Have you ever wanted to buy footwear product and been puzzled about which footwear product is best? Or the worse, you bought one just to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one? I have, that is why started bestshoe99.in

The Bestshoe99 mission is simple: to provide the best footwear review in India.

Bestshoe99.in believes India’s best footwear reviews are the ones that help you to select the right footwear as per your need and budget. 

The process that we utilize is straight and simple.

Here’s the process:

1.    We select the best product available in the market, in each category.

2.    We buy the product to test and check whether the product deserving or not.

3.    On the basis of test and check, we rank the products, explain why and publish the valuable figures.

4.    After our testing, checking and reviewing is finished, we sell all the products on our footwear shop.

There are some categories in which we are not reviewing any product {like Best shoe brand, Type of shoe etc}, in such categories, here’s the process:

1.    We make list the questions related to the category.

2.    Get the review of our customers on the basis of the questions.

3.    On the basis of such reviews and our 16+ years experience in the footwear industry, we made to our final opinion.

Our review process takes a lot of efforts than another footwear review you may find online. You [The Readers] are the biggest motivator, which pushes us to make such efforts.