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You’ll discover longer reads! But, believe us, it wouldn’t take too long to fall in love! So yes, we’re done blowing our own trumpet. Here’s a quick lay of the land 

Best formal shoes for men

Best Formal Shoes For Men

Pairs for those who think beyond a dress shoe’s formal intents

Best running shoes for men in india

Best Running Shoes For Men In India

For a sport that demands nothing, except for perhaps appropriate shoes – Why not opt for the best?

loafers in India

Best Loafers In India That You’ll Never Feel To Take Off

Pairs that demonstrate how good Loafers can be

what are formal shoes

What Are Formal Shoes, Anyway?

Encompass the soul of the formal soles that
so many of us didn’t even care about

how to clean running shoes

How To Take Care Of Running Shoes?

A Little Care Or You’d Actually Lose Those New Pairs A Lot Before

The Art Of Shoe Shining

If you take pride in your shoes looking perfect, all of the time, read on then

shoes without laces

Shoes Without Laces
| Untying The Laceless

Read The Revelatory Joy Of Living Life
In The Laceless States

Best Formal Shoes For men

Meet The Dressiest Version Of Footwear

Here’s A Primer On The Quintessential Oxford Shoe

Goodyear Welting: The Pinnacle Of Endurance

For Shoes that pass down the generations, along with the estate

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