worth the price of someone’s mobile phone. So to muster up the courage to either save for or open your wallet wide enough to swallow the cost of these Field boots: it is worth looking at it for what it is! 

With more styles, brands, and designs than any other genus of footwear – there are much more efficient ways to invest your money in the best boots for men in India.

Then what do we (and you might be!) love so much about Bridlen’s Field Boots that we don’t mind steering clear of all those options? 


Stoutly Built From Beautiful Skins  

Bridlen’s artisan will show you the best boots for men in India like nobody else can. With meticulous attention to detail, the label has floated to the top of the boot-building pile and built a reputation almost as strong as its leather Field Boots – one put together carefully and slowly, and likely to last a lifetime as a result.

Usually reserved for cemented/glued rubber outsoles, once you cast this classic in Goodyear Construction, it takes on a whole new facet of functionality — and looks bloody good doing it. After all, they too want our readers to walk away with the best boots for men in India.

Specializing in the delicate art of shoemaking and 360° Goodyear construction, the Indian brand will curate those boots from the best Hatch grain with calfskin suede and ensure that the cork-footed underneath settles as individually as the person it is created for. 

Makes fewer than 100 luxury handcrafted boots a month — they’re a brand focused on making the best, not the most. Experts in Goodyear Welting, hand-crafting, and the sourcing of rare and precious leather, there are few Bootmakers more revered and respected in the entire nation.


The Versatility

Part of the appeal of this minimalist, rugged, and fuss-free look is the versatility it offers, allowing each piece to work in a variety of everyday scenarios. On the whole, boots tend to be less formal than shoes. But Derby boots are the exception.

The entire field boot collection not only draws upon a utilitarian color that speaks of elegance, ease, functionality, and propriety, all in equal measure but also comprises boots whose functions and features span dress codes and settings.

A Derby boot in black leather is about as close to the perfect all-rounder as it’s possible to get. If you’re going to buy one pair of boots to see you through any terrain, make it these. They’ll keep the weather out, look the part with everything in your wardrobe and last for as long as you take care of them.

It’s difficult to think of a way in which these boots shouldn’t be styled, but they excel as part of a smart-casual or business-casual outfit. This considered, try wearing them with a roll-neck knit, wool trousers, and an unstructured blazer.

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SeeandWear Boots

Best boots for men in India
boots for men in India

Even though we could, of course, spend a fortune on Bridlen to attain sophistication and style, we can still find joy in price-conscious boots, like Seeandwear that can brighten up a grocery store run, or play at the office and at happy hour after. With basic materials and crafting techniques that put utility above all, We’ve yet to encounter a person who can deny boots that are this interesting as they are inexpensive.

Woodland Camel High Ankle Boots

best boots for men in India
best boots for men in India

If you really, really struggle with boots, and so the idea of chunky, clunky boots makes you want to run in the opposite direction in your simple sneakers. Woodland’s Ankle Boots’ loveliness did everything we needed them to do: keep that sneaker-y vibe alive without adding any weight whatsoever to your look. With their leather-lined interior and suede exterior, they’re a less aggressive way to transition between seasons.

How to buy boots

Our picks work for everyone, but what about a boot that speaks just to you? These Boots are only as good as you allow them to be, but neither will match the satisfaction that a ❝Your-Found❞ pair stimulates. Well, you have many choices, and, as a service to you, we’ll define the best ways to narrow them. 

Clarks Desert Boots

best boots for men in India


  • Extremely Versatile
  • Summer Appropriate
  • Best Price/Quality Ratio


  • Losses Structure

Through Desert (Boot) we shove off halfway house between a low-cut Derby or brogue and a full-on, high-intensity boot. Those crepe-soled, suede-uppered stalwarts of your shoe collection are one of the simplest, most reliable, and effective examples of footwear (not just boots) ever designed.

And our favorite iteration—the best desert boots for men in India—is also the very first one, from British shoemaker Clarks. Became a staple of every gentleman’s wardrobe after Nathan Clark (grandson of James Clark; founder of this footwear giant) poached the idea from the British army in the 1950s. 

Outside of its rich and varied history, the desert boot has endured because of its timeless, understated design. Alike most of the best boots for men in India, these boots are made with the finest craftsmanship, look like a million bucks, and—the joy of style joys—isn’t prohibitively priced.

Why They Are An Easy Sell?

Best Boots For Men In India

This pick in our list of best boots for men in India belongs to a select number of blockbusters that remain deserving of the designation – ICON. The Clarks’ desert boot is often the sort of thing that fulfills that mythic “timeless” criterion.

For an unruffled ’50s model, that is inspired by the shoes worn by British soldiers fighting in World War II, to remain a fixture in fashionable closets ever since… it must be doing something right! Here’s What


They Can Take A Beating

Best Boots For Men In India

What makes a boot, a boot? Many have worn ’em for practical purposes. While in the case of a piece set on a crepe sole, qualifying is quite a feat. Though in the case of Clarks Desert Boots, a boot whose status is well-established, we’ve witnessed they remain deserving of the “Boot” designation.

Where those boots are made (Vietnam, Italy, or England) does matter. Boot made in Italy is with a crepe sole that won’t fail you in even the most dismal conditions. Plus, that English suede leather from Charles F Stead, the same tannery that created the original boot, promises to get even richer with age. 

If you need any more indication of its credentials? You know who wore the hell out of those boots? British soldiers fought in North Africa during World War II. And if it’s good enough for ’em, you certainly won’t be complaining… even for scouring the sites on your next summer adventure

Desert boots are still boots and thus WILL be hotter than other lightweight shoes, Right? Believe it or not, the idea isn’t as radical as it sounds, even when temperatures are soaring. We refer to those naysayers the origins and name of the “desert” boot… and rest our case. After all, they’re designed for hot weather from the very start.


Maximizing Your Wardrobe’s Potential

Best Boots For Men In India

Aside from fulfilling its (a boot’s) obvious practical purpose, it’s an effortless way to look like you’ve gone to the trouble of thoughtfully accessorizing without, well, the efforts and trouble. Designed to handle anything you can throw at them, Versatility is, in fact, half of their appeal. 

We’ve been wearing desert boots for years with everything from jeans to suits. Either the sober, earthy counterpoint to an otherwise wild fit or the logical finish to a more functional, simple look, there isn’t a mood the desert boot doesn’t complement… dwell Gq for more details!

But what makes these semi-casual, all-terrain shoes the most adaptable garments in your entire wardrobe? It’s the extremely relaxed silhouette of this boot – supple, crinkly, and matte – that will lift any laid-back look without being too formal about it.

Outside of its rich and varied history, the Clarks desert boot has endured and been called one of the best boots for men in India because of its timeless, understated design. A few styles of footwear walk the line between smart and casual with such ease as these desert boots. 

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Bridlen Chukka Boots

Best Boots For Men In India

Bridlen shoemakers’ take on desert maintains the iconic silhouette while providing the wearer with enhanced comfort (cork footbed) and more volume for a bolder statement. The beauty of Repello calf suede (by Charles F. Stead) sits on a thick, layered sole, which combines with a Genuine nitrile rubber outsole and a Goodyear welt to ensure you pass ’em down the generations, along with the estate.

Thursday Boot Scout

Best Boots for men in India

Thursday’s desert boots have a hair more stiffness than you’ll get from a pair of Clarks. Where unrivaled craftsmanship, top-drawer materials (provides depth and texture) set on Blake stitched outsoles help make these sandy beauties look and feel a bit special. All that structured upper doesn’t stop them from adding a distinctly British detail, though – Chances of slippage are offset by the intricately treaded outsole.

Pellé Santino Chelsea Boots

pelle santino shoes


  • Best Value
  • Goodyear Welted 
  • Full Grain Leather upper


  • Last Definition

When it comes to the best boots for men in India, does anything beat the satisfaction you get from buying a new pair of Chelsea boots? A staple boot in the wardrobes of countless sartorially inclined people (even Queen Victoria was allegedly a fan), they have all the appeal of a masculine lace-up boot but are engineered in a way that makes them sharp, sleek, and easier to get on and off than a slip-on trainer. 

Unlike many of Pelle Santino’s smash-hit accessories, its Chelsea boot has been quietly changing the game from the sidelines, starring in influencer shots of wintry footwear and fallen leaves, since its pre-fall 2020 introduction. While the classic, polished dress shoe styles have a decidedly prim feel, Pelle Santino’s Chelsea shrug off all horsey undertones. 

Their Goodyear-welted Chelsea looks ready to combat all terrains, not just towpaths. Falling somewhere between smart and casual, Santino’s sleek leather capped boots come in smooth tan and black leather. It’s the former two-tone model that has proven popular among editors, who want to evoke Countryfile-chic with their Goodyear Welted soles. 

What’s The Point Of Buying This Chelsea?

Best boots for men in India

Chelsea can easily become one of your most trusted and treasured boot, whipped out whenever you need a boost of sartorial confidence while treading through city slush. And there’s a lot to love about Pelle Santino’s Chelsea boots, not least the fact that they do away with those pesky laces. The elasticated gussets are not their main selling point, though.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just slipping on any pair. You need to look out for the hallmarks of quality before you reach into your pocket. Even for us, it takes a bit of trial and error to pick something that ticks the stylish and practical boxes, and these pairs from Pelle Santino get it right. See how Chelsea stood out above all others as the connoisseur’s choice? A sensible investment, in other words.


They Are Built To Last

Pelle Santino meticulously crafts every pair of their shoes down to the very last stitch. And their take on Chelsea boots flawlessly demonstrates the timeless appeal of the style without missing the signature Goodyear stitching that the boots are known for. The best part? Each one comes in at ₹7k — which is exactly why our obsessives love them.

Goodyear Welted Shoes India

Cut from the finest layer of a hide – set on Goodyear welted leather outsoles – Pelle Santino pride itself on selling some of the best boots for men in India. Let’s start at the source: Full-grain leather. Used for the strongest, most durable, and moisture-resistant footwear possible, the full-grain upper looks “like they’ve been worn, but not beaten up,” with the dark sheen developing a patina over time. 

Though the upper adds a prim feel to any outfit, the Goodyear Welted leather outsole adds a certain toughness to any outfit – they say “I’m ready for whatever lies ahead, and I’ll combat it in style.” This double-stitch reinforcement makes these boots incredibly resilient and ensures the threads will never unravel. 

The cork footbed, the sturdy Goodyear Welt, or the full-grain upper: all do feel a tad stiff at first and require longer to break in, but they’ll comfortably mold to your feet with wear. If you needed any more convincing, BestShoe99 associate editor Aarush Gupta wears hers year-round.


The Chelsea’s Versatility Is Unmatched.

Best Boots For Men In India

Though every style featured in our list of best boots for men in India plugs versatility, it’s hard to pull off a big chunky boot. They can look bulky or hit the ankle at such a high point that they make your legs look shorter or stockier than they actually are. On the flip side, Chelsea Boots have nothing to distract the eye. 

They pull together virtually any look, slip on and off easily, and wear well over time. Of course, the tan, black, and oxblood of Chelsea has been seen on fashion’s front rows and on the backs of the style cognoscenti in bars and restaurants – paired with chinosjeans, and everything in between – for, well, a century now. 

A classic piece that transcends the seasons, Chelsea could soothe a wardrobe full of bizarre outfits and will take any stress out of getting dressed every morning. Everything will go together and be worth wearing. And you won’t have to scrap a rail full of trend-led one-season boots and start again every year – it’s hardly a sustainable way to style yourself.

And while we’ll still welcome irresistible seasonal and trend-forward boots–—it’s fashion we’re obsessed with after all!—we know those need to live alongside a staple Chelsea boot because every wardrobe needs a yin-yang balance. That shiny new statement item will dazzle even more when paired with, say, the best Chelsea boots in India.

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Escaro Royale Goldbrow Chelsea

Best Boots For Men In India
Best Boots For Men In India

Known for its cult-favorite sneakers, Escaro Royale applied its effortlessly cool aesthetic to this pair of chic lug-soled Chelsea boots. Raising the standard for an “everyday” Boot, All the tiny details they just absolutely crush: the ankle-hugging elastic, the almond-toe silhouette, Argentinian White Crust Leather Upper, and an extremely practical rubber infused sole unit. And it’s worked. Their take on Chelsea flies off the shelf and grants The Goldbrow the upper echelon as the label’s bestseller.

Bridlen Dark Snuff Chelsea

Best Boots For men in India

In a stylish nod to Chelsea’s roots in workwear, much labor has been put into this Lawry pair from Bridlen – 190 steps in total, to be precise. Handmade at the label’s site in Chennai from Repello calf suede from Charles F. Stead. Set on Goodyear-welted leather and rubber soles. The hand-lasting casts a sleek silhouette that will look equally smart alongside jeans or tailoring. Sure, they’re not cheap. But if you want the Rolex of Chelsea boots, then you want these boots.

Woodland Excursion

Best boots for men in india


  • Lightweight  
  • Durable
  • Price/Quality Ratio


  • Hard To Pull Off Those Big Boots

Our stay-at-home lives in 2020 ignited the appreciation of the great outdoors. Our editors and photographers have indulged some time immersed in the countryside and have been singing the praises of hiking boots‘ transformative power ever since. 

Although many Best boots for men in India have made it from the mountainside to the runway, We perhaps wouldn’t suggest that you take Pelle Santino’s Chelsea Boots down your nearest muddy gorge – let’s be honest, they’re a bit too nice for that. 

Woodland’s bestseller (that hasn’t outgrown its practical roots yet) will, indeed, perform into the unknown. With Pro hikers’ stamp of approval, Woodland’s heavy-duty boots have solidified themselves as one of the most covetable staples when capturing the countryside in our wardrobes.

Why We’ve (& You Should!) Acquired a Handful Of These Boots?

Best boots for men in India

We convinced ourselves that we need to switch from Woodland Boots and maybe a matching boots set. After trying roughly one zillion options of this kind – it’s safe to say many of them weren’t made with integrity; at under ₹5k – it’s fair to say Woodland Boots are some of the best yet.

The best boots for men in India are those you feel most confident in—Indeed, it’s also about the personal preference and the look you aim to embody when an outdoorsy boot mood strikes. Fortunately, for Woodland, we’ve outlined just enough elements need to nourish you with that much-needed Confidence.


Durability That won’t Weigh You Down

best boots for men in India

It’s an age-old dilemma; lightweight boots or durable boots? For too long, we’ve labored under false pretenses — believing that we need to choose between the two. But that’s not the case, especially when it comes to the robust, fulsomely soled, leather boots of Woodland.

With the right materials and construction, Woodland can actually rank among the most durable and lightweight pieces in your entire shoe wardrobe. And if that sounds like a preposterous claim, please hear us out.

We’ve disassembled two of their best models just to change your mind. Aren’t we good? It took decades of bookmaking heritage to lodge synergy between a suede upper on a cemented rubber outsole and durability sitting happily together.

Woodland knows when (and where) to leverage the complete resources and where holding ’em would be just fine. It’s a neat trick; and one that elevates their boots well above any others.


That Utility Feel Of It

As you can see, the above piece isn’t fashion-forward footwear poured from the runway (maybe that’s not the reason we’re after the best boots for men in India), but one with a workwear, utility feel to it. This is due to its design, and the fact that it is made from hardwearing materials. 

The Woodland Hiking Boots have taken their design cues from the great outdoors and the utilitarian gear that adventurous types wear to conquer it. These outsoles are cemented properly and well-constructed in order to keep you protected from the rocky and wet terrain you’ll be plodding along.

While that supple (yet durable!) suede upper flows some versatility and warrants those boots are as good for climbing debris-strewn mountains as they are pounding the pavements of Mumbai or Chennai.

And if you’re someone whose wardrobe is stuffed with country wear — despite the fact that you rarely step out of the city. But, never one to judge, these Woodland boots are an alternative boot to fit this lifestyle. Just leave the gilet at home…

 Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

Best boots for men in India


  • Break-In Quickly
  • A Trusty Workhorse
  • Durable & Lightweight


  • Lacks Breathability

The Woodlands can even be worn in the city, as an everyday shoe, it retains its benefits of warmth and durability while making you look a bit more intrepid and outdoorsy. But to comfortably and confidently get to the end of the trail on your own two feet, you’ll likely require something a little more specialized. This is where Columbia boots come in handy.

Known for its exceptional build quality, Columbia embraces designs specifically engineered to tackle any terrain. And their Newton Ridge: Waterproof linings, seam-sealed one-piece leather uppers, and durable, Omni-Grip rubber soles are quoted much less expensively than the majority of the models.

For such in-house designs, the U.S. brand favors rugged styles inspired by classic mountain boots – the kinds that offer plenty of support, but also look great worn casually. Striking the perfect balance of aesthetics and function, this particular pair is a good example of what the brand does best.

Why These Are The Boots For You?

best boots for men in India

Made with age-old bootmaking technique from full-grain suede and leather. Last roughly forever and keep looking better and better in the process. Comfortable as your cushiest sneakers. Omni-Grip rubber soles that won’t weigh you down. The price is hard to beat for an ankle-high, leather, waterproof boot…

…perhaps the most hardcore boots on this list of best boots for men in India, could, indeed, amuse many hikers in need of an advanced hiking boot. But it’s a struggle to find the place where a regular boots subscriber might find this extra masculinity and performance! Though there are actually a few workflows taxing the extra room of Columbia boots…


Durability And Comfort

You can count on our editors whose prowess sits in the shadows of the great outdoors™ to have a thoroughbred grasp on what makes the best boots for men in India. With nearly 23,000 five-star reviews, these Columbia boots are lauded for their durability.

A hiking boot that’s not been immune to a spot of fashion clout, at its heart, Newton Ridge is a function-first boot. Crafted from a single piece of ‘greasy’ leather, which has been treated with oil for a soft, waterproof finish, and since it’s waterproof, you won’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain.

These boots are some of the most comfortable we tested right out of the box. Though they look like they would be stiff and hard to break in with all that leather, we discovered quite the opposite. They take very little time to break in and lack the stiffness that other mostly-leather boots have.

The boot’s all-terrain rubber outsole is textured for traction, so whether you’re pounding the pavement or navigating more rugged terrain if you live in a climate that’s anything less than tropical you need a pair of these boots at the ready.


They Do Add Just The Right Amount Of Stylish Grit

A slew of designers has offered new interpretations of the rugged yet stylish hiking boot. And while we can’t guarantee all of these fashion-forward versions will be the most practical choice when it comes to actually scaling a mountain or trekking through trails…

…most of the time when stylish designers took over a functional piece and are trying to change up the way they do their things… the result is generally scantiness for practical purposes. 

Columbia’s designer interpretations of rugged hiking boots are nothing new, and the label’s functional adventure-wear Newton Ridge Plus is adored by explorers and hypebeasts in equal measure. 

The Columbia Newton is a boot in its most rugged and functional form, every element has been made the functional way. Alternatively, if you prefer to stand out from the landscape rather than blend in with it, you’ll find charm in these fantastically loud hiking boots.

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Red Chief Rust Boots

Best boots for men in India
Best boots for men in India

You do not always have to spend a lot of money to find a great pair of hiking boots, and we feel the Red Chief Rust is a perfect pair of budget-friendly, solid boots. Not too high and not too low, the mid-cut Rust supports the ankle but still allows for plenty of movement, giving it a lot of hiking versatility no matter what trails you have your eyes set on. Quoted just below ₹4.5k, these boots offer a lot of value.

 Red Wing Moc Toe

best boots for men in India


  • Extremely Durable
  • Versatile
  • Quality Construction


  • An Evident Break-in Period
  • Price

The majority of us are urbanites, whose first concern when judging the best boots for men in India is not their ability to traverse a waterlogged field – but how well they cope with the challenges of getting around the city in style… neither of which are qualities we’d normally confront.

Red Wing has been synergizing those ingredients for over 100 years, and that heritage means long-lasting boots that look just as great now as they did back in 1905. Built-in Minnesota to withstand the punishing climate, the 875 Moc boot is the most popular and recognized of Red Wing Shoes’ style.

These leather boots combine flexibility and rugged detailing to a powerful effect. Triple-stitched and rubber-soled for durability, they’ve been hand-crafted in the US by the company’s skilled workmen to ensure the highest quality. They’ll work well in the field or for heading into the city.

Prefer To Know Exactly What You Are Getting?

BestShoe99’s Best Boots For Men In India guide is our regularly updated primer on the boots we think should be on your radar. Though Red Wing has all it takes to secure a spot in any boot-concerning article, our insiders were more than a little bit curious to nail one genuine route to secure a pair of Red Wing Moc in India!

We have searched websites far and wide this past two years and a half, trying to find some sort of Red Wings before the good old US-of-A touched the Indian territory… stocked in all sizes! Though our picks don’t shift many – year to year, What Evoke The Great Desire To Show Wings To This List? Here’s what 


The Sweet Spot

best boots for men in India

For every painstakingly constructed and comfortable staple, that’s as functional for intensive DIY projects as it is great-looking dressed up with a pair of jeans, there are even more companies making poor imitations. Ankit Sharma, a BestShoe99 contributor and outdoorsman, directed us to that fascinating phase. 

Sharma shared, “The Red Wing Moc boot is just that. A pair that can function equally well as a dress boot and a work boot.” The original Classic Moc was first made by Red Wing back in 1952. In the decades since, the Moc (six-inch) boot has become synonymous with both classic workwear and contemporary American style

Though the Moc Boot has a cleaner, adaptable shape than your average work boot, he says they’re still incredibly sturdy. Thanks to the light footbed that keeps you comfy and locked in, and the wedge sole that is soft on hard surfaces and slip-resistant.

While the details take care of the style stand. These pairs give you a new appreciation for everything you’ve in your closet. The ever-enduring power to clean up any outfit thanks to its perfect plainness. After all, if calls this pair a “category definer”… they must be doing (or have done) something right.


It’s The Long-Lasting Qualities

best boots for men in India

Red Wing boots have been in production since 1905, and in the more than a century since they went into production the brand has become iconic both for the quality of its construction and the fact it still manufactures in the United States. 

The label leverages its full creative and technical resources for you to make the most our these boots. The Red Wing shoe factory has seen over four generations of shoemakers – extremely passionate about what they were helping to create. It takes more than 230 steps to build each pair by hand. You know what we mean…

…the sort of boot that comes with D-ring lace eyelets, Goodyear Welted Vibram denty outsole, and more ankle support than is strictly necessary for the commute. From these humble ingredients – and with the addition of premium leather upper – Red Wing has constructed a highly desirable piece of footwear that won’t look out of place in the city. 

What makes these best boots for men in India is they are Hand-stitched: much of the technology that’s available today does not stitch components of the boots together to Red Wing standards. The flawless blend of style and practicality for a painstakingly built pair of boots left nothing really to complain about!

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Wolverine 6″ Work Boot

best boots for men in India

An equally handsome pair, Wolverine’s Moc Toe 6″ Work Boots are arguably too good looking for a project site – unless you plan on taking several selfies after assigning tasks to your team. Going strong since 1883, Wolverine oozes rugged masculinity. These pairs are handcrafted in the USA with premium Horween leather uppers (from the famous Horween Leather Company in Chicago) set on Goodyear Welted rubber outsoles. There are a few pairs in our list of best boots for men in India as durable as Wolverine.

Bridlen Tanker Boots

best boots for men in India
best boots for men in India

For a slightly less rugged look that does have all the long-lasting qualities of a 360 Goodyear Welted Genuine Nitrile Rubber Outsoles, our editors recommend the Bridlen’s Heritage Tanker model. The Center of their appeal is the leather itself, which if given the right care and attention: will burnish, beautifies, and develop a much sought-after patina with age and wear. Build your wardrobe on such steady foundations, and you’ll be sorted from now until a decade.

 The Jodhpur Boots

Best boots for men in India


  • Extremely Versatile
  • Indulge Exclusivity 
  • Sleek Silhouette


  • Hard To Get Good Pairs Online

No best-of boots in India list would be complete without one stalwart of the boots arena: a style created in the heart of Rajasthan and epitomizing all the class and sophistication of the best boots for men – The Jodhpur Boots. Ever since its 18th-century rise on the riding arena of Jodhpur to complement the Jodhpur trousers, it’s seen more of them come and go than it cares to remember. 

But besides acknowledging a style of boot that’s an expression of something the world sees as quintessentially Indian – wearing a Jodhpur boot somehow exude a great sense of authority and immediately identifies the wearer as being a man of distinction. 

At their core, the Jodhpur boots are defined by two important details: an ankle-hitting height and a strap-and-buckle fastener that wraps around the boot’s shaft. Whether you’re on your way with suits or sports coats, the Jodhpur boots’ close fit, low heel, sleek, and very clean look make them work alike.

Why Jodhpurs Consistently Garner You The Most Praise?

Best boots for men In India

By far, Jodhpurs are our favorite boots to go out in; and over here at BestShoe99, many of us take humble pleasure upon hearing something along the lines of: “I love your Boots! Where did you get it?” It’s a question we’re, of course, flattered by, but also even more thrilled to respond to! One question we get repeatedly after the very moment we respond: “Oh, you mean Chelsea with straps?” 

Not as popular as its elastic-y sibling, you could blame Hollywood for this; many brands are vigorously encashing the sheer popularity of the Chelsea, and that, really, is a reason we yet have to settle on a suggest-worthy pair. (Don’t believe us? Feel free to vent your fury on our feedback page!) But we wouldn’t count the Boot out yet, and we’ve good reasons for that!


Unbeknownst To Most

Best boots for men In India

Not every pair in our list of best boots for men in India will make strangers stop you on the street to ask what boots you’re wearing. And since I started wearing Jodhpur Boots, I’ve felt like a total boot celebrity.

A man once joined my outdoor dining table to ask where he could get one for him! All the models we’ve suggested, so far, belong to an evergreen central point to assemble an outfit around, yes, but those are not something that reminds people of its wearer. Those boots look so natural on, well, every street!

Unbeknown to many lesser informed individuals, stepping out in Jodhpur Boots is like stepping out of peoples’ comfort zone without, well, leaving it. The mod might have made Chelsea cool, leaving Jodhpurs unfamed. Then why we’ve been singing the praises of Jodhpurs more than any other styles? The Growing Desire Of Exclusivity.

Trends? Ha! The Chelsea boot scoffs at trends. We refer to those naysayers – the origins and name of the “Jodhpur” boot… and rest our case. Not too flashy, not too showy, command just right attention that never reaches a bit far-out!

And while we can enjoy the refined, contemporary styles offered by the best boots brand in India, there really is nothing quite like owning a piece of history… something that little bit rearer. 


Who Makes Your Very Perfect Pair Of Jodhpurs? 

Best boots for men In India

We hope, we make you feel there’s something about Jodhpur boots that makes going out in lanes that much more enticing. Perhaps it’s the sleek slimness of the silhouette, or maybe all the Royalty spotting, or perhaps it’s just the idea that you’ll never be wearing the same piece as any other person in the room. The only question is—where to go?

Now, no one knows for sure which brand, boutique, or shoemaker is defining pieces that pay for themselves with multiple wears within the year. Even our editors find it stressful—and we do this for a living. But a good place to buy the genuine article is from the place of origin and in this case that is the city of Jodhpur. 

Drive north from Jodhpur, and the city limits soon give way to a landscape of explicit farms painted green with Henna. The aroma mumble that you’re surrounded by evidence of the region’s most famous export. But it’s not just Heena flourishing in these fields. Sequestered away in the city, you’ll find the best Jodhpur Bootmakers driving Jodhpur’s growing reputation as one of the World’s premier destinations for those cuts of boots.

This is what drew BESTSHOE99 here when we began the search for a few artisans that’ll add some Jodhpurs to your wardrobe. Unfortunately, neither of them will ship ’em to you. Like most bespoke shoemakers, where you’re required to make an appointment for a fitting, you get them hand-made – for a few thousand rupees and a visit to the beautiful city. It, indeed, is worth those extra efforts: after all, it’s a kind of boot distinguished not by a logo, but by how well they’re made.

 Bridlen Balmoral Boot

best boots for men in India


  • Last Definition
  • Closely Trimmed Welted Outsoles
  • The Right Dressy Proportions


  • Accommodate Thin Socks

You might think you can squeeze a formal gathering out of your Red Wings, but dressy footwear is just as important as the garments attendees decide to wear (we think…), your future self will be over the moon that you treated yourself to some of the dressiest boots for men in India sooner rather than later. 

What Boots count as being specifically suit-appropriate, you ask? Cast your eye to a timeless style that is equal parts rugged and classic. A closely-laced leather-soled black leather oxford style boot nourishes that perfect balance. Two years ago, in search of a boot for enchanting formal purposes, we hit a few retail standbys and found my quarry surprisingly elusive.

The options on The Woodland were too drapey. The shade of those Red Chiefs was more rounded than formal. We were about ready to give in to Crockett & Jones. That is, until we chanced upon the Balmoral Boots while shopping for Loafers at Bridlen. The Bridlen’s Balmoral Boot, thankfully without unleashing any vigor, hit right at the ends of the formality spectrum.

The Splurge Feels Commendable For A Lot Of Reasons!

Craving the best boots for men in India you can get away with at the office? If, like me, you’ve ever spent your office hours in a half-dream hoping the HR would loosen up the dressing pars, you get it. Instead of staying for others to switch the office dress code…

…steer an effort to switch to a pair of boots that have more in common with your dress shoes than actual field-ready boots—they’re just higher and come with a heaping dose of ruggedness. Here’s why Bridlen’s Balmoral could be your next mindful investment.


Bridlen Know How To Make “The Best” Boots

Bridlen’s black calf leather Balmoral Boots are the height of slim-cut sophistication. Not only do they benefit from the brand’s Zip Last — one of Bridlen’s narrowest and most elegantly almond-shaped designs — but the suede detailing on the trunk gives the boots an unbroken silhouette. The same elements are echoed on the interior of the boot.

Indeed, these Balmoral Boots might not have as much masculinity as, say, Red Wings, Wolverine, or Columbia, but their impact is still undeniable. Those upper are hand lasted for a tight waist and Sharp feather line before setting on Goodyear Welted outsoles, whose material modification is achievable, which is tanned for nine months in a solution of oak, spruce, and mimosa barks to toughen them up for even the meanest of city streets.

Not many pairs in our list of best boots for men in India are created to be worn with an expensive suit. The dark Annonay Vegano Box calf leather of the Indian-made boot will work with suits of any color, while the close-lacing is all you’ll need to assert your boardroom confidence. Decades of shoemaking experience and wisdom have gone into creating these boots — and it shows.

The perforated decoration around the upper provides the signature to the Balmoral collection, and whilst being a Boot, is surprisingly Sharp and sleek. The effect is to draw the eye subtly down to your footwear, while the all-black styling maintains the necessary understatement to carry the shoes across most dress codes.


To Anchor A Bold Outfit.

Best boots for men in India

Bridlen’s Balmoral Boots feel good for a lot of reasons: Built to the highest standard, these pairs more than pay for themselves in both compliments and utility, and you get the combined benefits of Functional & Sleeker aesthetics in one pair. But there’s another part of these boots that’s so good…

…they embrace the bliss of formal notions and dressy charm. The pair presents itself in a shrape and sleek silhouette through the closed lacing system applied to boots as eyelets are punched initially before finishing it off with speed hooks. These boots require slim pants—and that’s it. It’s that simple. 

The streamlined cut of the boot looks best under a pant leg with a light break (or none at all) and a narrow leg opening. In other scenarios, the suede part might not even be seen underneath a trouser. However, that doesn’t take away from their “formal” importance. 

Not even the best boots brand in India do this (to my great personal disappointment), but Bridlen recognizes the power of sleek dressy artistry and its effect on their clients. They’re always black, always shiny, and always ready to make even the most refined suit a little tougher.

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The Royale Peacock Tim Boots

Best boots for men in India

While the tune of dress boots leaves sliver room for interpretations, master shoemakers at The Royale Peacock wrap it in the finest Full-grain leather and suede trunk that will age beautifully through wear and finish it off with Goodyear Welted Double leather sole.

They are as dressy as it gets and will finish off your formal look with aplomb. Not only were these boots an investment, but it was also like a magical component that makes you feel confident, and perhaps implicitly inspired others to feel confident that you understood the role for which you are interviewing.

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